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Kadayanallur is a third largest city and a municipality in Tirunelveli District in the Indian state of Tamil Nadumarker of Indiamarker.

The name Kadayanallur comes from "Kadayaleeswara", the name of the presiding deity of Kadayaleeswarar kovil, a Hindu temple located in Kadayanallur. It is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats near the Courtallammarker Waterfalls and Tenkasimarker. It is famous for saral (drizzling), which occurs yearly from May to August. It is also known for its vast paddy and coconut fields. Most of the last generation of residents were farmers; however, many are now employed in various parts of India and in foreign countries such as the United Statesmarker, Singaporemarker, and the Persian Gulfmarker.

The nearest airport is at Maduraimarker, nearest international airport at Thiruvananthapurammarker then Kochinmarker and a rail service (converted to broad gauge in 2004–2005), served by Southern Railway marker is also available.

The Indian Postal Service Pincode is 627751. The Telecom Code (BSNLmarker) is 04633.
kadayanallur  75,604
tenkasi       62,828
Shenkottai    26,814


Kadayanallur is located at . It has an average elevation of . The city is surrounded by paddy fields, coconut farms and lot of ponds. A small river flows in the mid of the city. There are some rocky regions on the western end of the city called locally as 'parumbu'. Attakulam, Paloorani, Thamaraikulam, Annamalai peri and last and largest of those is periyakulam are the ponds found in this city.

Cloudy Mountain near Kadayanallur.

Grapes Cultivation.

Interesting Statistics

Kadayanallur is a Municipal Township in Tenkasi Taluk Tirunelveli Districk Tamil Nadu State India

Located in between Puliangudi and Tenkasi in the National Highway 208 Madurai to Kollam , Kerala

Located in between Tenkasi and SankaranNainarKoil in the Indian Railways between Madurai-to-Kollam line

District Capital Thirunelveli is approx 70 km.Madurai ( Madurai Domestic Airport IXM ) is approx 120 km

Tamil Nadu State capital Chennai is approx 500 km

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala State Capital) is approx 100 km

Nearest International Airport Thiruvananthapuram-TRV is accessible by 5 Hrs Drive.

Kutrrallam Falls a famous tourist attaraction is approx 15km

Kerala state Border - Aryankavu is approx 25km

Postal code 627751 Telephone code 46332

Polulation 77000 More than 75% Muslims

Household 21000.

Area 52 Sq. Km.

Number of Streets 136

Kadayanallur is one of the 234 Tamilnadu state Assembly Constituency

And it is part of Tenkasi Indian Parlimentary Constituency

From Thenkasi 15 km,

Kerala state Border(Aryankavu) 25km,

Madurai 120 km,

Chennai 500 km.

Nearest International Airport Thiruvananthapuram-TRV is accessible by 4 Hrs ride

Chennai (Madras MAA ) is accessible by overnight ride by train or bus

Kadayanallur Muslims

Kadayanallur is one of many traditional Muslim weaving villages in Tirulnelveli, a district in the state of Tamilnadu. Practically every household in Kadayanallur once worked a handloom, and the occupation was passed down from generation to generation. But in the 19th century, the weaving industry in South India was twice transformed because of the industrial revolution in Britain. In the early 19th century, India’s hand-spinning industry was destroyed by the import of machine-spun yarn from Britain and the establishment of local spinning mills. With a plentiful supply of cheap yarn, however, the handloom sector flourished until about 1860, when the East India Company imposed a handloom tax to suppress competition to the British textile industry. Many of the traditional weavers (nesavali) found themselves without income and were forced to migrate to places like Penang, Singapore. By one estimate, there are about 20,000 Kadayanallur Muslims in Penang itself today. Today, Kadayanallur itself is transformed into a township. A few households do still work in handloom, but most households depend on income from jobs in the Middle East.

Citation of source :

Mappilas of Tirunelveli District : Mappilla Muslims from the coastal state of Kerala – which borders Tamilnadu – were forced by Portuguese brutal attacks on their villages in the 16th century to flee into the rural interior. There they began migrating to the villages near Tirulnelveli Tamilnadu. Many of the present-day Tirulnelveli Muslims claim to be descended from the Kerala mapillais (“grooms”), follow Malabari religious teachers and social culture.

In Present day Kadayanallur, majority of the polulation are Tamil Speaking Muslims. Refer .

Hence there are lots of Mosques ( Masjid in Arabic ; Pallivasal in Tamil ) are in the kadayanallur. Ooruni Masjid and Pudupalli Masjid are the oldest where as the Pettai Jumma Masjid (Pettai Pallivasal ) is the Biggest one with a self proclaimed Highest Minara of the South at around 80 Meter's.

Mosques of Kadayanallur are :

Ooruni Pallivasal

Puthu pallivasal

Masjid Mubarak

Jamiul Anwar

Ansari Masjid

Masjidul aqsa

Masjidul maryam

Nainamohammed juma palli(pasnatheru palli)

Peryar bilal masjid

Pacha oli mosque(viswa vizhai)

Theppathu palli(in side in theppakulam)

Old stand masjid

Kanankulam masjid

Main road masque

Ayyatheru palli

Krishna puram Mosqueque

Mavadikkal MosqueOoruni women masjid

Pasnatheru women mosque

And every street have one house is one women jumma masjid


The famous temples of this city are:

Arulmigu Kadaikalisvarar Temple,

Arulmigu kariayamanicka Perumal Koil @ Kzeezha Gramam,

Arulmigu Arunachaleshwara Sametha Abithakusanayagi Ambal @ Kzheezha Grammam,

Shenbaga Vinayagar Temple - Main bazaar,

Kadayalesswarar Sametha Karumbalmozhi Thayar Temple - MKDNL,

Kariyamanicka perumal temple - MKDNL,

Thamaraikulam Sudalaimadasamy temple - MKDNL ,

Abaya kastha Anjaneyar temple - Krishnapuram,

sri Muthumariamman temple - MKDNL,

Muppudathi Amman Temple- Daily Market,

Mutharamman Temple - MKPuram,

Sri Pathrakaaliamman Temple - Mavadickal,

Sri Vadakkuvaselvi Amman Temple -MKPuram,

Sri Muppudathiamman Temple - Krishnapuram,

Gopala krishna Swami Temple - Krishnapuram,

Sri Mutharamman Temple - MKPuram,


 India census, Kadayanallur had a population of 75,604. Males constitute 49% of the population and females 51%. In Kadayanallur, 12% of the population is under 6 years of age.

The Male's Of This city is Having a Passion to education as Well Earn to More Eagerness, that's can be observed that by their daily Live and Show-Offs.

Schools and Colleges

Joy Nursery Primary School,

Govt.Boys Hr Sec School,

Govt. Girls Hr Sec School,

Darussalam Hr Sec school

Hidayathilla Hr Sec school

Masood Thaika Hr sec school

Sri Ulaga Hr sec school

Pudhur Hr Sec school

Pettai muslim Hr sec school

Rathana Middle school

Melapalayam Hindu school

King universe Mat. school

Fathima College of Pharmacy

Al-Ameen agricultural college

Everest InstitutesFaizul Anwar Arabic College

Riyalus saliheen Arabic College for women
Kadayanallur assembly constituency is part of Tenkasi .

At Present Mr.Peter Alphonse is the MLA From this Constituency


at present mr.lingam is a M.P. OF TENKASI PARLIAMENT AREA

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