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Kalhora or Kalhoro Sindhi: (ڪلهوڙا) is the name of a Sindhi tribe in Sindhmarker, Pakistanmarker.


The Kalhora ( ) Abbasi's are of Arab origin and descent from ‘Abbas ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib (566 – 662) ( ), (c. 566 – c. 653) was a paternal uncle and Sahabi (companion) of Muhammad and progenitor of the Abbasi Khalifa of Baghdadmarker and Qahiramarker. Sultan Ahmad II, son of Shah Muzammil of Egyptmarker left that country and arrived in Sindhmarker with a large following of Arabs ca. 1370. He married a daughter of Raja Rai, Dhorang Sahta, receiving a third of the country in dowry. Amir Fathu'llah Khan Abbasi, is the recognized ancestor of the dynasty. He conquered the Bhangar territory from Raja Dallu, of Alor and Bhamanabad, renaming it Qahir Bela. Amir Muhammad Chani Khan Abbasi entered the imperial service and gained appointment as a Panchhazari in 1583. At his death, the leadership of the tribe was contested between two branches of the family, the Kalhoras and Daudpotas.

The Kalhora tribe established the Kalhora Dynasty that ruled Sindhmarker from 1701 to 1783.

The Serai family of Rajanpur

The Serai family are descended from the Kalhoro ruler, Mian Adam Shah Kalhoro, who is buried in Sukkurmarker in Sindhmarker. The family settled in Rajanpur, in Punjabmarker, after they were expelled from Sindhmarker, by the Talpur rulers. They are descended from Mian Abdul Nabi, a brother of Ghulam Shah Kalhora, who settled in the town of Kola Makhdum. The family use the title Khwaja, and the family are known as the khwajas of Hajipur.

Important Kalhora's

The Pacco Qillo Hyderabad built by Ghulam Shah Kalhoro still remains today but in a desolate state and dire need of repair.
Image:Gulam shah kahora tomb.jpg|
Tomb of Mian Gulam Shah Kalhoro (Hyderabadmarker)

Image:Mian noor mohd kalhora.jpg|
Tomb of Mian Noor Mohammad Kalhoro Mohammadabad, Sindh.
Tomb of Mian Yar Mohammad Kalhoro (Khudabadmarker)

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