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 is a shrine in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecturemarker, Japanmarker. It was erected by Emperor Meiji in 1869 to worship the spirit of Prince Morinaga, who was imprisoned and later executed where the shrine now stands in 1335. For this reason, the shrine is also known as   from the Prince's full name (Ōtōnomiya Morinaga).

Prayers at Kamakura-gū.
Morinaga was Ashikaga Takauji's most dangerous political rival in Kyoto, so he was arrested with a pretext by him in 1334 and first kept prisoner there, then sent to Kamakura. Ashikaga's younger brother Ashikaga Tadayoshi held Morinaga captive for nine months in a small cave at the site of the present Kamakura-gū shrine. When Tadayoshi was forced to retreat from Kamakura after losing a battle to Hōjō Tokiyuki, before leaving he gave the order for Morinaga's execution. The Prince was beheaded on July 23 1335. The cave still exists today in the rockface behind the shrine, and is a tourist attraction. It is four meters deep and has an area of 12 square meters.

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