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The Kansas Republican Party is the state affiliate political party of the national Republican Party in Kansasmarker. The current Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party is Amanda Adkins. The current Executive Director is CiCi Rojas. The current Assistant Director for External Relations is Megan Morris. The current Communications Director is Lisa Burgess.

Intraparty feuding

The Kansas Republican Party is known for its long-running feud between a socially moderate faction and a socially conservative faction. Even though Republicans have a 2-to-1 advantage in registration, the Kansas Democratic Party has made gains in recent years by appealing to moderate Republicans.

This in-party fighting was epitomized by the defeat of conservative attorney general Phill Kline in 2006 by moderate-Republican-turned-Democrat Paul Morrison (who later resigned due to a sex scandal). The conservatives took over the party in 2004 and furthered their hold at their convention in 2008 when former state senator and national committeewoman Alicia Salisbury was challenged for her position by conservative Kansas Republican Assembly (KRA) leader Helen Van Etten. Van Etten won with the vote in her favor being 130 to 38.

At present, the conservatives continue to control the state party committee. However, the moderates have built an alternative organization called the Kansas Tradional Republican Majority (KTRM) to provide partisan activities. Due to the existence of KRA and KTRM, Kansas Republicans essentially operate with dual houses.

Kansas Days

The Kansas Republican Party holds their annual convention in January known as Kansas Days. The event is planned by the Kansas Days Club a group that over 100 years has organized and planned events to celebrate the birth and rich history of the state of Kansas and the Republican Party. Many Republican groups such as the Eisenhower Women's Series and the Kansas Republican Assembly hold fundraising events. The 2008 event saw the Eisenhower Women's Series bring in GOPAC Chairman Michael S. Steele.

Current Elected Officials

National Office

State Leadership

Party Officers and Executive Committee

  • Chair Amanda Adkins
  • Vice-Chair Ron Estes
  • Treasurer Steve Fitzgerald
  • Secretary Susan Concannon

Executive Director: Cici Rojas

Executive Committee

  • Amanda Adkins, Chair
  • Ron Estes, Vice Chairman
  • Susan Concannon, Secretary
  • Steve Fitzgerald, Treasurer
  • Mike Pompeo, National Committeeman
  • Helen VanEtten, National Committeewoman
  • Randy Duncan, 1st District Chair
  • Celia Beymer, 1st District Vice Chair
  • Caryn Tyson, 2nd District Chair
  • Rich Kiper, 2nd District Vice Chair
  • Keith Esau, 3rd District Chair
  • Joy Bourdess, 3rd District Vice Chair
  • Mark Kahrs, 4th District Chair
  • Luella Bale, 4th District Vice Chair
  • George Stafford, Senator Brownback, Designee
  • Tom Hemmer, Senator Roberts, Designee
  • Rob Fillion, Congressman Jerry Moran Designee
  • Chuck Knapp, Congressman Tiahrt, Designee
  • Ron Thornburgh, Secretary of State
  • Sandy Praeger, Kansas Insurance Commissioner
  • Steve Morris, Senate President
  • Derek Schmidt, Senate Majority Leader
  • Mike O'Neal, Speaker of the House
  • Ray Merrick, House Majority Leader
  • George Weston, College Republican Chairman
  • Mark Taylor, Kansas Young Republican Chairman
  • Treatha Brown Foster, Black Republican Chairman
  • Richard Macias, Hispanic Republican Council Chairman
  • Brenda Smith, Kansas Republican Women Chairman
  • John Trimmell, State Committee Designee
  • Jared Suhn, State Committee Designee
  • Jacob Swisher, State Committee Designee
  • David Thorne, State Committee Designee

Prominent Past Kansas Republican Officials


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