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Karlstad is a city, the seat of Karlstad Municipalitymarker and the capital of Värmland Countymarker in Swedenmarker. The city had 58,544 inhabitants in 2005 out of a municipal that in 2008 had total of 83,994 inhabitants. Karlstad has a University and a Cathedral.

Karlstad is built on the river delta where Sweden's longest river, Klarälvenmarker, runs into Sweden's largest lake, Vänernmarker. It has the second largest lake port in the country after Västeråsmarker.

Karlstad is often associated with sunshine and the symbol for Karlstad is a happy sun. Karlstad is reputed to be one of the sunniest towns in Sweden and a local waitress, known as "Sola i Karlstad" (Sun in Karlstad) for her sunny disposition, is also commemorated with a statue.


Statue of Charles XI of Sweden
Illustration of Karlstad's road network; its cathedral; the governor's residence
Karlstad Cathedral
Statue of Sola i Karlstad, next to Klarälven

On Karlstad's largest islet, there was a place of counsel called Tingvalla in the medieval age, which had roots from the Viking Age before 1000 AD. It was also used as a market place.Karlstad was granted its city charter on March 5, 1584 by the Swedish Duke Charles, who would later be crowned King Charles IX of Sweden. The city derives its name from the King ‚Äď Karlstad literally means Charles' city. The Duke also granted Karlstad the right as a governmental seat in the region, and gave it a substantial amount of land.

The Duke built his own house in the city, which is referred to as Kungsgården (The King's Manor). Karlstad's Cathedral was built on the location Kungsgården in 1724 - 1730 by Christian Haller.

A significant coup d'état of modern Swedish history had its beginning in Karlstad. During the night of 7 March 1809, Georg Adlersparre used the part of the western army that was stationed in Värmland to occupy Karlstad. From there he officially proclaimed a revolution, and during 9 March, he and his soldiers began their successful march toward the capital to end the reign of king Gustav IV Adolf.

Karlstad has suffered four major fires. Only the cathedral and a few houses remained after the last fire on July 2, 1865. Karlstad was thereafter rebuilt according to a grid pattern with wide streets surrounded by trees.

In 1905, the agreement to dissolve the union between Norway and Sweden was signed in Karlstad.


  Municipalities are responsible for government-mandated duties, and elections for the Municipal council are held every four years, parallel to the general elections.

Following the municipal election in 2006, the seats are divided in the following way:
The Governing Majority The Opposition Independent parties



Several upper secondary schools (gymnasium) offer the most common range of courses usually available throughout Swedenmarker, including the IB Diploma Programme. The majority of students in Värmland need to commute or move to Karlstad for their upper secondary education. Tertiary education is offered by Karlstad Universitymarker, which was granted university status in 1999.


Sports and recreation

The ice hockey team Färjestads BK (home arena Löfbergs Lila Arenamarker) has won the Swedish Championship several times, most recently in 2009. Karlstad is also represented in the 1st Division of ice hockey (3rd highest level) by the team Skåre BK.

The International Ice Hockey Federation announced that the 2010 Men's World Inline Hockey Championships will be hosted by Karlstad. Lofbergs Lila Arenamarker will be the primary site of the tournament.

Boltic-Göta is a bandy club formed in 2000 by the merger of two of the historically most successful bandy clubs in Sweden, IF Boltic and IF Karlstad-Göta. Their home arena, Tingvalla Isstadion, is claimed to be Europe's largest artificially frozen area.

Carlstad United, a football club founded in 1998, is playing in the 1st Division of football (3rd highest level).

OK Tyr is one of the largest orienteering clubs in Sweden. OK Tyr won Tiomila in 1989 and 1990.

IF Göta have a number of international athletes and host the annual athletics meet Götagalan. There is an outdoor athletics track at Tingvalla IPmarker and an indoor track (200 m) in Våxnäshall. There are many sawdust jogging trails, some of which are lit.

Klar√§lvsbanan, a 90 km, asphalted railway line, runs from Karlstad to Hagforsmarker. It is popular amongst cyclists, inlines skaters and roller skiers.

There are a large number of open-air bathing places, both in Vänernmarker and other lakes in the municipality. Sundstabadet has a 25 m indoor swimming pool.

The Swedish Rally, with world championship status, is held annually in Värmland and Karlstad is a regular host of start, finish and special stages.

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