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Kasli ( ) is a town in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russiamarker, located 138 km north-west of Chelyabinskmarker at . Population: 19,091 (2002 Census); 21,530 (1989 Census).

Founded in 1747 as the settlement of Kaslinsky ( ) around a foundry. Town status since July 29, 1942.


The town is situated on the eastern slope of the Middle Urals, among the lakes Bolshiye and Malye Kasli, Irtyash, Sungul, and Kirety.The Kasli plant became famous for its cast-iron castings in the middle of the 19th century. In 1900 an open-work pavilion was moulded from metal for the international exhibition. It is now exhibited in the Ekaterinburg picture gallery.Clodt von Jürgensburg


Museum of decorative castings
It is a famous center of the artistic casts made of cast iron. The cast sculptures of Klodt, Lancere, Solov'eva and other prominent artists are among the most famous works in the museum of decorative castings. In 1860 the Kasli’s plant was honored with the Golden Award (The small golden medal of the Free Economical Society) in 1860. In a year a Small Silver Medal of Saint Petersburg’s Textile exhibition joined it. And a bit later – the honorable diplomas, silver and golden medals on the World Exhibitions in Paris (1867), in Vienna (1873), Philadelphia (1876), Copenhagen (1888), Stockholm (1897) and again in Paris (1900).

The art of iron figures making have made Kasli factory well known all over the world.Many of world wide known historical artistic sculptures and figures at Moscow and Petersburg - and even iron made furniture at winter palace - was produced at Kasli factory.


The leading branches of industry are non-ferrous metallurgy, machine-building and metal-working. In 2001 industry comprised 94.5%, building – 3.2%, trade and public catering – 0.2% in the structure of production.Enterprises: machine-building plant, radio plant, clothes factory.Dairy and meat farming prevails in agriculture. Potato growing is developed.

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