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Kayathar is a town in Tuticourin District, Tamil Nadumarker, Indiamarker. It is situated in the National Highway 7 (NH7) between Tirunelvelimarker and Kovilpattimarker.


  • The place has strong winds and many windmills are erected.The power Grid receiving power from pavanasam , Tuticorin.

  • Market: The city has a once-weekly market. It functions on Thursday of every week. There is an exclusive area for the functioning of this market. Several goods from cooking items to animals are sold here. Kayathar is the center for marketing many agricultural things for the farmers around ~50 villages.

  • School: Veera Pandia Kattabomman Govt. Hr. Sec. School. The school is named after the great king Veera Pandia Katta Bomman. He was remembered for his brave actions against the British. The school is located in a calm place amidst farm fields. The school has given several doctors, engineers, farmers and business men to the society.

  • Sports: Several cultural and sports events are arranged by the youngsters during the PONGAL festival (Jan 14-20). The KABADI game conducted is the most famous among those. More than 20 teams from near by villages are participating every year. It involves lot of fun and entertainment!

  • Kutti Kulam: The water harvesting area. The rain water is saved in this pool, for agricultural usage.

  • Religion: Hindhu, Christians and Muslims are living with harmony. The city has temples, churches and mosque.

  • Temples: Akilanda Nayaki - Kothanda Rameshwarar Temple, Thirumalai nayaki - Thiruneelakandeshwarar Temple. Those are built during Kings rule.

  • Church: St. Loorthu Matha Church. A very ancient church for the Roman Catholic Christians. CSI and other groups of Christians also there.

  • Mosque: The famous mosque, (Palli Vaasal) is situated in the west region of the city. The thing here is, Hindhus and others also visit the mosque for curing the diseases of their children! Yes!
  • Historical Event:

1) The King Veera pandiya kattabomman hanged by the British in this place. The king's statue has been build in kayathar by Tamil cinema actor Sivaji ganeshan.

2) The great kalamega poet came to kayathar and he was so hungry and didn't get food in god Perumal temple and he was forced to carry lord perumal staue and so he was very much frustrated and sang poet to destroy the perumal temple. After much decay it has been rebuild in 2009.

3) The famous patriot VOC Kappalodiya Tamilan Seethamparanaar native is vey close to kayathar(Vandanam)

4) The gr8 king kattabomman port is located near to kayathar (Panchalan kurichi).

5) The patriot revolution poest Mundasu kavi Mr. Bharathiyaar born near by kayathar(Ettayapuram)

  • Reason for the Name Kayathar: This village has river (Aaru in Tamil) and it is too much of bitter (kayarpu/kasappu in Tamil) so it got named as Kayatharu, later is has been called as kayathar and also it was named bcz of the sri Godhandaramar temple located on the bank of river. He always wear thulasi malai(In English Basil garland).The taste of thulsi is (has highly medicated value) in bitter (Kayam/Kayarpu/Kasappu) taste so the garland(in Tamil THARU) weared temple so it is called as Kayatharu

  • Industry :
  1. Mat production is a huge industry
  2. This area is famous for heavy wind so it has windmills and Indian central government also have an office which was inaugurated by ex prime minister Vajpayee.

  1. Cultivation

Run Way Facility :The British Government during their rule constructed a very long runway (Biggest in their area). They also did a lot of research and found the place is well located and good for aero facility. That was the reason they made big runway in that location.

Airport is going to come in kayathar in mid 2010.

Historical Importance

The last Pandiya King Marthanda Varman fought and lost to the Nayakar Dynasty at Kayathar.

The great earlier freedom fighter King Veerapandiya Kattabomman was hanged to death at this place by the British.

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