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 is a Japanese professional wrestler who currently wrestles for various promotions through his own agency, Kensuke Office. He is the first of two men ever to hold all 3 of puroresu's major heavyweight titles – the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, the AJPW Triple Crown Championship, and the GHC Heavyweight Championship.


Early years

Sasaki debuted in Riki Chōshū's Japan Pro Wrestling Promotion (a satellite of All Japan Pro Wrestling) in 1986, and would later follow Chōshū as he returned to New Japan Pro Wrestling in 1987. In January 1989, Sasaki embarked on an overseas learning excursion in Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling promotion in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, winning (his first title) the Stampede International Tag Team Championship with All Japan loyalist Sumo Hara.

New Japan Pro Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling

Sasaki returned to New Japan in March 1990, and formed a popular tag team with Hiroshi Hase later that year. The pair would have two reigns as IWGP Tag Team Champions, and had memorable matches with the Steiner Brothers. Two more tag title reigns followed when in late 1992, Sasaki became the third Road Warrior, Power Warrior. Teaming with Road Warrior Hawk as the Hell Raisers, they dominated the tag scene in New Japan. That November, he also started wrestling periodically for World Championship Wrestling, and would wrestle there on and off for the next five years.

In an incident in the New Japan Dojo in 1995, he was blamed for the death of a trainee. According to the book, Ring of Hell, he suplexed and worked over the trainee, who he thought was not making enough effort. No charges were ever brought against him, however several sources have confirmed that Sasaki feels no remorse over the incident, regarding it as "just one of those things."

Sasaki dropped the Power Warrior persona in 1995 and began climbing the ranks in singles competition. He won his first major title, the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship in November 13, 1995, defeating Sting at a New Japan Pro Wrestling Event. This was the title's first title change outside of the United States. Sasaki lost it one month later to One Man Gang at Starrcade.

August 1997 skyrocketed Sasaki's rise as a superstar, as he won the G1 Climax tournament by defeating Hiroyoshi Tenzan in the final, capturing the IWGP Tag Team titles with Kazuo Yamazaki, and then capturing the IWGP Heavyweight Championship by defeating long reigning champion Shinya Hashimoto, all in one month. Sasaki solidified his dominance in the heavyweight division by defeating both Masahiro Chono and Keiji Mutoh in his first two title defenses. In April 1998, he lost the title to Tatsumi Fujinami.

Sasaki won his second IWGP Heavyweight Championship from Genichiro Tenryu while wrestling with a 39 °C (102.2 °F) fever. He won the G1 Climax for the second time in August 2000 with a victory over Manabu Nakanishi in the final, now holding both of New Japan's two heavyweight singles crowns. On October 9, 2000, Sasaki surrendered the IWGP title after he lost to Toshiaki Kawada in a non-title match at an All Japan vs. New Japan event called Do Judge. In a tournament final, Sasaki regained the title at the January 4, 2001, Tokyo Dome show. In March 2001, Sasaki lost the IWGP Heavyweight Title to Scott Norton and later that year resigned after a falling out with company management.


After leaving New Japan, Sasaki took a hiatus from pro wrestling and focus on Mixed Martial Arts, he has 2 fights under his belt, winning both by submission in the first round beating Dan Chase in 2001 and future UFC fighter Christian Wellisch in 2003 . While there, he would alter his look, cutting his signature mullet (occasionally dyeing his hair different colors), wearing ring gear bearing the word, "Volcano," and adapting moves he learned in MMA to his pro wrestling repitiore.

World Japan

In the beginning of 2003, Sasaki joined his mentor, Riki Chōshū, in his new World Japan promotion. When that company failed, Sasaki returned to New Japan as a "traitor" in 2004, now playing the role of a heel. After heated feuds with Yuji Nagata and others, Sasaki enjoyed three more IWGP Heavyweight Title reigns and established himself as one of New Japan's most successful wrestlers ever. He played to the fans, & told them he would do anything to get back in their good graces. After receiving their forgiveness, he once again left the promotion, this time on good terms.

Kensuke Sasaki and Road Warrior Animal teamed up on September 1 at the Differ Ariake and they defeated "brother" YASSHI and Shuji Kondo. Sasaki wore face paint as Power Warrior, the same name he used when teamed with Road Warrior Hawk in the 90's and both men were billed as the Hell Warriors. Animal was billed as Animal Warrior in a similar move to Hawk being billed as Hawk Warrior when he teamed with Sasaki.

Kensuke Office

Afterwards, he became a freelancer and established his own agency, Kensuke Office. The agency is run by Sasaki's wife (former Joshi wrestler), Akira Hokuto, and currently represents Sasaki, Katsuhiko Nakajima, Kento Miyahara, Takashi Yoshioka and Takashi Okita. Under the Kensuke Office agency, Sasaki and pupil Katsuhiko Nakajima toured other promotions, particularly All Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Noah. In 2005, Kensuke Sasaki won the Champion's Carnival, and lost to Kenta Kobashi at Noah's Destiny 2005 show on July 18, 2005 in the Tokyo Domemarker in an incredible 22 minute classic. In September 2006, Kensuke Office was announced as a member of the Global Professional Wrestling Alliance. Beginning in 2007, Kensuke Office has organised its own shows, and some of the talent featured on the shows include Minoru Suzuki, Jun Akiyama, Genichiro Tenryu, Yoshihiro Takayama, Kikutaro, Takeshi Morishima, KENTA and Catman.

On August 26, 2007, Sasaki defeated Minoru Suzuki to become the AJPW Triple Crown Champion. Sasaki made his first defense against Toshiaki Kawada on October 18, 2007, and would go on to team with Kawada after Nakajima suffered an injury on October 18 in the 2007 Real World Tag League. Sasaki and Kawada would lose a Finals Decision match against Satoshi Kojima and Suwama on December 9; both teams were tied, and opponents were needed for Keiji Muto and Joe Doering in the final of the League. Sasaki successfully defended the Triple Crown Championship against Satoshi Kojima (on March 1, 2008). Sasaki participated in the 2008 Champion's Carnival over five straight shows in the Korakuen Hallmarker from April 5 to April 9, scoring 4 points after 1 win (over Joe Doering), 1 loss (to Minoru Suzuki) and 2 draws (with Suwama and Osamu Nishimura). Sasaki lost the Triple Crown Championship to Carnival Winner Suwama on April 29, 2008. After losing the titles, he jumped to Pro Wrestling Noah & announced he would make it his full-time home promotion, while still operating the Kensuke Office. On September 6, 2008, he defeated Takeshi Morishima for the GHC Heavyweight Title, becoming the first person to hold the Heavyweight title in all three major Japanese promotions.

In wrestling

  • Entrance themes
    • Sasaki's main theme is a New Japan produced track titled "Take The Dream", which he has used for the majority of his career. He has also used remixed versions, including "Take The Dream Senko", "Take The Dream Infinity" and currently "Take The Dream The World". (NJPW)
    • "Power" – NJP Unit (NJPW)
    • "Iron Man" – Black Sabbath (Used as Power Warrior and one third of the Road Warriors with Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal) (NJPW)
    • "Hellraiser" – Ozzy Osbourne (Used as Power Warrior and one half of the Hell Raisers with Road Warrior Hawk) (NJPW)
    • "Tokyo Takeaway" – WCW Productions (WCW)
    • "Hellraiser" / "Iron Man" Megamix – Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath (Used as Power Warrior and one half of the Hell Warriors with Road Warrior Animal) (AJPW)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Toryumon Mexico
    • UWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time, current) - with Animal Warrior

1The championship was won in Tokyo, Japan as part of an interpromotional card between New Japan Pro Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling.

Personal life

Kensuke Sasaki and Akira Hokuto have two young sons. Also, Kensuke has a strong bond with his protégé Katsuhiko Nakajima, whom he considers a member of the family.


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