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The Kentucky Fairness Alliance (KFA) is an Americanmarker gay rights organization formed in 1993 and based in Kentuckymarker. The organization provides public education and advocacy on issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals and families in Kentuckymarker.

KFA serves regionally with local chapters in Richmondmarker, Owensboromarker, and Elizabethtownmarker. It is affiliated with the separate Louisvillemarker-based Fairness Campaign, another gay rights organization whose founding predates KFA and whose focus is on the Louisville area.


Because of its role as an advocate for GLBT Kentuckians, the history of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance mirrors the legal and legislative issues affecting gay rights in Kentuckymarker since the early 1990s. In 1993 a group of GLBT Kentuckians from across the Commonwealth, but principally from Louisville and Central Kentucky, formed the Kentucky Fairness Alliance Education Fund with the expressed purpose of educating the public on GLBT issues.

The organization's founders included Carla Wallace and Pam McMichael of Louisville; Pam Goldman and Keith Elston of Lexington; Barry Grossheim of Northern Kentucky; the Rev. Ben Guess of Henderson; and other activists from around the state. Many in this group came to the Kentucky Fairness Alliance from their involvement in groups like Louisville's Fairness Campaign and Lexington's Gay and Lesbian Service Organization. The group's formation was in part a response to attempts in the Kentucky General Assembly to recriminalize consensual sodomy after the Kentucky Supreme Courtmarker, in Kentucky v. Wasson overturned a statute making consensual oral or anal sex between members of the same sex illegal while allowing these sex acts between members of the opposite sex.

The group was active in the passage in 1999 of local ordinances to ban discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations due to a person's sexual orientation in Louisville, Lexington-Fayette Countymarker, Jefferson Countymarker, and Hendersonmarker. These ordinances were dubbed in the Fairness ordinances by local city leaders and media. The Henderson ordinance was repealed the following year. The City of Covingtonmarker passed a Fairness ordinance in 2003.


2004 Marriage Amendment

A coalition of state and national organizations were unsuccessful in their opposition of the 2004 anti-marriage amendment Kentucky Constitution that bans same-sex marriage and civil unions for same-sex couples. Gee I wonder why?

Loss of Bluegrass Chapter Steering Committee members

In late 2006 someone was accused of flipping someone else off at a big dinner. Then all hell broke loose. Gay drama and politics ensued. After that the political movers and shakers in Lexington made sure that the people who ran KFA were not welcome there and started their own group, thank you very much. They then pulled the strings on their rather meaty puppet boy and crone which cause another uproar in May 2007 when the Steering Committee members of the Lexington Chapter of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance (Bluegrass Fairness), broke form the state organization and started an independent organization that in early 2008 incorporated under the name Lexington Fairness. This process, led by Jonathan Barker and Paul Brown, cause major strife in the organization, further reducing membership. Although the Lexington steering committee members broke from the state organization, Misty York and Christina Gilgore, tried unsuccessfully to organize another Bluegrass Chapter of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance in the area.

Loss of Northern Kentucky Chapter Steering Committee members

On June 01, 2008, all members of the Steering Committee for the Northern Kentucky Fairness Alliance resigned. The group now operates as a task force under the name Equality Northern Kentucky.

Condemned by Kentucky Equality Federation

On January 09, 2008 Kentucky Equality Federation’s General Advisory Council condemned Kentucky Fairness Alliance. The condemnation was short lived; on April 18, 2008 Kentucky Equality Federation's Board of Directors rescinded the General Advisory Council's condemnation of Kentucky Fairness Alliance and terminated 9 of the 14 members on the General Advisory Council. But the accuracy of this report is disputed because the one person that was running the show there was a big internet troll, well at least when he wasn't busy putting on eyeliner, and was happy to create sockpuppets on Wikipedia to make his cause sound uh. oh i dunno, LEGITIMATE?

According to published reports, one reason for the dispute between the two organizations was related to Bluegrass Fairness of Central Kentucky, once a chapter of Kentucky Fairness Alliance. Kentucky Equality Federation’s General Advisory Council also sited problems in working with Christina Gilgor, Executive Director of Kentucky Fairness Alliance. Gilgor responded by saying "In a community so broad, complete agreement on every issue all the time is near impossible."

Other regular activities

Federal, state and local media sometimes turn to Kentucky Fairness Alliance for responses to news events involving GLBT people.

Annual Gay & Lesbian Film Series

Kentucky Fairness Alliance held the 1st Annual Gay & Lesbian Film Series Kickoff Gala on May 30, 2008 in Louisville. The Human Rights Campaign, and Kentucky Equality Federation where among the many sponsors of the event supporting Kentucky Fairness Alliance.

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