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Kerman ( ) is a city in Iranmarker. It is the center of Kerman provincemarker. Located in a large and flat plain, this city is located 1,076 km (669 mi) south of Tehranmarker, capital of Iranmarker.

Kerman city had an estimated population of 533,799 in 2005.


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Kerman is located on a high margin of Kavir-e lut (Lut Desert) in the central south of Iran.


The city's many districts are surrounded by mountains which bring variety to Kerman's year round weather pattern, thus the northern part of the city is located in an arid desert area, while the highland of the southern part of the city enjoys a more moderate climate. The mean elevation of the city is about 1755 m above sea level.

Kerman city has a moderate and the average annual rainfall is 135 mm. Because it is located close to the Kavir-e lut, Kerman has hot summers and in the spring it often has violent sand storms. Otherwise, its climate is relatively cool.

Geological Characteristics

For the Iranian Paleontologists, Kerman has always been considered a fossil paradise. Finding new dinosaur footprints in 2005 has now revealed new hopes for Paleontologists to better understand the history of this area.


Sassanid era horse head Found in Kerman
Carpet weaving is one of the main industries of the city, and the carpets produced there are renowned internationally. Carpet weaving is a very old tradition in Kerman. The oldest carpet discovered in Kerman, belongs to about 500 years ago, which proves the precedence of weaving in this city. Cotton textiles and goats-wool shawls are also manufactured.

A number of modern establishments such as textile mills and brickworks also have been constructed. The province's mineral wealth includes copper and coal.


The archeological ancient city of Jiroftmarker is located south of Kerman.


Most of the population of Kerman are Shi'a Muslims; But Kerman also has a small but culturally significant Zoroastrian minority.

The population of the city in 1996 was 385,000 and the current population is 533,799.


Politics in Kerman are influenced by the former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, his brother and Vice President Mohammad Hashemi Rafsanjani, and the Vice President Hossein Marashi, both from the nearby Rafsanjanmarker.

Colleges and universities

Kerman has an abundance of architectural relics of antiquity.

Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman is one of Iran's leading technological institutions. Other universities are:


Kerman is on the Tehran, Bandar Abbas and Zahedan route. Kerman Airportmarker is counted as one of the main airports which has daily & weekly flights to Tehranmarker, Ahwazmarker, Yazdmarker, Esfahanmarker, Bandar Abbasmarker, Mashhadmarker and Shirazmarker. Also the Trans Iranian Railway passes through this city.

Famous people from Kerman


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