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Kevin Bloody Wilson (born Dennis Bryant on 13 February 1947 in Sydney, Australiamarker) is a comedy singer/songwriter who uses a heavy Australian accent/style with great success. Without the aid of radio or TV coverage (due to the explicit, crude and sexual nature of his songs and general humour), he has built up a widespread cult following.

Early career

Bryant was born in Sydneymarker, New South Walesmarker, although he identifies himself with Kalgoorlie, Western Australiamarker, where he was an electrician in the gold mines.

In the 1970s Bryant fronted his own band called 'Bryan Dennis and the Country Club'. He also used the name 'Bryan Dennis' when he hosted a country music show on 6KG in Kalgoorlie from 1973 to 1980, before he was thrown off air for playing the parody song, "I'm Heaving On A Jet Plane".

He moved to Perth and began playing bawdy songs as a hobby, singing at pubs and football clubs. In 1984 he put together a cassette of his songs called Your Average Australian Yobbo, which he sold at gigs and by mail order. He managed to sell 22,000 copies of the cassette before it was eventually transferred to LP, where it went on to sell many thousands more.

He is notable as Perth's most famous comedian. His humour is regarded as politically incorrect.
Kevin Bloody Wilson’s humour must be viewed in the context of contemporary academic and political discussion around issues such as political correctness, ‘culture wars’, multiculturalism and the construction of Australian national identity.
Kevin Bloody Wilson fails to recognise the position of privilege that he, as a white, Anglo-Celtic male, maintains in Australian society; rather he claims ‘victim’ status that is associated with the politics of the New Right.
In doing so Kevin Bloody Wilson justifies the use of tendentious jokes at the expense of previously marginalised groups that are now reconstructed as powerful organisations and groups.
Moreover, through the construction of the politics of identity and the denial of the legitimacy of difference, Kevin Bloody Wilson’s ‘subversive’ humour ends up reasserting a traditional Anglo-Celtic form of Australian identity at the expense of others.

Wilson is married, and his wife Betty comes on tour with him. She can normally be seen selling merchandise - and has even appeared on guest vocals in a few of his songs, including "Dick'taphone".

Kevin appeared on the popular television show 'Enough Rope' with Andrew Denton in October 2008, which resulted with the shows highest ratings of the year

"The Genie in the Bottle" is a country song Kevin co-wrote with Adam Harvey that spent more than 6 weeks on the Australian Country Singles chart as well as reaching the number one video spot on the Country Music Television Channel in 2008


  • Your Average Australian Yobbo (1984)
  • Kev's Back (1985)
  • Born Again Piss Tank (1987)
  • My Australian Roots (1989)
  • The Loveable Larrikin (best-of) (1990)
  • The Far-Canal Album (best-of) (1990)
  • Let's Call Him ... Kev! (1991)
  • The Worst of Kevin Bloody Wilson (best-of) (1992)
  • Nashville Trash (1993)

  • Let Loose Live in London (1993)
  • Backout From the Outback (best-of) (1994)
  • Kev's Kristmas (1996)
  • Kalgoorlie Love Songs (1998)
  • The Second Kummin' of Kev (2001)
  • Let Loose Live in the Outback (2002)
  • 20 Years of Kev (best-of) (2004)
  • DILLIGAF (2006)
  • Excess All Areas (2009)

His songs generally consist of irreverent humour and plenty of swearing with eclectic musical backing.

He has been nominated four times for Best Comedy release for the Australian ARIA Music Awards:
  • 1987 for Kev's Back (won)
  • 1992 for Let's Call Him Kev
  • 1995 for Let Loose Live In London
  • 2002 for The Second Kumin' Of Kev

Wilson's recordings are mainly sold through his website, and he has licensed them to mail order companies in different countries to provide easier distribution. In 2003 he placed a free mp3 on his website called The Shane Warne Song, a song about the extracurricular exploits of the controversial Australian cricketer.

In 2007, Agence France-Presse note that Wilson's Christmas songs were popular downloads on YouTube.


He regularly tours, spending about six months each year overseas. His tours include visiting less populous venues such as small towns in New Zealandmarker where he has a large following. The majority of his fans are male and drawn from a wide age range - from 14 to 90. A favourite pastime of his (he almost always meets his fans afterwards) is autographing bare female breasts. When dedicating an autograph, it is not unusual for him to put "To _____, get fucked! Kev!". During several tours, Kevin has been joined by his daughter Jenny Talia.

While visiting Canadamarker on a world tour, Kevin alleges that he was told that due to the high level of taboo surrounding the word, he was not allowed to say "cunt" in Canada. It is unknown whether this was an order or a suggestion. Whatever the case, Kevin made a note of this and walked onto the stage in Torontomarker and the first song he sang was his now somewhat infamous "You Can't Say Cunt In Canada".


Wilson was the first Australian performing artist to have a website which a friend set up for him in 1993, which has since been a major source of album and product sales. He also runs an internet radio station, which was the first 24-hour adult comedy radio station.

Recording and production studios

In 2006, Kev expanded his business interests by purchasing the recording and production studios that he recorded his first 2 albums at some 20 years earlier. PARAMOUNT MEDIA is a state of the art studio in Wanneroo in Western Australia that diversifies Wilson's media empire to create documentaries and pilots for TV shows.

List of some better-known songs

  • Amazing Grass
  • Bali Belly Song
  • Breathe Through Me Ears
  • Charlie The Doey Cunt
  • Chucka Browneye
  • Cunt Of A Day
  • D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.
  • Dick'taphone
  • Dolly Parton's Tits
  • Don't Touch Your Sister
  • Double Decker Dog
  • Festival Of Farts
  • Fuck Ya Guts Out

  • Grandad's Got A Bone
  • Hey Santa Claus
  • Ho Ho Fucking Ho
  • (The Ode To) Huey & Billy
  • I Gave Up Wanking
  • It Was Over (aka Kev's Lament)
  • Kev's Courting Song (aka Do Ya Fuck On First Dates?)
  • Living Next Door To Alan
  • Manuel The Bandito
  • Mick The Master Farter
  • My Dick's On The Dole

  • My Grand Father Cock
  • Nigel Krap
  • Ollie & Olga
  • Pussy Tricks
  • Rootin' In The Back Of The Ute
  • Santa Was Stoned
  • Says A Me Steve
  • See Me When I'm Pissed
  • She's The Sorta Sheila
  • Stack The Fridge
  • Super Mega Fugly
  • That Damn Anal Fiend

  • That Fuckin' Cat's Back
  • That's What He Really Said
  • The Aprentice
  • The Builder
  • The Festival Of Life
  • The Kid (He Swears A Bit)
  • The Last Lager Waltz
  • The Local
  • The Perfect Ten
  • The Potato Song
  • The Pubic Hair Song
  • They Beat Me
  • You Can't Say Cunt In Canada
  • Yogy Bear


Jenny Talia has followed in her father's footsteps singing similarly bawdy songs, some of them being reworded Kev songs, but done from a female perspective.


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