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Khuiratta is a city in Kotli District, Azad Kashmirmarker, POK Pakistanmarker. The city is located nearly 29 kilometres from Kotlimarker.


Khuiratta and its surrounding areas are popular among tourists due to historic remains of gardens and fountains. 4 kilometres away from Khuiratta is a famous shrine of "Mai Totti Sahiba" & shrine of Hazrat Baba Ali Lashkar at Dheri Sahibzadian which are visited by hundreds of people daily. Khuiratta is also famous for its besakhi mela. For many decades this mela has been held in Dehari Bagh. Thousands of people gather from as far as Rawalpindimarker, Lahoremarker, Gujranwalamarker. The mela lasts for 3 days, activities include bull racing, wrestling, football and fairground rides.

Khuiratta has produced a number of personalities with true devotion to hard work and social welfare. There are so many to list but among them few are listed below...

Khuiratta has a history of famous people, amongst them Mai Totti Sahiba, Hazrat baba Ali Lashkar(late),Finance and Law Minister Raja Nisar Ahmed Khan,Choudhary Abdul Razzaq former chairman pakistan bait ul maal n member drist kotli Former Health Minister Ch. Rafique Nayyar of Azad Jammu Kashmir Government,(R)Commissioner Ch Muhammad Sharif, Zilla Qazi Muhammad Azim Mughal,Pro Muhammad Jamroz Khan Siddiqui Principal InterCollage SeriThe Late Ch Muhammad Hanif Addvocate,Late Ch Javed Iqbal Kalis Addvocate, Molana Muhmmad Ashraf Asghar of Dheri Sahibzadian, The Late Molana Muhammad Qasim, The late Suliman Shah of Dheri sahibzadian, The late Subedar Karam Hussain Shah,Sahibzadah Shabbar Hussain Hashmi, Professor Anwar Hussain Chishti,Professor Habib Hussain Mughal,Ch Qayyum Qamar President PPP Kotli, Dr Muhammad Hussain of Dheri Sahibzadian, Dr Khadim Hussain. Azhar Hussain Hashmi Of Dheri Sahibzadian. The Late Ch Chiraag Din Zarger, Ch Fazil Zarger, The Late Sheik Ghazi Abdur Rehman, The Late Major Qazi Jaan Mohammed, The Late Headmaster Alf-Uddin, The Late Ch Mohammed Akbar of Dehari Bagh, Lietenant colonel Ch Ibrar, Colonel Zafar of Bian thala and the late maulana mohammed azam of manjwal/darruni, The Late Qazi Mohammed Khalil Qureshi of Bindian . The other famous personalities, Late Sub.(R) Sadiq Chaudhary of Gourah Balyal, his younger Brother Chaudhary said Muhammad, Late Mufti Abdul Kareem of Gourah Balyal,chief eng. ch. Mushtaq ahmad gorsi,Ameer (President) Jamaat Islami Kotli Habib Ur Rehaman Afaqi, Editor daily Jammu kashmir Imtiaz Ahmed But from Gourah Balyal, Fazal Illahi of Thala Darkooti, a prominent Pehlwan Chragh Deen of Gourah balyal, central leader of Jammu kashmir Islami Jamiat Talaba Tauseef Ur Rehamn Afaqi, Chief Engineer Afzal Sb of Seri Manjwar LATE Ch.Iftikhar AHMED RAHI AND gazi abdul rehman Ch. abdul razaq transporter late CH.Iqbal haji nake muhammad WASEEM MUSTAFAI nazam Ati azad kashmir CH.ZAHIR AHMED ATIF also belong to bindian khuiratta Pro Muhammad Shappal Lec Chmistery dregree collage Kotli also Belong khuiratta

Khuiratta is situated in Kotli District and is one of Kotlimarker's major towns. Khuiratta is the home of many tourist attractions and is known as a beautiful town, its shopping centrs have grown tremendously in the last few years..


Khuiratta is very close to the Line Of Control (LOC),only 8 km away, the temporary border between Indian held Kashmir and Pakistani held Kashmir.It has other small towns,Khore Rachalla, Khore Bhera, Gheyaien,Serri, Brottgala, Katehra, phalni, Bandli, Karjai, Saidpoor,Bianthala, Dehari Baagh, Bindian, Bhiyal, Dheri Sahibzadian,manjwal. banni bannah, Dmandah and Katasery are some of the familiar ones.Dheri Sahibzadian is on of the beautiful and historical place of khuiratta.The village has a very rich culture and so many tribes are living together here Butt, Jatts, Gujjars, Mughal and Qureshi are more in numbers.

HEAD TEACHER CH. MUHAMMAD KHADIM KHAN IS VERY NOBLE NICE INERGATIC PERSON AND SPREAD VISSION OF EDUCTION IN VALLEY OF BANAHA .HE GO TO LONDON FOR DEVOLPMENT OF EDUCATION OF KASHMIRI STUDENT.HE MAKE HIGH SCHOOL KHORE BAROOT GALA RULE MODEL IN AZAD KASHMIR.Head Master Abdul Rahman Shamim Sahib belong to this village and currently working as the head of Government High School, Khuiratta Main. Also Master Idrees Butt (Late) was also from this town, he was well known throughout Azad Kashmir and also served as a DEO (District Education Officer)

Haji Deen Mohammad Sahib (late) Chaudhary Abdul aziz Sahib(late) and his elder brother Chadhary Zaman, well known in Peoples Party UK wing and as well in Kashmir, Haji Beer Wali(late, Sain Sakhi sahib, Haji Ali Mohammad are the people from Dhairy Sahibzadian and they are well known throughout the Banah Vally LATE Haji NEAK MUHAMMAD and LATE CH MUHAMMAD IQBAL CH ABDUL RAZZAQ transporter of A.J.K and pakistan ch muhammad JAN also from dhairy sahibzadian.

Maulana Charagh Alam (Late) belong to village of Katasery, he was central leader of Muslim Conference and Mughal Association Khuiratta as well as religious leader.

ONE of de most famous village is bindian where born late gazi abdul rehman and colonel jan CHOUDHARY IFTIKHAR AHMED RAHI FIELD INSPECTER master alf deen ABDUL MALIK reside in the heart of banaha vally called bindian.


Khuiratta has good educational facilities, providing degree colleges for both boys and girls. English medium schools also exist, a good example is the "Pasban Science" school and college,The Holy Public School & College, Ideal Public School and Pakland School.The govt High school Khuiratta is the leading them all in govt degree huiratta there professor Bashir Niaz professor Muhammad Abdulla Tahir professor Zulifiqar Zahid from seri most telented professors of Govt college khuiratta and Muhammad Shahzad Banaras (Darogha-E-Kutab) is the most intersting personality of the College. Ch muhammad Sadiq leading PASBAN khuiratta.

Seri Govt High School, lead by Late Headmaster Muhammad Afsor. There are many other private education centres set up in the last decade or so.Ideal Public School is lead by Talib Hussain Mughal, a very social as well.ok there is one good personality like Chief Engineer Afzal Sb of Seri Manjwarvery nice person he is allso leader in region.

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