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Kirchheim unter Teck is a town in Baden-Württembergmarker, Germanymarker, in the district of Esslingenmarker. It is located on the small river Lauter, a tributary of the Neckarmarker. It is situated near the Teckmarker castle, approximatively 25 km southeast of Stuttgartmarker.


The town has a royal castle built in 1538, two schools and several benevolent institutions. The manufactures include cotton goods, damask, pianofortes, machinery, furniture, chemicals and cement. The town also has wool-spinning establishments and breweries, and a corn exchange. It is the most important wool market in South Germany, and has also a trade in fruit, timber and pigs. In the vicinity are the ruins of the castle of Teck, the hereditary stTronghold of the dukes of that name. Kirchheim has belonged to Wurttemberg since 1381.


Kirchheim is serviced by the Teckbahn, a railway that connects Wendlingen am Neckar to Lenningenmarker. Inside the city, the bus lines of the public transport group (ÖPNV) service multiple stops. All of the lines connect to stops serviced by the Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart (VVS), the Stuttgart public transportation group.

Autobahn 8 passes through the south side of the town and has two interchanges for east- and west-Kirchheim. Bundesstrasse 297 (Lorch - Tübingenmarker) passes through the town, which is also a terminus of Bundesstrasse 465 that leads south through the Lenninger Valley on its way to Leutkirch im Allgäumarker.

Rocket launch pads

Remnants of a Natter launch pad near Kirchheim.
There are three launch pads for the Luftwaffe Bachem Ba 349 Nattermarker rocket interceptors located in the Hasenholz forest near Kirchheim/Teck. They are all that remain from the once active launch site constructed in 1945. The three launchpads are arranged in the form of an equilateral triangle, whose sides point toward the east and the south. The distance between the launchpads is approximately 50 meters. The circular concrete pads on which the Bachem Ba 349's and their launch towers once stood still exist. In the center of each of the three concrete plates is a square hole approximately 50 centimeters deep, which once served as the foundation for the launch tower. Beside each hole is a pipe, cut off at ground level, which was probably once a cable pit. The Natter launchpads at Kirchheim (Teck) might be the only remnants of these rocket launch pads still on publicly accessible terrain.

School Exchanges

One of the main high school's in Kirchheim Ludwig-Uhland Gymnasium has been running an exchange with students from UpHolland High School, Orrell, UK since 1995, this exchange is for all students in each school who are musically talented and who are in the school band in both schools. Students from each school take place in the exchange in different years - Ludwig Big Band in 1996, 98, 00, 02 etc, and UHHS Band in 1995, 97, 99, 01 etc. This year (2009) see's 35 students from the UHHS band visit the school and the town of Kirchheim, this year will also commemorate the twenty fifth year of exchanges.

The Hasenholz woods southeast of Kirchheim.


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