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 ( ,  ) is a Japanesemarker company. It is a member of the Mitsubishi keiretsu.

Kirin sells two of the most popular beers in Japan, Kirin Lager (the country's oldest beer brand, originally created by Scotsman Thomas Glover in Nagasaki) and Ichiban Shibori. In the happoshu (low-malt) category, Kirin Tanrei is the top seller. Kirin handles domestic distribution for several foreign brands, including Budweiser and Heineken. Kirin's brewery operations also extend overseas, through strategic alliances, subsidiaries, and affiliates, to Chinamarker, Taiwanmarker, Australia, the Philippinesmarker, Europe, New Zealandmarker and the United Statesmarker. The company holds a 100 percent stake in Lion Nathan Limited, a consolidated subsidiary that is based in Australia but has particularly important operations in China. Kirin has a 48 percent stake in San Miguel Corporation, the dominant brewer in the Philippines. Kirin now applies its fermentation technology to areas such as plant genetics, pharmaceuticals, and bioengineering. Although brewing and related businesses remain the core of Kirin's activities, the company is also involved in several other sectors: hard liquor, wine, soft drinks, and food products.

On July 14, 2009, Kirin announced that it was in negotiations with Suntory on a merger.


Alcoholic beverage business

  • Kirin Distillery Co., Ltd. (Renamed from Kirin-Seagram Ltd. on July 1, 2002)
  • Ei Sho Gen Co., Ltd.
  • Kirin Communications Stage Co., Ltd.
  • Heineken Japan Co., Ltd.

Soft drink business

  • Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd.
  • Kinki Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd.


  • Kirin Logistics Co., Ltd.


  • Kirin Techno-System Co., Ltd.
  • Kirin Engineering Co., Ltd.


  • Kirin Dining Co., Ltd.
  • Kirin City Co., Ltd.

Real estate

  • Kirin Building Management Co., Ltd.
  • Kirin Hotel Development Co., Ltd.

Others of core business

  • Kirin Echo Co., Ltd.

Nutrient food

  • Kirin Well-Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Takeda-Kirin Foods Corporation
  • Cosmo Foods Co., Ltd.


  • Kirin Green & Flower Co., Ltd.
  • Flower Gate, Inc.
  • Flower Season Co., Ltd.
  • Verdy Co., Ltd.
  • Tokita Seed Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Potato Corporation


  • Nagano Tomato Co., Ltd.

Holdings, International

Alcohol Beverage Business

Soft Drink Business

Pharmaceutical Business

Agribio Business

Other Business

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