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Mustafa Reşid Pasha (13 March 180017 December 1858) was an Ottoman statesman and diplomat.

Born in Constantinoplemarker, he entered the public service at an early age and rose rapidly, becoming ambassador in Parismarker (1834) and in Londonmarker (1836), minister for foreign affairs (1837), again ambassador in London (1838), and in Paris (1841). Appointed governor of Adrianoplemarker in 1843, he returned as ambassador to Paris in the same year. Between 1845 and 1857 he was six times grand vizier.

One of the greatest and most brilliant statesmen of his time, thoroughly acquainted with European politics, and well versed in affairs, he was a convinced if somewhat too ardent partisan of reform and the principal author of the legislative remodelling of Turkish administrative methods known as the Tanzimat. His ability was recognized alike by friend and by foe. His effort to promote reforms within the government led drove him to promote careers of many other reformers such as Fuad Paşa and Ali Paşa.

In the settlement of the Egyptianmarker question in 1840, and during the Crimean War and the ensuing peace negotiations, he rendered valuable services to the state.


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