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The Kröller-Müller Museum is an art museum, located in the Hoge Veluwe National Parkmarker in Otterlomarker in the Netherlandsmarker.

The museum has a considerable collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh, such Cafe Terrace at Night and Potato Eaters, making it the second-largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world (after the Van Gogh Museummarker in Amsterdammarker). Apart from the Van Gogh paintings other highlights include works by Piet Mondrian, Georges-Pierre Seurat, Odilon Redon, George Braque, Paul Gauguin, Lucas Cranach, James Ensor, Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso, etc.The museum is named after Helene Kröller-Müller, an avid art collector who was one of the first to recognize Van Gogh's genius and collect his works. In 1935 she donated her whole collection to the state of the Netherlandsmarker. In 1938 the museum, designed by Henry van de Velde opened. The sculpture garden was added in 1961 and the new exhibition wing, designed by Wim Quist, opened in 1977.

Sculpture Park

The Kröller-Müller Museum is also famous for its large sculpture garden, within the forest park, of more than and one of the largest in Europe, with a fine collection of modern and contemporary sculptures. The garden also reflects Helene Kröller-Müller's conception of a symbiosis between art, architecture and nature. The collection includes works by Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore, Jean Dubuffet, Mark di Suvero, Lucio Fontana, Claes Oldenburg, Fritz Wotruba, Joep van Lieshout and many more.

Eastern area

File:Replace this image plain.svg|Jan van Munster, + -, 1987 ∗File:KMM LeWitt 01.JPG|Sol LeWitt, Six-sided tower, 1993 ∗File:KMM Serra One.JPG|Richard Serra, One, 1988 ∗File:KMM Giezen.jpg|Krijn Giezen, Kijk uit attention, 1986-2005 ∗File:TomClassen16MeninWood.jpg|Tom Claassen, Liggende houten mannen(18 Men in wood), 2000 ∗File:KMM Booth 02.JPG|Chris Booth, De echo van de Veluwe, 2003-2005 ∗File:KMM Fabro 01.JPG|Luciano Fabro, La doppia faccia del cielo, 1986 ∗File:KMM Wakabayashi.JPG|Isamu Wakabayashi, Otterlo Mist, 2001 ∗File:KMM Martini.JPG|Arturo Martini, Giuditta e Oloferne, 1932-1933 ∗

Aldo van Eyck-paviljoen

File:Aldo van Eyck Pavillion.JPG|Aldo van Eyck, Aldo van Eyck-paviljoen (Aldo van Eyck Pavilion), 1965-1966(Reconstructed in Otterlomarker, 2005-2006)∗File:KMM Mendes Liefde.JPG|Joseph Mendes da Costa, Liefde, 1917File:KMM Anthoons.JPG|Willy Anthoons, Forme infinie, 1949 resp. 1960File:KMM Armando.JPG|Armando, Zwarte schaal, 1989File:KMM Avramidis.JPG|Joannis Avramidis, Grosse Figur, 1958File:KMM Brown.JPG|Ralph Brown, Vernal Figure, 1957File:KMM Epstein.JPG|Jacob Epstein, Angel-torso, 1923-1961File:KMM Greco.JPG|Emilio Greco, Grande bagnante n. 3, 1957File:KMM Jespers Torso.JPG|Oscar Jespers, Vooroverhellende torso, 1932File:KMM Negri.JPG|File:KMM Paolozzi St.Sebastian III.JPG|File:KMM Szapocznikow.JPG|File:KMM Wotruba Stehende Frau.JPG|File:Termote Meisjeskop.jpg|File:KMM Volten Kubus.JPGFile:KMM Paolozzi Medea.JPGFile:KMM Wotruba Hockende Figur.JPG|

Central and southwestern area

File:KMM 01.jpg|Southwestern areaImage:KrollerMuller ParkSculpture3.JPG‎|George Rickey, 2vertical, 3 horizontal lines, 1965-1966Image:KrollerMuller ParkSculpture4.jpg‎|Kenneth Snelson, Needle Tower II, 1969 ∗File:Kenneth Snelson Needle Tower.JPG|Kenneth Snelson, Needle Tower II, 1969 ∗Image:KrollerMuller ParkSculpture6.jpg‎|Mario Merz, Igloo di pietra, 1982 ∗File:KMM Merz Igloo.jpg|Mario Merz, Igloo di pietra, 1982 ∗File:Van Kalsbeek.JPG|Heringa/Van Kalsbeek, Untitled, 2000File:KMM Dodeigne Sept 01.JPG|Eugène Dodeigne, Sept, 1993File:KMM Dubuffet.JPG|Jean Dubuffet, Jardin d'Email, 1974 ∗File:Jardin d'émail KMM.JPG|Jean Dubuffet, Jardin d'Email, 1974 ∗File:KMM Pan Amphitheatre 01.JPG|Marta Pan, Amphitheatre, 2005File:KMM Wint View 01.JPG|Rudi van de Wint, View, 2001 ∗File:KMM Serra.jpg|Richard Serra, Spin out, for Robert Smithson, 1972-1973 ∗File:KMM Serra 01.JPG|Richard Serra, Spin out, for Robert Smithson, 1972-1973 ∗File:KMM Andre.JPG|Carl Andre, 43 Roaring forty, 1968File:KMM Fontana 02.JPG|Lucio Fontana, Concetto spaziale Natura, 1959-1960

Northwestern area

File:KMM Sculpturepark.JPG|Northwestern areaFile:KMM Sculpturepark 02.JPG|Northwestern areaImage:KrollerMuller ParkSculpture1.jpg‎|Marta Pan, Sculpture flottante 'Otterlo', 1960-1961 ∗Image:KrollerMuller ParkSculpture2.jpg‎|Tom Claassen, Rocky lumps, 2005-2006File:KMM Freundlich 03.JPG|Otto Freundlich, Composition, 1933-1961File:KMM 06.jpg|Marcello Mascherini, Ritratto di Franca, 1952File:KMM Amado.JPG|Jean Amado, De la mer, le passage..., 1979File:KMM Balka.JPG|Miroslaw Balka, 200x238x95 (fountain)File:KMM Arp 01.JPG|Hans Arp, Berger de nuages, 1953File:KMM Maillol.JPG|Aristide Maillol, L'Air, 1939 ∗File:KMM Rodin 02.JPG|Auguste Rodin, Femme accroupie, 1882 ∗File:KMM Permeke 01.JPG|Constant Permeke, Niobe, 1951File:KMM Armitage.jpgFile:KMM Bourdelle.JPGFile:KMM Lipchitz Chant 01.JPGFile:KMM Colton 01.JPGFile:KMM Volten Uba tuba 01.JPG


File:Rietveld Pavillion.JPG|Gerrit Rietveld, Rietveld-paviljoen(Rietveld Pavilion), 1964-1965 ∗File:KMM Vries.JPG|Herman de Vries, Le témoin, 1991File:KMM Hepworth Sphere with inner form.JPGFile:KMM Hepworth Single form (Eikon).JPGFile:KMM Hepworth Elegy III.JPGFile:KMM Hepworth Dual form 01.JPGFile:KMM Aeschbacher 01.JPGFile:KMM Hepworth Curved form (Trevalgan).JPGFile:KMM Hepworth Oval form (Trezion).JPGFile:KMM Hepworth Curved form with inner form (Anima).JPG


File:KMM Wenkebach.JPG|Oswald Wenckebach, Monsieur Jacques, 1955 ∗Image:Kroller-Muller EntranceSculpture1.jpg‎|Mark di Suvero, K-piece, 1972 ∗Image:Kroller-Muller EntranceSculpture2.jpg|Piet Slegers, Landschaps-Zonneproject, 1979File:KMM Buisman 01.JPG|Sjoerd Buisman, PhyllotaxisFile:KMM Lavier.JPG|Bertrand Lavier, Privé sur mobi, 1986 ∗File:KMM Graham 01.JPG|Dan Graham, Two adjacent pavillions, 1978-2001File:KMM Volten KC 01.JPG|André Volten, Kubische constructie, 1968File:KMM Visser Grote Auschwitz 01.JPG|Carel Visser, Grote Auschwitz, 1967File:KMM Oldenburg Hoge Veluwe 02.JPG|Claes Oldenburg, Trowel, 1971 ∗File:Replace this image plain.svg|Henry van de Velde, Steynbank, 1924 ∗File:Replace this image plain.svg|Andreas Rimkus, EuropaHammer, 2008 ∗File:KMM Huang Yong Ping.jpg|Huang Yong Ping, The overturned tomb, 1994 ∗

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Hoge Veluwe National Parkmarker

The Jachtslot St Hubertus is a building designed as the residence in the hunting season for the Kröller-Müller family by the Dutch architect Berlage. The building is located near the Kröller-Müller Museum in the centre of the National Park De Hoge Veluwemarker.

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