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Church and School building around 1883
Church around 2000, view from Castle Hill

Krisztinaváros ( ) is a neighbourhood in central Budapestmarker, situated just west of Castle Hillmarker, north of Tabánmarker. It is named after Princess Christine, daughter of Maria Theresa, who interceded for buildings to be erected in this area. The history of Krisztinaváros is inseparable from that of the neighboring old Tabánmarker, Naphegymarker and Gellérthegymarker.

The central features are Krisztina tér and the entrance to the Castle Hill tunnel. It is also home to the Tabán Cinema [146006], a small cinema that presents art films and documentaries. (Despite its name, this cinema belongs to Krisztinaváros, not Tabán.)


  • Neighbourhood on Google Map (streets): [146007] The center of Krisztinaváros is Krisztina Tér, Krisztina Körút
  • near view, Krisztina Téri Church with old, 220 years school: [146008]

  • historic Map 1905
  • old Krisztinaváros Cemetery, today an old chesnut-park (Gesztenyés), hotel and modern technology center (Mom park)


1787 Krisztina Téri Iskola a 220 years old historic school in the I. district of Budapestmarker, Krisztinaváros, Hungarymarker (in 2007). "The school started after vintage in 1787". (historic document [146009] Hofecker, Ferencz 1887)

historic Coffeehouses and Restaurants

Text to translate: historic coffehouses on


Sándor Márai in Budapest, Krisztinaváros

Image:Marai-Img_portrait-0430.jpg|Statue of Sándor Márai
in Budapestmarker Mikó utca, Krisztinaváros
Image:Marai-Img Miko-u-0431.jpg|Márai‘s memorial on his former home in Krisztinaváros

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  • historic document 1887 [146011] Hofecker, Ferencz
  • A Krisztinaváros és a Philadelphia, SALY NOÉMI [146012]

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