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Kyjov ( ; , ) is a town in the South Moravian Regionmarker of the Czech Republicmarker. It has around 12,000 inhabitants. Kyjov is famous for its folk festival which takes place every four years.

Villages Bohuslavice, Boršov and Nětčice are administrative parts of Kyjov.


The first mention of the village is from 1126 as a local trading centre. The town endured fires, plagues and sieges from the Ottoman Empire in the Middle Ages. During the Hussite wars town leaned to Utraquism. It was under the rule of Olomoucmarker monastery until 1548, in this year town achieved recognition as a King's town within Bohemia.

Kyjov (Gaya) is a centre of regional folklore. The traditional and famous festivities take place there since 1921.

Kyjov 1727

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Famous people

  • Adult actress Silvia Saint was born in this town.
  • The photographer Miroslav Tichý, whose photographs were exhibited in many museums, among which the Pompidou Centermarker in 2008, was born there in 1926 and still lives in Kyjov.


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