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Ladytron are an electronic pop group originally formed in Liverpoolmarker, UK. Ladytron formed in the summer of 1999 when Liverpool musicians and DJs Reuben Wu and Daniel Hunt met dual singers Glaswegian Helen Marnie and Bulgarian born Mira Aroyo. The band's name was taken from the song of the same name by Roxy Music.


Ladytron's debut album, 604 (2001), was released on the Emperor Norton/Invicta HIFI labels. The single "Playgirl" brought some national and international attention to the band.

Light & Magic (2002) was released to wider exposure and included the underground hits "Seventeen", "Evil", and "Blue Jeans". Following 18 months on tour supporting Light & Magic, Ladytron recorded their third album, Witching Hour (2005). The album was released with two singles; "Sugar" and "Destroy Everything You Touch". The band were awarded 5 NME singles of the week in the process.

The band finished work on their fourth studio album, Velocifero, in February 2008. It had a full release worldwide on June 3, after making the top 40 through a two week exclusive release on iTunes. Velocifero was recorded in Paris, with the band handling production duties with some collaboration from Alessandro Cortini (Modwheelmood, Nine Inch Nails) and Vicarious Bliss (Justice, DJ Mehdi). Velocifero has been the band's most successful release to date.


Ladytron blends electronic pop music and New Wave, using an array of vintage analogue equipment to achieve their distinct sound. Albums so far have focused on a balance between pop structures and digitally edited analogue electronic sound, along with some more experimental leanings including psychedelic elements. All four members write songs differently, which adds to the eclectic nature of their albums. Their third album, Witching Hour, saw an augmentation of their sound, leading the album to be described by Pitchfork as a "quantum leap record".


The band has a large cult following worldwide, and toured extensively since the release of Light & Magic, intensifying on the Witching Hour and Velocifero albums. They have also on rare occasion opened for other artists; taken by Soulwax onto their UK tour in 2001, Björk in 2003, and across Europe, they opened for Nine Inch Nails in early 2007 at the invitation of Trent Reznor. Daniel Hunt, Mira Aroyo and Reuben Wu also play DJ sets in clubs and events around the world.The Velocifero tour has seen them play the longest run of dates, and to the biggest crowds, in their career so far.


Ladytron have produced remixes for many artists including Placebo, Blondie, Gang of Four, David Gahan, Goldfrapp, Bloc Party, Kings of Convenience, Indochine, Apoptygma Berzerk, She Wants Revenge, Soulwax, Nine Inch Nails and Simian.


The band has been working with singer Christina Aguilera on her new album called Light & Darkness since the beginning of 2009, along with Sia Furler and Goldfrapp.

Ladytron is continuing the final months of the 'Velocifero Tour' through summer 2009, which contained a headline show at Sydney Opera House as part of Brian Eno curated Luminous festival.

"Destroy Everything You Touch" is featured in the documentary The September Issue.

"Ghosts" was featured on the video game NBA Live 09."Ghosts" was also featured in The Sims 3 and in Need for Speed Undercover.


Studio albums and soundtracks

EPs and compilations


  • "He Took Her to a Movie" (1999)
  • "Playgirl" (2000)
  • "Commodore Rock" (2000)
  • "The Way That I Found You" (2001)
  • "Playgirl" (Remix) (2001)
  • "Seventeen" (2002)
  • "Blue Jeans" (2003)
  • "Evil" (2003)
  • "Sugar" (2005)
  • "Destroy Everything You Touch" (2005)
  • "Weekend" (US Only) (2005)
  • "Ghosts" (2008)
  • "Runaway" (2008)
  • "Tomorrow" (2009)

Music videos

Year Song Director Album
2000 "Playgirl" James Slater/Neil McClean 604
2003 "Seventeen" David Chaudoir Light & Magic
"Evil"(UK version) Scott Lyon
"Evil"(US version) James Slater/Neil McClean
"Blue Jeans" James Slater/Neil McClean
2005 "Sugar" Andy Roberts Witching Hour
"Destroy Everything You Touch" Adam Bartley
2008 "Ghosts" Joseph Kahn Velocifero
"Runaway" Mike Sharpe & Barney Steele
2009 "Tomorrow" Neil Krug


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