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Lalamusa (لالہ موسی) is a town in Gujrat Districtmarker, Punjabmarker, Pakistanmarker. It is located at latitude (32.70 degrees) 32° 42' 0" North of the Equator and longitude (73.96 degrees) 73° 57' 35" East of the Prime Meridian. It lies at an altitude of about 250 meters and has a population of around 100,000 (estimate 2009).

The town is named after a person with the name of Musa, with the word Lala meaning elder brother. Lalamusa has recreational areas including Barkat Park, Qasim Park, and Hassan Park. Lalamusa has many retail establishments including Ahmad Samosa House, Mian da kulfa, and Mian dee dal.


The Pakistan Railways Islamabadmarker to Lahoremarker line has a station at Lalamusa. The station is at a junction, with a line also leading to Sargodha district.

The Islamabadmarker to Lahoremarker section of the Grand Trunk Road (N5) passes through the town.there was some famous shop toshiba photo studio main bazar lalmusa his big honour was good crickter imran ashrafi papu


There are private and government schools in Lalamusa, providing education from primary level upwards. There are many private colleges, and two government colleges.

A local government training academy is situated in Lalamusa.

A well known Lalamusa educationalist is Muhammad Arif Khatana, former Head Master of the Railway School. Dr Muhammad Amin (late) was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Islamia High School (before this school was nationalized) and made tremendous efforts for high standards of education in this establishment. A former headmaster of Islamia High School Sh Abdul Hameed (late) is still remembered by his students for his high moral values and dedication. Another name in the memory of local people is Head Master Muhammad Iqbal (late)of Model High School. Other notable educationalists are Syed Mushtaq Hussain Shah of Dhama who was Head Master of Model as well as Islamia High Schools, Head Master R Sabir sb of Pakistan High School, Syed Shoaib Shah former Principal, Government College Lalamusa.Ch Inayat Ullah (Ex Senior Head Master and Renowned Education Expert specially in Science Subjects) , Muhammad Bilal Sialvi, Head of Alkuliyat-ul-Gosiya institue Camping Ground, Molana Muhammad Fazal, Abdul Wahid Salfi of the Model High School, and Javed Iqbal a former teacher at the Ghosia School.


Dar-Ul-Shafqat Khaliqia Razzaqia is situated at Lalamusa, where orphaned children are cared for. This orphanage runs without government support. The orphanage's managers rely on the goodness of Allah and His Prophet Mohammad to ensure adequate income, and have been the beneficiary of donations e.g. from Zakat, Sadqa, Fatrana and the Eid-Ul-Azha collection of animal skins.

In Sadiqabad, part of Lalamusa just one mile from the centre of Lalamusa, another home is being constructed for orphans. The person in charge of this project is ezat ma'aub Khawajah Noor Ahmad Khan Razzaqi (mad zila'a Ta'alah).

Faizan e Madinah near Shakhan Wala qabrastan (grave yard) is a place where children get an education in the Quran and Sunnah. Faizan e Madinah is a branch of Dawat-e-Islami's Network.

Science magazine

A science magazine Monthly Science Village is published from Lalamusa.

Notable Persons

Historically, Dhama village was the most influential village in Lalamusa as Ch Sher Ali Zaildar and then Ch Muhammad Zaman Ch Sohail Arshad (ETO Gujrat), Ch Azwar (Executive Officer Sui GAS), and Syed Ali Imran (Add Session Judge) belong to Dhama.

Javed Iqbal is a businessman and a journalist. Mian Imam Din Janjua is the founder of the First Women's Degree College in Lalamusa named Mian Imam Din Junjua Degree College Lalamusa. The folk singer Alam Lohar and the classical singer Roshan Ara Begum belong to Lalamusa. Mr Razzaq Aslam Janjua, who worked as the Chief Protocol Officer to the President of Pakistan, is from this town. Mr Javed Chaudhry, a journalist, also belongs to this city. Another singer Arif Lohar, son of Alam Lohar, is from Lalamusa. Mr Ali Rehmet, the son of Mr Sardar Khan, was the richest person in the city in the mid 1960's.

A scientist and scholar, Dr Adnan Ali Chaudhry, is from Lalamusa and is currently employed by the Federal Government of Canada in the Public Service Commission, Ottawa. Zafar Khokhar the scientist and Faisal Janjua the social worker and businessman are from Lalamusa as well. Lalamusa is also the home of Mirza Amer Samarqandi, the anti-establishment social revolutionary who leads a movement against Darwinian thought in the 21st century. The poet Muhammad Ishaq Aashufta is from Lalamusa.

Ch Glulam Ahmad (late) of Kaira, was president of the Pakistan Muslim League Lalamusa before and after the creation of Pakistan. He was imprisoned by the British for his actions during the struggle for independence. He was also a Mayor of Lalamusa. His son Ch Iftikhar Ahmad was thrice elected Councillor for MC Lalamusa. Ch Muhammad Zaman of Kaira, father of Ch Qamar Zaman Kaira, was elected MPA in 1977 and was also Vice Chairman MC Lalamusa in 1964. His younger brother Haji Muhammad Asghar Kaira (late) was twice elected as an MNA (1988 and 1993), was Chairman of the Municipal Committee Lalamusa in 1983, and was elected MPA in 1985. His son Ch Nadeem Asghar Kaira is Tehsil Nazim Kharian. Mr Qamar Zaman Kaira MNA is Federal Minister for Kashmiri Affairs. Ch Muhammad Aslam (late) of Kaira was elected MPA in 1990. His nephew Tanveer Ashraf Kaira MPA is from Lalamusa and is Provincial Minister of Finance in Punjab. Chaudhry Muhammed Zaman Dhamamarker was the Mayor of Lalamusa for almost 25 years and was elected a Member of the Legislative Assembly in 1951. He was also a member of the District Board. His son Ch Tahir Zaman Dhama LLB, who has a degree in Environmental Law from the United Kingdom, has served as Vice Chairman Municipal Committee Lalamusa.

The Political and Social History of Lalamusa is not complete without mentioning Syed Manzoor Hussain Shah of Kulewal Syedian, because of his influence in the political and social life of Lalamusa for almost 35 years. He was an impressive personality and a leader for the oppressed classes of the area. He was also an excellent public speaker. He was elected councillor from this city in 1964, 1979 and in 1983. Later he was elected as a MNA in 1985,and 1990. His brother Syed Noor ul Hussan Shah is a politician. He has been Chairman Markaz Council, Vice Chairman District Council Gujrat, Naib Nazim District Gujrat, Chairman Municipal Committee Lalamusa, and a Member of the Muslim League Punjab Council. Sh Hafeez ullah Saddiqi is another personality of Lalamusa who was elected Chairman Municipal Committee Lalamusa for three times in 1979, 1988 and in 1990. He is known as (Quaid e Lalamusa) and is a noted orator. Another personality, Mirza Jamshaid Ali Shamas, Advocate (late) who was elected Chairman MC Lalamusa in 1981, was also a poet, and was famous for his thought provoking political speeches. Another person who was a Chairmam of the Municipal Committee of this city was Sayth Ibrahim.Muhammad shafi Bhatti (Late), a name of renound politician of city, was Vice Chairman of Municipal Committee and General seretary of Muslim League. He was supporter of Mohterma Fatima Jinnah during presidental election against Muhammad Ayyub Khan.He was activily involved in settlement of refugees at the time of independace.Other persons who were elected as Vice Chairman Municipal Committee include Malik Abdul Shakoor and Sh Abdul Khalil Sufi Muhammad Iqbal (late). Other persons elected for Municipal office in the history of this city include: Mr Nazeer Janjua (late), Dr Muhammad Amin, Sh Muhammad Azeem (late) known as (Raise Azam Lalamusa), Syed Nazir Hussain Shah of Karimpura, Ch Muhammad Ashraf Kaira (late), Tehekedar Ghulam Qadir (late), Mian Fazal Din, Ch Tahir Zaman Kaira, Ch Tahir Zaman Dhama, Mr Muhammad Shafiq Quereshi, Advocate, Malik Naeem, Abdul Rehman Quershi, Sh Ghulam Nabi, Mian Abdullah (late), Ghulam Muhammad Pahlwan (late), Master Zahoor(late), Syed Talat Hussain Dhama, Mirza Muhammad Hussain of Hajipura, Mirza Khaliq, Muhammad Sadeeq Topa, Tehkedar Muhammad Yaqoob, Mr Sadeeq Scooter, Sadiq Butt Karimpura, Haji Allah Ditta of Verowal, Miza Muhammad Aslam, Dr Muhammad Rafiq, Mehr Muhammad Shafi (late) of Purana Lalamusa, Muhammad Shafi Khokar, Captain Nazir, Mirza Khaliq, Mirza Zubair of Karimpura, Sh Nawazish Ali, Advocate, Mr Liaqat Ali Shafqat, and Malik Muhammad Attique, Advocate.

Sh Ghulam Sarwar (late) and Ch Muhammad Din (late) of Saida Goal were Chairmen of the Union Committee during the Ayub Khan era. Other political office bearers include Dr Muhammad Rafiq who was President of the Pakistan Muslim League and Dr Nawab Sharqi (late) who was General Secretary of the PML. Sh Hafeez ullah Siddiqi was Chairman of the Peoples Party for almost 20 years. Ch Talib Hussain (late) of Dhama was also Chairman of the Peoples Party. Sh Taj Din Bhandari (late) was Amir Jamaite Islami.

Ch Inayat Ullah (Ex Senior Head Master and Renowned Education Expert specially in Science Subjects)

Dr Syed Ihsan Ullah Shah is another personality of Lalamusa. He is a member of the Central Executive Committee of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, and Deputy Secretary General Jamat-e-Islami Punjab. Nawazish Ali, Sheikh Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Lalamusa, Irfan Ahmed Safi, and Mirza Muhamamd Amjad (Qasba) are other political figures of Lalamusa. Sh Tariq Mahmood is Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party Lalamusa. Malik Akhtar Ali (Lehri) is a well known person of Ghalla Mandi Lalamusa. Ch Muhammad Tariq of Badhokalas is a politician.Javed Iqbal is also a nobal personality of lalamusa.

Notable Workers for the People of Lalamusa

These include, past and present, Mian Imam Din Janjua (late) founder of Women's Degree College, Faryad Hussain Butt a business man, Saif-ur-Rehman Bhatti, Advocate of PML(N), Sh Mohsin Saddiqi (late) who owned an electronic business, Aslam Pahlwan, Master Jaleel, Shahid Khusnood ownwer of a sweet shop in Main Bazzar, Dr Younis who is also a poet,Malik Muhammad Latif Dina Chakian Bazar, Mehr Muhammad Malik of Purana Lalamusa, Dr Usman Ghani, Muhammad Iqbal Bhatti, Malik Muhammad Bashir (Rt) Family Planning official, and Ch Sarfraz Khan Jakhar. Sohail Irfan Chaudhary is an ex president of Islami Jamiat Talba Lalamusa, and is now working as a software engineer in Lahore Hamid Saeed Javed (HVAC) is an engineer with an interest in the welfare of the people of Lalamusa.Dr Ansar Hayat is another important figure of Lalamusa area who is equally influential abroad and at home. He studied at Islamia School Lalamus and got first position in final exams of 1992. He is a graduate of Rawalpindi Medical College where he was the leader of the Student Union and a popular person of his time. He is currently working in Britain as trainee doctor for National Health Services (NHS) of the United Kingdom (UK). He is active member and office bearer of British Medical Assocation (BMA) of the UK.

Notable Journalists

Some notable journalists are:Meeya Kamran Asharfi is correspondent of metro news.Hakim Nisar Ahmad Quareshi, Kawish Butt (late) who was also a poet, and Colonel EAS Bukhari (late) of Dhama a military journalist. Liaqat Ali Shafqat is another journalist of this town. In the past he represented various national daily newspapers including Nawiwaqt. He was elected a councillor in 1988, presently runs a business in Italy, and still writes in various newspapers including Jazba International Gujrat. Malik Muhammad Attique, Advocate, founder of the Daily Fateh Lalamusa, Gulzar Noshi, founder of the Daily Thandi Aag, Attah ullah Cheema, who represents the English Press,Farrukh Inayat Ch(Columnist and Writer) wrote columns in Weekly Fakhar-e-Lalamusa and Ch Javed Iqbal one of Pakistan's best known journalists (Apna News),is also from Lalamusa.


National Assembly of Pakistan list of members 1985,1988,1993,1997,2008.

Punjab Assembly list of legislators 1951,1985,1990,2008.

Municipal Committee Lalamusa record of elected Members from 1947 to 1998.

Ishaq Ashfta, Lalamusa Lalamusa hai.

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