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Lan Yu (?-1393) was a general of the Ming Dynastymarker.

The founding emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang, employed Muslim commanders in his army including Lan Yu, Ding Dexing, and Mu Ying.

In 1368, the Mongol emperor fled to Mongoliamarker, effectively giving up China. From Mongolia, he and his descendants tried to re-conquer China. In 1388, Lan Yu led a strong imperial Ming army out of the Great Wall and won a decisive victory over the Mongols in Mongolia, which led to the capture of several Mongol princes, princesses, and concubines and effectively ending the Mongol dream to re-conquer China.

General Lan Yu was eventually executed by the Emperor. Lan was accused of raping Mongol Queen during the campaign of 1368, conspiring rebellion with Japanmarker and discovered with ten thousand Japanese swords in his home. The general was tortured, having his skin peeled off, being executed along with others in a purge of potential threats to the Emperor's heir apparent.. Lan Yu's case resulted in the death of perhaps thousands of people. In those old days, whole families could die in this sort of political murder, in fact, many families perished in Lan Yu's case.


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