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The Laurentian Divide or Northern Divide is a continental divide dividing the direction of water flow in eastern and southern Canadamarker and the northern Midwestern United States. Water north of the height of land flows to the Arctic Oceanmarker by rivers to Hudson Baymarker or directly to the Arctic. Water south of the divide makes its way to the Atlantic Oceanmarker by a variety of streams, including the Great Lakesmarker and Saint Lawrence Rivermarker to the east, and the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexicomarker to the south.

On the north and east, the divide starts at Cape Chidleymarker on the Labrador Seamarker in Canada where that sea, part of the Atlantic Ocean, meets Hudson Straitmarker which connects to Hudson Bay in the Arctic Ocean. The divide passes through eastern Canada, dips into the United States, and re-enters Canada before terminating in the Rocky Mountains in the western United States.

In Canada, the height of land forms the border between Quebecmarker and Labradormarker. It turns west to cross southern Quebecmarker and Ontariomarker. Waters east and south of the divide flow into the Labrador Sea, the Gulf of St. Lawrencemarker, or the Saint Lawrence River and the Great Lakesmarker which are drained by that river.

The divide crosses into the United States in northeast Minnesotamarker at the Height of Land Portagemarker. Near Hibbingmarker it forms a three-way divide at the Hill of Three Waters where the watershed of the St. Lawrence and the Mississippi River systems meet with the Hudson Bay basin. It crosses to the extreme northeast corner of South Dakotamarker and passes through North Dakotamarker to that state's northwestern corner. The U.S. sections of the divide separate the watersheds of the Rainy Rivermarker and Red River of the Northmarker from the basins of the Mississippi and Missouri Riversmarker. The divide formed the northern boundary of the United States' Louisiana Purchase.

The divide crosses the southern parts of the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewanmarker and Albertamarker before dropping back into the United States where it meets the Great Divide at Triple Divide Peakmarker in Glacier National Parkmarker in Montanamarker. The Northern Divide there becomes part of the Great Divide, running north through western Canada and northern Alaskamarker through that state's Seward Peninsulamarker to the sea.

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