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Lebanese diaspora refers to Lebanese migrants and their descendants who by choice or coercion emigrated from Lebanonmarker and now reside in other countries.

The diaspora is estimated from 12 million people to more than 14 or 15 million people - far more than the internal population of Lebanon itself.


The Lebanese diaspora, while historically trade-related, has more recently been linked to the Lebanese Civil War, with many Lebanese emigrating to Western countries. Because of the economic opportunities, many Lebanese have also worked in the Arab World, most notably the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabiamarker, United Arab Emiratesmarker and Kuwaitmarker amongst others. The majority of the Lebanese diaspora identifies as Christian with a sizable Muslim minority.

The Americas have long been a destination for Lebanese migration, with Lebanese arriving in some countries at least as early as the nineteenth century. The largest concentration of Lebanese outside the Middle East is in Brazil, which has reportedly over 7 million Brazilians of Lebanese ancestry, making Brazil's population of Lebanese nearly twice that of the entire population of Lebanon. There are also large Lebanese communities in Mexicomarker (about 400,000 Mexicans of Lebanese descent), Argentinamarker, Colombiamarker, Venezuelamarker and the Caribbean. Many Lebanese have also settled for quite a long time in the United States, Canada, Australia

and Europe, most notably France. Some other Lebanese have immigrated to Africa.

Economic Impacts

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Lebanese abroad are considered "rich, educated and influential." Over the course of time, emigration has yielded Lebanese "commercial networks" throughout the world. As a result, remittances from Lebanese abroad to family members within the country total $5.6 billion and account for one fifth of the country's economy. Nassib Ghobril, the head of research and analysis for Byblos Bank, calculates that Lebanese abroad supply Lebanon with about $1,400 per capita every year.

Notable persons of Lebanese descent

Prominent members of the Lebanese diaspora include:

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