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Left-bank Ukraine

Left-bank Ukraine ( ; ; ) is a historic name of the part of Ukrainemarker on the left (East) bank of the Dnieper River, comprising the modern-day oblasts of Chernihiv, Poltavamarker and Sumymarker as well as the eastern parts of the Kievmarker and Cherkasy.

From the Treaty of Pereyaslav of 1654, this area of Ukraine beside of its southern part (part of Taurida) was under Russianmarker control, later reaffirmed in the Treaty of Andrusovo (1667) and the Eternal Peace Treaty (1686) between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Tsardom of Russiamarker.

Left-bank Ukraine enjoyed a degree of autonomy within the Tsardom (from 1721, Imperial Russiamarker) as the Cossack Hetmanatemarker, which was slowly withdrawn throughout the eighteenth century when the Zaporizhian Host was destroyed..

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