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Leon Hendrix (born January 13, 1948) is the younger brother of late Americanmarker hard rock singer/guitarist and icon Jimi Hendrix. He took up guitar seriously later in life and has released an album.

He is a former drug addict and small-time crook Seattle Weekly The Leon Hendrix Experience and has spent time in prison, once for stealing a fur coat Who's the Smarter Sibling? for his girlfriend.

He and his brother Jimi grew up very poor in Seattle's Central District. Both parents were heavy drinkers and when Leon was still a small boy they divorced. Their mother Lucille died not long after. In Leon's words, his father was abusive and an alcoholic, but they loved him.Seattle Weekly The Leon Hendrix ExperienceLeon spent a significant period of his young life growing up in foster care. When he was in his late teens, he went on the road with his famous brother. But by the time Jimi died, Leon had a name for himself as a two-bit criminal.Seattle Weekly The Leon Hendrix Experience When Jimi Hendrix died on September 18, 1970, Leon was released from jail to attend his Who's the Smarter Sibling? Over the following three decades Leon had a lengthy rap sheet for petty crime and a serious crack-cocaine addiction.Seattle Weekly The Leon Hendrix Experience

Unpopular to report since it seems to make a better story, Leon has had many jobs. One of which was a draftsman at Boeing. One might say that Leon's talent as a visual artist is in league with his brother's talent for music. The Hendrix boy's were raised up on extremely hard times, yet had a resiliance about them. Leon's incredible drawings of his brothers portrait can be seen emblazoned on t-shirts worn by loyal Jimi fan's that you could say know the deeper end of the Hendrix family history. You would only acquire one if you attended a Leon Hendrix Mysterience show or order one from him directly. Leon's art has suffered in the past due to so many only wishing to seek him out on behalf of his memories growing up with his protective older brother.

In recent years the father of six and grandfather of four has cleaned up his act and has been attempting to make a living via music and art. Seattle Weekly The Leon Hendrix Experience

Court case

When Leon Hendrix was 54 he sued to overturn the will of his father, Al Hendrix who died at the age of 82. Al Hendrix had inherited his son Jimi's estate, which Al in turn bequeathed to a trust headed by his adopted stepdaughter Janie Hendrix. 'Scuze Me, While I Sue This Guy by Mark Lewis There is a belief that Janie created a division between Al and Leon by saying to Al that Leon was not his natural son. 'Scuze Me, While I Sue This Guy by Marfk Lewis

The case lasted nearly three months. Janie Hendrix-Wright's attorney attempted to portray Leon Hendrix as something of a drug taking freeloader who didn't deserve the money that his father didn't want him to have anyway. Leon Hendrix was backed financially by Developer Developer Craig Dieffenbach who used his own money. Dieffenbach spent close to $3 million to pay for Leon Hendrix's legal challenge. For their challenge Janie Hendrix-Wright and her step cousin Robert Hendrix borrowed money from Sony.

Leon Hendrix was unsuccessful in his bid and Judge Jeffrey Ramsdell, in said Leon Hendrix did not prove that his stepsister unlawfully coerced Al Hendrix into denying Leon Hendrix and his family a share of the Hendrix estate.


  • Seattle Rain
  • Keeper Of The Flame (2006)

Leon Hendrix Band

  • Leon Hendrix - vocals, rhythm & lead guitar
  • Stefen Isaac - rhythm & lead guitar, backing vocals aka JYPSYEYE * [798120]
  • Mark Stella - bass, backing vocals
  • Neil Kirkland - drums, keyboards, backing vocals


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