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Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (Italian title: Non si deve profanare il sonno dei morti), alsoknown as The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue is a 1974 horror film written and directed by Jorge Grau and starring Ray Lovelock, Arthur Kennedy and Cristina Galbó.


The film begins with George (Ray Lovelock) on a trip from his Antique shop in Manchester to the Lake District to work on a new house with some of his friends. On the way his Norton motorcycle is accidentally damaged by Edna (Cristina Galbo) while reversing her Mini Cooper at a petrol station. He persuades her to give him a lift to his destination. Edna is on her way to visit her troubled sister. This unlikely pairing then enter a desperate situation where an agricultural machine designed to kill insects and act as an ultrasonic pesticide has caused the dead to rise and roam about. Of course the police do not believe their story and the inspector heading the investigation (Arthur Kennedy) takes an instant dislike to George.

Alternate Titles

  • No profanen el sueño de los muertos
  • Non profanare il sonno dei morti
  • The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue
  • Don't Open the Window
  • Da dove vieni?
  • The Living Dead
  • Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue
  • Breakfast With the Dead
  • Brunch with the Dead
  • Weekend per i morti
  • Weekend with the Dead
  • Invasion der Zombies
  • Das Leichenhaus der Lebenden Toten
  • Levende Doden in het Lijkenhuis
  • Massacre des Morts-Vivants
  • Dejen que los Muertos Duerman
  • Zombi 3 - Da dove vieni?
  • Fin de semana para los muertos (shooting title)


  • Cristina Galbó - Edna
  • Ray Lovelock - George
  • Arthur Kennedy - The Inspector
  • Aldo Massasso - Kinsey
  • Giorgio Trestini - Craig
  • Roberto Posse - Benson
  • José Lifante - Martin
  • Jeannine Mestre - Katie
  • Gengher Gatti - Keith
  • Fernando Hilbeck - Guthrie
  • Vera Drudi - Mary
  • Vicente Vega - Dr. Duffield
  • Francisco Sanz - Perkins
  • Paul Benson - Wood
  • Anita Colby - Nurse


  • The Hospital Exteriors were shot at Barnes Convalescent Hospital in Cheadle, Cheshire
  • The pesticide in some ways resembles the grasshopper poison nosema locustae.
  • Much like the machete zombie in Dawn of the Dead, the head bandaged zombie has become one of the most recognized undead in film.
  • The story is set in the English countryside near Windermeremarker, but was actually filmed in Italy.
  • Some scenes were filmed in the Peak District in Derbyshire, not far from Sheffield. Hathersagemarker is the location of the church, while other scenes were shot in Castleton and Dovedalemarker. The title scene, with the montage, was filmed in Manchestermarker.
  • According to Edgar Wright, the promotion of the film during its exhibition in the United States was one of the inspirations for the fake trailer Don't, which appears in the 2007 release Grindhouse.
  • Some confusion exists about a reported "eyeball eating scene". While there are claims that a scene in which a zombie eats an eyeball was filmed, no such scene exists in any surviving print of the film, according to the liner notes of the Blue Underground DVD release. During the scene in which Craig is eaten, the female zombie reaches down towards Craig's eyeball, but before anything happens, a seemingly sloppy edit cuts to a long shot of all the zombies feasting.
  • The intro to the song, "Wizard in Black" by the Sludge/Doom Metal band Electric Wizard contains a line from the movie. The quote is featured on the original version of the Come My Fanatics... album, but was removed from the 1999 re-release.
  • American death metal/goregrind band Impetigo recorded a song called "Breakfast at the Manchester morgue" (on "Horror of the zombies" album, 1992) with movie audio-clip used as a song intro.
  • Charlie Brooker's 2008 TV horror serial Dead Set namechecks the movie in episode one when Patrick describes Big Brother contestant, Angel as having a "...face like a Manchester Morgue."
  • A five disc box-set by White Zombie is named after the film.


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