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Li Shixian ( ) (1834 - 23 August 1865) was an eminent military leader of the post-Taiping Rebellion. He was also known for being Li Xiucheng's cousin, a large person (200 cm tall) for someone from the Guangxi province, and during his military tenure given the title King of Shi (侍王) (means serves God). In the latter parts of the rebellion he led Taiping forces to many military victories, though he was eventually assassinated by a traitor in Guangdongmarker.


Second rout the Army Group Jiangnan

The Army Group Jiangnan (江南大營) were Qingmarker military encircle the Nanjingmarker in strategy, It has two times, the second encircle that Qingmarker military putin 200,000 soldiers from March 1858, but it had been sally and routed by Li Shixian in May 1860 and occupied rich Zhejiangmarker Province all.

Staff was Wei Yuan

When scholar Wei Yuan in his late life, Li Shixian invited Wei Yuan lived in his home and talked about the world every day.


Zuo Zongtang attack

Qing ordered Zuo Zongtang attack Li Shixian and receptured Zhejiangmarker from 1862, these battles very hot, Li lead about 350,000 Taiping forces resistance Zuo Zongtang's army in Zhejiangmarker Province till 1864 the Nanjing fell down, Li Shixian remainsd 200,000 Taiping forces gave out Zhejiang and escaped toward to Fujianmarker alone the sea shore.

40000 soldiers:the last Taiping forces

At last, Li remained 40,000 came back to eastern Guangdongmarker, the Guangdong was many Taiping forces of the first generation(The Old brothers) homeland leaved from 1850, Zuo Zongtang orded 6 major generals lead 70,000 Qingmarker army sieged them in Jiaoling County May 1 1865, 20,000 Taiping forces surrender. Li made up a monk and escaped, May 23 he came back to Taiping forces he had been leaded and blamed his subordinate and wanna retook this army, they betrayed killed him.

These Qing generals and 20,000 Taiping forces surrender attended the Sino-French War in 1883.

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