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Line 5 of the Beijing Subway ( ) was Beijing's first subway with a north-south route. It runs for 27.6 km, in a near straight line, just east of the city centre from Tiantongyuan North in Changping Districtmarker to Songjiazhuang in Fengtai Districtmarker. It entered into operation on October 2007. Line 5's color is purple.


Flat fare of RMB 2.00 with unlimited transfers.

Hours of Operation

The first south-bound trains departs from Tiantongyuan North at 4:59am. The first north-bound train departs from Songjiazhuang at 5:19am . The last south-bound train leaves Tiantongyuan North at 10:47pm. The last north-bound train leaves Songjiazhuang at 11:10pm. For the official timetable, see[84686].


On a map, Line 5 runs vertically, beginning with three stops in the far northern suburb of Tiantongyuan in Changping Districtmarker, well beyond the 5th Ring Road, then crossing Line 13 at Lishuiqiao Station, and entering into the vast residential swaths of Chaoyang District on either side of the Yuan dynasty city wall. At Huixinxijie Nankou Station, it links up with Line 10. Further south, it skirts east of the Temple of Earth and meets Line 2 Loop at the Yonghegong, also known as the Lama Templemarker. Then Line 5 cuts through the old neighborhoods of Dongcheng District and the old foreign Legation Quarter between Dongdan and Chongwenmen. Further south, Line 5 stops at the eastern entrance to the Temple of Heavenmarker in Chongwen Districtmarker and eventually reaches Songjiazhuang in Fengtai Districtmarker south of the city, where the station actually lies west-east, in contrast to other stops (where it lies north-south). It takes 49 minutes to cover all the 23 stations. Zhangzizhonglu Station, named after a general martyred in World War II , is the only eponymous station of the Beijing Subway.

The depots are located after Tiantongyuan North Station and Songjiazhuang Station


Stations listed from north to south.
Station Name

Chinese Name Travel

Transfers Nearby Bus Stops
523 天通苑北 0:00 0.0

天通苑 0:02
521 天通苑南 0:04
立水桥 0:06 Line 13
519 立水桥南 0:09
518 北苑路北 0:11
517 大屯路东 0:15
Huixin West St. North Intersection
惠新西街北口 0:17
Huixin West St. South Intersection
惠新西街南口 0:19
Heping West Bridge
和平西桥 0:21
Hepingli North St.
和平里北街 0:23

Yonghe Templemarker
雍和宫 0:26 Line 2
511 北新桥 0:28
Zhang Zizhong Rd.
张自忠路 0:30
509 东四 0:32
508 灯市口 0:34
0:36 Line 1
崇文门 0:38 Line 2
505 磁器口 0:40
Temple of Heavenmarker East Gate
天坛东门 0:42
503 蒲黄榆 0:44
502 刘家窑 0:46
501 宋家庄 0:48 27.6


Line 5 is the first subway line in Beijing to have platform screen doors in underground stations and automatic platform gates in elevated stations that prevent riders from falling on to the tracks. Line 5 stations also have LCD screens that display the wait times for the next train. Line 5 trains have digital voice announcements and LCD passenger information display.
|Line 5 platform at Dongdan
with platform screen doors |Platform doors. |Articulated, interconnected cars
on Line 5. |LCD display inside Line 5


Construction work on Line 5 got underway in late 2002 and the line opened to the public on October 7, 2007.


  • December 28, 2002: Construction on Line 5 began..
  • March 28, 2004: Underground tunneling started underneath Yonghegongmarker and Hepinglibeijie stations, marking the start of Line 5 construction in urban Beijing. The underground tunnel would pass the Temple of Heaven.
  • May 20, 2004: The underground tunnel between Yonghegong and Zhangzizhonglu stations broke through.
  • November 11, 2005: Railway tracks were laid at Huixinxijie Beikou station.
  • July 2006: The entire underground railway was completed.
  • September 2006: Platform screen doors began installation in Line 5 stations.
  • April 2007: Line 5 started trial runs without passengers.
  • October 7, 2007, 14:00: Line 5 opened to the public.
  • November 23, 2007: Sound insulation were installed on the elevated parts of Line 5 following complaints of excess noise from nearby residents.
  • July 19, 2008: The entire Huixinxijie Nankou station opens up, including the interchange with Line 10, following the inauguration of Line 10 services.


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