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Lisa Hunter is a fictional character from the long-running Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Gemma Atkinson. She first appeared in 2001 and made later appearances in spin-offs Hollyoaks: Let Loose and Hollyoaks: In the City.


Lisa was the youngest of the Hunter siblings. She was very shy and sensitive and often bore the brunt of her family's troubles. Shy and intelligent, Lisa was under constant supervision by her overprotective dad Les and older brothers Dan and Lee. She had a troubled life and was bullied at school by nasty Steph Dean who was jealous of how popular someone so nice could be.


Lisa becomes popular at school, much to the dislike of jealous Steph Dean, who then begins to bully her. Sick of the bullying and after some family problems, Lisa turns to self-harming. Lisa keeps her secret from everyone until Brian Drake finds the cuts on her arms and legs and assumes she is being abused and calls a social worker. Lisa then admits to self harming. She beings to see a counsellor and her life slowly returns to normal. Lisa begins a relationship with Brian, however she becomes rather reliant on his help when family troubles get her down. The pair split up just before their exams start. Cameron Clark arrives and immediately takes a shine to Lisa. Eventually the pair start a relationship. Lisa starts to get threatening text messages from a mysterious stalker. Her friends assume it is Steph due to the bullying and her jealousy over Lisa's relationship with Cameron. Lisa's stalker is revealed to be her jealous ex-boyfriend Brian, who blames her for his exam failure. Cameron and Lisa lose their virginity to each other, but break up. Lisa briefly dates Kristian Hargreaves, however it does not last.

After the death of her brother Dan, Lisa becomes more confident and is determined to enjoy life to the fullest. She begins to go off the rails and has an affair with Dan's friend, Jake Dean, which ends up with him contracting an STD. Lisa decides she wants to be with Jake, however he tells her he loves his girlfriend Becca Dean. Jake confesses his affair to Becca, who then ends her friendship with Lisa. Lisa then turns her affections to Ben Davies, which angers his girlfriend Louise Summers. Ben leaves Louise for Lisa and the pair decide to leave the village together.

Spin-off appearances

After their departure from Hollyoaks, Ben and Lisa appear in spin-off Hollyoaks: Let Loose, where they move on to a new life. Cracks begin to show in the relationship as Ben cheats and Lisa ends up self-harming again. Lisa plans to move to Cyprusmarker, leaving Ben, however he stops her and convinces her to give their relationship another chance. In Hollyoaks: In the City, Ben and Lisa return from a holiday to Liverpoolmarker, where Lisa begins working as a receptionist and a model. Ben buys a bar and the pair move in with his friend Tank-Top. Yet again Lisa and Ben's relationship struggles as they both cheat. Lisa is kidnapped and, whilst trying to escape, shoots Ben, supposedly killing him.

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