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[[Image:Celts in Europe.png|300px|thumb|right|Diachronic distribution of Celtic peoples:

]]This is a list of Celtic tribes and associated Celtic peoples with their geographical localization.


Cisalpine Gaul

Cisalpine Gaul, meaning literally "Gaul on this side of the Alps", was the Roman name for a region of Italy inhabited by Gauls, roughly corresponding with modern northern Italy.

Transalpine Gaul

Map of Gallia (58 BC) with important tribes, towns, rivers, etc.
The various Gallic peoples before the Roman conquest
Gaul is approximately modern Belgiummarker, Francemarker,and Switzerlandmarker. At various times it also covered parts of Northern Italy and North central Spainmarker. Gaul included both Celtic speaking and non-Celtic speaking tribes.

List of peoples of Gaul (with their capitals/major settlements):

Iberian Peninsula

The Celts in the Iberian peninsulamarker were traditionally thought of as living on the edge of the Celtic world of the La Tènemarker culture that defined classical Iron Age Celts. Earlier migrations were Hallstatt in culture and later came La Tene influenced peoples. Celtic or (Indo-European) Pre-Celtic cultures and populations existed in great numbers and Iberia experienced one of the highest levels of Celtic settlement in all of Europe.

Great Britain

Roman Britain about the year 410 CE, showing the Brythonic tribes in red.


Celtic tribes in Ireland according to Ptolemy

Classical sources



According to later writers

Early peoples and kingdoms of Ireland, c.800
Ireland about the year 1100 CE.

This list includes both major clans and septs.

The large tribal groups (or speculative tribal groups) from which most of the others descended include:

Central Europe

Dacia and Thrace

Tribes in Thrace before the Roman period.
This list includes tribes parts of which migrated to Dacia and Thrace.


Tribes in Illyricum and environs during AD 6 showing the extent of Celtic influence
This list includes tribes parts of which migrated to Illyria.


In the third century BC, Gauls immigrated from Thrace into the highlands of central Anatolia (modern Turkeymarker).These people, called Galatians, were eventually Hellenized, but retained many of their own traditions.

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