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This is a list of the metropolitan and non-metropolitan districts of England, also including London boroughs. Districts are one type of English administrative division.All listed below are non-metropolitan districts except for the London boroughs, metropolitan boroughs, the Isle of Wightmarker and those that are labelled as sui generis.Population figures are mid-year estimates for 2008 from the Office for National Statistics[188002].

See also List of rural and urban districts in England for a list of the pre-1974 districts.

List A-D

Name Website Population

(2008 est.)
Type Ceremonial County
Adur website 60,700 West Sussexmarker
Allerdalemarker website 94,500 Borough Cumbriamarker
Amber Valleymarker website 121,100 Borough Derbyshiremarker
Arunmarker website 146,600 West Sussexmarker
Ashfieldmarker website 116,500 Nottinghamshiremarker
Ashfordmarker website 113,500 Borough Kentmarker
Aylesbury Valemarker website 176,000 Buckinghamshire
Baberghmarker website 87,000 Suffolk
Barking and Dagenhammarker website 168,900 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Barnetmarker website 331,500 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Barnsley website 225,900 Metropolitan borough South Yorkshiremarker
Barrow-in-Furness website 71,800 Borough Cumbriamarker
Basildonmarker website 172,600 Essex
Basingstoke and Deanemarker website 161,700 Borough Hampshire
Bassetlaw website 112,200 Nottinghamshiremarker
Bath and North East Somerset website 180,300 Unitary Authority Somersetmarker
Bedfordmarker website 155,700 Unitary Authority, Borough Bedfordshire
Bexleymarker website 223,300 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Birminghammarker website 1,016,800 Metropolitan borough, City (1889) West Midlands
Blabymarker website 93,400 Leicestershiremarker
Blackburn with Darwen website 140,700 Unitary Authority, Borough Lancashiremarker
Blackpoolmarker website 141,900 Unitary Authority, Borough Lancashiremarker
Bolsovermarker website 74,300 Derbyshiremarker
Boltonmarker website 262,800 Metropolitan borough Greater Manchestermarker
Bostonmarker website 58,300 Borough Lincolnshiremarker
Bournemouthmarker website 163,900 Unitary Authority, Borough Dorsetmarker
Bracknell Forestmarker website 114,700 Unitary Authority, Borough Berkshire
Bradfordmarker website 501,700 Metropolitan borough, City (1897) West Yorkshire
Braintreemarker website 142,100 Essex
Brecklandmarker website 131,800 Norfolk
Brentmarker website 270,600 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Brentwoodmarker website 73,200 Borough Essex
Brighton & Hovemarker website 256,600 Unitary Authority, City (2000) East Sussexmarker
Bristolmarker website 421,300 Unitary Authority, City (1542) Bristolmarker
Broadland website 123,300 Norfolk
Bromleymarker website 302,600 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Bromsgrovemarker website 92,800 Worcestershire
Broxbourne website 90,100 Borough Hertfordshiremarker
Broxtowemarker website 112,000 Borough Nottinghamshiremarker
Burnleymarker website 87,300 Borough Lancashiremarker
Burymarker website 183,100 Metropolitan borough Greater Manchestermarker
Calderdalemarker website 201,800 Metropolitan borough West Yorkshire
Cambridgemarker website 122,800 City (1951) Cambridgeshire
Camdenmarker website 235,700 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Cannock Chasemarker website 94,800 Staffordshire
Canterburymarker website 149,700 City (TI) Kentmarker
Carlislemarker website 103,700 City (TI) Cumbriamarker
Castle Point website 89,800 Borough Essex
Central Bedfordshire website 255,000 Unitary Authority Bedfordshire
Charnwoodmarker website 167,100 Borough Leicestershiremarker
Chelmsfordmarker website 167,100 Borough Essex
Cheltenhammarker website 112,000 Borough Gloucestershiremarker
Cherwellmarker website 138,200 Oxfordshire
Cheshire East website 361,500 Unitary Authority, Borough Cheshiremarker
Cheshire West and Chestermarker website 328,600 Unitary Authority, Borough Cheshiremarker
Chesterfieldmarker website 100,800 Borough Derbyshiremarker
Chichestermarker website 110,500 West Sussexmarker
Chilternmarker website 90,900 Buckinghamshire
Chorleymarker website 104,800 Borough Lancashiremarker
Christchurchmarker website 45,800 Borough Dorsetmarker
Colchestermarker website 181,000 Borough Essex
Copelandmarker website 70,300 Borough Cumbriamarker
Corbymarker website 55,800 Borough Northamptonshiremarker
Cornwallmarker website 532,200 Unitary Authority Cornwallmarker
Cotswoldmarker website 83,500 Gloucestershiremarker
Coventrymarker website 309,800 Metropolitan borough, City (1345) West Midlands
Craven website 56,200 North Yorkshire
Crawleymarker website 101,300 Borough West Sussexmarker
Croydonmarker website 341,800 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Dacorummarker website 139,600 Borough Hertfordshiremarker
Darlington website 100,500 Unitary Authority, Borough Durham
Dartford website 92,000 Borough Kentmarker
Daventrymarker website 79,700 Northamptonshiremarker
Derbymarker website 239,200 Unitary Authority, City (1977) Derbyshiremarker
Derbyshire Dalesmarker website 70,700 Derbyshiremarker
Doncastermarker website 291,600 Metropolitan borough South Yorkshiremarker
Dovermarker website 106,900 Kentmarker
Dudley website 306,500 Metropolitan borough West Midlands
County Durham website 508,500 Unitary Authority County Durham

List E-K

Name Website Population

(2008 est.)
Type Ceremonial County
Ealingmarker website 309,000 London borough Greater Londonmarker
East Cambridgeshiremarker website 82,300 Cambridgeshire
East Devonmarker website 132,700 Devonmarker
East Dorset website 85,900 Dorsetmarker
East Hampshiremarker website 111,700 Hampshire
East Hertfordshiremarker website 135,500 Hertfordshiremarker
East Lindseymarker website 141,000 Lincolnshiremarker
East Northamptonshiremarker website 86,200 Northamptonshiremarker
East Riding of Yorkshire website 335,000 Unitary Authority East Riding of Yorkshire
East Staffordshiremarker website 109,100 Borough Staffordshire
Eastbournemarker website 96,100 Borough East Sussexmarker
Eastleighmarker website 121,000 Borough Hampshire
Edenmarker website 51,900 Cumbriamarker
Elmbridgemarker website 132,400 Borough Surreymarker
Enfieldmarker website 287,600 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Epping Forest website 123,900 Essex
Epsom and Ewellmarker website 72,400 Borough Surreymarker
Erewashmarker website 111,300 Borough Derbyshiremarker
Exetermarker website 123,500 City (TI) Devonmarker
Farehammarker website 110,300 Borough Hampshire
Fenlandmarker website 91,800 Cambridgeshire
Forest Heathmarker website 64,700 Suffolk
Forest of Deanmarker website 81,900 Gloucestershiremarker
Fyldemarker website 76,500 Borough Lancashiremarker
Gateshead website 190,600 Metropolitan borough Tyne and Wear
Gedlingmarker website 112,100 Borough Nottinghamshiremarker
Gloucestermarker website 115,300 City (1541) Gloucestershiremarker
Gosportmarker website 80,000 Borough Hampshire
Graveshammarker website 98,000 Borough Kentmarker
Great Yarmouth website 94,400 Borough Norfolk
Greenwichmarker website 222,900 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Guildfordmarker website 135,700 Borough Surreymarker
Hackneymarker website 212,200 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Haltonmarker website 119,800 Unitary Authority, Borough Cheshiremarker
Hambletonmarker website 87,100 North Yorkshire
Hammersmith and Fulhammarker website 172,200 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Harboroughmarker website 82,800 Leicestershiremarker
Haringeymarker website 226,200 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Harlowmarker website 79,000 Essex
Harrogatemarker website 160,500 North Yorkshire
Harrowmarker website 216,200 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Hartmarker website 90,600 Hampshire
Hartlepoolmarker website 91,700 Unitary Authority, Borough Durham
Hastingsmarker website 86,400 Borough East Sussexmarker
Havantmarker website 117,600 Borough Hampshire
Haveringmarker website 230,100 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Herefordshiremarker website 179,300 Unitary Authority Herefordshiremarker
Hertsmeremarker website 98,700 Borough Hertfordshiremarker
High Peakmarker website 93,200 Borough Derbyshiremarker
Hillingdonmarker website 253,200 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Hinckley and Bosworthmarker website 105,200 Borough Leicestershiremarker
Horsham website 130,700 West Sussexmarker
Hounslowmarker website 222,600 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Hullmarker website 258,700 Unitary Authority, City (1299) East Riding of Yorkshire
Huntingdonshiremarker website 168,900 Cambridgeshire
Hyndburnmarker website 81,600 Borough Lancashiremarker
Ipswichmarker website 122,300 Borough Suffolk
Isle of Wightmarker website 140,200 Unitary Authority, County Isle of Wightmarker
Isles of Scillymarker website 2,100 Unitary Authority, sui generis Cornwallmarker
Islingtonmarker website 190,900 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Kensington and Chelseamarker website 180,300 London borough, Royal Borough Greater Londonmarker
Ketteringmarker website 90,700 Borough Northamptonshiremarker
King's Lynn and West Norfolk website 144,800 Borough Norfolk
Kingston upon Thamesmarker website 160,100 London borough, Royal Borough Greater Londonmarker
Kirkleesmarker website 403,900 Metropolitan borough West Yorkshire
Knowsleymarker website 150,800 Metropolitan borough Merseyside

List L-R

Name Website Population

(2008 est.)
Type Ceremonial County
Lambethmarker website 274,500 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Lancastermarker website 143,700 City (1937) Lancashiremarker
Leedsmarker website 770,800 Metropolitan borough, City (1893) West Yorkshire
Leicestermarker website 294,700 Unitary Authority, City (1919) Leicestershiremarker
Lewesmarker website 95,200 East Sussexmarker
Lewishammarker website 261,600 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Lichfieldmarker website 97,900 Staffordshire
Lincolnmarker website 88,400 City (TI) Lincolnshiremarker
Liverpoolmarker website 434,900 Metropolitan borough, City (1880) Merseyside
City of Londonmarker website 7,900 Unitary Authority, City (TI), sui generis City of Londonmarker
Lutonmarker website 191,800 Unitary Authority, Borough Bedfordshire
Maidstonemarker website 145,400 Borough Kentmarker
Maldon website 63,100 Essex
Malvern Hills website 74,800 Worcestershire
Manchestermarker website 464,200 Metropolitan borough, City (1853) Greater Manchestermarker
Mansfieldmarker website 100,600 Nottinghamshiremarker
Medway website 253,500 Unitary Authority, Borough Kentmarker
Meltonmarker website 49,300 Borough Leicestershiremarker
Mendip website 110,100 Somersetmarker
Mertonmarker website 201,400 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Mid Devonmarker website 76,700 Devonmarker
Mid Suffolkmarker website 94,700 Suffolk
Mid Sussexmarker website 131,600 West Sussexmarker
Middlesbroughmarker website 139,000 Unitary Authority, Borough North Yorkshire
Milton Keynesmarker website 232,200 Unitary Authority, Borough Buckinghamshire
Mole Valley website 82,000 Surreymarker
Newark and Sherwoodmarker website 113,300 Nottinghamshiremarker
Newcastle-under-Lymemarker website 124,700 Borough Staffordshire
Newcastle upon Tynemarker website 273,600 Metropolitan borough, City (1882) Tyne and Wear
New Forestmarker website 175,400 Hampshire
Newhammarker website 249,500 London borough Greater Londonmarker
North Devonmarker website 92,300 Devonmarker
North Dorset website 67,900 Dorsetmarker
North East Derbyshiremarker website 98,200 Derbyshiremarker
North East Lincolnshiremarker website 158,200 Unitary Authority, Borough Lincolnshiremarker
North Hertfordshiremarker website 123,800 Hertfordshiremarker
North Kestevenmarker website 106,100 Lincolnshiremarker
North Lincolnshiremarker website 160,300 Unitary Authority, Borough Lincolnshiremarker
North Norfolk website 101,500 Norfolk
North Somerset website 206,800 Unitary Authority Somersetmarker
North Tyneside website 197,300 Metropolitan borough Tyne and Wear
North Warwickshiremarker website 62,300 Borough Warwickshiremarker
North West Leicestershiremarker website 90,800 Leicestershiremarker
Northamptonmarker website 205,200 Borough Northamptonshiremarker
Northumberlandmarker website 311,000 Unitary Authority Northumberlandmarker
Norwichmarker website 135,800 City (1195) Norfolk
Nottinghammarker website 292,400 Unitary Authority, City (1897) Nottinghamshiremarker
Nuneaton and Bedworthmarker website 122,000 Borough Warwickshiremarker
Oadby and Wigstonmarker website 57,200 Borough Leicestershiremarker
Oldhammarker website 219,700 Metropolitan borough Greater Manchestermarker
Oxfordmarker website 153,900 City (1542) Oxfordshire
Pendlemarker website 89,900 Borough Lancashiremarker
Peterboroughmarker website 164,000 Unitary Authority, City (1541) Cambridgeshire
Plymouthmarker website 252,800 Unitary Authority, City (1928) Devonmarker
Poolemarker website 138,800 Unitary Authority, Borough Dorsetmarker
Portsmouthmarker website 200,000 Unitary Authority, City (1926) Hampshire
Prestonmarker website 132,000 City (2002) Lancashiremarker
Purbeck website 46,000 Dorsetmarker
Readingmarker website 145,700 Unitary Authority, Borough Berkshire
Redbridgemarker website 257,600 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Redcar and Clevelandmarker website 139,500 Unitary Authority, Borough North Yorkshire
Redditch website 79,900 Borough Worcestershire
Reigate and Bansteadmarker website 134,800 Borough Surreymarker
Ribble Valley website 58,500 Borough Lancashiremarker
Richmond upon Thamesmarker website 180,100 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Richmondshiremarker website 51,500 North Yorkshire
Rochdalemarker website 206,300 Metropolitan borough Greater Manchestermarker
Rochfordmarker website 83,200 Essex
Rossendalemarker website 67,300 Borough Lancashiremarker
Rother website 88,800 East Sussexmarker
Rotherhammarker website 253,900 Metropolitan borough South Yorkshiremarker
Rugbymarker website 91,700 Borough Warwickshiremarker
Runnymedemarker website 83,400 Borough Surreymarker
Rushcliffemarker website 109,800 Borough Nottinghamshiremarker
Rushmoor website 89,600 Borough Hampshire
Rutlandmarker website 39,200 Unitary Authority Rutlandmarker
Ryedalemarker website 53,500 North Yorkshire

List S-Z

Name Website Population

(2008 est.)
Type Ceremonial County
St Albansmarker website 133,700 City (1877) Hertfordshiremarker
St Edmundsburymarker website 103,700 Borough Suffolk
St Helensmarker website 177,500 Metropolitan borough Merseyside
Salfordmarker website 221,300 Metropolitan borough, City (1926) Greater Manchestermarker
Sandwell website 289,100 Metropolitan borough West Midlands
Scarboroughmarker website 108,500 Borough North Yorkshire
Sedgemoor website 112,800 Somersetmarker
Sefton website 275,100 Metropolitan borough Merseyside
Selbymarker website 82,000 North Yorkshire
Sevenoaksmarker website 114,700 Kentmarker
Sheffieldmarker website 534,500 Metropolitan borough, City (1893) South Yorkshiremarker
Shepway website 100,100 Kentmarker
Shropshiremarker website 292,800 Unitary Authority Shropshiremarker
Sloughmarker website 121,200 Unitary Authority, Borough Berkshire
Solihullmarker website 205,500 Metropolitan borough West Midlands
South Bucksmarker website 64,800 Buckinghamshire
South Cambridgeshiremarker website 139,300 Cambridgeshire
South Derbyshiremarker website 92,700 Derbyshiremarker
South Gloucestershire website 257,700 Unitary Authority Gloucestershiremarker
South Hamsmarker website 83,500 Devonmarker
South Hollandmarker website 83,400 Lincolnshiremarker
South Kestevenmarker website 132,000 Lincolnshiremarker
South Lakelandmarker website 104,400 Cumbriamarker
South Norfolkmarker website 119,200 Norfolk
South Northamptonshiremarker website 91,000 Northamptonshiremarker
South Oxfordshiremarker website 129,100 Oxfordshire
South Ribblemarker website 107,200 Borough Lancashiremarker
South Somerset website 158,700 Somersetmarker
South Staffordshiremarker website 106,400 Staffordshire
South Tyneside website 151,600 Metropolitan borough Tyne and Wear
Southamptonmarker website 234,600 Unitary Authority, City (1964) Hampshire
Southend-on-Seamarker website 164,300 Unitary Authority, Borough Essex
Southwarkmarker website 278,000 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Spelthorne website 91,200 Borough Surreymarker
Stafford website 124,700 Staffordshire
Staffordshire Moorlands website 95,500 Staffordshire
Stevenagemarker website 80,000 Borough Hertfordshiremarker
Stockportmarker website 281,000 Metropolitan borough Greater Manchestermarker
Stockton-on-Teesmarker website 191,900 Unitary Authority, Borough Durham and North Yorkshire
Stoke-on-Trentmarker website 240,100 Unitary Authority, City (1925) Staffordshire
Stratford-on-Avonmarker website 118,800 Warwickshiremarker
Stroudmarker website 110,700 Gloucestershiremarker
Suffolk Coastalmarker website 125,600 Suffolk
Sunderlandmarker website 280,300 Metropolitan borough, City (1992) Tyne and Wear
Surrey Heathmarker website 83,400 Borough Surreymarker
Suttonmarker website 187,600 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Swale website 131,900 Borough Kentmarker
Swindon website 192,900 Unitary Authority, Borough Wiltshiremarker
Tameside website 215,500 Metropolitan borough Greater Manchestermarker
Tamworthmarker website 75,800 Borough Staffordshire
Tandridgemarker website 83,500 Surreymarker
Taunton Deane website 108,700 Borough Somersetmarker
Teignbridgemarker website 127,600 Devonmarker
Telford and Wrekin website 162,100 Unitary Authority, Borough Shropshiremarker
Tendring website 147,600 Essex
Test Valley website 115,400 Borough Hampshire
Tewkesburymarker website 79,100 Borough Gloucestershiremarker
Thanetmarker website 129,900 Kentmarker
Three Rivers website 87,700 Hertfordshiremarker
Thurrockmarker website 151,600 Unitary Authority, Borough Essex
Tonbridge and Mallingmarker website 117,100 Borough Kentmarker
Torbaymarker website 134,000 Unitary Authority, Borough Devonmarker
Torridgemarker website 65,600 Devonmarker
Tower Hamletsmarker website 220,500 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Traffordmarker website 212,800 Metropolitan borough Greater Manchestermarker
Tunbridge Wellsmarker website 107,400 Borough Kentmarker
Uttlesfordmarker website 73,700 Essex
Vale of White Horsemarker website 116,900 Oxfordshire
Wakefieldmarker website 322,300 Metropolitan borough, City (1888) West Yorkshire
Walsallmarker website 255,400 Metropolitan borough West Midlands
Waltham Forestmarker website 223,200 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Wandsworthmarker website 284,000 London borough Greater Londonmarker
Warringtonmarker website 196,200 Unitary Authority, Borough Cheshiremarker
Warwickmarker website 135,700 Warwickshiremarker
Watfordmarker website 81,000 Borough Hertfordshiremarker
Waveneymarker website 117,700 Suffolk
Waverley website 118,700 Borough Surreymarker
Wealdenmarker website 143,300 East Sussexmarker
Wellingboroughmarker website 76,400 Borough Northamptonshiremarker
Welwyn Hatfieldmarker website 108,300 Hertfordshiremarker
West Berkshire website 152,800 Unitary Authority Berkshire
West Devonmarker website 52,900 Borough Devonmarker
West Dorsetmarker website 97,200 Dorsetmarker
West Lancashiremarker website 109,400 Lancashiremarker
West Lindseymarker website 88,900 Lincolnshiremarker
Westminstermarker website 236,000 London borough, City (1540) Greater Londonmarker
West Oxfordshiremarker website 101,600 Oxfordshire
West Somerset website 35,500 Somersetmarker
Weymouth and Portlandmarker website 65,000 Borough Dorsetmarker
Wiganmarker website 306,800 Metropolitan borough Greater Manchestermarker
Wiltshiremarker website 455,500 Unitary Authority Wiltshiremarker
Winchestermarker website 112,700 City (TI) Hampshire
Windsor and Maidenheadmarker website 142,800 Unitary Authority, Royal Borough Berkshire
Wirral website 309,500 Metropolitan borough Merseyside
Wokingmarker website 92,200 Borough Surreymarker
Wokingham website 159,100 Unitary Authority Berkshire
Wolverhamptonmarker website 236,400 Metropolitan borough, City (2000) West Midlands
Worcestermarker website 94,100 City (1189) Worcestershire
Worthingmarker website 100,200 Borough West Sussexmarker
Wychavonmarker website 117,300 Worcestershire
Wycombemarker website 161,500 Buckinghamshire
Wyremarker website 110,900 Borough Lancashiremarker
Wyre Forestmarker website 98,700 Worcestershire
Yorkmarker website 195,400 Unitary Authority, City (TI) North Yorkshire

Former districts

The current pattern of districts was introduced in 1974 throughout England and Wales, replacing an older system of municipal boroughs, urban districts, rural districts and county boroughs.

In Englandmarker, several changes have taken place, but only within the framework created then. However, in Walesmarker, the Welsh districts have been replaced entirely with new unitary counties and county boroughs of Wales.

Former English districts are as follows

District Status Date abolished Former county Successor
Alnwickmarker non-metropolitan district 1 April 2009 Northumberlandmarker Northumberlandmarker
Bathmarker non-metropolitan district, city 1 April 1996 Avon Bath and North East Somerset
Berwick-upon-Tweedmarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 2009 Northumberlandmarker Northumberlandmarker
Beverleymarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 1996 Humberside East Riding of Yorkshire
Blyth Valleymarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 2009 Northumberlandmarker Northumberlandmarker
Boothferrymarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 1996 Humberside East Riding of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshiremarker
Bridgnorthmarker non-metropolitan district 1 April 2009 Shropshiremarker Shropshiremarker
Brightonmarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 1997 East Sussexmarker Brighton and Hovemarker
Caradonmarker non-metropolitan district 1 April 2009 Cornwallmarker Cornwallmarker
Carrickmarker non-metropolitan district 1 April 2009 Cornwallmarker Cornwallmarker
Castle Morpethmarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 2009 Northumberlandmarker Northumberlandmarker
Chester non-metropolitan district, city 1 April 2009 Cheshiremarker Cheshire West and Chestermarker
Chester-le-Streetmarker non-metropolitan district 1 April 2009 Durham County Durham
Cleethorpesmarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 1996 Humberside North East Lincolnshiremarker
Congletonmarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 2009 Cheshiremarker Cheshire East
Crewe and Nantwichmarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 2009 Cheshiremarker Cheshire East
Derwentsidemarker non-metropolitan district 1 April 2009 Durham County Durham
Durham non-metropolitan district, city 1 April 2009 Durham County Durham
Easingtonmarker non-metropolitan district 1 April 2009 Durham County Durham
East Yorkshiremarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 1996 Humberside East Riding of Yorkshire
Gillinghammarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 1998 Kentmarker Medway
Glanfordmarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April, 1996 Humberside North Lincolnshiremarker
Great Grimsbymarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April, 1996 Humberside North East Lincolnshiremarker
Herefordmarker non-metropolitan district, city 1 April, 1998 Hereford and Worcester Herefordshiremarker
Holdernessmarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April, 1996 Humberside East Riding of Yorkshire
Hovemarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April, 1997 East Sussexmarker Brighton and Hovemarker
Kingswood non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April, 1996 Avon South Gloucestershire
Leominstermarker non-metropolitan district 1 April, 1998 Hereford and Worcester Herefordshiremarker (part to Malvern Hillsmarker)
Malvern Hills non-metropolitan district 1 April, 1998 Hereford and Worcester Herefordshiremarker and Malvern Hillsmarker
Medinamarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April, 1995 Isle of Wightmarker Isle of Wightmarker
Northavonmarker non-metropolitan district 1 April, 1996 Avon South Gloucestershire
Rochester-upon-Medwaymarker non-metropolitan district, city 1 April, 1998 Kentmarker Medway
Scunthorpemarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April, 1996 Humberside North Lincolnshiremarker
South Herefordshiremarker non-metropolitan district 1 April, 1998 Hereford and Worcester Herefordshiremarker
South Wightmarker non-metropolitan district, borough 1 April 1, 1995 Isle of Wightmarker Isle of Wightmarker
Wansdyke non-metropolitan district 1 April 1, 1996 Avon Bath and North East Somerset

In most cases, these districts were merged to form unitary authorities, which are indicated in the right.

The exceptions were Malvern Hills and Leominstermarker, which were both split between the new district of Herefordshiremarker and a new district of Malvern Hills.

See List of rural and urban districts of England for a list of the districts as they stood immediately prior to April 1, 1974.


Under section 74 of the Local Government Act 1972, the council of a district, county or London borough (or county borough in Wales) may change its name, providing the resolution to do so gains two-thirds of the votes at a special meeting. Until April 1, 1978, the council had to have the permission of the Secretary of State, but since that date they may do so unilaterally. At least one district name change was vetoed: the shadow authority for North Wolds wished to become "Bridlington and Yorkshire Wolds" prior to 1974 at the same time as other name changes were allowed.

Several English districts have done this, whilst others have been renamed under the 1990s UK local government reform. A few districts have even changed names twice.

Original name New name Date
Basingstoke Basingstoke and Deanemarker January 20, 1978
Beaconsfield South Bucksmarker April 1, 1980
Barking Barking and Dagenhammarker January 1, 1980
Bedford North Bedfordshire October 15, 1975
Bedfordmarker 1992
Beverley East Yorkshire Borough of Beverleymarker 1981
Blackburn Blackburn with Darwen May 2, 1997 (before unitary)
Bosworth Hinckley and Bosworthmarker November 20, 1973†
Bracknell Bracknell Forestmarker May 1988
Crewe Crewe and Nantwichmarker January 17, 1974†
Ellesmere Port Ellesmere Port and Nestonmarker June 21, 1976
Grimsby Great Grimsbymarker January 1, 1979
Hammersmith Hammersmith and Fulhammarker January 1, 1979
Hartley Wintney Hartmarker January 17, 1974†
Herefordshire County of Herefordshiremarker June 20, 1997
Huntingdon Huntingdonshiremarker October 1, 1984
Langbaurgh Langbaurgh-on-Tees January 1, 1988
Redcar and Clevelandmarker April 1, 1996 (with unitary)
Medway Rochester-upon-Medwaymarker December 3, 1979
Medway Towns Medway April 1, 1998 (with unitary)
Newark Newark and Sherwoodmarker April 1, 1995
Newbury West Berkshire April 1, 1998 (with unitary)
North Wolds East Yorkshiremarker February 1, 1981
Nuneaton Nuneaton and Bedworthmarker October 1, 1980
Pastonacres North Norfolk September 20, 1973†
Petersfield East Hampshiremarker October 8, 1973†
Poole Borough and County of the Town of Poolemarker April 1, 1997 (with unitary)
Rutland Rutland County Councilmarker April 1, 1997 (with unitary)
Shrewsbury Shrewsbury and Atchammarker June 12, 1974
Thamesdown Swindon effective April 1, 1997 (soon before unitary)
Tiverton Mid Devonmarker February 6, 1978
Wallingford South Oxfordshiremarker September 20, 1973†
West Derbyshire Derbyshire Dalesmarker 1988
West Norfolk King's Lynn and West Norfolk March 14, 1981
Wimborne East Dorset 1988
Woodspring North Somerset April 1, 1996 (with unitary)
Wrekin The Wrekin February 7, 1974†
Telford and Wrekin April 1, 1998 (with unitary)
Yeovil South Somerset 1985
† The resolutions to change the name of the district were made by the "shadow" councils elected on June 7, 1973.

Additionally, one English county has been renamed. Shropshiremarker was originally formally known as 'Salop'. Its name was changed effective April 1, 1980.


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