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This is a list of English and Spanish language placenames in the Falkland Islandsmarker. Most of the Spanish language names are quite different in origin to their English equivalents, and many have religious resonances. Some names were given by the Spanish conquistadores, while others were given later by the Argentinemarker government.

The Spanish names are almost never used by residents of the islands themselves, and some, such as Malvinasmarker and Puerto Argentinomarker, may be considered offensive by them due to their association with the 1982 invasion of the Falkland Islands. Under a declaration issued jointly following the 1999 agreement lifting travel restrictions to the islands, Argentina undertook to review the Argentine place names for Falkland Island locations, imposed under decree by General Galtieri. However, to date, Argentina still continues to use these placenames to the frustration of the islanders Many are not generally in use as Spanish names, rather they are names conferred by an Argentine Government committee where there is no Spanish Language equivalent.

A few names have the same form in both English and Spanish; for example Darwinmarker, San Carlosmarker, Salvadormarker and Rincon Grandemarker.


Map of the Falkland Islands, with British names
Map of the Falkland Islands, with Argentine names

Names of islands

English language name Spanish language name Notes
Falkland Islandsmarker Islas Malvinas The Spanish name for the islands, "Islas Malvinas", is derived from a French original "Îles Malouines" (St Malomarker Islands)
West Falklandmarker Isla Gran Malvina Despite the Spanish name, East Falkland is actually larger
East Falklandmarker Isla Soledad
Barren Islandmarker Isla Pelada Direct translation
Beaver Islandmarker Isla San Rafael
Beauchene Islandmarker Isla Beauchéne
Bleaker Islandmarker Isla María
Carcass Islandmarker Isla del Rosario
Eddystonemarker Roca Remolinos English name commemorates Eddystone off Devon and Cornwall
George Islandmarker Isla Jorge Direct translation
Great Islandmarker Isla Grande Direct translation
Jason Islands Isla Sebaldes "Sebald Islands" was once applied to the whole archipelago, and is derived from Sebald de Weert, the first European explorer widely credited with sighting the islands. The Jason Islands are subvided into two groups in Spanish.
N/A (part of Jason Islands) Islas los Salvajes Grand Jason and Steeple Jason
N/A (part of Jason Islands) Islas las Llaves Flat Jason, Seal Rocks and North Fur Island
Keppel Islandmarker Isla de la Vigía
Lively Islandmarker Isla Bougainville
New Islandmarker Isla Goicoechea
Pebble Islandmarker Isla (de) Borbón/Isla Bourbon
Ruggles Islandmarker Isla Calista
Saunders Islandmarker Isla Trinidad
Sea Lion Islandmarker Isla de los Leones Marinos Direct translation
Sedge Islandmarker Isla Culebra
Speedwell Islandmarker Isla Águila Formerly "Eagle Island" in English
Staats Islandmarker Isla Staats Direct translation
Weddell Islandmarker Isla San José Formerly "Swan Island" in English (cf Swan Islandsmarker)
West Point Islandmarker Isla Remolinos Formerly "Albatross Island"

Names of Settlements

English language name Spanish language name Notes
Stanleymarker Puerto Stanley (Puerto Argentino) Both Spanish names are currently used, "Puerto Argentino" was first used during the Falklands War and is favoured by supporters of the Argentine claim. "Port Stanley" persists in unofficial English usage
Port San Carlosmarker Puerto San Carlos
Goose Greenmarker Prado del Ganso, Ganso Verde [sic]
Port Louis Puerto Luis Both names derive from the original French name of "Port St Louis", during the Spanish occupation it was renamed "Puerto Soledad", the settlement was briefly named "Anson's Harbour" by the British but reverted to Port Louis[388682]
Port Howardmarker Puerto Mitre
Teal Inletmarker Caleta Trullo
Johnson's Harbourmarker Puerto Johnson

Land Features

English language name Spanish language name Notes
Cape Dolphinmarker Cabo Leal
Mount Usbornemarker Cerro Alberdi
Mount Adammarker Monte Independencia/Monte Beaufort
Mount Robinsonmarker Monte Independencia until it was found Mount Adam was higher
NA Peninsula de Freycinet The peninsula north of Port William (no English equivalent)
NA Peninsula de San Luis The north east peninsula containing Johnson Harbour, Port Louis and Rincon Grande (no English equivalent)

Marine features

B = Bahía (bay)
English language name Spanish language name Notes
Falkland Soundmarker Estrecho de San Carlos English name comes from the Sound, San Carlos Water has a narrower meaning in English
Scotia Sea Mar Argentino The name Scotia Sea was conferred in about 1932 after the Scotia, the expedition ship used in these waters by the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition (1902-04). Mar Argentino refers to the sea within the continental shelf off the Argentine mainland. The boundaries of these two areas are slightly different.
Choiseul Soundmarker Seno Choiseul Originally named by Louis de Bougainville after the French Foreign Secretary, the Duc de Choiseul
Berkeley Soundmarker Bahía de la Anunciación
Adventure Soundmarker Bahía del Laberinto
Bay of Harboursmarker Bahía de los Abrigos
Grantham Soundmarker Bahía de Ruiz Puente
Foul Baymarker Bahía Sucla
Port Albemarle Bahía Santa Eufemia
Port Williammarker Puerto Groussac
Queen Charlotte Baymarker Bahía San Julián
Port Edgar Puerto Edgardo
King George Bay Bahía 9 de Julio
Byron Soundmarker Bahía San Francisco de Paula
Keppel Soundmarker Bahía de la Cruzada
Stanley Harbour Originally known as "Beau Porte" (French), and later as "Port Jackson" by the British. Occasionally called Port Stanley.


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