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This is a list of characters from George Lopez television show.

George Lopez

George Lopez (played by George Lopez) had a difficult childhood which is referenced throughout the series. His mother, Benny, is blamed for much of the abuse and jokes are often made about how she treated him. George initially believed Manny, his father, was dead (which was what Benny told him so he would stop asking where his father was), but learned he was actually alive from Manny's sister, Cecelia. When Manny sends George a check to help him out of financial trouble, George goes to see him in Phoenix, Arizona—and ends up punching him in Benny's honor. George married Angie Palmero and had two children, Carmen and Max. In the pilot episode, "Prototype," George gets promoted to manager of Powers Brothers Aviation (usually seen as Powers Bros.), a factory that makes airplane parts. In "Super Bowl," it is revealed that George is an Oakland Raiders fan. Several episodes mention and deal with dyslexia as experienced by father and son George and Max. As a boy George enjoyed playing guitar and baseball; in his teens he started a heavy-metal band with Ernie, and other friends called "Los Bad Asses." George often refers to his mother as "a crazy old bat".At least once every episode they mention George's 'big head'.

Angie Lopez

Angela "Angie" Palmero Lopez (Constance Marie) is the daughter of Vic Palmero, wife of George, and mother of Carmen and Max. She is a wedding planner who works from home. She has also sold health and beauty products and been active in her children's schools. Angie and George often fight, like most couples, but by episode's end they reconnect and validate that they do love each other. As Angie is a beautiful woman, George often worries about her cheating on him. Angie maintains many friends in the Los Angeles area, and stays close with them, often going out to lunch with them when the show focuses on George at the factory. She is very supportive of Carmen in her attempts to find Mr. Perfect, and overprotective of Max. Angie embodies the perfect spouse, in that she loves her family so much, she is willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy,though at times she's portrayed as a goody-two-shoes. She and George never seem to be able to communicate due to her spoiled lifestyle and George's tough life. On many occasions, George tries to trick Angie into getting her in bed but she always sees through his ruse. She is deeply hated by Benny due to her spoiled life and always calls her "princess" meaning spoiled rich kid. She often tries to spoil her kids as her parents spoiled her but George never allows her to do it. She has an extremely cold relationship with Benny as they both hate each other so much.

Carmen Lopez

Carmen Consuelo Lopez (Masiela Lusha) is George and Angie's daughter and their firstborn child, Max's older sister, Benny and Vic's granddaughter, and Veronica's cousin. Her middle name comes from Angie's grandmother Consuela.

She first attended a public school. She is called a slut and teased, causing her to transfer to Allendale Prep, a private prep school. After a year there, she is expelled for numerous counts of running away, public displays of affection, being out-of-uniform, and being tardy. After Allendale Prep, she is briefly home-schooled by an out-of-work Angie before attending St. Teresa's Catholic School. She graduates from there and goes off to college.Carmen had a boyfriend, star athlete Jason MacNamara, for much of Seasons 3 and 4. In early Season 5, he ran away from her after she tried to pressure him into having a baby. She is last seen in flashbacks in the first episode of Season 6. Before Jason she had gone out with Zack Powers. George didn't want her to see him because "everyone" thought he was a troublemaker, but she did anyway behind his back due to her extremely low self-esteem.

Her relationship with George seems to be a cold one as she always complains about how he constantly "treats her like a baby" and always jumps at the chance that she could be adopted explaining "that would explain so much!"

Carmen's low self-esteem is the main cause why George is so overprotective of her as she will do absolutely anything in order to keep a "hot" boyfriend.

It has also been implied in many moments that she believes George to be a bad parent and ugly as well. She also dislikes Angie acting like she's still a teenager when in fact she's in her 30's. Her relationship with Max is the worst one in the entire family as they have never once gotten along in the series, stongly implying that they have genuinely hate each other.

Max Lopez

Maximilian Victor Roberto Magic Johnson Lopez (Luis Armand Garcia) is George and Angie's second-born child and only son, Carmen's younger brother, Benny and Vic's grandson, and Veronica's cousin. He is an avid skateboarder. He has a crush on Veronica and from time to time hits on her, despite their kinship (Veronica either laughs it off or is creeped out). He can usually be found trying to spy on her, sometimes denying it. In one episode he had a girlfriend named Kristi. At school, Max is constantly frustrated with his dyslexia. He also succumbs to peer pressure, such as dyeing his hair blue, cussing at Benny (this earned him a slapped face), and giving his garage to a band. Max once ended up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning after drinking grain alcohol mixed with fruit punch at a party. Max is greatly attached to his father and looks up to him. It is seen in numerous episodes that he makes decisions based on what his father thinks. They are also kept close by the common factor of both having dyslexia, though Max seems to have a far worse case than George.

Though he is younger than Carmen, Max is seen as being more worldly than his sister and he also enjoys tormenting Carmen.

Later in the series, Max's attitude took a turn to the worse as he begun to act more of a smart-allec and treated George like trash by insulting his failures and mistakes. George in turn mocks his dyslexia and treats Max like a idiot half the time due to this. Max also stated that he prefers a girl who's "nasty."

Benny Lopez

Benita "Benny" Lopez (Belita Moreno) is George and Linda's mother, Angie's mother-in law, Luisa's estranged daughter, and Max and Carmen's grandmother. Throughout the show Benny is seen as insensitive, cold, sarcastic and mean, insulting George, Angie, Carmen, Max, and Ernie at every chance. She works on the inspection line at Powers Bros. Aviation. She is a smoke-addict and an alcoholic She claims she has been smoking for 40 years. George describes her as a bitter, short, drunk, and can often be heard referring to her as a "bat." She has also been known to have a criminal record. She had George when she was 16 and was married to Manny Lopez until he walked out on them. She mistreated George a lot when he was a child, exploiting him to physical abuse, lack of encouragement and constant lying, the latter which she and George often argue about in reference to his childhood. Benny is portrayed as a horrible woman who doesn't care for anyone; an example being she prefers her dog over her son. Because of her lack of sympathy and social skills, she is disliked by all her peers. The main reason for her sharp nature is due to her poor childhood and horrible life as a teenage mother. Benny is in fact promiscuous, which has led to her catching an STD. She dislikes it when people point this out because she doesn't enjoy hearing stories about herself. Benny's bad attitude once went so far that it forced George to literally handcuff her to his refrigirator and begin to yell at her on the top of his lungs.

Ernie Cardenas

Ernesto "Ernie" Cardenas (Valente Rodriguez) has been George's best friend since second grade, and a former co-worker. He works on the assembly line at Power Bros. Aviation. He is an incompetent, big-eared, clumsy but loyal and lovable character. He is often very shy around women and cannot seem to ever get date due to his awkward and overall inability to connect with women, let alone talk to them. He has a huge crush on Angie, and can often be seen hitting on her, much to George's dismay. He claims to be jealous of George's life. His mother is morbidly obese, and lots of jokes are made about her, especially by George and Benny (and sometimes Angie). He used to live with his parents until George inspired him to get his own apartment. He's also a foster father to Max's best friend, Ricky. At one point, he was engaged to Ricky's mom Tammy. His catchphrase is "Golly!".

Vic Palmero

Dr. Victor "Vic" Garcia Lantigua Palmero (Emiliano Díez) is Angie's wealthy father, Emilina's ex-husband, George's father-in-law, and Carmen, Max, and Veronica's grandfather. He is a Cuban immigrant who made it rich as a cardiac surgeon when he arrived in America. George is often annoyed by his stories about Cubamarker and his expressions. Originally, Vic disapproved of Angie marrying George (In "A Kiss is just a Kiss," it was revealed that as he walked Angie down the aisle on her wedding day he told her to leave George). He eventually accepts George as a good match for his daughter. His wife, Angie's mother Emilina, cheated on him and they divorced. (Vic says "Last week I went to her dermatology clinic to surprise her. And I walked in on her.... checking a man for moles in a place where sun damage is NOT a possibility!"). He has a brother, Octavio Palmero. He was later engaged to a young woman, Lindsay Cafferty (Stacy Keibler), but later discovered she was cheating on him and decided to go back to Emilia, who had indicated that she wanted them to get back together. Unfortunately, she died before they could reunite.Vic seems to despise Fidel Castro; in Carmen's Dating, when George tells him that Castro died, he is irrepressibly thrilled. He speaks with a thick Cuban accent at which George pokes fun many times. He was shown to have a romantic interest in Benny, even kissing her a few times in a way more intense than that of "just in-laws." He also says "oye chico" or "Cuba" or "Castro" and George tells him in one episode that he will have to pay him 1 dollar to say those words in his house. Vic does not care. He starts to say all those words and dropping 1 dollar bills all over the place, and before he says "what-cha" to George in his own house.

Veronica Palmero

Veronica Palmero (Aimee Garcia) is Angie's spoiled niece, Carmen and Max's cousin, Ray and Claudia's daughter, and Vic's granddaughter. She moves into the Lopez house after her mother (Angie's sister-in-law) dies. Her mother leaves all of her items and money to her. However, it was put into a trust with George being named as the trustee. She winds up staying with her Lopez relatives after her aforementioned inheritance is frozen upon her mother's will being challenged. Appearing sexy and seductive, she's very fashion-forward and aspires to be a designer. She makes several attempts to get her trust money using her charm. In one episode, she smokes marijuana. She is very good at poker, beating George, Benny, Vic, and Ernie and winning all their money for Angie so she can buy 200 dollar shoes.She appears in Season 6 only, as a replacement for Masiela Lusha, who left the show at the end of Season 5. She has a viable storyline that ties in with the rest of the Lopez family: Her father, Ray, was a con man and was only concerned about money. When he comes back in one episode, saying that he's changed, he successfully tricks Veronica into spending half of her inheritance on a handbag business in Miami. Later, however, George catches him and says "I knew you would run off, so I canceled the check. And just in case, I signed it Carlos Santana." Veronica is crushed, but with support from George, she goes to college.

Recurring characters


Amy (Sandra Bullock) is a recurring character who is nicknamed Accident Amy due to always getting into accidents. Whenever Amy shows up, Ernie says "Hey look, it's Accident Amy! Breakin' bones and breakin' hearts." After one bad accident, Amy lost her vision; she also appears wearing glasses and thrusting her hands out trying to identify people who speak to her. It was found out that she and Randy McGee were dating before he started dating Benny. But before Randy and Benny got married, Amy showed up at the bachelor party and made Randy leave Benny at the altar. Amy's last appearance occurs at a school PTA meeting in which George is angry over a scheduled class trip to Florida for a space shuttle launch. As George burns a check in anger, Amy's sleeve catches fire to which she responds with "I hope I don't need another skin graft, I'm almost out of butt skin!"

The Powers Brothers

Jack and Mel Powers (Jack Blessing and Mark Tymchyshyn) are the presidents of Powers Brothers Aviation, the airplane manufacturing factory that employs George, Benny, and Ernie. Mel is the father of Zack Powers, a delinquent teenager who has a cold relationship with George because he used to date Carmen. Mel is said to be a womanizer; he often hires female managers and at one point he dates Veronica. A third brother, Lou, is also co-owner of the company but estranged from his siblings. Lou drinks often and is described as being more "caring" for the workers by promoting better quality health care. Occasionally, Jack and Mel will make racial comments towards George such as calling him 'amigo' and 'Senor Pumpkin Head.'

Jason McNamara

Jason McNamara (Bryan Fisher) is Carmen's boyfriend during seasons 4 and 5: popular, athletic, handsome, charming and smart. When he first started dating Carmen, she was new at school and he could not be seen with her. His younger brother, Eric, is in a wheelchair. His father (Stacy Keach) pressured him into taking steroids to enhance his athletic abilities. He and Carmen broke up at one point because he was cheating on her with a girl who was "more experienced," but he managed to win her back by using his charm and way with words at a Debate Club meeting which they both attended. He ran away from Carmen to pursue a baseball career after she tried to pressure him into having a baby so they could get married. He almost constantly clashes with George because George constantly accuses Jason to be lustful for Carmen despite the obvious fact that she lusts for him. Although George eventually successfully negotiated Jason's pro baseball contract with the Washington Nationals farm team, the Savannahmarker Sand Gnats. Jason was abandoned by his parents and George and Angie took him in. His last appearance was when he left California to pursue his baseball career.

Randy McGee

Randy (Nick Offerman) used to date Benny. They broke up once because Randy wanted to take it to the next level but Benny didn't. They got back together in the same episode, during which Randy proposes and Benny finally relents and says yes. Randy leaves Benny at the altar to be with Amy, his former love interest, but returns and begs her to take him back. Benny accepts, but later claims to leave Randy because he bored her.


Marisol begins as an ex-gang member participating in one of Angie's gang rehab projects, which happens to be teaching dog grooming. Marisol laments that she doesn't want to be a dog groomer and envision herself with a classier job, such as a secretary, to which Angie responds by encouraging George to hire her at Powers Brothers for a trial period. She is known for having an attitude problem and for being very rude to people. Her most famous line is, "I know, huh?" She told Ernie that he has big ears, told George that he has a big head, and she answered the office telephone "Hello, Powers Brothers Aviation. How can I help your ass?" when Max's school called. She also took personal calls at work. Benny likes the way Marisol treats people. She got George in trouble with the Powers Brothers for not responding to important calls. She took Carmen to a club past midnight and got her grounded, although she had good intentions and was only helping Carmen stand up to mean kids who were teasing her just like in her old school. After taking Carmen out to a club, she is kicked out, ends up with Benny, and is never seen on the show again.

Gina Sorenstam

Gina Sorenstam (Elmarie Wendel), is a factory worker. She is friends with Benny and blatantly "hits on" men, especially a disgusted George. If there is any possibility of a sexual favor to be done, she will step up to the task with a flagrant disregard for verbal public decency.

It can be argued that she is bisexual. In one episode, Benny says that she will give up men, but will miss the sex. Gina replies, "You don't need a man to have sex," before giving a smug look to Benny. She seems to be a not-so-close friend of Benny, as she can be seen drinking with her in several episodes.

Zack Powers

Zack (played by Trevor Wright) is Mel's son and Jack's nephew. He has a lot of problems. For example, he was kicked out of school, vandalized the factory (in the episode Wrecking Ball) and got a girl pregnant. At the end of season 3, he ran away with Carmen, though it turned out that he was only dating Carmen for sex. She would not give in, so he went back home after breaking up with Carmen and leaving her in San Franciscomarker. When he got back to his home town, Mel brought him into the factory to confront a furious George. After confessing to leaving Carmen, Benny then beat him with a wrench outside of the factory.


Taylor (played by Valeria Andrews) is Carmen's friend. Taylor and Carmen hung out with each other in San Franciscomarker. Taylor is the backup dancer for Chingy. She helped Carmen pay rent in the episode Landlord Almighty. Taylor eats Carmen's food, uses her phone, and wears her clothes without permission. George stated Carmen and Taylor's friendship as "Carmen having her own Carmen." Taylor's exit comes when a one-night stand refuses to leave and George tricks her into packing her things and going back to San Fransisco to make him think she is leaving, to which it's obvious to everyone but Taylor that he is actually forcing her to leave."


Frank (Mel Rodriguez) is a coworker and friend of George. He had his wedding reception at George's place. He had some gambling problems and struggles when his job is in jeopardy. He was once in the carpool. In 'Max's Big Adventure,' George wanted to test Max about safety so Frank tried to lure him in his van. Another kid gets in the van instead and Frank gets busted, so he quits the carpool.


Ricky (J.B. Gaynor) is Max's closest friend. Both George and Angie see him as a delinquent; he burns down George's garage after letting Max light of a bottle rocket and drives George's car into the backyard after he and Max skip school and wrecks it. George and Angie learn that he is enduring a childhood similar to and even worse than George's: a missing father and drunken mother. Ernie agrees to foster Ricky, who is capable of managing multiple household tasks out of necessity—his mother is usually too drunk to do anything. In a later episode, Ernie becomes engaged to Ricky's mother, after she informs Ernie she is pregnant with his child. It is later revealed that the child belongs to someone else, and Ernie's fiancee makes a swift and permanent exit.


Tammy (Gigi Rice) is Ricky's alcoholic mother. Ernie dates her and takes care of Ricky for her because of her personal issues. In a later episode Ernie announces that he broke up with Tammy over irreconcilable differences "(Ernie) wanted to communicate more and she wanted to have sex with other guys while (Ernie) was at work".


Toby (played by Rachel Snow) was Carmen's best friend in season 2. In one episode they get into a huge fight with Piper, who was Carmen's mean and popular friend, and called Toby fat. They later make up, and Carmen and Toby ditch Piper and the other cool and popular girls. She moves away in Halloween Cheer and it devastates Carmen.

Piper Morey

Piper (Autumn Reeser) is Carmen's former friend turned archnemesis. She is popular, one of the stars of Carmen and Toby's school. Piper and her other cool friends go on a website to post insulting comments; in the episode "Token of Unappreciation", they target Toby. Carmen did not agree, and Piper made Carmen choose to be friends with her or with Toby. Piper invites Carmen and Toby to her party; and Carmen tells Toby they're only inviting Toby to make fun of her. Carmen and Toby don't go to the party and Carmen and Toby remain best friends. In the episode Girl Fight Piper writes Carmen Hopez on the sliding door because Carmen's ex-boyfriend Adam spread a rumor that he had sex with Carmen she was a Ho. Carmen gets suspended from school when she gets in a fight with Piper. George and Angie fix the problem and the principal revokes Carmen's suspension, suspending Piper.After they tell Carmen she can go back to school now, she refuses, telling them that she's the school 'Whore" now after revealing a phone call from boys who where asking if they could leave a message for the school whore. Carmen goes to private school after people keep picking on her, including a guy pulling her shirt up in the hall and asking her if she wants to have sex with him. George and Angie raise money to send Carmen to private school.


Kenzie (played by Hilary Duff) is Carmen's friend. She teaches Carmen about poetry and tells her that she should use her heritage as a "Suffering Mexican." She is often overly dramatic in her poetry. Earlier in the show she appeared as Stephanie, Angie's sales tutor from La Marie Cosmetics.


Duncan (played by Jonathan Jones) is the first boy Carmen dated in the episode Curious George. He broke up with Carmen because he wanted to have sex with her, but Carmen wasn't ready to have sex at thirteen. When Carmen and Duncan are studying in Carmen's room, George thinks that they are having sex, so George sends Max upstairs to spy and Max says that her bedroom door is closed, which makes George think that they are doing it. When Benny sees Carmen and Duncan go up to her room, Benny says that Carmen will be pregnant in a week. Duncan is severely afraid of George.


Stephanie (also played by Hilary Duff) was introduced when Angie started working at the "La Marie" cosmetics company. She shows Angie ways of persuading customers to buy things. In the beginning, she says that she is 42 years old, and only looks young because she has been using exfoliaters. She gets Angie to lure customers with rude comments. However, Angie discovers that using pity works for her.

Sylvie Cardenas

Sylvie is Ernie's morbidly obese mother who needs assistance with bathing and dining. She is said to be deeply religious, though she was pregnant with Ernie before marrying his father. Ernie refuses to believe so, even though George says there are pictures of him being breastfed at the reception. George also accidentally saw Sylvie naked as a child. He claimed he saw one boob through one window and the other boob through the other window. Ernie said: 'She likes to air-dry!' Although she is portrayed as being morbidly obese, she is seen on-screen in the episode "Who's Your Daddy?" as an average-weight woman shopping with Ernie where she is played by actress Lillian Hurst. She was also portrayed by Luisa Leschin.

Extended Lopez-Palmero family

Manny Lopez

Manuel "Manny" Lopez (played by William Marquez and portrayed as younger by Amaury Nolasco and Esai Morales) is George and Linda's estranged father, Angie's father-in-law, Benny's ex-husband, Lydia's husband, and Carmen and Max's grandfather. He abandoned Benny and George when George was two and was rumored to have died when George was six. When George learned from his Aunt Cecilia that he was alive, he tried to track him down. George found Manny in Phoenix, Arizonamarker, punched him in the face for calling his mother a "cabrona," and was arrested for that a month later. Manny dropped the charges and had George released. George finds out he has a half-brother, also named George, and hears that Manny and his son are poor but he later finds out that Manny owns Lopez Construction and is wealthy. Because of Manny's absence, George sometimes fumbles in his attempts to be a good dad, and he has to figure out for himself what might be the best ways to handle parenting issues. In Would You Like a Drumstick or a Kidney?, George learns from his half-brother that his father needs a new kidney. Manny dies in Momentos, the next episode, before the surgery and now George has a problem. Manny wrote a letter to George before he died and requested that neither George nor Benny attend his funeral, not wanting to draw negative attention from his peers. Manny also left George his gold watch that his father gave to him (George's paternal grandfather). George is so upset that his father doesn't want him to attend his funeral, that he destroys the watch. Minutes later, George learns from his mom that the gold watch was worth a fortune. Manny also stole George's birth certificate when he left him and Benny and used it to legalize the second George, who was born in Mexicomarker.

Joe Diaz

Joseph "Joe" Diaz (Ismael 'East' Carlo) is George's and Linda's deceased uncle, Angie's uncle-in-law, Carmen and Max's great-uncle, and Benny's big brother. Uncle Joe once appeared to have a bump on his neck which George claims "It looks like you're growing a second head!" which he replies, "How did you know?" Benny calls it a neck wallet. It's possible that he died because of this because it is mentioned to be serious. Joe seemed to have a lot of money because of how Benny described him not sacrificing $20 for her. When they meet again, Joe only gives Benny a $10 out of George's wallet. He and Benny were estranged for fifteen years over a foolish grudge, but George convinces his mom to see Joe and get "closure" before he dies. He is believed to be a Super Bowl fan, because he always has tickets. But before he dies, he gives Benny the tickets. Joe appears and dies in the episode Super Bowl.

Aunt Cecilia

Aunt Cecilia (Olga Merediz) is George and Linda's aunt, Manny's sister, and Benny's ex-sister in law. She hadn't seen Benny for a long time and in the 2nd Season she said she had lost touch with Manny two years before. When she bumped into Benny and George in a SuperStore, she was surprised to see Benny again (when Benny saw Cecilia she ran away) and happy to see George. She told George that his father was still alive, and came to his house to give him a photo of Manny holding the infant George. She appeared in the episode Who's your Daddy.

Luisa Diaz

Luisa Diaz (Rita Moreno) is Benny and Joe's estranged mother, George and Linda's grandmother, and Carmen and Max's great-grandmother. She abused Benny as a child, which Benny refers to in several episodes. Benny and George describe her as "old school." Contrary to Benny's claim that Luisa threw her out when she was pregnant, Luisa says Benny left on her own. In one episode it is said she is dead, but in a later episode she is alive and well. She makes her first appearance in George Testi-Lies for Benny, in which George attempts to get her to speak on Benny's behalf. This fails when Luisa reveals that Benny tried to give George away. During this episode, she admits that she and her husband sometimes had to "spank Benny in the face." Despite her relationship with Benny, she appears to get along quite well with George. At episode's end, it was revealed that Luisa had outlived both her husband and Benny's brother. She predicts that Benny will be next, although Benny predicts that it will be Luisa. She has also out-lived George's father and Angie's mother.

Other relatives

  • Dr. Emilina Palmero (Sonia Braga) is Ray, Gloria, and Angie's deceased mother, George and Claudia's mother-in-law, Vic's ex-wife, and Veronica, Carmen, and Max's grandmother. She is a dermatologist. She and Vic divorced after Vic discovered she was cheating on him. She only appears in one episode in which it is inferred that she is using Vic. Upon finding out about the affair, Angie tries to invite her over, but she cancels, in which Angie tells her mother she'll never forgive her. When Vic announces to Emilina that he's engaged, she wants to get back together. In season six she and Vic were about to get back together right before she died. Angie's last conversation with her is reflected in the episode of her death. Emilina is mentioned often throughout the show by either Vic or George. George often uses Vic's situation with her to make him feel bad.
  • Gloria Palmero (Jacqueline Obradors) was Angie's sister. She was estranged with Angie until Angie's birthday. After announcing her divorce, she tries to make out with George in his garage(which Max witnesses). She only kissed him because she was jealous of Angie and got into a huge fight with her ("..and well I gave her her hair back!")
  • Ray Palmero (Andy Garcia) was Angie's brother, Vic's son, and Veronica's estranged father. He is known for conning family members and others out of money, most notably his father. He attempts to do the same with daughter Veronica's inheritance, but is stopped by George. He really does love his daughter, but is too messed-up to be a good father. It is possible he is in jail because George connected some road flares to a timer and put them in his suitcase which went off at the airport to get back at him for all the conning he has done over the years.
  • Claudia Palmero (Maria Canals) is Veronica's deceased millionaire mother, Angie's ex-sister-in-law. She left Veronica all her money in her will if George decided she was responsible enough to have it. During her funeral, when her recorded will was played she tells Vic off (will Vic Palmero please come to the stand ?; OK now bend over and kiss George Lopez's ass because I pick him !
  • Lindsay Cafferty (played by Stacy Keibler) was Vic's young fiancee. She is very pretty, and much taller than Vic, plus she's not so bright when she let slip about Angie's supposed pregnancy. When she lies she rubs her earrings. When thought Lindsay was cheating on Vic, George called the show Cheaters. They found her kissing a man much younger than Vic.
  • Linda Lorenzo (played by Lisa Guerrero in Feel the Burn, and Eva LaRue in George gets Assisterance, and George's Relatively Bad Idea) is George's little sister, Benny's daughter. Benny found out she was pregnant with her after Manny left her and George. Unable to support both George and Linda, she gave her to an Italian family, the Lorenzos. Because she didn't have any childhood memories of Benny or George, she thought she was Italian. George went to meet her without revealing who he was, not wanting to mess up her life. But when she resurfaced in a later episode, George accidentally revealed their relationship. She dates Vic in one episode.
  • George Edward Lopez (Lou Diamond Phillips) is George's half-brother on his father's side, Angie's half-brother-in-law. He appears in two episodes, the first revealing him to have been raised in wealth; however, due to blowing his money, he attempts to use George. He helps George get in touch with Manny to make up, and later he comes to Thanksgiving dinner and tells his big brother that their father needs a kidney transplant. His mother is Manny's second wife, Lydia Lopez. They have a dog to which Manny named Benny
  • Octavio Palmero (Bert Rosario) is Angie's uncle and Vic's brother. George helped Vic get him out of Cuba for Angie's anniversary. He and Vic share an equal hatred for Fidel Castro, of which George took advantage, pranking them by barging into the house while Vic and Octavio were trash-talking about Castro in a Castro-like costume, scaring them both.
  • Lydia Lopez (Cristina Saralegui) is Manny's second wife and the second George's mother. She is first seen in George Has Two Mommies, and returns to attend Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Aunt Lynette (Connie Ramirez) is Angie's aunt. She is one of the many who look down on George and are horrified to discover George was left in charge of Veronica's inheritance.
  • Wayne Hill (played by Jerry Springer) is a former boyfriend of Benny. He was framed by George and Ernie thirty years ago, as they placed Sylvie's bra in Wayne's leather jacket to make Benny believe he was cheating on her. Benny eventually reveals that Wayne was the only man she really cared about.


Mr Needles is their lovable,scrappy dog with many health issues. Mr. Needles,in one episode, is found with a tumor. Max forces George to pray for Mr. Needles saying he will crawl up a cobblestone church path in Mexico if he survives. Unfortunately for George, the tumor miraculously disappears. George is then forced to crawl up the horrendous, knee-devouring church path.

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