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The following is a list of late night, DVD and spin-off series of Channel 4 soap-opera Hollyoaks. Each has a brief summary of the plot.

Video specials

Hollyoaks: Off on One

A video spin-off from 1999 which sees Rob Hawthorne seek revenge against Kurt Benson. The storyline comes to a dramatic conclusion with Rob and Kurt fighting on a boat. Rob rushes at Kurt, however he moves out of the way and Rob falls into the sea, with everyone believing he is dead.

Hollyoaks: Indecent Behaviour

A video/DVD spin-off released in 2001. Geri Hudson arrives with footballer boyfriend Jason Cunliffe. In a club, Scott Anderson begins to chat Geri up. Luke Morgan steps in to stop him taking it too far, however Scott and his friends make fun of Luke's rape from the previous year. Ben Davies and Beth Morgan try to break Scott and Luke up before a fight breaks, which it does between Ben and Luke. Beth is later offered a lift by Scott, and then is raped.

Late night specials

Hollyoaks: Lost Weekend

Four episodes broadcast in 1999 centring around the kidnapping of Lucy Benson by Rob Hawthorne and the desperate search by Ruth Osborne, Lewis Richardson and Tony Hutchinson.

Hollyoaks: Boys Do Barca

Broadcast in 2000, Alex Bell, Max Cunningham, Ben Davies, Tony Hutchinson, Luke Morgan, Sam "O.B." O'Brien, Sol Patrick and Lewis Richardson make their way to Barcelonamarker to celebrate Rory Finnigan's engagement to Tony's mother Victoria. Tony, however, has secretly enlisted the help of Carol Groves to convince Finn not to go ahead with the marriage.

Hollyoaks: Breaking Boundaries

Broadcast in March 2000, the late night special involves a 90s disco at the club where Ruth Osborne discovers Lewis Richardson's gambling addiction. Ruth and Lewis eventually end up sleeping together, despite Ruth's marriage to Kurt Benson. Meanwhile, after a football match, Mark Gibbs beats up Luke Morgan before raping him.

Hollyoaks: Leap of Faith

The 2003 late night special sees Ellie Mills try to kill herself before telling serial-killer husband Toby to hand himself in to the police. Toby realises he could not live without Ellie and ends up holding her hostage on a rooftop. As Toby prepares to jump with Ellie, Dan Hunter arrives and pushes Toby off the building, killing him.

Hollyoaks: After Hours

A four-part late night series broadcast in 2004. Lisa Hunter is whisked away to Paris with a man she meets in a hotel where she worked. Joe Spencer and his friends go on a night out that ends in disaster. Meanwhile Brookside character Matt Musgrove crosses over to the special.

Hollyoaks: In Too Deep

In 2004, Steph Dean is haunted by the ghost of one of Toby Mills' victims and she nearly drowns. Meanwhile Lee Hunter and Bombhead cause mayhem at the backstage of Steph's show.

Hollyoaks: Crossing the Line

The late night special broadcast in 2005 sees Andy Holt spike Dannii Carbone's drink with GHB before raping her. Andy then reveals his activities to his friend, Sam Owen, who agrees to join Andy to drug and rape girls. Meanwhile Chris tricks Lee Hunter into sleeping with a transvestite called Aphrodite. Elsewhere, Ben Davies and Lisa Hunter make friends with siblings Ally and Alex.

Hollyoaks: No Going Back

Following Crossing the Line, Andy drugs Sophie and Mel Burton. He rapes Mel and leaves Sam to rape Sophie, but he does not. Dannii tells Russ Owen that she was raped. He does not believe her so she attempts suicide. Mel, Sophie and Louise Summers stop her and report Andy to the police. Sam and Andy, both on the top of a cliff, are caught in a fight between themselves and Russ. Sam and Andy both fall over the cliff. Russ manages to grab the pair, however has to let one go, so lets Andy fall to his death.

Hollyoaks: Back from the Dead

In 2006, Andy Holt returns after surviving the fall and seeks his revenge against Russ by kidnapping his sister Nicole. As Russ, Sophie, Mel and Sam free Nicole, Andy escapes to the basement, where he runs into a metal spike, killing him.

Spin-off series

Hollyoaks: Movin' On

A new sixteen part series. Tony Hutchinson and Rory Finnigan open their new business venture. Meanwhile, after beating Ruth Osborne up, Lewis, racked by guilt, commits suicide. Ruth then leaves for Londonmarker.

Hollyoaks: Let Loose

A 2005 series following Ben Davies and Lisa Hunter as they depart Hollyoaks for a new life. Lisa and Ben's relationship is put to the test over Lisa's jealousy, however she agrees to give their relationship another go.

Hollyoaks: In the City

The title sequence of Hollyoaks: In the City
See Hollyoaks: In the City

Lisa and Ben return to Liverpoolmarker, where Lisa is set up with a modelling agency. Ben spends the pair's entire savings on a bar. Lisa delves further up the career path and Ben has an illicit affair and is involved in dodgy dealings with Burton Phillips. Finally, Lisa ended up shooting and killing Ben.

Hollyoaks Later

See Hollyoaks Later

Series 1

See Hollyoaks Later

2008 series following Niall Rafferty as he returns for revenge on Steph Cunningham, Craig Dean and Tom Cunningham, which leads to the dramatic death of Niall. Meanwhile Kris and Malachy Fisher return to Ireland to attend their father's funeral as Malachy and Mercedes McQueen marry. Sarah Barnes, Nancy Hayton and Zoe Carpenter head off on a "girly" road trip as the Dirty Diegos enter 'Battle of the Bands'.

Series 2

See Hollyoaks Later

2009 follow up series broadcast in late September. It follows four main stories: Hannah, Rhys and Josh Ashworth go off to a music festival, where they encounter a dangerous drug dealer, Tony Hutchinson marries Cindy Cunningham after several mishaps, the McQueens go to London for Theresa's modelling and Sarah Barnes and Zoe Carpenter are joined by Sarah's jealous girlfriend Lydia Hart on a parachute jump which leads to Sarah's death after Lydia sabotages her parachute.

Hollyoaks: The Morning After the Night Before

See Hollyoaks: The Morning After the Night Before

Josh Ashworth heads off to party with Dave Colburn in Manchestermarker in the on-line spin-off which features the down side to binge drinking.

Other series

Hollyoaks Backstage

See Hollyoaks Backstage

Weekly on-line documentary showing behind the scenes action from Hollyoaks actors, who show viewers the wardrobe and make-up rooms and also the Hollyoaks set.

Hollyoaks: The Good, the Bad and the Gorgeous

A drama-documentary shown on E4 on 2 October 2009. Ste Hay and Cheryl Brady go to a cinema where old clips from Hollyoaks are being shown by a familiar face. It was presented by Bernard Latham who played Gordon Cunningham. For the episode, special sequences were filmed between old clips of the show. They parodied such films as Stanley Kubrick's The Shining and Randal Kleiser's Grease.

The Hollyoaks Music Show

Sponsored by Matalan, The Hollyoaks Music Show is a weekly music show presented by Rick Edwards which began broadcasting on T4 on 17 October 2009. The ten, thirty-minute episode series shows music performed by bands within the Hollyoaks set. Such acts including The Saturdays, Mr Hudson, Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder, N-Dubz and Calvin Harris as well as some unsigned acts. The show featured some of the Hollyoaks cast and fans of the show in the audience.


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