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Intelmarker has historically named integrated circuit (IC) development projects after geographical names of towns, rivers or mountains near the location of the Intel facility responsible for the IC. Many of these are in the American West, particularly in the state of Oregonmarker (where most of Intel's CPU projects are designed; see well-known project codenames). As Intel's development activities have expanded, this nomenclature has expanded to Israelmarker and Indiamarker. Some older codenames refer to celestial bodies. There is a pattern with recent desktop processors. Since Core 2 all quad-core desktop processors tend to end in "field" (e.g. Kentsfield, Bloomfield), all desktop dual-cores end in "dale" (e.g. Wolfdale, Allendale, Arrandale) and platforms consisting of a CPU plus a Southbridge end in "trail" (e.g. Bone Trail, Skull Trail, Pine Trail). Server processors for two sockets now end in "town" (e.g. Harpertown, Gainestown, Gulftown), while server processors for four or more sockets end in "ton" (Tigerton, Dunnington, Beckton).

The following table lists known Intel codenames along with a brief explanation of their meaning and their likely namesake.

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Codename Category Description Named after Date
Alderwood Chipset Intel 925X/XE chipset possibly named after a location in Snohomish County, Washington; see Alderwood.
Aliceton CPU the successor to Tigerton reference unknown
Allendale CPU a version of the Intel Core 2 processor Allendale is the name of several places in the USA; see Allendale.
Almador Chipset a Pentium III-M chipset probably named after Amador County, Californiamarker
Alviso Chipset a Pentium M chipset Mobile (915 Express series) Alvisomarker, a small neighborhood in San Jose, California, the closest San Jose neighborhood to Intel's Santa Clara headquarters.
Anchor Creek CPU, Chipset Smithfield + Lakeport/Glenwood reference unknown, possibly a stream in Californiamarker.
Aries Chipset Intel 420EX chipset probably Aries
Arrandale CPU Formerly called Auburndale. reference unknown
Aruba Chipset Intel AR440BX chipset Probably named after Arubamarker, an island of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea
Auburndale CPU a dual-core mobile processor in the Nehalem architecture, later called Arrandale. Auburndale is the name of various places in the US.
Averill Platform a desktop platform based on the Conroe processor possibly named after Averillmarker, a town in Essex County, Vermont.
Balboa Chipset Intel 440LX chipset possibly named after Balboamarker, a subsection of the city of Newport Beach, Orange County, California.
Banias Proecssor The first Pentium M processor Baniasmarker, an ancient site in the Golan Heights
Banister Chipset Intel 440MX Pentium Pro/II/III chipset reference unknown
Bearlake Chipset Successor to the 965 series (P35 Express) Bear Lakemarker, a natural freshwater lake divided by the Utah-Idaho border in the Western United States.
Beckton/Becton (the correct spelling may be either Beckton or Becton) CPU Nehalem-based MP-capable processor unknown, possibly after Becton Street in Klamath Falls, Oregonmarker.
Bensley Platform Bensley platform = Demspey & Woodcrest / Clovertown + Blackford chipset reference uncertain; possibly after Bensley Flat, Malheur County, Oregon, or Bensleymarker, a census-designated place in Chesterfield County, Virginia
Bigby Chipset chipsets for the 45 nm quad and dual core processors codenamed Yorkfield and Wolfdale reference unknown, perhaps Bagby Hot Springsmarker.
Blackford Chipset Intel 5000P/5000V/5000Z chipset Blackford is the name of various places. Reference unknown.
Bloomfield CPU Intel Core i7 920/940/965XE processors Bloomfield is the name of several places in the USA; see Bloomfield; possibly North Bloomfield, Oregon.
Boaz LAN Controller a LAN controller, part of the Montevina platform probably named after Boaz, a Biblical figure from the Old Testament. Alternatively, the place name Boaz, AL or Boaz, MOmarker.
Boazman LAN Controller a gigabit Ethernet controller Hebrew reference to the saying "the time has come"
Bonetrail Motherboard a motherboard optimized for gaming, related to 'Skulltrail' may be named after Bonetrail, a township in Williams County, North Dakotamarker
Bonnell CPU architecture processing core of Atom processor Mount Bonnellmarker, Austin, Texasmarker
Boxboro Second-generation PCIe bus Probably named after Boxboroughmarker, a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Breeds Hill i848P chipset Probably named after Breed%27s Hill, the actual site where the Battle of Bunker Hill took place during the American Revolution, located in the Charlestown section of Boston, Massachusetts
Bridge Creek Presler + Broadwater Probably named after Bridge Creek, a creek in Oregon
Briertown/Brierstown Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit (MSIC) to accompany Langwell reference unknown
Broadwater Chipset Intel P965/G965 Express chipsets reference unknown; possibly Broadwater, Nebraskamarker.
Brookdale Chipset Intel 845 series chipsets probably named after Brookdalemarker, an unincorporated town in Santa Cruz County, California. For other meanings see Brookdale.
Bulverde The PXA27x family of Xscale processors Bulverdemarker, a city in Comal County, Texas.
Calexico Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 or later 2200 (IEEE 802.11b) mini-PCI WiFi adapter, part of the Carmel platform Calexicomarker, a city in Imperial County, California.
Calistoga Intel Mobile 945 Express-series chipset, part of the Napa platform Calistogamarker, a city in Napa County, California.
Calpella mobile implementation of the Nehalem microarchitecture Calpella, an unincorporated community in Mendocino County, California
Camino Chipset Intel 820 chipset Camino, California. A small town in El Dorado County, California. Apple Hill is located in Camino.
Caneland Xeon MP platform which uses Tigerton Core 2 based CPUs. It has four dedicated point-to-point FSB connections to memory controller. reference unknown
Canmore an SoC for consumer electronics; successor to the CE2110 but based on the x86 instruction set rather than the ARM architecture possibly named after Canmore, Albertamarker
Canterwood Chipset Intel 875P chipset reference unknown
Cantiga chipset part of Montevina reference unknown
Carmel Platform first-generation Centrino platform as well as a Pentium II/III / Celeron chipset Carmel-by-the-Sea, Californiamarker. A small town with a rich artisic history located on the Monterey Peninsula.
Cascades CPU Second version of the Pentium III Xeon Cascade Range, a major mountain range of western North America, extending from southern British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California.
Caswell WiFi a processor technology for WiFi, integrated in the ICH6W I/O controller hub reference unknown
Cedar Mill CPU the final revision of the Pentium 4 Cedar Mill, a census-designated place and an unincorporated community in Washington County, Oregon, west of the Willamette Stonemarker.
Chevelon I/O Processor Intel IOP342 I/O Processor Probably named after a place in Arizona
Chivano CPU the first Itanium processor manufactured at 95 nm reference unknown
Clackamas CPU architecture later codename for the Intel 64 project, originally codenamed Yamhill Clackamas River, a river in Oregon
Clarkdale CPU Formerly Havendale Reference unknown
Clarksboro Chipset Intel E7500 chipset for the Caneland platform Reference uncertain. Clarksboromarker is a historic area of Gloucester County, New Jersey
Clarksfield CPU a quad-core mobile processor in the Nehalem architecture Clarksfieldmarker is a township in Huron County, Ohio, USA.
Clovertown CPU a Quad-core Xeon processor (A quad-core version of Woodcrest, consisting of two Woodcrest dies on a multi-chip module) reference unknown
Colusa Chipset a Xeon chipset either named after Colusa, Californiamarker or after Colusa County of which this city is the seat.
Conroe CPU the desktop variant of the first-generation Intel Core 2 Duo processor Conroemarker, Texas
Coppermine CPU the second-generation Pentium III processor reference unknown; for various meanings see Coppermine.
Copperriver Chipset chipsets based on Grantsdale/Alderwood models The Copper River or Ahtna River is a river in south-central Alaska in the United States
Cougar Point CPU Successor to Ibex Peak Possibly named after a peak in Edge Hills Provincial Park
Covington CPU first-generation Celeron processor Covington is the name of many places in the US. Referred here is probably Covingtonmarker, a city in King County, Washington.
Cranberry lake replacement of Bensley-VS Cranberry Lakemarker is a lake in the Adirondack Mountains and the Adirondack State Park in New York
Cranford an MP version of the Nocona reference unknown; for various meanings see Cranford.
Crestine a chipset for Yonah; the successor to the Express 945GM and 945PM mobile chipsets reference unknown
Crestline Intel Mobile 965 Express chipset Several places in the USA are called Crestline. Probably Crestlinemarker, California is referred here, a place in the San Bernardino Mountains.
Dana Point a wireless networking card for the Montevina platform supporting WiMAX Dana Pointmarker, a city in southern Orange County, California
Danbury a data protection engine for Eaglelake chipsets Danbury is the name of various places in the US. See Danbury
Deerfield CPU the fourth version of Itanium 2 Deerfield is the name of many places in the US.
Dempsey CPU the Dual-Core Xeon 5000-series reference unknown; for various meanings see Dempsey.
Deschutes CPU the second-generation Pentium II processor Deschutes County, Oregon or, more likely, Deschutes River, which runs through it.
Diamondville CPU a 45 nm, single-core 1.6 GHz processor Diamondville is a town in Lincoln County, Wyoming.
Dimona CPU the Dual Processor only version of Tukwila Dimonamarker is an Israeli city in the Negev desert
Dixon CPU mobile Pentium II PE ("Performance Enhanced") Dixon is the name of many places in the US. Referred here may be Dixonmarker, a city in Solano County, California.
Dothan CPU a Pentium M processor, successor to Banias Dothan, an ancient town in Israel
Drake CPU The first Xeon processor, released in 1998 as the Pentium II Xeon reference unknown
Dunnington A 45 nm successor to Tigerton, which is a hexa-core processor reference unknown; Dunningtonmarker is a village in Yorkshire, UK but this is not a likely reference.
Eaglelake Intel 4-series chipsets Eagle Lake is the name of many places in North America, including a town in Texas
East Fork Intel digital home PC platform East Fork is the name of several places in the US, including one in California (referring to the east fork of the Carson River).
Echo Peak a wireless networking card for the Montevina platform supporting WiMAX and 802.11b/g/n Echo Peakmarker, a mountain in the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the west of Lake Tahoe on the border of the Desolation Wilderness in El Dorado County, California.
Emerald Bay Intel EB440BX chipset Emerald Bay is a bay on the west side of Lake Tahoemarker, in California
Ephraim X25 solid-state drives Ephraim, the biblical figure
Evans Peak a wireless networking module for the Moorestown platform supporting WiMAX/Wi-Fi/GPS unclear, there are multiple Evans Peaks in the US
Fanwood the fifth version of Itanium 2 Fanwoodmarker, a borough in the US state of New Jersey?
Foster Initial variant of the 32-bit Xeon processor using the NetBurst architecture Foster is the name of various places in the US. Referred here is probably Foster, Oregon.
Foxhollow a chipset for workstation and servers on the Ibex Peak platform reference unknown
Foxton a power-management technology that was originally planned for inclusion in Montecito Foxton is the name of various places in England and New Zealand. US location unknown.
Gainestown a quad-core processor based on Intel's upcoming Nehalem microarchitecture reference unknown
Gallatin Pentium 4 Extreme Edition Gallatin is the name of various places in the US. Reference unknown.
Gallaway Presler/Cedarminll + Glenwood Probably named after Gallaway, Californiamarker
Garlow replacement of the Wyloway single processor platform reference unknown
Gaston Intel wireless Ethernet technology Gastonmarker is a city in Washington County, Oregon, United States
Geneseo the joint IBM/Intel extensions to PCI Express Geneseo is the name of several places in the United States. It is not known whether it concerns an Intel or IBM codename.
Gesher a 32 nm processor microarchitecture, the successor to Nehalem Named after the Hebrew word for 'bridge'. Because Gesher is also the name of a political party in Israel, Intel later changed the name to Sandy Bridge.
Gilgal Gigabit Ethernet chip Gilgal is a place name mentioned by the Hebrew Bible
Gilo CPU mobile processor based on the Nehalem microarchitecture probably named after Mount Gilo, a mountain close to Jerusalem; see Har Gilomarker.
Glenwood Intel 955X/975X chipset Glenwood is the name of various places in the US. Referred here is probably Glenwood, Washington.
Glidewell the workstation counterpart of the Bensley server platform reference unknown
Golan Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG mini-PCIe WiFi adapter, part of the Napa platform Golan, a city mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.
Granite Bay a Pentium 4 chipset Granite Baymarker, a census-designated place in Placer County, California.
Grantsdale Intel 915 Express chipset reference unknown; may be named after Grantsdale, Montana.
Greencreek Intel 5000X chipset Greencreek is the name of a town in Idaho County, Idaho. See List of places in Idaho/G
Gulftown Westmere-based Core i7 reference unknown
Harpertown a 45 nm, quad-core processor Harpertownmarker, a place in Kern Countymarker, California.
Havendale the desktop version of Auburndale, later called Clarkdale reference unknown
Haswell an octo-core processor based on the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture may be named after Haswell, Coloradomarker
Hondo the third version of Itanium 2 Hondomarker, the county seat of Medina County, Texas?
Ibex Peak a chipset for the Lynnfield and Havendale processors a summit in Inyo County, California
Irwindale Second version of the 64-bit Xeon processor Irwindalemarker, a city in Los Angeles County, California.
Ivy Bridge a 22 nm microarchitecture, the successor of Sandy Bridge reference unknown
Jasper Forest embedded storage x86 CPU (Gainestown + Tylerburg) reference unknown
Jayhawk the Xeon counterpart of Tejas reference unknown; for various meanings see Jayhawk
Juneau Intel JN440BX chipset Juneaumarker is the capital of the U.S. state of Alaska
Katmai the first Pentium III processor Probably named after Mount Katmaimarker, a volcano in the Katmai Park in Alaska, the site of a colossal 1912 eruption. Incidentally Katmai is also the codename of a Microsoft project: the next release of Microsoft SQL Server.
Kauai Intel KU440EX chipset Kauaimarker, the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands
Kedron Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n mini-PCIe WiFi adapter probably named after Kidron Valley, a valley near Jerusalem. Also see Kedron.
Kenai LAN chip probably named after one of several placed in Alaska called Kenai
Kentsfield the first quad-core version of the Core 2 processor reference unknown
Keifer a mini core reference unknown
Kevet a mini core a place in Ventura Countymarker, California
Kikayon a version of the Intel Core processor Kikayon is the Hebrew name of a plant mentioned in the Biblical Book of Jonah
Kings Creek a P-series chipset on the Ibex Peak platform Kings Creek, a creek at Lassen Peak, California
Kinneret LAN chip Yam Kinneretmarker, Israel's largest freshwater lake
Kittson Ninth generation Itanium processor possibly name after Kittson County, Minnesotamarker
Klamath the first-generation Pentium II processor Klamath is the name of a river that flows through Oregon and California and the name of adjacent counties in both of these states.
Kyrene a chipset, member of the Brookdale family Kyrene is a settlement situated in the state of Arizona [444548]
LaGrande Intel Trusted Execution Technology, a set of security features La Grande is a city in Union County, Oregon
Lakeport Intel 945 Express chipset Lakeport is a name of various places in the US. Referred here may be Lakeport, Californiamarker, the county seat of Lake County.
Langwell the I/O part of the 'Moorestown' system-on-a-chip platform for UMPCs and internet tablets reference unknown
Larrabee a mini-core , Larrabeemarker, Iowa, a city in Cherokee County, Iowa, United States or Larrabeemarker, Wisconsin, a town in Waupaca County, Wisconsin, United States. See Larrabee
Lincroft an SoC that's part of the Moorestown platform for UMPCs and internet tablets Lincroftmarker is a part of Middletown Township, in Monmouth County, New Jersey
Lindenhurst a Dual Xeon chipset Lindenhurst is the name of several places in the US. Reference unknown.
Little River Intel 945GU Express chipset Little River is the name of many places in the US, including a town in Mendocino County, California and a river in Oregon
Lynnfield] a quad-core Nehalem processor, successor to Bloomfield Lynnfield is a town in Essex County, Massachusetts.
Madison the second version of Itanium 2 Madison is the name of many places in the USA. Reference unknown.
Marathon Intel 2700G graphics accelerator reference uncertain
Matanzas Mobile On Embedded Socket P Merom-based design; a version of Santa Rosa. "Santa Rosa for Embedded Market" document hints a prerelease version of was available to some as early as May 2006. reference unknown
McCaslin Intel Ultra Mobile Platform 2007 , see also Intel A100 reference unknown
McCreary the third generation of vPro possibly named after McCreary County, Kentuckymarker
McKinley the first Itanium 2 processor Mount McKinleymarker or Denali in Alaska is the highest mountain peak in North America
Medfield 32-nm version of the Intel Atom possibly named after Medfield, Massachusettsmarker
Mendocino second-generation Celeron processor Mendocino Countymarker, California
Menlow successor to the A100 series of processors for UMPCs and internet access devices reference unknown
Merced The first version of the Itanium processor Merced River or Lake Mercedmarker, California
Mercury Intel 430LX chipset planet Mercury
Merom the first mobile version of the Core 2 processor Merom Lacus, a lake in the Hulah Valley of Israel
Millington Dual-core Itanium 2 processor Reference uncertain. Millingtonmarker is a town in Kent County and Queen Anne's County, Maryland but also the name of various other places. See Millington
Millville a stripped-down version of Allendale Millville is the name of various places in the US; likely Millville, Californiamarker is referred here.
Monahans the successor to Bulverde Monahans, a city in Texas; the county seat of Ward County.
Montara Intel mobile 852/855 series chipsets Montaramarker, a census-designated place in San Mateo County, California
Montecito a revision of the Intel Itanium 2 processor Montecitomarker, California
Montevina Intel Centrino 2 platform Montevina is a wine out of the Sierra Foothills, after the Italian word for mountain wine.
Montvale an upgraded version of the Montecito Itanium 2 Montvalemarker, New Jersey?
Moorestown Successor to Menlow Reference uncertain. Moorestownmarker is a place located in Lawrence County, Indiana. Other places by the name of Moorestown exist as well. It may also be a play on the name of Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel and author of Moore's law.
Morgan Hill i865GV chipset Morgan Hillmarker is a city located in the southern part of Santa Clara County, California
Mount Prospect Intel MP440BX chipset Mount Prospect is a village in Cook County, Illinois
Mukilteo a chipset for uniprocessor servers Mukilteomarker is a city in Snohomish County, Washington
Napa third-generation Centrino platform Napamarker is the county seat of Napa Countymarker, Californiamarker, home to the famous Napa Valley wine region.
Natoma Intel 440FX Pentium Pro/Pentium II chipset Probably Lake Natomamarker, Sacramento County, California.
Nehalem CPU architecture a processor microarchitecture developed by Intel and also the successor to Penryn The Nehalem River in Oregon, or possibly the town of Nehalemmarker in Tillamook County, Oregon.
Neptune Chipset Intel 430NX chipset planet Neptune
Nineveh LAN controller A Ethernet Controller. Single Port Gigabit PHY using GLCI/LCI. Ninevehmarker was an important city in ancient Assyria, referred to in the Book of Jonah
Nocona CPU Initial version of the 64-bit Xeon processor Noconamarker, a city in Montague County, Texas
Northwood CPU the second-generation Pentium 4 processor Northwood is the name of several places in the USA. See Northwood
Odem Chipset Intel 855PM chipset Mount Odemmarker in the Golan Heights
Orion Chipset Intel 450 series chipset probably Orion or Orion Nebula
Paxville the first Dual-Core Xeon Paxvillemarker, a town in Clarendon County, South Carolina
Penryn the second-generation mobile Core 2 Duo processor Penrynmarker, California, a town of about 2,000 and home to a granite quarry
Piketon a Q-series chipset on the Ibex Peak platform Piketonmarker, a village in Pike County, Ohio, US
Pine Trail a mobile platform pairing a Pineview CPU with a Tiger Point southbridge possibly a reference to Pineview, an earlier mobile processor
Pineview a processor of the Lincroft platform aimed at mobile devices Reference unknown. There is a town in the US state of Georgia called Pineviewmarker.
Placer a Xeon chipset Placer County, California
Plumas a Xeon chipset Plumas County, California
Potomac an MP version of the Nocona the Potomac River, which flows through West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, USA.
Poulsbo Chipset a second-generation UMPC chipset with GMA500 integrated graphics Poulsbomarker, a waterfront city in Kitsap County, Washington, United States. Named after Paulsbo, Norway, a mistake on the application for establishing a post office resulted in the town being officially named Poulsbo in 1886.
Poulson CPU architecture a future generation of Intel's Itanium 2 processor family, expected to come to market in 2009, after Tukwila reference unknown
Prescott CPU Third version of the Pentium 4 processor Prescott is the name of various places in the USA. Most likely Prescott, Oregonmarker.
Presler Pentium 4-based dual core processor (65 nm part) reference unknown
Prestonia Second version of the 32-bit Xeon processor Prestonia, a neighborhood five miles (8 km) southeast of downtown Louisville, Kentucky?
Reidland A family of Xeon processors and successor to the Truland platform Possibly named after Reidlandmarker, a census-designated place in McCracken County, Kentucky
Richford Richford platform = Tukwila/Poulson + Rose Hill chipset Richford is the name of various places in the US, in the states of New York, Wisconsin and Vermont. Reference unknown.
Robson a NAND flash-memory caching technology Possibly Mount Robsonmarker, the highest point in the Canadian Rockies. See Robson.
Rochester Intel RC440BX chipset Rochester is the name of many places in the US. Referred here may be Rochestermarker, a census-designated place in Thurston County, Washington
Salt Creek a platform based around Intel’s Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor and Core 2 Duo processors Salt Creek is the name of various places in the US. Reference unknown
Saltwell 32nm version of Atom reference unknown
San Clemente Chipset for LV and ULV dual core Xeons San Clementemarker is a city in Orange County, California
Sandy Bridge the processor formerly called Gesher reference unknown
Santa Rosa fourth-generation Centrino platform Santa Rosa, Californiamarker
Saturn Intel 420TX chipset planet Saturn
Seaburg successor of the 5000p chipset Seaburg is the name of a town in Idaho County, Idaho. See List of places in Idaho/S
Seattle Intel 440BX chipset Seattlemarker, the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is located in King County, of which it is the county seat.
Shelton a Celeron M processor Sheltonmarker, a city in Mason County, Washington
Shiloh a wireless module part of Montevina Shilohmarker, a biblical village and eponymous stream in the Samariamarker hills region of the West Bank and present-day Israeli settlement of the same namemarker. Also the name of various places in the US; see Shiloh.
Shirley Peak a WLAN module without WiMax formerly called 'Dana Point' Shirley Peak is a mountain in the Greenhorn Mountains of the Sierra Nevada, just northwest of Lake Isabella.
Sibley a 90-nm multi-level cell NOR flash memory possibly Sibley mountain in Sierra County, New Mexico
Silverdale Intel processor virtualization features Silverdalemarker is a census-designated place in Kitsap County, Washington
Silverthorne a processor designed for UMPCs and the successor to Steally. possibly named after Silverthornemarker, Colorado.
SkullTrail a dual CPU system set to rival the AMD Quad FX platform, aimed at gaming the name is most likely related to 'Bonetrail', an associated Intel motherboard
Smithfield the first version of the Pentium D processor Smithfield is the name of various places in the USA.
Sodaville a System on a Chip (SoC) product for consumer electronics devices, arriving in 2009 Sodavillemarker, a city in Linn County, Oregon, US
Solano Intel 815E/EP chipset Solano County, California
Sonoma second-generation Centrino platform Sonoma is the name of a town, a county, a valley and a stream in Northern California.
Sossaman the Dual-Core Xeon LV (Low Voltage) reference unknown
Springdale the 865 Pentium 4 chipset Springdale is the name of several places in the USA.
Steally a single-core mobile chip Possibly named after Steally, an unincorporated community in Oklahoma.
Stoakley Stoakley platform = Harpertown + Seaburg chipset Reference unknown. Stoakley is the name of a town in Ireland and in Maryland, USA.
Stoutland a CPU with integrated memory controller May be named after Stoutlandmarker, a village in Camden and Laclede County, Missouri
Sunrise Lake Intel IOP348 I/O Processor Reference uncertain, possibly to Sunrise Lakemarker in eastern New Hampshire, in the town of Middleton
Tanglewood a version of the Itanium processor, successor to Montvale Tanglewoodmarker, an estate and music venue in Lenox and Stockbridge, Massachusetts or Tanglewood, a neighborhood in Houston, Texas. See Tanglewood .
Tanner Initial version of the Pentium III Xeon Tanner probably refers to Tannermarker, a place in King County, Washington.
Tehama Chipset Intel 850/850E chipset Mount Tehamamarker, an ancient volcano in northern California.
Tejas CPU Intel's microprocessor which was to be a successor to the latest Pentium 4 with Prescott core Tejas has several meanings; see Tejas.
Thurley Platform Thurley platform = Gainestown CPU + Tylersburg chipset Likely a member of the Thurley family
Tiger Point Chipset a southbridge chipset for the Atom platform reference unknown
Tigerton CPU A quad-core, MP-capable processor to be released in place of Whitefield Tigertonmarker, a village in Shawano County, Wisconsin?
Tillamook CPU a Pentium MMX P55C for notebooks probably named after Tillamook, Oregonmarker, the county seat of Tillamook County, Oregon, and situated on the Tillamook River which empties into Tillamook Baymarker
Timna SoC Abanoned x86-based SoC project Timnamarker, a city in southern Israel. Oldest copper mine in the world (Timnamarker was based on Coppermine).
Tolapai SoC x86-based system-on-a-chip possibly Tolapai Spring, Arizona
Tonga CPU Pentium II Mobile processor Unknown; see Tonga
Triton Chipset Intel 430FX chipset probably refers to Triton, a city in Washington, USA.
Truland Platform Truland platform = Paxville/Tulsa + E8501 chipset reference unknown
Trumbull Flash Memory a 180-nm multi-level cell NOR flash memory Mount Trumbull in Mojave County, Arizona
Tualatin CPU third-generation Pentium III processor; also name of derived fourth-generation Celeron processor, nicknamed ‘’Tualeron’’ Tualatin Valleymarker or the Tualatin River in Oregon, where Intel has large manufacturing and design facilities
Tukwila CPU Tanglewood renamed, after the Tanglewood Music Center in Massachusetts demanded a switch Tukwilamarker, Washington
Tulloch CPU Intel i855 Tulloch is the name of a reservoir in Tuolumne Countymarker, California.
Tulsa CPU the 7100 series, an improved version of Paxville MP Tulsamarker, the second-largest city in the U.S. state of Oklahoma and the county seat of Tulsa County.
Tumwater Chipset a Dual Xeon chipset Tumwatermarker is a city in Thurston County, Washington next to the Deschutes River.
Twin Castle Chipset Intel E8500 chipset reference unknown
Tylersburg Chipset X58 chipset, successor of X38, X48 and P45 May be named after a place in Pennsylvania
Tyax Flash memory a 130-nm multi-level cell NOR flash memory probably Tyax Mountain in the Chilocotin Mountains of British Columbia, Canada
Val Vista Chipset Intel IOC340 I/O Controller reference unknown
Vanderpool CPU architecture an x86 Virtualization technology Vanderpoolmarker, a small settlement in Bandera County, Texas.
Warm Springs Intel WS440BX chipset "Warm Springs" is the name of many places in the US. Referred here may be Warm Springsmarker, an unincorporated community in the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, in Oregon
Westmere the 32 nm shrink of Nehalem Possibly named after Westmeremarker, a hamlet in Albany County, NY
Whitefield CPU a quad-core processor, partially based on Woodcrest, using the new Common System Interface (CSI) bus. This project was cancelled and replaced with the Tigerton processor on the Caneland platform. CSI technology won’t appear until the second-generation 45 nm processor Nehalem. Whitefield is the name of several places in the USA, India, and the United Kingdom; see Whitefield.
Whitney Chipset Intel 810 series chipset Whitney is the name of several places in the USA including Whitney, Oregonmarker, Whitney, Texasmarker and Mount Whitneymarker, the highest peak in the contiguous United States.
Willamette CPU the first Pentium 4 processor Willamette River or the Willamette Valley region of Oregon, where a large number of Intel manufacturing facilities are located
Windigo WWAN Controller WWAN Internet access via HSDPA cellular networks Possibly Lake Windigomarker, Minnesota.
Woodcrest CPU a dual-core Xeon DP Woodcrest, a census-designated place in Riverside County, California
Wolfdale 45 nm desktop dual-core processor (based on 'Penryn', the 45 nm incarnation of the Core 2 Duo architecture) possibly Wolfdale, a census-designated place in Washington County, Pennsylvania
Wyloway platform for single-processor workstations Possibly named after Wyloway, a settlement in the state of Georgia in United States [444549]
Yamhill CPU architecture the Intel 64 CPU architecture Yamhill is the name of several places and geographical features in Oregon; referred here is likely the Yamhill River in Oregon's Willamette Valley.
Yonah CPU architecture Intel's Pentium M line, after Banias and Dothan, branded Intel Core, developed at Intel Development Center Israel. Yonah "Dove" in Hebrew.
Yorkfield CPU architecture The 45 nm version of the Yorkfield Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Duo cpus. reference unknown
Xeon the server series processors references to Zion (pronounced TZION in Hebrew is the biblical name for Jerusalem)


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