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This is the list of the episodes for the Americanmarker cooking television series and competition Iron Chef America, produced by Food Network. The series is based on the Japanese series Iron Chef and is a cooking competition in which a challenger chef "battles" one of the resident "Iron Chefs" by cooking five or more dishes in a one-hour time slot based around a theme ingredient.


Battle of the Masters: 2004

Iron Chef America was first aired as a mini-series entitled Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters. For Battle of the Masters, two of the original Iron Chefs competed along with three Food Network personalities in various match ups with one another.

Episode Show # Iron Chefs "Challenger" Iron Chef Secret Ingredient Winner
0 IASP05 A special behind-the-scenes preview episode. No battles took place.
1 IANS01 Bobby Flay Hiroyuki Sakai Trout Bobby Flay
2 IANS02 Mario Batali Masaharu Morimoto Spiny lobster Mario Batali
3 IANS03 Wolfgang Puck1 Masaharu Morimoto Eggs Wolfgang Puck
4 IANS04 Bobby Flay & Masaharu Morimoto Mario Batali & Hiroyuki Sakai Fruits de Mer (Scallops, Langostine, and Sea Urchin) Bobby Flay & Masaharu Morimoto

 This is Wolfgang Puck's only battle as an Iron Chef.

Season 1: 2005

Episode Show # Iron Chef Challenger Challenger specialty Secret Ingredient Winner
1 IA1A01 Masaharu Morimoto Roberto Donna2 Italian Scallops Masaharu Morimoto
2 IA1A02 Mario Batali Anita Lo Contemporary American Mushrooms (various) Anita Lo
3 IA1A03 Masaharu Morimoto Rob Feenie French-Asian Crabs (various) Rob Feenie
4 IA1A04 Mario Batali Scott Q. Campbell New American Cheese (various) Mario Batali
5 IA1A05 Bobby Flay Govind Armstrong Seasonal California Squash (various) Bobby Flay
6 IA1A06 Bobby Flay Ming Tsai Chinese Fusion Duck Ming Tsai
7 IA1A07 Mario Batali Roberto Trevino Latin American Catfish Mario Batali
8 IA1A08 Cat Cora Alex Lee Contemporary French Potato (various) Cat Cora
9 IA1A09 Bobby Flay Rick Bayless Traditional Mexican Buffalo Bobby Flay
10 IA1A10 Mario Batali Michael Laiskonis Neo-classical Chocolate and coconut Mario Batali
 Roberto Donna completed only two of the required set of 5 dishes. 

Season 2: 2005

Episode Show # Iron Chef Challenger Challenger specialty Secret Ingredient Winner
1 IA0204 Mario Batali Todd English Mediterranean Pizza dough Mario Batali
2 IA0213 Cat Cora Kerry Simon Modern American Hamburger Kerry Simon
3 IA0201 Bobby Flay Adam Perry Lang Barbecue Chicken Bobby Flay
4 IA0203 Masaharu Morimoto Aarón Sanchez Latin American Black bass Draw
5 IA0202 Mario Batali Traci Des Jardins French-California Shrimp (various) Traci Des Jardins
6 IA0211 Cat Cora Sam Choy Hawaiian/Chinese Clams (various) Cat Cora
7 IA0207 Bobby Flay Michelle Bernstein Nuevo Latin/Fusion Sweet onion Michelle Bernstein
8 IA0214 Masaharu Morimoto Michael Symon American/Mediterranean Asparagus Masaharu Morimoto
9 IA0208 Mario Batali Tamara Murphy3 Pan-Mediterranean Crawfish Mario Batali
10 IA0206 Masaharu Morimoto Tom Douglas Northwest Pan Pacific Wild Chinook salmon Tom Douglas
11 IA0205 Bobby Flay "The Two Hot Tamales"
(Mary Sue Milliken & Susan Feniger)4
Southwest Turkey Draw
12 IA0212 Mario Batali Wylie Dufresne Eclectic New American Tilapia Mario Batali
13 IA0209 Bobby Flay David Burke Contemporary American/French Lamb Bobby Flay
14 IA0210 Cat Cora Neal Fraser New American Pork Neal Fraser

Tamara Murphy is the first female challenger to lose to the Iron Chef.

In this match Milliken and Feniger only had one sous-chef compared to two for Flay; to balance out the three-to-a-kitchen rule.

Season 3: 2006–2007

Episode Show # Iron Chef Challenger Challenger specialty Secret Ingredient Winner
1 IA0301 Mario Batali John Besh French Andouille John Besh
2 IA0302 Bobby Flay Beau MacMillan Organic Contemporary American American Kobe beef Beau MacMillan
3 IA0303 Cat Cora Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo Eclectic Eggplant Cat Cora
4 IA0304 Bobby Flay Ralph Pagano New American Barramundi Bobby Flay
5 IA0310 Masaharu Morimoto Roberto Donna7 Italian Squid Roberto Donna
6 IA0306 Bobby Flay Laurent Tourondel French Goat cheese Laurent Tourondel
7 IA0305 Mario Batali Ludovic Lefebvre French Bigeye tuna Mario Batali
88 IA0312 Bobby Flay Susur Lee Chinese/Asian Fusion Bacon Draw
9 IA0307 Masaharu Morimoto Christophe Eme9 French Lobster Masaharu Morimoto
10 IA0315 Bobby Flay Morou Ouattara10 African/Middle Eastern/French Fusion Frozen peas Bobby Flay
11 IA0308 Cat Cora Walter Scheib Americanmarker Dungeness crab Walter Scheib
12 IA0309 Bobby Flay Josh Dechellis Asian Chicken eggs Bobby Flay
13 IA0311 Cat Cora Michael Psilakis Greek Puff pastry Cat Cora
14 IA0314 Mario Batali Rick Tramonto & Gale Gand French (Tramonto), Pastry (Gand) Fennel Mario Batali
15 IA0316 Masaharu Morimoto Patricia Yeo11 Asian/Fusion Tofu Masaharu Morimoto
16 IA0322 Bobby Flay David Bull American Regional Wild boar Bobby Flay
17 IA0317 Cat Cora Elizabeth Falkner12 Pastry Honey Cat Cora
18 IA0313 Cat Cora Joey Campanaro American/Mediterranean Venison Cat Cora
1913 IASP19 Giada De Laurentiis & Bobby Flay Rachael Ray & Mario Batali Italian (De Laurentiis), Quick & Easy (Ray) Cranberries Rachael Ray & Mario Batali
20 IA0318 Mario Batali Richard Blais Modern American Chickpeas Mario Batali
21 IA0320 Cat Cora Walter Royal14 Southern Regional Ostrich Walter Royal
2215 IA0324 Bobby Flay “The Caribbean Cowboy” Johnny Vinczencz Caribbean Islands Citrus Bobby Flay
23 IA0321 Mario Batali Ian Chalermkittichai Modern Thai Lentils Mario Batali
24 IA0323 Masaharu Morimoto Homaro Cantu Postmodern Beets Homaro Cantu

 Roberto Donna is the first chef to request a re-match.

Episode was first aired on Food Network Canada on May 3rd, 2006.

Eme brought only one sous-chef to the competition; his other sous-chef was needed to operate his restaurant in his absence.

Chef Morou won a Washington D.C. preliminary competition in December, 2005 for the chance to compete on the show.

Patricia Yeo is the first former ICA sous chef (under Bobby Flay) to compete against an Iron Chef.

Elizabeth Falkner was a sous chef under Cat Cora for several ICA episodes.

This was a special 90-minute episode that pitted two guest Food Network personalities against each other. Each personality was paired with an Iron Chef.

 Walter Royal had a third sous chef for the first five minutes of the competition. This sous chef, who primarily participated by peeling potatoes, was a 12-year old working in a mentor program with Chef Royal.

 This first aired on the Throwdown! with Bobby Flay Marathon on January 1, 2007.

Season 4: 2007

Episode Show # Iron Chef Challenger Challenger specialty Secret Ingredient Winner
116 IA0403 Bobby Flay Graham Bowles Progressive Chocolate Bobby Flay
2 IA0404 Bobby Flay Lynn Crawford17 Contemporary Canadian Peanuts Bobby Flay
318 IA0409 Mario Batali & Tony Abou-Ganim Robert Gadsby & Bridget Albert Progressive American (Gadsby), Mixologist (Abou-Ganim & Albert) Mango Mario Batali & Tony Abou-Ganim
4 IA0410 Bobby Flay Marc Murphy French-Italian Breakfast19 Bobby Flay
5 IA0405 Bobby Flay José Andrés Modern Spanish Goat José Andrés
6 IA0406 Masaharu Morimoto Linton Hopkins Southern Sablefish Masaharu Morimoto
7 IA0401 Mario Batali Chris Cosentino Italian Garlic Mario Batali
8 IA0402 Cat Cora David Myers Modern French Oysters Cat Cora
9 IA0408 Masaharu Morimoto Tim Love Urban Western Chilis Tim Love
10 IA0407 Bobby Flay Peter Kelly Modern American Cowboy Ribeye20 Peter Kelly

 First aired on Food Network Canada on February 11, 2007.

Lynn Crawford is the third Canadian chef (after Feenie and Lee) and first Canadian woman to compete in Kitchen Stadium. She is a Food Network Canada personality as part of the series Restaurant Makeover.

This episode featured guest "Mixologists" paired with each competing chef. The Mixologists were required to prepare drinks to go with each chef's five dishes that also highlighted the secret ingredient.

Consisted of bacon, various breads, chicken eggs, maple syrup, orange juice, and pork sausage.

Chosen to highlight grilling as a cooking method as part of Food Network's "Grillin' & Chillin'" Week.

Season 5: 2007

Episode Show # Iron Chef Challenger Challenger specialty Secret Ingredient Winner
1 IA0502 Bobby Flay Ben Ford Regional American Blue foot chicken Bobby Flay
2 IA0508 Mario Batali Tony Liu Pan-European Opah Mario Batali
3 IA0509 Cat Cora Alexandra Guarnaschelli Eclectic French-American Farmers' Market21 Cat Cora
4 IA0501 Mario Batali Andrew Carmellini Urban Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano Mario Batali
5 IA0504 Cat Cora Mark Tarbell Seasonal Organic Apples Mark Tarbell
6 IA0506 Bobby Flay Kurt Boucher French-American Arctic char Bobby Flay
7 IA0510 Mario Batali Charles Clark New American Halibut Mario Batali
8 IA0507 Cat Cora Mary Dumont French-American Milk and cream Cat Cora
922 IASP07 Michael Symon Ricky Moore Contemporary American23 Thanksgiving24 Michael Symon
1025 IASP08 Cat Cora & Paula Deen Tyler Florence & Robert Irvine Southern (Deen), Contemporary American (Florence), Fusion (Irvine) Sugar Cat Cora & Paula Deen
11 IA0503 Cat Cora Todd Richards Modern Southern Carrots Cat Cora
1226 IA0505 Masaharu Morimoto Fortunato Nicotra Seasonal Italian Kampachi Masaharu Morimoto

Consisted of fresh ingredients purchased from the Union Square Farmer's Market in New York City. The offerings consisted of a variety of winter vegetables, fruit and Guinea fowl.

An ICA special based around Symon's debut battle as an Iron Chef.

Other than his preference for farm-fresh ingredients, no formal specialty was announced for Moore. This is the cuisine style attributed to Agraria in Washington, D.C., where Moore is executive chef.

Consisted of traditional American Thanksgiving staples: turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, corn, and pumpkin.

An ICA special which featured two teams consisting of a Food Network personality paired with an Iron Chef facing off in a "holiday dessert" battle, with each team having one sous chef instead of the usual two.

First aired on Food Network on January 20, 2008, after the airings of the first two episodes of Season 6.

Season 6: 2008

Episode Show # Iron Chef Challenger Challenger specialty Secret Ingredient Winner
1 IA0601 Mario Batali Jamie Oliver27 Fresh and Organic Cobia Mario Batali
228 IA0602 Michael Symon Guy Rubino Modern Asian Rabbit Michael Symon
329 IA0603 Cat Cora Alex Stupak Pastry Chocolate Alex Stupak
4 IA0605 Bobby Flay Kent & Kevin Rathbun Modern Western Elk Kent & Kevin Rathbun
5 IA0607 Cat Cora Lee Hillson Mediterranean Ham Cat Cora
6 IA0608 Bobby Flay Akira Back Modern Asian Spinach Bobby Flay
7 IA0604 Masaharu Morimoto Tyson Cole Contemporary Japanese Ginger Masaharu Morimoto
8 IA0610 Cat Cora Ken Oringer Contemporary Euro-Asian Coffee Ken Oringer
9 IA0612 Bobby Flay Martin Rios Traditional Southwestern Tomato Bobby Flay
10 IA0609 Bobby Flay Bob Iacovone Continental Creole Langoustine Bobby Flay
11 IA0611 Mario Batali Paul Bartolotta Mediterranean Rice Mario Batali
12 IA0606 Bobby Flay Marcus Samuelsson Modern Scandinavian/World Cuisine Corn Bobby Flay
13 IA0616 Michael Symon April Bloomfield Seasonal British and Italian Olives April Bloomfield
14 IA0613 Masaharu Morimoto Michael Cimarusti French and Seafood Blackfish Michael Cimarusti
15 IA0614 Bobby Flay Gabrielle Hamilton Contemporary American Zucchini Gabrielle Hamilton
16 IA0617 Masaharu Morimoto Tyson Wong Ophaso Chinese Curry Masaharu Morimoto
17 IA0618 Bobby Flay Jose Garces Modern Spanish and Latin American Melon30 Jose Garces
18 IA0615 Bobby Flay Floyd Cardoz New Indian Snails Bobby Flay

Oliver's sous chefs were Gennaro Contaldo, his mentor at London's Neal Street Restaurant and his "mate" Andrew Parkinson, also a trained chef, both of whom have previously appeared with him on his television programs.

First aired on Food Network on January 1, 2008, following a marathon replay of The Next Iron Chef.

First aired on Food Network Canada on February 10, 2008 as part of a chocolate-themed program marathon.

First aired during "Brain Freeze Week". In keeping with the theme, The Chairman stipulated each dish must include a frozen element.

Season 7: 2008-2009

Episode Show # Iron Chef Challenger Challenger specialty Secret Ingredient Winner
1 IA0703 Michael Symon David Adjey31 Artistic / European Sturgeon Draw
2 IA0701 Bobby Flay Daniel Angerer European Beer Daniel Angerer
3 IA0702 Cat Cora Art Smith32 American organic with Southern influences Cheddar cheese Cat Cora
4 IA0704 Michael Symon Chris Cosentino33 "Nose-to-Tail" Rustic Italian Offal34 Michael Symon
535 IASP09 Bobby Flay and Michael Symon Cat Cora and Masaharu Morimoto Iron Chef First Thanksgiving36 Bobby Flay and Michael Symon
6 IASP10 Michael Symon Cat Cora Iron Chef Chocolate Michael Symon
7 IA0710 Michael Symon Nate Appleman Regional Italian/Pizza Suckling pig Michael Symon
8 IA0705 Bobby Flay Sabrina Tinsley Italian Fresh beans Bobby Flay
9 IA0711 Michael Symon Fabio Trabocchi Italian Basil Michael Symon
10 IA0714 Bobby Flay Amanda Freitag37 American Alaskan King Crab Bobby Flay
11 IA0709 Cat Cora Mourad Lahlou Moroccan Redfish Mourad Lahlou
12 IA0708 Bobby Flay David Kinch Contemporary French Cabbage David Kinch
13 IA0712 Cat Cora Koren Grieveson Mediterranean Butter Draw
14 IA0707 Masaharu Morimoto Sam Mason Sweet/savory Skirt steak Masaharu Morimoto
15 IA0713 Michael Symon Gavin Kaysen38 French Octopus Gavin Kaysen
16 IA0706 Bobby Flay Phillipe Excoffier French Dorade Bobby Flay
17 IA0723 Bobby Flay Sue Torres Mexican Bananas Bobby Flay
18 IA0717 Michael Symon Akhtar Nawab New American Pineapple Michael Symon
19 IA0716 Michael Symon Francois Kwaku-Dongo African/French Artichoke Michael Symon
20 IA0720 Cat Cora Brad Farmerie39 Freestyle Fusion Maple syrup Brad Farmerie
21 IA0715 Masaharu Morimoto Jehangir Mehta Indian Coconut Masaharu Morimoto
22 IASP12H Michael SymonEmily Tillman and Jacob Micale (apprentices) Katelyn Remick (lead chef) Tyler Burke and Julie Fiedler (sous chefs) World cuisines Balsamic vinegar Michael SymonEmily Tillman and Jacob Micale
23 IA0722 Bobby Flay Daisley Gordon Contemporary French Berries Bobby Flay
24 IA0719 Masaharu Morimoto Anthony Amoroso Seafood Branzino Anthony Amoroso
25 IA0718 Cat Cora David Walzog Steak Cherries Cat Cora
26 IA0721 Masaharu Morimoto Paul Virant New American Pheasant Masaharu Morimoto
27 IA0724 Cat Cora Charles Phan Vietnamese Almonds Cat Cora
28 IASP13H Bobby FlayShintaro Okamoto Masaharu MorimotoTakeo Okamoto Iron ChefIce Sculpture Eggnog with service on ice sculptures Masaharu MorimotoTakeo Okamoto40

According to the program notes, Adjey and Symon were roommates at the Culinary Institute of Americamarker. Adjey is also a Food Network Canada personality as part of the series Restaurant Makeover.

Art Smith is the first Iron Chef judge to later appear as a Challenger.

Cosentino was a competitor of Symon's on The Next Iron Chef, and was previously defeated by Mario Batali in Battle Garlic.

A special Halloween episode, featuring organ meats (heart, kidney, sweetbreads, tripe, liver) from a variety of animals along with off-cuts such as pig's trotters and coxcomb. The episode also featured appearances by Igor and The Monster from the Broadway production of "Young Frankenstein."

This is the first episode in which the new Iron Chef jackets are worn.

Secret ingredients included duck, heritage turkey, venison, walnuts, Indian corn, lobster and leeks.

One of Amanda Freitag's sous chefs was Ariane Duarte, a contestant on the fifth season of Top Chef. Duarte is not a chef at Freitag's restaurant.

Kaysen was a former competitor on The Next Iron Chef; this was his first battle in Kitchen Stadium.

One of Brad Farmerie's sous chefs was Mark Simmons, a contestant on the fourth season of Top Chef. He is a sous chef at Farmerie's restaurant Public.

Takeo and Shintaro Okamoto previously appeared on Will Work for Food, training Adam Gertler to sculpt ice for an event.

Win-Loss Records

Win/loss records for the Iron Chefs:

Iron Chef Specialty Win Loss Draw Total Win %1
Mario Batali Italian 19 4 0 23 82.6%
Cat Cora Greek & Mediterranean 15 11 1 27 57.4%
Bobby Flay Southwestern 27 13 2 42 66.7%
Masaharu Morimoto2 Japanese 14 10 1 25 58.0%
Michael Symon3 Mediterranean 10 2 1 13 80.8%

 Based on weighted average (.5 victory for a draw). The win/loss data is based on the performance of the Iron Chef in Iron Chef America: The Series and the Battle of the Masters.

Morimoto's record includes his battle as a competitor in the Battle of the Masters.

Symon's record does not include his loss to Morimoto in Battle Asparagus, or his victory over John Besh in the finale of The Next Iron Chef as Symon did not hold the title Iron Chef during either battle.




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