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The London Underground is a metro system in the United Kingdom that serves Greater Londonmarker and adjacent districts of Essex, Hertfordshiremarker and Buckinghamshire. Its first section opened in 1863, making it the oldest underground metro system in the world. The system operates below ground in central London but runs on the surface in the outlying suburbs. Approximately 55 per cent of its routes are above ground. The system comprises 12 lines (one of which is currently closed), serving 270 Underground stations. Integrated with, but formally separate from the London Underground, is the Docklands Light Railway. It serves 40 stations in eastmarker and south-east Londonmarker. Both systems are operated by Transport for London (TfL).Most of the combined network is north of the River Thames with stations in the City of Londonmarker or one of twenty-seven London boroughs. Stations at the north-eastern end of the Central line are in the Epping Forest district of Essex and at the north-western end of the Metropolitan line are in the Three Rivers and Watfordmarker districts of Hertfordshire and the Chilternmarker district of Buckinghamshire.


The Central area of the London Underground system shown geographically
This list includes all current stations on the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway. Listed for each station is the line or lines serving it, the local authority and London Travelcard zone in which it is located, the date it opened, previous names and passenger usage statistics in millions per year.There are three instances where two separate stations share the same name: Edgware Roadmarker, Hammersmith and Canary Wharf. On the Tube map, Paddingtonmarker is shown as two separate stations, although it is one station with access to differing tube lines either side of the mainline platforms.

|| Barbicanmarker || Metropolitan 
Hammersmith & City || City of Londonmarker || || || || Aldersgate Street: 1865–1910

Aldersgate: 1910–23

Aldersgate & Barbican: 1923–68 ||

|| Becontreemarker || District || Barking and Dagenhammarker ||   ||   ||   || Gale Street: 1926–32 ||
|| Belsize Parkmarker || Northern || Camdenmarker ||   ||   ||   || Belsize: Proposed before opening ||
|| Boroughmarker || Northern || Southwarkmarker ||   ||   ||   ||  ||
|| Boston Manormarker || Piccadilly  || Ealingmarker
Hounslowmarker || align=center | 4 || || || Boston Road: 1883–1911 ||
|| Bow Churchmarker || DLR  || Tower Hamletsmarker ||   ||   ||   ||  ||
|| Bow Roadmarker || District 
Hammersmith & City || Tower Hamletsmarker || || || || ||
|| Burnt Oakmarker || Northern || Barnetmarker ||   ||   ||   || Sheaves Hill/Orange Hill/Deansbrook: Proposed before opening

Burnt Oak: 1924–28

Burnt Oak (Watling): 1928– suffix gradually dropped ||
|| Cheshammarker || Metropolitan || Chilternmarker  ||  align=center | 9 ||   ||   ||  ||
|| Chigwellmarker || Central || Epping Forest ||   ||   ||   ||  ||
|| Chorleywoodmarker || Metropolitan || Three Rivers ||   ||   ||   || Chorley Wood 1889–1915

Chorley Wood & Chenies: 1915–34

Chorley Wood: 1934–64 ||
|| Clapham Commonmarker || Northern || Lambethmarker ||   ||   ||   ||  ||
|| Edgware Roadmarker || Bakerloo || City of Westminstermarker ||   ||   ||   ||  ||
|| Edgware Roadmarker || Hammersmith & City  
Circle || City of Westminstermarker || || || || ||

|| Monumentmarker || District 
Circle || City of Londonmarker || || || || King William Street: Proposed before opening

East Cheap: 1884 ||
Station Line(s) Local Authority Zone(s) Opened Mainline
Other name(s) Usage
Acton Townmarker District
Ealingmarker Mill Hill Park: 1879–1910
Aldgatemarker Metropolitan
City of Londonmarker
Aldgate Eastmarker Hammersmith & City
Tower Hamletsmarker Commercial Road: Proposed before opening
All Saintsmarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
Alpertonmarker Piccadilly Brentmarker Perivale-Alperton: 1903–10
Amershammarker Metropolitan Chilternmarker Amersham: 1892–1922

Amersham & Chesham Bois: 1922–34
Angelmarker Northern Islingtonmarker
Archwaymarker Northern Islingtonmarker Archway Tavern: Proposed before opening

Highgate: 1907–39

Archway (Highgate): 1939–41

Highgate (Archway): 1941–47
Arnos Grovemarker Piccadilly Enfieldmarker Bowes Road: Proposed before opening
Arsenalmarker Piccadilly Islingtonmarker Gillespie Road: 1906–32

Arsenal (Highbury Hill): 1932– suffix gradually dropped
Baker Streetmarker Metropolitan
Hammersmith & City

City of Westminstermarker
Balhammarker Northern Wandsworthmarker
Bankmarker Waterloo & City

City of Londonmarker City (W&C line): 1898–1940

Lombard Street (Northern line): Proposed before opening
Barkingmarker District
Hammersmith & City
Barking and Dagenhammarker
Barkingsidemarker Central Redbridgemarker
Barons Courtmarker District
Hammersmith and Fulhammarker
Bayswatermarker District
City of Westminstermarker Bayswater: 1868–1923

Bayswater (Queen's Road) & Westbourne Grove: 1923–33

Bayswater (Queen's Road): 1933–46

Bayswater (Queensway): 1946– suffix gradually dropped
Becktonmarker DLR Newhammarker
Beckton Parkmarker DLR Newhammarker
Bermondseymarker Jubilee Southwarkmarker
Bethnal Greenmarker Central Tower Hamletsmarker Bethnal: Proposed before opening
Blackfriarsmarker District
City of Londonmarker
Blackhorse Roadmarker Victoria Waltham Forestmarker
Blackwallmarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
Bond Streetmarker Central
City of Westminstermarker Davies Street: Proposed before opening

Selfridge's: Proposed in 1909
Bounds Greenmarker Piccadilly Haringeymarker Brownlow Road: Proposed before opening
Brent Crossmarker Northern Barnetmarker Woodstock: Proposed before opening

Brent: 1923–76
Brixtonmarker Victoria Lambethmarker
Bromley-by-Bowmarker District
Hammersmith & City
Tower Hamletsmarker Bromley: 1858–1968
Buckhurst Hillmarker Central Epping Forest
Caledonian Roadmarker Piccadilly Islingtonmarker Barnsbury: Proposed before opening
Camden Townmarker Northern Camdenmarker Camden Road: Proposed before opening
Canada Watermarker Jubilee Southwarkmarker
Canary Wharfmarker Jubilee Tower Hamletsmarker
Canary Wharfmarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
Canning Townmarker DLR
Cannon Streetmarker District
City of Londonmarker
Canons Parkmarker Jubilee Harrowmarker Canons Park (Edgware): 1932–33
Chalfont & Latimermarker Metropolitan Chilternmarker 8 Chalfont Road: 1889–1915
Chalk Farmmarker Northern Camdenmarker Adelaide Road: Proposed before opening
Chancery Lanemarker Central City of Londonmarker
Chancery Lane: 1900–34

Chancery Lane (Grays Inn): 1934– suffix gradually dropped
Charing Crossmarker Bakerloo
City of Westminstermarker Trafalgar Square (Bakerloo line): 1906–79

Charing Cross (Northern line): 1907–14

Charing Cross (Strand) (Northern line): 1914–15

Strand (Northern line): 1915–79
Chiswick Parkmarker District Ealingmarker Acton Green: 1879–87

Chiswick Park & Acton Green: 1887–1910
Clapham Northmarker Northern Lambethmarker Clapham Road: 1900–26
Clapham Southmarker Northern Wandsworthmarker Nightingale Lane: Proposed before opening
Cockfostersmarker Piccadilly Enfieldmarker Trent Park: Proposed before opening
Colindalemarker Northern Barnetmarker
Colliers Woodmarker Northern Mertonmarker
Covent Gardenmarker Piccadilly City of Westminstermarker
Crossharbourmarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker Crossharbour: 1987–94

Crossharbour & London Arena: 1994–2007
Croxleymarker Metropolitan Three Rivers Croxley Green: 1925–49
Custom Housemarker DLR Newhammarker Victoria Dock
Cutty Sark

for Maritime Greenwich
DLR Greenwichmarker 2 & 3
Cyprusmarker DLR Newhammarker
Dagenham Eastmarker District Barking and Dagenhammarker Dagenham: 1888–1949
Dagenham Heathwaymarker District Barking and Dagenhammarker Heathway: 1932–1949
Debdenmarker Central Epping Forest Chigwell Road: 1865

Chigwell Lane: 1865–1949
Deptford Bridgemarker DLR Lewishammarker
Devons Roadmarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
Dollis Hillmarker Jubilee Brentmarker
Ealing Broadwaymarker District
Ealing Commonmarker District
Ealingmarker Ealing Common: 1879–86

Ealing Common and West Acton 1886–1910
Earl's Courtmarker District
Kensington and Chelseamarker
East Actonmarker Central Hammersmith and Fulhammarker
East Finchleymarker Northern Barnetmarker
East Hammarker District
Hammersmith & City
East Indiamarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
East Putneymarker District Wandsworthmarker
Eastcotemarker Metropolitan
Edgwaremarker Northern Barnetmarker
Elephant & Castlemarker Northern
Elm Parkmarker District Haveringmarker
Elverson Roadmarker DLR Greenwichmarker
Embankmentmarker District

City of Westminstermarker Charing Cross (District line): 1870–1915

Embankment (Bakerloo line): 1906–14

Charing Cross (Embankment) (Bakerloo & Northern lines): 1914–15

Charing Cross: 1915–74

Charing Cross Embankment: 1974–6
Eppingmarker Central Epping Forest
Eustonmarker Northern
Camdenmarker Melton Street: Proposed before opening
Euston Squaremarker Metropolitan
Hammersmith & City

Camdenmarker Gower Street: 1863–1909
Fairlopmarker Central Redbridgemarker
Farringdonmarker Metropolitan
Hammersmith & City

Islingtonmarker Farringdon Street: 1863–1922

Farringdon & High Holborn: 1922–36
Finchley Centralmarker Northern Barnetmarker Finchley & Hendon: 1867–72

Finchley: 1872–96

Finchley (Church End): 1896–1940
Finchley Roadmarker Metropolitan
Finsbury Parkmarker Piccadilly
Fulham Broadwaymarker District Hammersmith and Fulhammarker Walham Green: 1880–1952
Gallions Reachmarker DLR Newhammarker
Gants Hillmarker Central Redbridgemarker Ilford North/Cranbrook: Proposed before opening
Gloucester Roadmarker District

Kensington and Chelseamarker Brompton (Gloucester Road): 1868–1907
Golders Greenmarker Northern Barnetmarker
Goldhawk Roadmarker Hammersmith & City Hammersmith and Fulhammarker
Goodge Streetmarker Northern Camdenmarker Tottenham Court Road: 1907–08
Grange Hillmarker Central Redbridgemarker
Great Portland Streetmarker Metropolitan
Hammersmith & City

City of Westminstermarker Portland Road: 1863–1917

Great Portland Street: 1917–23

Great Portland Street & Regent's Park: 1923–33
Greenfordmarker Central Ealingmarker
Green Parkmarker Piccadilly

City of Westminstermarker Dover Street: 1906–33
Greenwichmarker DLR Greenwichmarker
Gunnersburymarker District Hounslowmarker Brentford Road: 1869–71
Hainaultmarker Central Redbridgemarker
Hammersmithmarker District
Hammersmith and Fulhammarker
Hammersmithmarker Hammersmith & City Hammersmith and Fulhammarker
Hampsteadmarker Northern Camdenmarker Heath Street: Proposed before opening
Hanger Lanemarker Central Ealingmarker
Harlesdenmarker Bakerloo Brentmarker
Harrow & Wealdstonemarker Bakerloo Harrowmarker Harrow: 1837–97
Harrow-on-the-Hillmarker Metropolitan Harrowmarker Harrow: 1880–94
Hatton Crossmarker Piccadilly Hillingdonmarker
Heathrow Terminals 1, 2, 3marker Piccadilly Hillingdonmarker Heathrow Central: 1976–83

Heathrow Central Terminals 1, 2, 3: 1983–86
Heathrow Terminal 4marker Piccadilly Hillingdonmarker
Heathrow Terminal 5marker Piccadilly Hillingdonmarker
Hendon Centralmarker Northern Barnetmarker
Heron Quaysmarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
High Barnetmarker Northern Barnetmarker
Highbury & Islingtonmarker Victoria Islingtonmarker Highbury: 1867–1922
Highgatemarker Northern Haringeymarker
High Street Kensingtonmarker District
Kensington and Chelseamarker Kensington: Proposed before opening
Hillingdonmarker Metropolitan
Hillingdonmarker Hillingdon: 1923–34

Hillingdon (Swakeleys) 1934– suffix gradually dropped
Holbornmarker Central
Camdenmarker Holborn: 1906–1933

Holborn (Kingsway): 1933– suffix gradually dropped
Holland Parkmarker Central Kensington and Chelseamarker Lansdown Road: Proposed before opening
Holloway Roadmarker Piccadilly Islingtonmarker Holloway: Proposed before opening
Hornchurchmarker District Haveringmarker
Hounslow Centralmarker Piccadilly Hounslowmarker 4 Heston Hounslow: 1886–1925
Hounslow Eastmarker Piccadilly Hounslowmarker 4 Hounslow Town: 1909–25
Hounslow Westmarker Piccadilly Hounslowmarker 5 Hounslow Barracks: 1884–1925
Hyde Park Cornermarker Piccadilly City of Westminstermarker
Ickenhammarker Metropolitan
Island Gardensmarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
Kenningtonmarker Northern Lambethmarker New Street: Proposed before opening
Kensal Greenmarker Bakerloo Brentmarker
Kensington Olympiamarker District Kensington and Chelseamarker Kensington: 1844–68

Kensington (Addison Road): 1868–1946
Kentish Townmarker Northern Camdenmarker
Kentonmarker Bakerloo Brentmarker
Kew Gardensmarker District Richmondmarker
Kilburnmarker Jubilee Brentmarker Kilburn and Brondesbury: 1879–1950
Kilburn Parkmarker Bakerloo Brentmarker
King George Vmarker DLR Newhammarker
Kingsburymarker Jubilee Brentmarker
King's Cross St. Pancrasmarker Metropolitan
Hammersmith & City

Camdenmarker King's Cross (Metropolitan line): 1863–1925

King's Cross & St. Pancras (Metropolitan line): 1925–33

King's Cross (Piccadilly line): 1906–27

King's Cross for St. Pancras (Piccadilly line): 1927–33

King's Cross for St. Pancras {Northern line}: 1907–33
Knightsbridgemarker Piccadilly Kensington and Chelseamarker Sloane Street: Proposed before opening
Ladbroke Grovemarker Hammersmith & City Kensington and Chelseamarker Notting Hill: 1864–80

Notting Hill & Ladbroke Grove: 1880–1919

Ladbroke Grove (North Kensington): 1919–38
Lambeth Northmarker Bakerloo Lambethmarker Kennington Road: 1906

Westminster Bridge Road: 1906–17
Lancaster Gatemarker Central City of Westminstermarker 1 Westbourne: Proposed before opening
Langdon Parkmarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
Latimer Roadmarker Hammersmith & City Kensington and Chelseamarker
Leicester Squaremarker Piccadilly
City of Westminstermarker 1 Cranbourn Street: Proposed before opening
Lewishammarker DLR Lewishammarker
Leytonmarker Central Waltham Forestmarker Low Leyton: 1856–68
Leytonstonemarker Central Waltham Forestmarker
Limehousemarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker Stepney Junction, Stepney East (adjacent mainline station)
Liverpool Streetmarker Metropolitan
Hammersmith & City

City of Londonmarker 1 Bishopsgate: 1875–1909
London Bridgemarker Northern
London City Airportmarker DLR Newhammarker
Loughtonmarker Central Epping Forest
Maida Valemarker Bakerloo City of Westminstermarker Elgin Avenue: Proposed before opening
Manor Housemarker Piccadilly Hackneymarker
Mansion Housemarker District
City of Londonmarker
Marble Archmarker Central City of Westminstermarker
Marylebonemarker Bakerloo City of Westminstermarker Lisson Grove/Marylebone: Proposed before opening

Great Central: 1907–17
Mile Endmarker District
Hammersmith & City

Tower Hamletsmarker
Mill Hill Eastmarker Northern Barnetmarker Mill Hill: 1867–1928

Bittacy Hill: Proposed 1940
Moorgatemarker Metropolitan
Hammersmith & City

City of Londonmarker 1 Moorgate Street {Metropolitan line): 1865–1924
Moor Parkmarker Metropolitan Three Rivers Sandy Lodge: 1910–23

Moor Park & Sandy Lodge: 1923–50
Mordenmarker Northern Mertonmarker North Morden: Proposed before opening
Mornington Crescentmarker Northern Camdenmarker Seymour Street: Proposed before opening
Mudchutemarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
Neasdenmarker Jubilee Brentmarker Kingsbury & Neasden: 1880–1910

Neasden & Kingsbury: 1910–32
Newbury Parkmarker Central Redbridgemarker

North Actonmarker Central Ealingmarker
North Ealingmarker Piccadilly Ealingmarker
North Greenwichmarker Jubilee Greenwichmarker
North Harrowmarker Metropolitan Harrowmarker
North Wembleymarker Bakerloo Brentmarker
Northfieldsmarker Piccadilly Ealingmarker Northfield Halt: 1908–11

Northfields & Little Ealing: 1911–32
Northoltmarker Central Ealingmarker
Northwick Parkmarker Metropolitan Brentmarker Northwick Park & Kenton: 1923–33
Northwoodmarker Metropolitan Hillingdonmarker
Northwood Hillsmarker Metropolitan Hillingdonmarker
Notting Hill Gatemarker District

Kensington and Chelseamarker
Oakwoodmarker Piccadilly Enfieldmarker East Barnet/Merryhills: Proposed before opening

Enfield West: 1933–34

Enfield West (Oakwood): 1934–46
Old Streetmarker Northern Islingtonmarker
Osterleymarker Piccadilly Hounslowmarker 4 Osterley & Spring Grove: 1883–1934
Ovalmarker Northern Lambethmarker Kennington Oval: Proposed before opening

The Oval: 1890–94
Oxford Circusmarker Central

City of Westminstermarker
Paddingtonmarker Hammersmith & City

City of Westminstermarker Paddington (Bishop's Road) (Hammersmith & City line): 1863–1933

Paddington (Praed Street) (Circle line): 1868–1948
Park Royalmarker Piccadilly Ealingmarker Park Royal & Tywford Abbey: 1903–31

Park Royal: 1931–36

Park Royal (Hanger Hill): 1936–47
Parsons Greenmarker District Hammersmith and Fulhammarker
Perivalemarker Central Ealingmarker Perivale Halt: 1904–1947
Piccadilly Circusmarker Bakerloo
City of Westminstermarker 1
Pimlicomarker Victoria City of Westminstermarker 1
Pinnermarker Metropolitan Harrowmarker
Plaistowmarker District
Hammersmith & City
Pontoon Dockmarker DLR Newhammarker
Poplarmarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
Preston Roadmarker Metropolitan Brentmarker
Prince Regentmarker DLR Newhammarker
Pudding Mill Lanemarker DLR Newhammarker
Putney Bridgemarker District Hammersmith and Fulhammarker Putney Bridge & Fulham: 1880–1902

Putney Bridge & Hurlingham: 1902–32
Queen's Parkmarker Bakerloo Brentmarker Queen's Park (West Kilburn): 1879–1915
Queensburymarker Jubilee Brentmarker
Queenswaymarker Central City of Westminstermarker 1 Queen's Road: 1900–46
Ravenscourt Parkmarker District Hammersmith and Fulhammarker Shaftesbury Road: 1877–88
Rayners Lanemarker Metropolitan
Redbridgemarker Central Redbridgemarker Ilford West/Red House: Proposed before opening
Regent's Parkmarker Bakerloo City of Westminstermarker 1
Richmondmarker District Richmondmarker
Rickmansworthmarker Metropolitan Three Rivers
Roding Valleymarker Central Redbridgemarker

Royal Albertmarker DLR Newhammarker
Royal Oakmarker Hammersmith & City City of Westminstermarker 2
Royal Victoriamarker DLR Newhammarker
Ruislipmarker Metropolitan
Hillingdonmarker 6
Ruislip Gardensmarker Central Hillingdonmarker
Ruislip Manormarker Metropolitan
Hillingdonmarker 6
Russell Squaremarker Piccadilly Camdenmarker
St. James's Parkmarker District
City of Westminstermarker 1
St. John's Woodmarker Jubilee City of Westminstermarker 2 Acacia Road: Proposed before opening
St. Paul'smarker Central City of Londonmarker Newgate Street: Proposed before opening

Post Office: 1900–37
Seven Sistersmarker Victoria Haringeymarker
Shadwellmarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker Shadwell: 1884–1900

Shadwell & St George's-in-the-East 1900–18
Shepherd's Bushmarker Central Hammersmith and Fulhammarker
Shepherd's Bush Marketmarker Hammersmith & City Hammersmith and Fulhammarker Shepherd's Bush: 1864–2008
Sloane Squaremarker District
Kensington and Chelseamarker
Snaresbrookmarker Central Redbridgemarker Snaresbrook & Wanstead: 1856–1947
South Ealingmarker Piccadilly Ealingmarker
South Harrowmarker Piccadilly Harrowmarker
South Kensingtonmarker District

Kensington and Chelseamarker
South Kentonmarker Bakerloo Brentmarker
South Quaymarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
South Ruislipmarker Central Hillingdonmarker Northolt Junction: 1908–32

South Ruislip & Northolt Junction: 1932–47
South Wimbledonmarker Northern Mertonmarker Merton Grove: Proposed before opening

South Wimbledon: 1926–28

South Wimbledon (Merton): 1928– suffix gradually dropped
South Woodfordmarker Central Redbridgemarker George Lane: 1856–1937

South Woodford (George Lane): 1937–50
Southfieldsmarker District Wandsworthmarker
Southgatemarker Piccadilly Enfieldmarker Chase Side: Proposed before opening
Southwarkmarker Jubilee Southwarkmarker
Stamford Brookmarker District Hammersmith and Fulhammarker
Stanmoremarker Jubilee Harrowmarker
Stepney Greenmarker District
Hammersmith & City
Tower Hamletsmarker
Stockwellmarker Northern
Stonebridge Parkmarker Bakerloo Brentmarker
Stratfordmarker Central

Sudbury Hillmarker Piccadilly Ealingmarker
Sudbury Townmarker Piccadilly Brentmarker

Swiss Cottagemarker Jubilee Camdenmarker
Templemarker District
City of Westminstermarker
Theydon Boismarker Central Epping Forest Theydon: 1865
Tooting Becmarker Northern Wandsworthmarker Trinity Road (Tooting Bec): 1926–50
Tooting Broadwaymarker Northern Wandsworthmarker
Tottenham Court Roadmarker Central
City of Westminstermarker 1 Oxford Street (Northern line): 1907–08
Tottenham Halemarker Victoria Haringeymarker
Totteridge & Whetstonemarker Northern Barnetmarker Totteridge: 1872–74
Tower Gatewaymarker DLR City of Londonmarker 1
Tower Hillmarker District
Tower Hamletsmarker Tower of London: 1882–84

Mark Lane: 1884–1946
Tufnell Parkmarker Northern Islingtonmarker
Turnham Greenmarker District
Hounslowmarker 2 & 3
Turnpike Lanemarker Piccadilly Haringeymarker Ducketts Green/Harringay: Proposed before opening
Upminstermarker District Haveringmarker
Upminster Bridgemarker District Haveringmarker
Upneymarker District Barking and Dagenhammarker
Upton Parkmarker District
Hammersmith & City
Uxbridgemarker Metropolitan
Vauxhallmarker Victoria Lambethmarker
Victoriamarker District

City of Westminstermarker
Walthamstow Centralmarker Victoria Waltham Forestmarker
Wansteadmarker Central Redbridgemarker

Warren Streetmarker Northern
Camdenmarker Euston Road: 1907–08
Warwick Avenuemarker Bakerloo City of Westminstermarker 2 Warrington Crescent: Proposed before opening
Waterloomarker Waterloo & City

Watfordmarker Metropolitan Watfordmarker
Wembley Centralmarker Bakerloo Brentmarker Sudbury: 1842–82

Sudbury & Wembley: 1882–1910

Wembley for Sudbury: 1910–48
Wembley Parkmarker Metropolitan
West Actonmarker Central Ealingmarker
West Bromptonmarker District Kensington and Chelseamarker Richmond Road: Proposed before opening
West Finchleymarker Northern Barnetmarker
West Hammarker District
Hammersmith & City

Newhammarker West Ham: 1901–1924

West Ham (Manor Road): 1924–69
West Hampsteadmarker Jubilee Camdenmarker
West Harrowmarker Metropolitan Harrowmarker
West India Quaymarker DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
West Kensingtonmarker District Hammersmith and Fulhammarker North End (Fulham): 1874–77
West Ruislipmarker Central Hillingdonmarker Ruislip & Ickenham: 1906–47

West Ruislip (for Ickenham): 1947– suffix gradually dropped
West Silvertownmarker DLR Newhammarker
Westbourne Parkmarker Hammersmith & City City of Westminstermarker
Westferry DLR Tower Hamletsmarker
Westminstermarker District

City of Westminstermarker Westminster Bridge: 1868–1907
White Citymarker Central Hammersmith and Fulhammarker
Whitechapelmarker District
Hammersmith & City
Tower Hamletsmarker Whitechapel (Mile End): 1884–1901
Willesden Greenmarker Jubilee Brentmarker
Willesden Junctionmarker Bakerloo Brentmarker
Wimbledonmarker District Mertonmarker
Wimbledon Parkmarker District Mertonmarker
Wood Greenmarker Piccadilly Haringeymarker Lordship Lane: Proposed before opening
Wood Lanemarker Hammersmith and City Hammersmith and Fulhammarker
Woodfordmarker Central Redbridgemarker
Woodside Parkmarker Northern Barnetmarker Torrington Park, Woodside: 1872–82

Woodside Park for North Finchley: 1882–1931

Woodside Park and North Finchley for Woodside Garden Suburb: 1931–40
Woolwich Arsenalmarker DLR Greenwichmarker

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* Where more than one line serves a station, lines are listed in the order of opening. In some cases stations were first served by one underground line but later transferred to another:
:a First served by Metropolitan line – Circle line services separately identified in 1949.
:b First served by Metropolitan line – Circle line services separately identified in 1949, Hammersmith & City line services separately identified in 1990.
:c First served by Metropolitan line – District line service added in stages, Circle line services separately identified in 1949.
:d First served by Metropolitan line – Hammersmith & City line services separately identified in 1990.
:e First served by Metropolitan line – service transferred to Bakerloo line in 1939 and then to the Jubilee line in 1979.
:f First served by Metropolitan line – Bakerloo line service added in 1939 which was transferred to the Jubilee line in 1979.
:g First served by Bakerloo line – service transferred to Jubilee line in 1979.
:h First served by District line – service transferred to Piccadilly line in 1933.
:i First served by District line – Circle line services separately identified in 1949.
:j First served by District line – Metropolitan line service added in stages which was transferred to Hammersmith & City line in 1990.
:k First served by Metropolitan line – District line service added in 1910 which was transferred to Piccadilly line in 1933.
:l First served by District line – service transferred to Piccadilly line in 1964.


  1. Six London boroughs (Bexley, Bromley, Croydon, Kingston, Lewisham and Sutton) are not served by the system. The London Borough of Hackney has two stations on its border.
  2. The London Underground uses a system of nine concentric zones for the calculation of fares between stations. Fares between any station in one zone and any station in another are the same, irrespective of the start and end points of the journey or the route used.
  3. The other names listed may have been used previously on station signage, on network maps, in advertisements or in planning material – In the early years, slightly different names were sometimes employed contemporaneously for different purposes or on different parts of a station. A number of stations continue to bear obsolete early names where these form part of the physical architecture. For example, the platform wall tiling at Arsenal, Hampstead, Marylebone and Warren Street still carries the original names of these stations.
  4. All Usage statistics (total entry plus exits) are in millions per year for 2008 – . TfL does not publish usage data for the DLR.
  5. Blackfriars underground station closed on 2 March 2009 for reconstruction in conjunction with the rebuilding of the main line station. The station is due to reopen in late 2011 –

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