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Notable software MIDI editors and sequencers are listed in the following table.

Software Platform License Developer Notes
Anvil Studio Microsoft Windows Proprietary (Freeware version exists) Willow Software
Adobe Audition Microsoft Windows Proprietary Adobe Systems
Band-in-a-Box Mac OS, Microsoft Windows Proprietary PG Music
BarsnPipes actual version of Bars&Pipes Professional AmigaOS, MorphOS.

(previously B&P Pro was available for AmigaOS and Microsoft Windows and was proprietary)
Freeware Alfred Faust BarsnPipes site
Click MusicalKEYS Microsoft Windows Freeware Bapuli Online A free musical keyboard for Windows

Craterfish Midi Editor Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. Proprietary Nicholas Hoza Craterfish Midi Editor Site

A free online midi editor built around QuickTime's JavaScript API. Saves to native format, and does not yet support file importing.
Cubase Mac OS, Microsoft Windows

(also previously for Atari ST)
Proprietary Steinberg
Digital Performer Mac OS Proprietary Mark of the Unicorn
DirectMusic Producer Windows Freeware Microsoft part of DirectMusic SDK
Finale Windows, Mac OS X Proprietary (Freeware version exists) Makemusic, Inc. Composition and sequencing program, with various versions, including freeware (v. 2008 and earlier) "NotePad" version.
FreeWRL Mac OS, Linux GPL Open Source, managed by John A. Stewart integrates 3D graphics with MIDI devices
FL Studio Windows Proprietary Image-Line Software
GarageBand Mac OS Proprietary Applemarker Import only, saves to native format
GNMIDI Windows Shareware Günter Nagler MIDI file converter, karaoke editor
Guitar Pro Mac OS, Windows Proprietary Guitar Pro
GNU LilyPond FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS, Windows GPL Export only
HD-Rec AmigaOS, MorphOS Proprietary Thilo Köhler HD-Rec site
Indaba Music Mac OS, Microsoft Windows/Windows Proprietary [253062]
JAZZ++ Windows, Linux Open Source MIDI sequencer with track window, piano roll window, audio signal processing
JFugue Linux, Windows, Mac OS (Java-based) LGPL, open source Programming library (API)
KeyKit Linux, Windows Free for non-commercial use, source available
Live Mac OS, Windows Proprietary Ableton
Logic Mac OS

(also previously for Windows)
Proprietary Applemarker/Emagic
Jammer Songmaker/Pro Windows Proprietary Soundtrek Jammer website
LMMS Linux, Windows GPL File format is XML
MasterTracks Pro Mac OS, Windows

(also previously for Atari ST)
Proprietary GVox file formats: proprietary (.mts), also .mid 0 & 1 ex- import
MIDI to MP3 Converter for Mac Mac OS Shareware ManiacTools MIDI file converter
Melody Assistant Mac OS, Windows Shareware Myriad Software
MidiCond Mac OS,Windows,Linux Proprietary A. Scheutzow Tempo manipulation for live conducting and recording
MidiSwing Mac OS,Windows,Linux Freeware P. Naidon MIDI sequencer. MIDI recording, editing, and playback. Support for .kar karaoke files.
MIDI Converter Studio Windows Shareware ManiacTools MIDI file converter, karaoke converter
Mixcraft Windows Proprietary Acoustica Audio and MIDI sequencer. Support for VSTis, MIDI recording, editing, and playback.
Mozart Windows Proprietary David Webber
MusE Linux GPL
MuseScore Linux, Windows, Mac OS GPL Werner Schweer Music notation software with full MusicXML support
Musical MIDI Accompaniment (MMA) Linux, Windows, Mac OS GPL Bob van der Poel MMA homepage
MusicPhrase Windows Glasus
Music Studio Independence/Producer Windows Frieve Freeware; MSI is Nagware/Shareware, MSP is free.
Notation Composer Windows Proprietary Notation Software, Inc. MIDI recording,editing and playback, with notation transcription of MIDI data for score writing
NEMIDi - Online Editor Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari. Freeware Davi Oliveira NEMIDi Online Midi Editor

A simple and powerful online midi editor. You can import, export, trim, cut, transpose, change the tempo (bpm), manipulate tracks and others .
NoteEdit Linux GPL
NoteWorthy Composer Windows Proprietary Noteworthy Software Can import and export MIDI data, but only edit and display it as a musical score.
Overture Mac OS, Windows Proprietary Geniesoft Notation/tab/piano-roll, MIDI/step sequencing, VST/VSTi host
PianoCheater Windows Freeware Steve Hazel for a PIANO player [253063]
PianoRollComposer Windows Freeware JDMCox Software [253064]
Podium Windows Proprietary Zynewave
Power Tracks Pro Audio Mac OS, Microsoft Windows Proprietary PG Music Full-featured MIDI sequencing and digital audio recording with editing, playback and printing
Pro Tools Mac OS, Windows Proprietary Digidesign
Quartz AudioMaster Windows Freeware Digital Sound Planet Required to register on their forum to download. (Registration also requires entering home address and full name)
REAPER Windows Proprietary Cockos
Reason Mac OS, Windows Proprietary Propellerhead
Renoise Mac OS, Windows, Linux Shareware
Rosegarden Linux GPL
Seq24 Linux, Windows GPL
Samplitude Windows Proprietary MAGIX Digital Audio Workstation
Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer Windows Proprietary Roni Music MIDI sequencer, recording, editing, and playback. Support for .kar karaoke files. It has piano roll visualization
Temper (former Sequitur) Windows Proprietary Angry Red Planet
Sibelius Mac OS, Windows Proprietary Sibelius
Sonar Windows Proprietary Cakewalk
TuxGuitar Linux, Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD (Java-based) GPL, open source
TiMidity++ Linux GPL

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