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Members of Norwegianmarker, Swedishmarker, and Danishmarker royal families have been Norwegian monarchs. Norwegian territories were not united until about 860 and were ruled by jarls. Harald Fairhair united the territories about 860, creating the Norwegian kingdom and founding the Fairhair dynasty.

Norway was under the control of Danish monarchs from 1380 until 1814. During this time, several political entities were created which included both Norway and Denmark. Margaret I of Denmark created the Union of Kalmar in 1397, merging the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. In 1481, after the death of Christian I, Sweden abandoned the Union and a two-year interregnum in Norway resulted. Many Norwegians wished to remain in union with Denmark; others preferred to join with Sweden. In 1536, after the Swedish secession, the Kingdom of Denmark–Norway was formed; it included the dependencies of Icelandmarker, Greenlandmarker, and the Faroe Islandsmarker and lasted until 1814. In that year, Norway briefly regained independence but, after several months, was forced into union with Sweden. Since 1905, Norway has been a constitutional monarchy ruled by a cadet line of the Danish House of Glücksburg.

Early regnal dates are traditional and of uncertain accuracy. Before the Norwegian Law of Succession was introduced in 1163, inheritance of the throne was an affair filled with deep conflicts; in many cases, brothers would initially share it. Early Viking kings are listed using the name common in historic sources, with the Norwegian name in parentheses.


P Period of rulership
 I  Independent period
 D  Union with Denmarkmarker
 S  Union with Swedenmarker
 DS  Union with Denmarkmarker and Swedenmarker
 R  Interregnum

Rulers of Norway

P Name Dynasty From Until Notes
I Harald Fairhair

(Harald Hårfagre)
I Eirik Bloodaxe

(Eirik Blodøks)
I Håkon the Good

(Håkon den Gode)
I Harald Greycloak

(Harald Gråfell)
I Earl Haakon

(Håkon Jarl)
Jarls Earl Haakon was the last Jarl to be the King of Norway.
I Olaf Tryggvason

(Óláfr Tryggvason)
D Sveinn Hákonarson Jarls
D Eiríkr Hákonarson

(Eiríkr jarl Hákonarson)
D Håkon Eiriksson Jarls
I Olaf Haraldsson, Saint Olav

(Sankt Olav / Olav den Hellige)
D Canute the Great

(Knut den Mektige)
D Håkon Eiriksson Jarls
D Sveinn Knútsson Fairhair
I Magnus the Good

(Magnus den Gode)
I Harald Hardrule

(Harald Hardråde)
I Magnus Haraldsson Fairhair
I Olaf the peaceful

(Olaf Kyrre)
I Håkon Magnusson Fairhair
I Magnus Barefoot

(Magnus Berføtt)
I Olaf Magnusson Fairhair
I Øystein Magnusson Fairhair
I Sigurd the Crusader

(Sigurd Jorsalfar)
I Magnus the Blind

(Magnus Blinde)
I Harald Gille Fairhair
I Sigurd Mouth

(Sigurd Munn)
I Øystein Haraldsson Fairhair
I Inge Hunchback

(Inge Krokrygg)
I Haakon the Broadshouldered

(Håkon Herdebrei)
I Magnus Erlingsson Hardrada
I Sverre Sigurdsson Sverre /1184
I Håkon Sverreson Sverre
I Guttorm Sigurdsson Sverre
I Inge Bårdsson Gille
I Håkon IV Håkonsson Sverre
I Magnus the law-mender

(Magnus Lagabøte)
I Eirik Magnusson Sverre
I Håkon V Magnusson Sverre
S Magnus Eriksson Bjelbo
S Håkon VI Magnusson Bjelbo
I Håkon VI Magnusson Bjelbo
D Olav IV Håkonsson Bjelbo
DS Margaret I

(Margrethe I)

(Eric of Pomerania)
DS Sigurd Jonsson

Regent ("drottsete")
DS Christopher of Bavaria Wittelsbach
R Sigurd Jonsson

Regent ("rikens forstandare")
S Carl I of Norway

(Karl Knutsson Bonde)
DS Christian I Oldenburg
R Interregnum
R Jon Svaleson

Regent ("drottsete")
D Hans Oldenburg
D Christian II Oldenburg
D Frederick I Oldenburg
D Christian III Oldenburg
D Frederick II Oldenburg
D Christian IV Oldenburg
D Frederick III Oldenburg
D Christian V Oldenburg
D Frederick IV Oldenburg
D Christian VI Oldenburg
D Frederick V Oldenburg
D Christian VII Oldenburg
D Frederick VI Oldenburg
I Christian Frederik Oldenburg
S Charles II Holstein-Gottorp
S Karl III Johan Bernadotte
S Oscar I Bernadotte
S Karl IV Bernadotte
S Oscar II Bernadotte
I Haakon VII Glücksburg
I Olav V Glücksburg
I Harald V Glücksburg present

Succession to the Norwegian Throne

  1. HRH Crown Prince Haakon Magnus (b. 1973)
  2. HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra (b. 2004)
  3. HH Prince Sverre Magnus (b. 2005)
  4. HH Princess Märtha Louise (b. 1971)
  5. Maud Angelica Behn (b. 2003)
  6. Leah Isadora Behn (b. 2005)
  7. Emma Tallulah Behn (b. 2008)

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Notes and references

General references

  1. Carlyle p.3
  2. Eirik Bloodaxe was the co-monarch with his father Harald Fairhair from 930–933
  3. Eiríkr Hákonarson was the co-regent with his half-brother Sveinn Hákonarson from 1010–1012
  4. Håkon Eiriksson was the co-regent with his grandfather Sveinn Hákonarson from 1012–1015
  5. Håkon Eiriksson ruled on behalf of his uncle Canute the Great from 1028–1029
  6. Sveinn Knútsson on the behalf of his father Canute the Great from 1030–1035
  7. Harald Hardrule and Magnus the Good were co-monarchs between 1045–1047
  8. Magnus Haraldsson and Olaf the peaceful were co-monarchs between 1067–1069.
  9. Håkon Magnusson and Magnus Barefoot were co-monarchs between 1093–1094.
  10. The three brothers, Olaf Magnusson, Øystein Magnusson and Sigurd the Crusader, were sharing the throne after their father's death in 1103. Each brother was at the throne until his death.
  11. Magnus the Blind and his nephew Harald Gille were co-monarchs between 1130 and 1135.
  12. The three brothers, Sigurd Mouth, Øystein Haraldsson and Inge Hunchback, were sharing the throne after their father's death in 1136. Each brother was at the throne until his death.
  13. Sverre Sigurdsson was at war with Magnus Erlingsson between 1177–1184.
  14. Guttorm Sigurdsson was four years old at the time he was crowned as the King of Norway. The earl Haakon the Crazy was appointed to rule the nation.
  15. In 1343 Håkon VI Magnusson succeeded his father Magnus Eriksson to the Norwegian throne, who would still rule de facto during his minority, until 1355 when he reached majority as sovereign of Norway thereby dissolving the union with Sweden.
  16. Margaret I, who had ruled both kingdoms in Olav IV Håkonsson's name, was chosen regent of Norway and Denmark the following year, after her son's death.
  17. Eric III was seven years old at the time he became the king. Margaret I ruled Norway until her death in 1412.

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