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This list of Oregon covered bridges contains 50 historic covered bridges remaining in the U.S. state of Oregonmarker, among the greatest number of any U.S. state.

Most covered bridges in Oregon were built between 1905 and 1925. There were an estimated 450 covered bridges, which by 1977, had dwindled to 56.

In 2008, The National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program, administered by the Federal Highway Administration, awarded grants for rehabilitation of seven covered bridges in Oregon.

2008 National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program for Oregon
Bridge Grant
Chambers Railroad Bridge $1,315,370
Chitwood Covered Bridge $1,076,760
N. Fk. Yachats River Covered Bridge $596,704
Gallon House Covered Bridge $51,147
Nelson Mountain Covered Bridge $17,946
Mosby Creek (Layng) Covered Bridge $17,946
Pengra Covered Bridge $17,946
Total $3,093,819

Bridge County Location Built Length (ft) Crosses coordinate Notes
Harris Bentonmarker Wrenmarker 1929 75 Marys River NRHP
Haydenmarker Bentonmarker Alseamarker 1918 91 Alsea River NRHP
Irish Bendmarker Bentonmarker Corvallismarker 1954 60 Oak Creek NRHP
Sandy Creek Coosmarker Remotemarker 1921 60 Sandy Creek NRHP, footbridge
Rock O' the Range Deschutesmarker Bendmarker 1963 42 Swalley Canal NRHP, only covered bridge east of the Cascades, some consider it not to be a true covered bridge since it lacks a truss[574929] privately owned and maintained covered bridge open to the public[574930]
Cavitt Creek Douglasmarker Peel 1943 70 Little Rivermarker Raw log upper supports with a portal shape for log truck passage
Horse Creek Douglasmarker Myrtle Creekmarker 1930 105 Myrtle Creekmarker Closed in 1968, dismantled 1987 and moved from and reconstructed in 1990, open to foot traffic in city park
Milo Academy Douglasmarker Milo 1962 100 South Umpqua River NRHP, Current steel bridge with a wood housing and metal roof replaces a 1920 wooden truss covered bridge at same location.
Neal Lane Douglasmarker 1939 42 South Myrtle Creek Built for only $1,000. One of the shortest covered bridges in Oregon and the only Oregon covered bridge with a kingpost truss.
Pass Creek Douglasmarker Drainmarker 1925 61 Pass Creek A covered bridge may date back to 1906 originally at , closed 1981 and rebuilt nearby in 1989.
Rochester Douglasmarker 1923 80 Calapooia River
Antelope Creekmarker Jacksonmarker Eagle Pointmarker 1922 58 Little Butte Creek delisted from NRHP, formerly crossed Antelope Creek about 10 miles SE of current location
Lost Creekmarker Jacksonmarker Lake Creekmarker 1919 39 Lost Creek NRHP
McKee Jacksonmarker Ruchmarker 1917 122 Applegate River NRHP; Howe truss, flying buttresses, open daylight windows at roofline, shingle roof; closed to vehicle traffic in 1956 due to structural concern, extensive restoration work in 1965, 1985, and 1989
Wimer (ruin) Jacksonmarker Wimer 1927 85 Evans Creek collapsed July 6, 2003. Queenpost truss, flying buttresses, open daylight windows at roofline, wood floor; refurbished in 1962, but with an 8 ton load limit by the mid-1970s; restoration work in 1985 restored the 8 ton limit, though it was lowered to 3 tons before its collapse The 1927 Wimer bridge is a replacement for one originally built at the same site in 1892.
Grave Creek Josephinemarker Sunny Valleymarker 1920 105 Grave Creek NRHP, Because of proximity to I-5, it is Oregon's most viewed covered bridge; also the only remaining covered bridge in Josephine County.
Belknapmarker Lanemarker Rainbowmarker 1966 120 McKenzie Rivermarker NRHP, fourth instance (information)
Centennialmarker Lanemarker Cottage Grovemarker 1987 84 Coast Fork Willamette River bicycle and foot traffic,

3:8 scale replica of Chambers Bridge
Chambers Railroadmarker Lanemarker Cottage Grovemarker 1925 78 Coast Fork Willamette River NRHP, no longer in service, Oregon's only remaining covered rail bridge
Coyote Creek Lanemarker Crowmarker 1922 60 Coyote Creek NRHP
Currin Lanemarker Cottage Grovemarker 1925 105 Row River NRHP
Deadwood Creek Lanemarker Swisshomemarker 1932 105 Deadwood Creek NRHP; the floor is banked for turning traffic; renovated in 1986
Dorena Lanemarker Dorenamarker 1949 105 Row River NRHP
Earnest Lanemarker Marcolamarker 1938 75 Mohawk River NRHP
Goodpasturemarker Lanemarker Vida 1938 165 McKenzie Rivermarker NRHP
Lake Creek (Nelson Mountain) Lanemarker Greenleafmarker 1925 105 Lake Creek NRHP; also called Nelson Mountain Bridge, rehabilitated 1984 with concrete floor; not visible by satellite
Lowell Lanemarker Lowellmarker 1945 165 Middle Fork Willamette River NRHP
Mosby Creek (Layng) Lanemarker Cottage Grovemarker 1920 90 Mosby Creek NRHP, rehabilitated 2002
Officemarker Lanemarker Westfirmarker 1944 180 North Fork Middle Fork Willamette River NRHP
Parvin (Lost Creek) Lanemarker Dexter 1921 75 Lost Creek NRHP
Pengra (Fall Creek) Lanemarker Jaspermarker 1938 120 Fall Creek NRHP
Staples Lanemarker Culp Creekmarker Sharps Creek not visible by satellite,

may have been removed
Stewartmarker Lanemarker Waldenmarker 1930 60 Mosby Creek NRHP
Unitymarker Lanemarker Lowellmarker 1936 90 Fall Creek NRHP
Wendling Lanemarker Wendlingmarker 1938 60 Mill Creek NRHP
Wildcat Creekmarker Lanemarker Waltonmarker 1925 75 Wildcat Creek NRHP
Chitwood Lincolnmarker Chitwoodmarker 1926 96 Yaquina Rivermarker NRHP
Drift Creek Lincolnmarker Rose Lodgemarker 1914? 66 Bear Creek Delisted from the NRHP; Traditionally noted as the oldest covered span in Oregon but construction date is unknown. It also had the original distinction of being the covered bridge closest to the Oregon Coast, only 1.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean, probably located at . The bridge has long been closed to vehicular traffic but served pedestrian traffic up until quite recently when the approaches were removed. The Drift Creek bridge housing included flared board-and-batten siding, arched portals, ribbon daylighting and wooden flooring. Lincoln County maintained the bridge as a historical exhibit-in-place since 1965. Because of severe structural problems, the bridge was dismantled and removed from its original location in the fall of 1997. The bridge was reconstructed on private property near Otis. It may have been destroyed by a flood and rebuilt in 1933.
Fisher School Lincolnmarker Fishermarker 1919 72 Five Rivers NRHP, also known as Five Rivers Covered Bridge
North Fork Yachats Lincolnmarker Yachatsmarker (vicinity) 1938 42 North Fork Yachats Rivermarker NRHP
Crawfordsville Linn Crawfordsvillemarker 1932 105 Calapooia River NRHP, also known as Calapooia River Bridge
Gilkey Linn Crabtreemarker 1939 120 Thomas Creek NRHP, also called Thomas Creek Bridge
Hannah Linn Sciomarker 1936 105 Thomas Creek NRHP, Howe truss; also known as Thomas Creek Bridge
Hoffman Linn Crabtreemarker 1936 90 Crabtree Creek NRHP
Larwood Linn Crabtreemarker 1939 105 Crabtree Creek NRHP; located at the confluence of Roaring River and Crabtree Creek, carries the historical name of the community. The Larwood Bridge is one of three covered bridges across the Crabtree Creek in Linn County. The 105-foot housed Howe truss exhibits the common Linn County design of exposed truss side openings. The bridge is open to vehicular traffic and is adjacent to the Larwood Wayside Park.
Shimanek Linn Sciomarker 1966 105 Thomas Creek NRHP
Short Linn Cascadiamarker 1945 105 South Santiam River NRHP; originally named Whiskey Butte Bridge for nearby Whiskey Butte, later renamed for long-term area resident, Gordon Short. Also known as South Fork Santiam River Bridge; Howe truss
Weddle Linn 1937 120 Ames Creek placed in storage in 1987, rebuilt 1990 at the Cascade Forest Resource Center, in Sweet Home; originally located on Kelly County Road over Thomas Creek near Crabtree, possibly at
Gallon Housemarker Marionmarker 1917 84 Abiqua Creek NRHP
Jordan Linn Staytonmarker 1937 90 North Santiam River A prominent local landmark and an attractive example of covered bridges, the Jordan Bridge is a housed Howe truss. It was originally located on Jordan County Road near Lyonsmarker, but was moved in 1988 to a city park in Stayton. The Jordan Bridge is one of Linn County's seven distinctive covered bridges with large side openings.
Cedar Crossing Multnomahmarker SE Portland 1982 60 Johnson Creek Only covered bridge in Multnomah County
Ritner Creek Polkmarker Pedeemarker 1927 73 Ritner Creek NRHP


File:Belknap bridge exterior end P1850.jpeg|Belknap Bridge exteriorFile:CentennialBridge.jpg|Centennial BridgeFile:Oregon Currin Bridge.jpg|Currin BridgeFile:Gilkey Covered Bridge.JPG|Gilkey BridgeFile:Goodpasture Covered Bridge - Vida Oregon.jpg|Goodpasture BridgeFile:Hannah Bridge 1 - Scio Oregon.jpg|Hannah BridgeFile:0707 Harris bridge.jpg|Harris BridgeFile:Hoffman Bridge.JPG|Hoffman BridgeFile:Irish Bend Covered Bridge.jpg|Irish Bend BridgeFile:Irish Bend Covered Bridge 2.jpg|Irish Bend BridgeFile:Stayton Jordon Bridge Stayton Oregon side.JPG|Jordon Bridge in StaytonFile:Lost Creek Bridge 1 - Oregon.jpg|Lost Creek BridgeFile:Lowell Covered Bridge - Lowell Oregon.jpg|Lowell BridgeFile:Office bridge spanning river P1747.jpeg|Office BridgeFile:Office bridge low interior P1729.jpeg|Office Bridge interiorFile:Ritner Creek Covered Bridge.JPG|Ritner Creek BridgeFile:0707 Rochester Bridge.JPG|Rochester BridgeFile:0707 Rochester bridge interior.JPG|Rochester Bridge interiorFile:Sandy creek bridge P4447a.jpeg|Sandy Creek BridgeFile:Shimanek Covered Bridge.JPG|Shimanek BridgeFile:Yachats5.JPG|North Fork Yachats River Bridge

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