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The remains of at least 230 amphitheatres have been found widely scattered areas of the Roman Empire. These are usually oval, and are not to be confused with the more common "ordinary" theatres, which are semicircular structures. There are, however, a number of buildings that have had a combined use as both theatre and amphitheatre, particularly in western Europe. Following is a list of Roman amphitheatre locations by country.

(Roman name)
(modern name)



Dyrrhachium Durrësmarker Albaniamarker Durrës Amphitheatremarker
Lambaesismarker Lambèsemarker Algeriamarker
Colonia Claudia Caesarea Cherchell Algeriamarker
Gemellae M'lili Algeriamarker [302411]
Thevestemarker Tébessamarker Algeriamarker Aerial Photograph
Tipasamarker Tipazamarker Algeriamarker Map of Tipasa
Carnuntummarker Petronellmarker Austriamarker

2 amphitheatres
Flavia Solvamarker Leibnitzmarker Austriamarker
Virunummarker Magdalensbergmarker Austriamarker
Augusta Traianamarker Stara Zagoramarker Bulgariamarker
Diocletianopolis Hisarya Bulgariamarker
Marcianopolismarker Devnyamarker Bulgariamarker
Trimontiummarker Plovdivmarker Bulgariamarker Should be removed as only theatre & circus located in Plovdiv.
Serdica Sofiamarker Bulgariamarker In ground floor of Arena di Serdica Hotel. [302412]Amphitheatre of Serdicamarker
Pietas Iulia Polamarker Pulamarker Croatiamarker Pula Arenamarker Pula amphitheatre
Salonae Solin Croatiamarker [302413]
Burnummarker Croatiamarker Roman military camp near Šibenikmarker, had a small amphitheatre, recently discovered
Augusta Paphus Paphosmarker Cyprusmarker
Salamismarker Cyprusmarker Should be removed. No amphitheatre remains in Salamis. Theatre only.
Bagintonmarker Englandmarker Lunt Roman FortProbably a horse training ground.
Calleva Atrebatummarker Silchestermarker Englandmarker [302414] [302415]
Camulodunummarker Colchestermarker Englandmarker Believed to exist though not yet located
Corinium Dobunnorummarker Cirencestermarker Englandmarker
Deva Victrixmarker Chestermarker Englandmarker Chester Roman Amphitheatremarker [302416]
Durnovariamarker Dorchestermarker Englandmarker Maumbury Ringsmarker
Frilfordmarker Englandmarker Debated [302417]
Iscalis (?) Charterhousemarker Englandmarker
Isurium Brigantummarker Aldboroughmarker Englandmarker
Londiniummarker Londonmarker Englandmarker Guildhall Art Gallerymarker
Noviomagus Reginorummarker Chichestermarker Englandmarker
Rutupiaemarker Richboroughmarker Englandmarker
Viroconium Cornoviorummarker Wroxetermarker Englandmarker
Venta Icenorummarker Caistor St Edmundmarker Englandmarker [302418]
Verulamiummarker St Albansmarker Englandmarker Theatre that had been used as an amphitheatre - note almost oval shape.
Agedincum Sens Francemarker
Aginnummarker Agenmarker Francemarker
Alaliamarker Alériamarker Francemarker Corsica
Apta Juliamarker Aptmarker Francemarker No remains of Amphitheatre located. This is the theatre.
Arelate Arlesmarker Francemarker Arles Amphitheatremarker
Argentomagusmarker Argenton-sur-Creusemarker Francemarker Theatre used also as amphitheatre.
Augustodunummarker Autunmarker Francemarker
Augustomagusmarker Senlismarker Francemarker Theatre used as amphitheatre. Photograph
Augustoritummarker Limogesmarker Francemarker
Avaricum Bourgesmarker Francemarker
Beaumont-sur-Oisemarker Francemarker
Burdigalamarker Bordeauxmarker Francemarker
Caesarodunummarker Toursmarker Francemarker
Cassinomagusmarker Chassenonmarker Francemarker
Cemenelummarker Nicemarker Francemarker
Derventum Drevantmarker Francemarker Theatre that had been adapted for gladiatorial events
Divodurummarker Metzmarker Francemarker
Forum Iuliummarker Fréjusmarker Francemarker
Geinum Gennesmarker Francemarker
Grannus Grandmarker Francemarker [302419]A "half amphitheatre", distinguished from a normal theatre by its oval layout.
Julia Baeterrae Septimanorum Béziersmarker Francemarker
Juliobonamarker Lillebonnemarker Francemarker A half-amphitheatre.
Limonummarker Poitiersmarker Francemarker [302420]
Lugdunummarker Lyonmarker Francemarker Amphitheatre of the Three Gaulsmarker
Lutetiamarker Parismarker Francemarker Arènes de Lutècemarker
Mediolanum Santonum Saintesmarker Francemarker [302421]
Montbouymarker Francemarker
Narbo Martius Narbonnemarker Francemarker No amphitheatre has ever been located at Narbonne
Nemausus Nîmesmarker Francemarker
Samarobrivamarker Amiensmarker Francemarker [302422] Now underground and buried
Sanxaymarker Francemarker [302423]
Segodunum Rodezmarker Francemarker
Tolosa Toulousemarker Francemarker
Vesontiomarker Besançonmarker Francemarker
Vesuna Petrucorriorum Perigueuxmarker Francemarker
Augusta Treverorum Triermarker Germanymarker
Castra Veteramarker Germanymarker Near Xanten
Ulpia Traianamarker Xantenmarker Germanymarker
Corinthmarker Corinthmarker Greecemarker
Gortynmarker Gortynmarker Greecemarker Map of Gortyn, showing amphitheatre This is incorrect. It is a great theatre, long mistaken for an amphitheatre, but clearly D shaped from aerial photos. The actual amphitheatre lies under the church in the village of Agioi Deka, built over the arena where the 10 saints were martyred. The shape of the arena can be made out in surrounding buildings.
Aquincummarker Budapestmarker Hungarymarker

(2 amphitheatres: the Nagyszombat utcai, the Katona városi)
Gorsiummarker Tácmarker Hungarymarker
Caesarea Maritimamarker Israelmarker
Eleutheropolismarker Beit Guvrinmarker Israelmarker [302424]
Scythopolismarker Bet She'anmarker Israelmarker
Abella Avellamarker Italymarker Photograph
Abellinummarker Avellinomarker Italymarker
Acelummarker Asolomarker Italymarker
Alba Fucensmarker Albemarker Italymarker Photograph
Alba Longamarker (?) Albano Lazialemarker Italymarker Photograph
Albingaunummarker Albengamarker Italymarker
Altinummarker Altinomarker Italymarker [302425]
Amiternummarker L'Aquilamarker Italymarker [302426]
Anconamarker Italymarker
Antiummarker Anziomarker Italymarker
Aquileiamarker Italymarker
Aquinummarker Aquinomarker Italymarker Now completely disappeared, buried beneath the Autostrada.
Ariminummarker Riminimarker Italymarker
Arretiummarker Arezzomarker Italymarker
Assisiummarker Assisimarker Italymarker [302427]
Augusta Bagiennorum Bene Vagiennamarker Italymarker
Augusta Praetoria Salassorummarker Aostamarker Italymarker
Beneventummarker Beneventomarker Italymarker [302428]
Caralismarker Cagliarimarker Italymarker Cagliari's amphitheatre
Calesmarker Calvimarker Italymarker
Canusiummarker Canosa di Pugliamarker Italymarker
Capuamarker Italymarker

Just to the south, currently being excavated beneath the Piazza Adriano are the remains of another amphitheatre, believed to predate the standing one.Capua#Amphitheatre
Carsulaemarker Italymarker [302429]
Casinum Cassino Italymarker Photograph
Catăna  • Catĭna Cataniamarker Italymarker R. J. Wilson, La topografia della Catania romana. Problemi e prospettive, in <<CATANIA ANTICA, Atti del Convegno della SISAC>>, Pisa-Roma 1996, pp. 165-167.
Civitas Camunnorummarker Cividate Camunomarker Italymarker Exstimated capience: 5500 people. Civitas Camunnorum
Cumaemarker Italymarker Photograph
Egnatia Anazzomarker Italymarker Photograph
Eporediamarker Ivreamarker Italymarker
Fabrateria Novamarker San Giovanni Incaricomarker Italymarker Photograph
Falerio Picenus Faleronemarker Italymarker
Falerii Novimarker Italymarker [302430]
Fidenaemarker Italymarker A wooden amphitheatre collapsed here in AD 27, killing at least 20,000.[302431]
Firmum Picenum Fermomarker Italymarker [302432]
Florentia Florencemarker Italymarker
Formiae Formiamarker Italymarker
Forum Novum Vescovio Italymarker [302433]
Frusinum Frosinonemarker Italymarker
Grumentum Italymarker
Herdoniaemarker Ordonamarker Italymarker ?
Himeramarker Termini Imeresemarker Italymarker Photograph
Hispellum Spellomarker Italymarker [302434]
Histoniummarker Vastomarker Italymarker [302435]
Interamna Naharsmarker Ternimarker Italymarker [302436]
Interamnia Praetutiana Teramomarker Italymarker Photograph
Lanuviummarker Lanuviomarker Italymarker [302437] Photograph
Larinummarker Larinomarker Italymarker Photograph
Libarna Italymarker [302438][302439]
Liternummarker Italymarker
Luccamarker Italymarker
Luceramarker Italymarker Lucera's amphitheatre
Lucus Feroniaemarker Italymarker
Lunamarker Lunimarker Italymarker
Lupiae Leccemarker Italymarker
Marruviummarker San Benedetto dei Marsimarker Italymarker
Mediolanum Milanmarker Italymarker Milan amphitheatre
Mevania Bevagnamarker Italymarker [302440]
Minturnaemarker Minturnomarker Italymarker [302441]
Neapolis Naplesmarker Italymarker [302442]
Noramarker Italymarker Unexcavated
Nuvlanamarker Nolamarker Italymarker
Ocriculummarker Otricolimarker Italymarker [302443] [302444]
Ostia Ostiamarker Italymarker New discovery [302445][302446][302447]
Paestummarker Italymarker
Pataviummarker Paduamarker Italymarker The arena has been built upon, its site commemorated in the Arena Chapelmarker
Peltuinummarker Italymarker (?)
Pollentiamarker Pollenzomarker Italymarker
Pompeiimarker Italymarker Amphitheatre of Pompeiimarker
Puteoli Pozzuolimarker Italymarker

Flavian Amphitheatermarker; a 2nd minor amphitheater buried beneath the nearby subway line.
Romamarker Romemarker Italymarker Colosseummarker
Romamarker Romemarker Italymarker Amphitheatrum Castrensemarker[302448]
Romamarker Romemarker Italymarker Ludus Magnusmarker, a "training amphitheatre". No longer extant are the Amphitheater of Statilius Taurus or the Amphitheater of Nero.
Rudiae Italymarker ?
Rusellaemarker Roselle Italymarker [302449]
Scolaciummarker Borgia Italymarker Photograph
Segusiummarker Susamarker Italymarker
Spoletiummarker Spoletomarker Italymarker
Suasamarker Castelleone di Suasamarker Italymarker
Sutriummarker Sutrimarker Italymarker
Syracusaemarker Syracusemarker Italymarker
Teate Marrucinorummarker Chietimarker Italymarker
Telesiamarker Telese Termemarker Italymarker
Tiburmarker Tivolimarker Italymarker
Trebula Mutuesca Monteleone Sabinomarker Italymarker Photograph
Tusculummarker Italymarker
Tuteremarker Todimarker Italymarker
Urbs Salviamarker Urbisagliamarker Italymarker Picture (?)
Veleiamarker Italymarker
Venafrummarker Venafromarker Italymarker
Venusia Venosamarker Italymarker
Veronamarker Italymarker Verona Arenamarker
Volsinii Bolsenamarker Italymarker
Zagarolomarker Italymarker
Botrusmarker Batrounmarker Lebanonmarker
Cyrenemarker Libyamarker
Leptis Magnamarker Libyamarker
Ptolemaismarker Libyamarker [302450]
Sabrathamarker Libyamarker
Lixusmarker Moroccomarker [302451]
Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorummarker Nijmegenmarker The Netherlandsmarker No longer extant, but traced out in the street paving of the present-day Rembrandstraat with a few bits of its foundations still visible
Bobadela Portugalmarker
Conímbrigamarker Portugalmarker Conímbriga's amphitheatre
Taviramarker Portugalmarker
Micia Veţelmarker Romaniamarker
Porolissummarker Moigrad-Porolissum Romaniamarker
Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusamarker Sarmizegetusa Romaniamarker
Inveresk Scotlandmarker [302452]
Trimontium Newsteadmarker Scotlandmarker [302453]
Viminaciummarker Stari Kostolac Serbiamarker Is this a theatre or amphitheatre?
Carmonamarker Spainmarker
Carthago Novamarker Cartagenamarker Spainmarker
Cordubamarker Córdobamarker Spainmarker [302454]
Emerita Augustamarker Méridamarker Spainmarker
Emporion Ampurias Spainmarker ?
Forum Municipii Flavii Caparensis Caparra Spainmarker
Italicamarker Spainmarker
Segobriga Saelices Spainmarker [302455]
Sisapo Almodovar del Campomarker Spainmarker Presence almost sure waiting for excavation (Graffities with Gladiator's names found near elliptical depression in the terrain)
Tarraco Tarragonamarker Spainmarker Tarragona Amphitheatre
Augusta Rauricamarker Augstmarker Switzerlandmarker
Aventicummarker Avenchesmarker Switzerlandmarker
Brenodurum (?) Bernemarker Switzerlandmarker Engehalbinsel
Julia Equestrismarker Nyonmarker Switzerlandmarker [302456]
Octodurummarker Martignymarker Switzerlandmarker
Vindonissamarker Windischmarker Switzerlandmarker
Dura Europosmarker Syriamarker
Nova Trajana Bostramarker Bosramarker Syriamarker [302457]
Agbia Tunisiamarker
Acholla Tunisiamarker
Bararus Tunisiamarker
Belalis Maior Hr. el Faouar Tunisiamarker
Bulla Regiamarker Tunisiamarker
Carpis Tunisiamarker
Carthagomarker Carthagemarker Tunisiamarker
Colonia Julia Aurelia Commoda Thuburbo Majusmarker Tunisiamarker [302458]
Hadrumentummarker Soussemarker Tunisiamarker
Jebel Moraba Tunisiamarker
Ksar Hellal Tunisiamarker
Ksar Lemsa Tunisiamarker [302459]
Leptis Minormarker Tunisiamarker
Mactarismarker Tunisiamarker
Municipium Aurelium Commodum Henchir Bou Cha Tunisiamarker [302460]
Pheradi Maius Sidi Khalifa Tunisiamarker
Pupput Hammamet, Tunisiamarker Tunisiamarker
Seressi Oum El Abouab Tunisiamarker
Sicca Veneriamarker El Kefmarker Tunisiamarker
Simitthusmarker Chemtoumarker Tunisiamarker Map of Simitthus Photograph
Sufetulamarker Sbeitlamarker Tunisiamarker Map of Sufetula
Thaenaemarker Tunisiamarker
Thapsusmarker Tunisiamarker
Thibaris Tunisiamarker
Thignica Ain Tounga Tunisiamarker
Thimisua Argoub Tunisiamarker
Thuburbo Minus Tebourbamarker Tunisiamarker The amphitheatre here was destroyed at the end of the 17th century during the construction of a bridge. [302461]
Thuggamarker Tunisiamarker
Thysdrusmarker El Djemmarker Tunisiamarker

2 amphitheatres
Uchi Maius Tunisiamarker
Ulissipira Tunisiamarker
Upenna Enfidamarker Tunisiamarker Nothing now remains of Upenna amphitheatre.
Uthina Oudna Tunisiamarker [302462]
Uticamarker Tunisiamarker

2 amphitheatres
Anazarbusmarker Turkeymarker [302463]
Pergamon Bergamamarker Turkeymarker Map
Isca Augustamarker Caerleonmarker Walesmarker Caerleon amphitheatre
Moridunummarker Carmarthenmarker Walesmarker
Tomen-y-Mur Walesmarker near Llan Ffestiniogmarker [302464]
Venta Silurummarker Caerwentmarker Walesmarker


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