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The following is a list of episodes for the Americanmarker Fox sitcom That '70s Show. The series ran 200 episodes and four specials across eight seasons, from August 23, 1998, to May 18, 2006, spanning the years 1976 through to the first few seconds of 1980. Reruns subsequently aired on Vegas TV, ABC Family, The N, and FX.

Series screenwriters included Philip Stark, Mark Hudis, Jeff and Jackie Filgo, Will Forte, Gregg Mettler, Dean Batali, and series creators Bonnie and Terry Turner. All episodes following the pilot were directed by David Trainer. For Seasons 5–8, episodes were titled after song names from various 1970s-era rock bands: fifth season episodes are named after songs by Led Zeppelin, sixth season titles are The Who songs, all seventh season titles are from The Rolling Stones and, except for the finale, eighth season titles are Queen songs.

As of April 1, 2008, the entire series has been released on Region 1 and Region 4 DVD. In 2009, the series was remastered in HDTV for syndication.

Season 1: 1998–1999

Title Original airdate Production code episode #
That '70s Pilot August 23, 1998 101 1
In the first episode, Red Forman and his wife Kitty hands the keys to the Vista Cruiser to their son, Eric, to use. Through persuasion from his friends, Eric uses the car to get out of town for a Todd Rundgren concert in Milwaukeemarker with his closest friends: Donna, Hyde, and Kelso. Eric also decides to invite the new foreign kid from school named Fez. Kelso's girlfriend Jackie invites herself along, and Eric is uncomfortable around Donna when Kelso inadvertently tells Eric that Donna likes him.
Eric's Birthday August 30, 1998 102 2
Eric's 17th birthday is approaching, and he tries to prevent his mother, Kitty, from throwing him a surprise birthday party. Donna tells Jackie she kissed Eric, and Jackie helps her choose a meaningful gift for him. Meanwhile, Eric's older sister, Laurie, returns home from college for a visit.
Streaking September 6, 1998 103 3
The guys decide to streak when President Gerald Ford comes to town for a campaign stop. The town committee chooses Red to ask the President a question and Donna refuses to wear an American flag jumpsuit her father, Bob, gives her.
Battle of the Sexists September 20, 1998 104 4
Eric and Donna argue, after she continually defeats him in various sports and games. Jackie pressures Donna to let Eric win, while Hyde and Fez pressure Kelso to stand up to Jackie. Red's job hours at the auto plant are cut back and he is forced to stay home, keeping himself occupied by "fixing" things, much to Kitty's dismay.
Eric’s Burger Job September 27, 1998 105 5
Eric gets a job at the local Fatso Burger, but doesn't enjoy it. Donna tries to get Eric to come over, since her parents are out of town, but he doesn't understand her hints. Instead, Kelso wants to throw a party at Donna's house. Guest star: Danny Bonaduce.
The Keg October 25, 1998 106 6
The gang throws a party in a pool at a real estate model home, after finding a keg while skipping school. Eric searches for a tap, but Red and Bob find out about the party and try to locate the kids, while Kitty gets Bob's wife Midge drunk. Trivia: This episode takes place on Monday, February 8, 1976, because Kitty and Midge watch the second episode of Rich Man, Poor Man. Guest star: Eve Plumb as Jackie's mother.
That Disco Episode November 8, 1998 107 7
The gang plan to go to a disco in Kenoshamarker. Kitty teaches Hyde how to dance, and Bob mistakenly thinks they are having an affair. Jackie dances with Fez and Hyde with Donna, leaving Eric and Kelso slightly jealous.
Drive-In November 15, 1998 108 8
Eric and Donna go to watch The Omen at the drive-in with Kelso and Jackie. Fez's host parents won't allow him to listen to rock music, so Hyde intervenes. Red and Kitty try to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant, only to end up in a diner, à la Nighthawks.
Thanksgiving November 22, 1998 109 9
Laurie brings her friend Kate home with her for Thanksgiving. Red's mother, Bernice, constantly calls, asking about Thanksgiving dinner, much to Kitty's annoyance. Donna is angry when she finds out Kate kissed Eric and Red is reluctant to accept a job offer from Bob.
Sunday, Bloody Sunday November 29, 1998 110 10
Red's unbearable mother comes to spend a Sunday with the family. Kitty tries to quit smoking, and Eric has a school paper due. Kelso wants to break up with Jackie, but doesn't know how to tell her.
Eric's Buddy December 6, 1998 111 11
Eric starts hanging out with his lab partner, Buddy (guest star Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and his friends feel neglected. Red is having trouble helping customers at Bob's appliance store, and Eric discovers Buddy is gay, then Buddy kisses Eric. Mitch Hedberg also guest stars as Frank.
The Best Christmas Ever December 13, 1998 112 12
Red gives Eric $40 to buy a Christmas tree, but he, Hyde and Kelso cut one down along the interstate and keep the money for beer and presents. Red is forced by Bob to spend his Christmas Eve at the store. Laurie spikes the punch at Eric's Christmas party.
Ski Trip January 17, 1999 113 13
Kelso makes out with another girl, and Jackie breaks up with him. She invites everyone except Kelso to her ski cabin, but soon regrets it. One of the guys decides to make a risky move on Donna, and Kitty releases an old grudge on Red involving their younger years.
Stolen Car January 24, 1999 114 14
Red takes away the keys to the Vista Cruiser after he notices a dent on it, so the guys drive around in Kelso's cousin's car, which turns out to be stolen and the guys are arrested. Jackie wants to have sex with Kelso and is anxiously waiting for him. Bob isn't too pleased Midge is taking a female empowerment class.
That Wrestling Show February 7, 1999 115 15
Kitty wants Red to hang out with Eric, so he goes with the gang to a wrestling match. After sleeping with him, Jackie is willing to do anything for Kelso, so he won't get bored with her. Hyde and Fez listen to Bob's stories about his problems with Midge and her classes, in exchange for beer. Kitty and Laurie attend Midge's therapy session, but discover it's not what it seems to be. Real-life pro wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (billed as Dwayne Johnson) has a bit part, while Ken Shamrock, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Ernie Ladd have cameo appearances.
First Date February 14, 1999 116 16
Eric and Donna go on their first official date (at a restaurant, The Vineyard), so he can give her his class ring and ask her to be his girlfriend. While Kelso and Jackie go shopping (while Kelso is hoping to seduce Jackie)(with Kelso mentioning Point Place is located within "the greater Oshkoshmarker, Wisconsinmarker area"), Hyde wants to show his feelings for Donna and hurries to interfere with Eric and Donna's date. Red and Kitty realize they no longer have much in common with neighbors Bob and Midge. After shopping, Jackie and Kelso have sex in the car.
The Pill February 21, 1999 117 17
Jackie thinks she may be pregnant and confides in Donna. Kelso finds out about Jackie and faints. Donna discusses Jackie's problem with Midge. Laurie tries to keep her failing college grades a secret. Bob discovers Donna is on birth control pills, and Eric gets in trouble when his parents find out. Jackie finds out that she's not pregnant, and then breaks up with Kelso.
Career Day February 28, 1999 118 18
The gang goes to work with their parents on career day. Eric works with Kitty at the hospital, while Hyde and Fez visit Hyde's mom, Edna (guest star Katey Segal), a lunch lady. Kelso tries to understand his father's profession, and Jackie and Red bond over fixing the Vista Cruiser. The soundtrack features "Bad Blood" by Neil Sedaka.
Prom Night March 7, 1999 119 19
Kelso takes another girl to the prom to make Jackie jealous, so Jackie goes with Hyde, instead. Eric rents a hotel room intending to have sex with Donna (which doesn't happen). Midge wants to start her own business, but Bob opposes the idea. At the end of the episode, Kelso and Jackie get back together at the prom.
A New Hope March 14, 1999 120 20
The gang sees Star Wars and Kelso is instantly obsessed, wanting to see it over and over again. Red is given his full-time status back at the plant. Meanwhile, Eric is annoyed with the son of Red's boss trying to hit on Donna, prompting him to have a Star Wars dream (Eric as Luke Skywalker, Hyde as Han Solo, Kelso as Chewbacca, Red as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Fez and Jackie as Imperial Stormtroopers, Donna as Princess Leia, David (the son of Red's boss) as Darth Vader, and Kitty as a cleaning woman using R2-D2 as a vacuum cleaner.)
Water Tower June 14, 1999 121 21
The guys paint a pot leaf on the town water tower. Kelso falls off and breaks his arm and Jackie attempts to make Kelso believe this was Hyde's fault. Eric accidentally sees his parents having sex, and his strange behavior afterward make Red and Kitty believe he is on drugs.
Punk Chick June 21, 1999 122 22
Hyde meets a girl just like him, who wants him to come to New Yorkmarker with her to start a punk band, but Eric disapproves of him leaving Point Place. Kelso wants to make Red's Atari Pong more challenging, Jackie turns to Kitty for help on a home economics assignment, and Eric has problems making it to second base with Donna.
Grandma's Dead July 12, 1999 123 23
Eric thinks he killed his grandmother, Bernice, when she dies after he asks her, "Would it kill you to be nice?", and doesn't know how to deal with her death. Red also doesn't know how to respond to Bernice's passing, and is embarrassed by his emotional brother Marty, who comes to the funeral.
Hyde Moves In July 19, 1999 124 24
Hyde's mother, Edna, runs off with a trucker. When food and supplies grow low for Hyde at Edna's rented house, Eric persuades his parents to take Hyde in. Jackie catches a cold, and Kelso is horrified at her ill appearance. Midge uses her home for her feminist meetings.
The Good Son July 26, 1999 125 25
Eric is annoyed when his parents seem to favor Hyde more than him, and sets about coercing Hyde to do destructive things. Meanwhile, Red's old war buddy, Bull (Mitch Pileggi), returns to Point Place. Red, jealous of Bull's success, reconsiders his life choices, but changes his mind after Bull and his wife (Arlene Pileggi) invite Red and Kitty to a swingers party.

Season 2: 1999–2000

Title Original airdate Production code episode #
Garage Sale September 28, 1999 201 26
Hyde makes "special brownies" for the Formans' garage sale, but things don't go the way he intends when Red eats all the brownies (along with Kitty, Bob and Midge), and he accidentally sells Eric's Vista Cruiser. Meanwhile, Fez makes a wrong move on Jackie, which could land him in deep trouble with Kelso.
Red's Last Day October 5, 1999 202 27
On his last day of work at the plant, a depressed Red gets drunk with his co-workers at a bar. Kelso gets a new van and Laurie starts to get a little amorous with him. Jackie and Donna talk about sex
The Velvet Rope October 12, 1999 203 28
Tired of her parents' odd behavior, Donna forces Eric, Hyde and Fez to take her to a dance club in Chicagomarker, but only Donna is let in, leaving the guys out. Kelso gets a makeover from Jackie and Red starts looking for other jobs in town but hits a snag when he finds his former co-workers from the plant are after the same position.
Laurie and the Professor October 19, 1999 204 29
One of Laurie's college professors tries to get her to return to classes. Eric discovers his reasons for being at the Forman house and attempts to blackmail his sister with the information. Meanwhile, Hyde is having difficulty finding a suitable place to sleep and Donna is the center of her parents' fighting, as they attempt to buy her out with shopping.
Halloween October 26, 1999 205 30
The gang is at odds with each other, after finding their old permanent records on Halloween night at their old, burned down elementary school. Red and Kitty reminisce about their first Halloween at Point Place.
Vanstock November 2, 1999 206 31
The gang heads off to "Vanstock" and Laurie tags along. Donna is upset with Eric for not telling her about Kelso and Laurie, while Hyde fools around with the knowledge on their relationship to Jackie and Laurie, much to Kelso's dismay. Back at home, Red begins to watch soap operas under Midge's influence.
I Love Cake November 9, 1999 207 32
After Donna says "I love you", Eric responds strangely and is confused with how he should return his feelings. Bob is kicked out of the house by Midge and stays with the Formans, much to Red and Kitty's dismay, thus Red needs to come up with a plan to get him back into his own home.
Sleepover November 16, 1999 208 33
Eric and Donna sleep together, but don't have sex. This prompts many jokes from the guys, convincing Eric he must do it the next time. Seeing money is tight in the Forman home, Hyde goes out to find a job at a photo-developing store, where the hippie Leo is introduced.
Eric Gets Suspended November 30, 1999 209 34
Eric gets suspended from school after getting caught holding Donna's cigarette; as punishment, Red makes him smoke a whole pack. Jackie is upset Kelso won't let her decorate his van, and Hyde and Fez go on a double blind date.
Red's Birthday December 7, 1999 210 35
Red's birthday turns sour when Bob and Midge show up for dinner, but with their own dates. Eric thinks Donna doesn't confide with him as much as she does with others, while Jackie suspects Kelso is keeping something from her.
Laurie Moves Out December 14, 1999 211 36
Laurie moves out of the house and lies to Red about living with another man. Jackie's suspicion with Kelso cheating on her grows, thus he asks Hyde how to keep covering up his secrets.
Eric's Stash January 11, 2000 212 37
Eric wants to buy an anniversary present for Donna, but discovers his secret money stash has been stolen. His suspicions on who the culprit is could lead to broken friendships. Meanwhile, Jackie enters a beauty pageant contest, with Kelso as her manager.
Hunting January 18, 2000 213 38
The guys and husbands go deer hunting, while the girls and wives stay at home and play poker, which Laurie cheats at so Kitty can win. Red has a heart to heart talk over his angry behavior with Eric.
Red Gets a Job February 1, 2000 214 39
A new department store, Price Mart, is opening and Red seeks a managerial position, until Eric is hired as a stock boy first, much to his annoyance. Meanwhile, Kelso is unsure if he should continue dating Laurie, until she threatens him with revealing his infidelity to Jackie.
Burning Down the House February 7, 2000 215 40
Jackie wants to throw a small, classy party, but Kelso ruins it by inviting everyone. Red discovers a secret about Bob.
The First Time (1) February 14, 2000 216 41
Bob and Midge plan to have a second wedding, intending for Donna to write their vows, but she doesn't know how to put them into words. Kitty is upset at not being one of Midge's bridesmaids, while Kelso proves to Jackie he isn't as clueless about the two of them as she thinks he is.
Afterglow (2) February 14, 2000 217 42
Eric and Donna have sex for the first time. Eric is dismayed to discover he was "awkward and weird". Red gets his first paycheck from Price Mart and celebrates by purchasing a motorcycle.
Kitty and Eric's Night Out February 28, 2000 218 43
Red tells Eric to go out with Kitty so they can spend some quality time together, while Hyde is confused why a girl from a previous blind date is going out with Fez. Donna notices a stirring jealously from Jackie towards Fez's new girl.
Parents Find Out March 7, 2000 219 44
Eric and Donna have to tell their parents they were caught having sex by the police. Kitty becomes depressed and bedridden over this, and Kelso installs a new CB radio in his van.
Kiss Of Death March 20, 2000 220 45
Kelso decides to break up with Laurie, but after she requests a goodbye kiss, Jackie notices and breaks up with him. Eric runs over Donna's cat, Mr. Bonkers, and Fez is sent to the hospital after experiencing sharp, stabbing pains in his abdomen.
Kelso's Serenade March 27, 2000 221 46
Kelso wants to win Jackie back by writing her a song, but Jackie turns to the unlikeliest person for comfort. Meanwhile, Red, Kitty and Laurie have to spend the weekend with bitter Aunt Pearl, and Eric and Donna get into communication problems.
Jackie Moves On April 3, 2000 222 47
Fez asks Jackie out for a date, but it doesn't go as he plans. Eric and Laurie's sibling rivalry heats up, as embarrassing secrets about one another are revealed, and Red is upset when Kitty reveals she pawned his mother's necklace.
Holy Crap! May 1, 2000 223 48
Eric and Laurie quit going to church, which worries Kitty. Kelso starts growing a beard, leading to an affectionate Jackie amouring up to him for his new look.
Red Fired Up May 8, 2000 224 49
Red puts his anger away from Eric to Earl, one of his employees at Price Mart, pleasing Eric, until Red fires Earl, leaving Eric to question his father's work attitude. Kelso dates Laurie again and the gang isn't too happy with his choice.
Cat Fight Club May 15, 2000 225 50
Hyde teaches Jackie to be "cool" when Laurie insults her. Red finds out Kelso is dating Laurie and decides to set him straight.
Moon Over Point Place May 22, 2000 226 51
Eric is jealous when a picture of Donna mooning the camera surfaces in a yearbook picture. Fez is furious against "white people" as he doesn't see his picture in the yearbook, Bob is still uneasy knowing Eric is sleeping with Donna, and Jackie's constant affection for Hyde leads to something unexpected.

Season 3: 2000–2001

Title Original airdate Production code episode #
Reefer Madness October 3, 2000 301 52
Hyde is caught for possession of marijuana. To keep Hyde from getting kicked out of the house for landing himself in jail, Eric wonders if he should tell Red about his marijuana use. Jackie becomes infatuated with Hyde, even if he doesn't love her back.
Red Sees Red October 10, 2000 302 53
Red puts the Forman house under a strict curfew after Eric reveals his marijuana use, booby-trapping the house. Laurie is happy about Eric's situation until she discovers she's under the curfew as well, and Kitty does everything to make Red change his mind. Guest stars Gene Simmons, Shirley Jones and Charo as themselves.
Hyde's Father October 17, 2000 303 54
Hyde's father, Bud, returns to Point Place, but Hyde is reluctant to make amends, while Kitty tries to get them to reconcile. However, Red doesn't think it's such a good idea for Hyde to get back with Bud. Meanwhile, Donna is angry at Eric for keeping a stash of Playpen (a parody of Playboy) magazines under his bed. Guest star Robert Hays
Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die October 31, 2000 304 55
The gang share a strange Halloween, complete with comic spoofs of several Alfred Hitchcock movies, including Psycho, The Birds, Rear Window, Vertigo, and North by Northwest. Eric has vertigo after falling off the garage roof, Fez and Hyde spy on the Pinciotti's, thinking Bob killed Midge, while Donna wants to prove Eric she's not boring. Meanwhile, Kitty and Laurie have a hard time feeding a neighbor's birds and a paperboy whom Red forgot to pay mistakes Kelso for someone in the Forman family and stalks him.
Roller Disco November 14, 2000 305 56
Jackie and Fez compete together in a roller disco, which could prove useful for Fez towards winning her heart. Red gets sued by a former Price Mart employee for wrongful termination.
Eric's Panties November 21, 2000 306 57
Donna suspects Eric is cheating on her, after finding a pair of panties in his car. Kitty is concerned with Red's high blood pressure and puts him on a less than satisfactory diet.
Baby Fever November 28, 2000 307 58
Kitty wants to have another child after taking care of a neighbor's baby. Donna is not pleased with Eric's vision of their future with her as a housewife and Kelso demands payment from Jackie after she crashes his van.
Jackie Bags Hyde December 12, 2000 308 59
It's Veteran's Day and Bob throws a Veteran's Day barbecue party, which Red usually does every year, fueling a rivalry between the neighbors. Hyde finally realizes he likes Jackie enough to ask her out on a date.
Hyde's Christmas Rager December 19, 2000 309 60
Red and Kitty try to set Bud straight about parenting after Eric gets drunk during a Christmas party at Hyde's apartment. Jackie takes Donna out so they can meet older men, but she is in for a shock.
Ice Shack January 9, 2001 310 61
Kelso takes Eric, Donna, Jackie and Fez to an ice shack where he intends to win Jackie back. Leo asks Hyde to get something for him, which could land Hyde in jail again, and Red confronts Laurie with what she plans to do with her life.
Who Wants It More? January 10, 2001 311 62
Eric and Donna stop having sex after arguing on a school assignment. Kelso convices Hyde, Fez and Leo to go UFO hunting with him while a near-death experience enlightens Red on the idea of friendship.
Fez Gets the Girl January 16, 2001 312 63
Fez becomes attracted to a new transfer student, Caroline, while Donna scores two tickets to a Led Zeppelin concert, but doesn't know who to take. Red is concerned Eric will put off a college education and Kitty becomes Laurie's model for a cosmetic assignment at beauty school.
Dine and Dash January 30, 2001 313 64
Kelso takes the gang out to dinner, but reveals he has no intention of paying. Kitty thinks Red should offer an unemployed Bob a job at Price Mart.
Radio Daze February 6, 2001 314 65
Donna gets a job at a radio station and Eric feels like she's spending more time there than with him. Kelso wants to buy Leo's El Camino and Red feels guilty after a Fatso Burger employee he's familiar with is fired over a complaint he makes.
Donna's Panties February 13, 2001 315 66
Eric pulls down Donna's pants during a game of basketball and her "Granny Panties" are exposed and Eric must deal with the repercussions. Valentine's Day occurs and Kelso makes a shocking discovery about Laurie.
Romantic Weekend February 20, 2001 316 67
Eric and Donna go away for a romantic weekend at a hotel, but find someone else at the same place, putting their plans off. When Kelso underperforms during a makeout session with another girl, he fears for his waning libido.
Kitty's Birthday (That's Today!?) February 27, 2001 317 68
Eric and Red forget Kitty's birthday and the two must make up by doing something she's wanted to do for a long time. Kelso decides to be Jackie's "boy-friend" and Hyde finds Caroline's obsession with Fez a little disturbing.
The Trials of Michael Kelso March 13, 2001 318 69
Jackie tests Kelso to see if they should get back together and Eric and Hyde help Fez take revenge on a rival school for bullying him. Red and Kitty are curious as to why Bob and Midge didn't invite them to a party.
Eric's Naughty No-No March 27, 2001 319 70
Eric tries a move he sees in a dirty movie on Donna. After being honest with Jackie concerning his whereabouts, Kelso decides to tell Jackie all the lies and secrets he has kept from her, with Hyde's assistance. Kitty's younger sister, Paula, comes for a visit, under false pretenses.
Holy Craps! April 17, 2001 320 71
Kitty makes everyone help her at a church fundraiser, but not according to the way she wants. A churchgoer warns Eric about a future with Donna and Fez must decide whether he should break up with an obsessed Caroline or not.
Fez Dates Donna May 1, 2001 321 72
Fez pretends to date Donna, in a ruse to avoid Caroline, while Eric and Hyde start a money pool to see when Kelso and Jackie will argue and bicker again. After looking at his property deed, Bob believes he owns part of Red's property, which frustrates him.
Eric's Drunken Tattoo May 1, 2001 322 73
Eric reads Donna's diary and decides to get a tattoo, believing he's not dangerous enough for her. Kelso talks in his sleep, fueling Jackie's curiosity, and Red spends a day with a local church youth pastor, Dave.
Canadian Road Trip May 8, 2001 323 74
The guys and Leo go to Canada for beer, but are forced to smuggle Fez when he doesn't have his green card. Donna believes Jackie is being set up by a false modeling agency and Red tests out a recently bought video cassette recorder.
Backstage Pass May 15, 2001 324 75
Donna ditches Eric backstage at a Ted Nugent concert and Kelso delivers a romantic, love-filled day for Jackie, while Red and Kitty can't recall their first meeting with one another.
The Promise Ring May 22, 2001 325 76
Eric gives Donna a promise ring, as a sign they will be together forever. However, Donna is unsure if she's ready for such a commitment and questions their future together.
  • Note: This is the final episode that Tanya Roberts appears as a regular cast member.

Season 4: 2001–2002

Title Original airdate Production code #
It's a Wonderful Life September 25, 2001 401 77
Eric wishes he and Donna never kissed and, à la It's a Wonderful Life, an angel (guest star Wayne Knight) gives him a glimpse at what his and his friends' lives would have been, spanning from 1976 (the pilot episode) to the 1980s. Cynthia LaMontagne makes her first of six appearances as "Big Rhonda."
Eric's Depression September 26, 2001 402 78
A deeply depressed and heartbroken Eric stays in his room, prompting Red to find a way to get his son back on his feet. Kelso gets lost during a trip to the amusement park Funland with Hyde, Jackie and Fez. Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse guest star
Pinciotti vs. Forman October 2, 2001 403 79
Eric won't let Donna into his basement and a rivalry ensues between the two, as they compete for their friends' loyalty. Red befriends Pastor Dave (Kevin McDonald).
Hyde Gets a Girl October 9, 2001 404 80
Tired of seeing Hyde staying single, the gang throws a party so he can meet a girl. Fez becomes attracted to "Big Rhonda" (Cynthia LaMontagne) after he gets drunk, and Bob and Kelso enter into a radio contest, with a brand new van as the grand prize. French Stewart guest stars as a fellow contestant.
Bye-Bye Basement October 16, 2001 405 81
Hyde moves back in with the Formans, but won't reveal why. While Fez begins taking ballet lessons to meet women, Kitty hires Leo and his cousin, Theo, to renovate the basement. Kelso and Jackie make Donna realize something about herself and Eric.
The Relapse (1) November 6, 2001 406 82
Bob refuses to believe Midge has left him, and Red has to make him see the truth. Kelso convinces Hyde and Fez to go check out older women and Eric tends to Donna, leading to an unexpected situation.
Uncomfortable Ball Stuff (2) November 13, 2001 407 83
Donna and Eric go as friends to the Price Mart Ball, but lingering feelings for one another seem to remain. In need of money for a new pair of boots, Fez gets a job at Leo's Foto Hut.
Donna's Story November 20, 2001 408 84
After Donna writes a roman à clef in the school newspaper, her thinly veiled account of her and Eric's relationship makes Eric look bad, and he retaliates with his own story. Bob shows Red and Kitty his new girlfriend, Joanne, and Kelso purchases a pinball machine for The Hub.
Forgotten Son November 21, 2001 409 85
Red shoots an instructional video for Price Mart stock employees, but uses Kelso instead of real stock-boy Eric. Donna spends much time with Kitty, which troubles Eric, and Leo treats Hyde and Fez to a shopping spree, after believing that he's inherited a million dollars from a dead uncle.
Red and Stacey November 27, 2001 410 86
Red tries to match Stacey, a Price Mart employee, with Eric, only to find out she already has a crush on Red himself, much to everyone's surprise. After Big Rhonda (Cynthia LaMontagne) asks Fez on a date, Jackie and Donna give her a makeover.
The Third Wheel December 11, 2001 411 87
The guys go bowling, where Hyde introduces his new girlfriend, Jill, but Eric is not alright with her hanging out with the guys. Donna is speechless when Bob and Joanne reveal they are intimate in their relationship, and Red must see to it that Pastor Dave (Kevin McDonald) returns to his ministry duties, after he drops out from the church.
An Eric Forman Christmas December 18, 2001 412 88
Eric directs the church Christmas pageant, but his friends make a mess of things, leading to him getting kicked out of the directing seat. Red is grumpy over Bob's Christmas spirit and a feud ensues. Kevin McDonald makes his last of six appearances as Pastor Dave.
Jackie Says Cheese January 8, 2002 413 89
When her father finds out about her relationship with Kelso, Jackie gets a job as a cheese maiden at the local mall, in order to finance her expenses. Eric believes Red has found Hyde's stash in his drawers, although Red is embarrassed from being caught by Eric, after rummaging through his belongings searching for condoms, leading to the two not communicating with one another. A new foreign exchange student, Tomas, gets on Fez's nerves.
Eric's Hot Cousin January 22, 2002 414 90
Eric's attractive cousin, Penny, comes for visit, and she reveals something to him that may serve to his pleasure. Kitty wants a pet, but Red buys her an animal she least expects, and Donna and Jackie try ways to get the guys' attention back towards them instead of Penny.
Tornado Prom February 5, 2002 415 91
A tornado forces Eric and Donna to stay at the radio station, while the rest of the gang must hole up at the annual school prom. Hyde gets back at someone he hates, Fez gets his hopes high with Rhonda and Jackie questions her popularity. Meanwhile, Joanne starts to get on Red's nerves.
Donna Dates A Kelso February 5, 2002 416 92
Eric is named "Most Eligible Viking" at high school and starts flaunting his new title , while Jackie sets Donna up on a date with Kelso's older brother, Casey (guest star Luke Wilson). Red buys a vintage Corvette, and Fez believes he will finally lose his virginity with Big Rhonda (Cynthia LaMontagne).
Kelso's Career February 12, 2002 417 93
In order to pay for a Valentine's Day gift for Jackie, Kelso donates sperm at a local sperm bank. Donna is angry after being stood up by Casey, Fez begins gorging himself away with his chocolate gift to Big Rhonda, and Eric is troubled at Red when his father says "I love you" to him.
Leo Loves Kitty February 19, 2002 418 94
Leo falls in love with Kitty after an accident, while Fez needs to find a way to pay Hyde for a broken tailight. When Kelso is offered a modeling job, Jackie begins to feel neglected by him.
Jackie's Cheese Squeeze February 26, 2002 419 95
Eric blackmails Jackie, after he discovers her manager, Todd (guest star Christopher Masterson), kissing her. Hyde, Fez and Donna are tricked into believing they are Eric's only confidants, while Red begins spending more time with his Corvette than with Kitty.
Class Picture March 19, 2002 420 96
Trying to think of a quote for their 1978 yearbook pictures, the gang reminisces of their past experiences with one another and their families, and how they first met.
Prank Day March 26, 2002 421 97
The guys get back at Kelso for pranking them, but the results are disastrous, even with an unexpected ally on their side. Jackie spends the day with Donna in order to cheer her up.
Eric's Corvette Caper April 9, 2002 422 98
Eric takes Red's Corvette on a date to impress a cheerleader while Red and Kitty are out of town, but must ensure Red doesn't find out. Jackie and Donna go snooping around Casey's room while he's out of town, and have to deal with the one occupying Casey's room in his absence.
Hyde's Birthday April 23, 2002 423 99
Kitty wants to throw a surprise party for Hyde's 18th birthday, but he refuses to attend. While Jackie and Fez bicker over how to decorate for the party, Eric, Donna and Kelso go out to find the perfect gift for Hyde.
That '70s Musical April 30, 2002 424 100
A musical episode: Fez stars in the school musical pageant, but worries his friends will not attend to watch. His daydreams and fantasies throughout the episode include music from The Turtles, the Steve Miller Band, Nazareth, the Ramones, and Peaches & Herb. Roger Daltrey of The Who guest stars as the pageant director.
That '70s Special April 30, 2002 none S1
The cast and crew of discuss about the show and its run.
Eric's False Alarm May 7, 2002 425 101
Eric learns Casey and Donna are going to spend the night at a hotel, and follows them there. Red and Kitty are concerned Bob is moving too quickly with Joanne (guest star Mo Gaffney), and Kelso thinks Jackie might be cheating on him.
Everybody Loves Casey May 14, 2002 426 102
Eric's plan to turn others against Casey (guest star Luke Wilson) backfires at a hot dog barbecue. Kelso sorts out his reasons for why he cheated on Jackie, and Fez makes a move on Big Rhonda.
Love, Wisconsin Style (1) May 21, 2002 427 103
Donna's degenerating behavior angers Bob, and Red helps straighten her out. Casey breaks up with her, not wanting any trouble, which devastates Donna, who now wants to return to Eric, but his decision to be with her can cause a backlash in their former relationship. Following their breakup, Jackie tries to find a way to get back with Kelso, while Hyde and Fez look for someone to play a prank on. Two members of the gang get rid of their problems by leaving Point Place.

Season 5: 2002–2003

Title Original airdate Production code #
That '70s KISS Show August 30, 2002 none S2
Going to California (2) September 17, 2002 501 104
Desperately wanting to reveal his love for Donna, Eric disobeys his parents and heads to Californiamarker to find her. Meanwhile Jackie and Hyde, back at Wisconsin, become closer than ever before.
I Can't Quit You Baby (a.k.a. Jackie and Hyde Get Busted) September 24, 2002 502 105
As punishment for running away, Bob sends Donna to attend the Catholic school "Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow", and Red takes away Eric's keys to the Vista Cruiser. To their surprise and disgust, Eric and Donna find out about the secret fling between their two friends.
What Is and What Should Never Be (1) (a.k.a. Kitty's Pregnant) October 29, 2002 503 106
Red isn't too happy when Kitty announces she's pregnant and friendships may break, after one of the gang finally finds out about the secret relationship.
Heartbreaker (2) (a.k.a. Kitty's Parents Come to Visit) October 29, 2002 504 107
Kitty's parents, Burt and Bea (guest stars Tom Poston and Betty White), come for a visit to hear about her pregnancy, but Kitty has some news regarding it. Kelso must come to terms with Hyde and Jackie's new relationship.
Ramble On (a.k.a. Promise Ring Redux) November 12, 2002 505 108
Donna gives Eric a promise ring of her own, much to Eric's dislike for the ring's appearance. Fez applies for a job at the DMV, Hyde is bothered with Jackie's gossiping and Red must deal with Kitty's temper over the discovery of her menopause.
Over the Hills and Far Away November 19, 2002 506 109
Red and Kitty go with the guys on a weekend visit to UW–Madisonmarker, but Bob won't let Donna go with Eric. Jackie is afraid Hyde will cheat on her, while he is at Madison.
Hot Dog (a.k.a. The Gifts) November 26, 2002 507 110
Eric buys Donna the most unexpected present and decides to ask her a question that could change their lives, but the rest of the gang disowns him for even thinking of doing such a thing. Red buys a new dog, Schotzie, to keep Kitty company.
Thank You December 3, 2002 508 111
It's Thanksgiving, and to keep Red from finding out about his failing math grade, Eric forges his signature on a failing notice, and he and Donna decide to reveal their engagement during dinner. Also, Laurie (special guest star Lisa Robin Kelly) returns home after a long absence.
Black Dog (a.k.a. Ow, My Eye) December 10, 2002 509 112
Jackie's father gets arrested for bribery, but Hyde doesn't know how to respond to her. Kelso accidentally shoots one of the gang with a BB gun and Fez tries to gain some affection from his new boss, Nina. Meanwhile, Eric, Donna, Red and Kitty have a disagreement over comforting loved ones.
The Crunge (a.k.a. The S.A.T.s) December 17, 2002 510 113
Eric gets an unsatisfactory score on his SATs and wants to retake the tests, to prove he's worthy of marrying Donna. Jackie thinks Hyde's SAT score will bring the two of them fortune, while Kelso flaunts his score around.
The Girl I Love January 7, 2003 511 114
Fez introduces Nina to the gang, and Kitty invites them to a dinner party, but the guys and Red don't want to attend, rather wanting to spend time doing other things.
Misty Mountain Hop (a.k.a. Jackie's Cabin) January 22, 2003 512 115
Jackie asks the Formans to help clean out her family's ski cabin, after the bank forecloses it, while Hyde convinces Kelso and Fez to go party all weekend at a particular place. Eric wants to do new romantic things with Donna, but it doesn't go as planned for both of them.
Your Time Is Gonna Come (a.k.a. Get Off My Boyfriend) January 29, 2003 513 116
Kelso's girlfriend from California, Annette (guest star Jessica Simpson), comes to visit, stirring Jackie's jealously, which could lead to problems between her and Hyde. Kitty's parents also arrive, bearing bad news, and tragedy strikes, as a member of the Forman family ends up in the hospital, or worse.
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (a.k.a. Valentine's Day) February 5, 2003 514 117
Jackie tries to explain her actions to Hyde, in order to make up with him, but he believes otherwise. It's Valentine's Day and Annette forces Kelso to get rid of Jackie, else she'll break up with him. Meanwhile, Kitty's mother, Bea, is giving her and Donna a tough time.
When the Levee Breaks (a.k.a. Eric and Donna Play House) February 12, 2003 515 118
Eric and Donna use her house to practice being a married couple while Bob is out of town, but it doesn't go so well. Meanwhile, their friends are angry at them for not letting them throw a party at Donna's and Kitty buys Hyde an embarrassing jacket.
Whole Lotta Love (a.k.a. The Silent Treatment) February 19, 2003 516 119
After Eric reveals his engagement to Red, he gives Eric the silent treatment and undermines his future, in order to call it off. It's Jackie's birthday, and Kelso gives her a gift, with ulterior motives, and Fez finally loses his virginity to Nina.
The Battle of Evermore (a.k.a. Pioneer Days) February 26, 2003 517 120
Kitty signs Red and Eric up for a jamboree to help patch up their relationship, while Hyde, Fez, Jackie and Kelso search for an absent Leo.
  • Note: Tommy Chong(Leo) left the series at the end of Season 4 with no explanation. This episode officially writes him out of the series.
Hey, Hey What Can I Do? (a.k.a. Job Fair) March 12, 2003 518 121
The gang goes to a job fair, as Eric needs money to pay for his college tuition. Hyde is reluctant to get a job, until an old acquaintance of his offers him a position. Kelso chooses a future job no one else from the gang likes.
Bring It On Home (a.k.a. Jackie's in the House) March 26, 2003 519 122
The Formans discover Jackie has been sleeping in their basement with Hyde, and Bob volunteers to have Jackie over at his place, much to Donna's dismay. Fez realizes Nina is reluctant to introduce him to her family.
No Quarter (a.k.a. Jackie Moves In) April 2, 2003 520 123
Jackie moves in with Bob and Donna, but the things she does in the Pinciotti house doesn't go well with Donna. Eric has to pay for Donna's engagement ring with Red taking all his money from him on purpose, and Fez meets someone he knows and hates.
Trampled Under Foot (a.k.a. Fez Gets Dumped) April 9, 2003 521 124
Nina breaks up with Fez because he is "too needy". After realizing they have nothing to talk about anymore, the gang decide to add another member to their group, but don't know who to invite. Kitty uses their situation to her advantage, only to discover how bad her candidate for a new member is.
You Shook Me (1) (a.k.a. The Nurses Are Coming) April 16, 2003 522 125
Fez has an erotic dream about a certain member of the gang, which greatly disturbs him. Kelso questions his own sexuality after hearing about Fez's dream, leading him to seek comfort in Jackie. Joanne offers Eric a job at a local dog food factory.
Nobody's Fault But Mine (2) (a.k.a. Hyde Loves Jackie) April 23, 2003 523 126
Hyde is caught with another woman, as revenge for seeing Jackie with Kelso. Red hastens Eric and Donna's wedding day, until Laurie, who has returned home, offers an alternative for the couple to get out of the situation.
The Immigrant Song (a.k.a. Fez Gets Busted) May 7, 2003 524 127
Red takes a day off to think of Eric and Donna's plan to move away to Madison, Hyde and Kelso continue to bicker about one another over Jackie, and a certain prank could result in Fez's deportation.
Celebration Day (a.k.a. Graduation) May 14, 2003 525 128
The gang go camping the night before their high school graduation. Jackie decides to let Hyde and Kelso fight it out over her, to see who she'll choose in the end, and as Eric and Donna get ready to leave Point Place, some shocking news will be too much for a certain person to handle, both emotionally and physically.

Season 6: 2003–2004

Title Original airdate Production code #
The Kids Are Alright October 29, 2003 601 129
After Red's heart attack, Kitty has to take extra hospital shifts to support the family, worrying Eric, which he believes is a way to guilt him into not going to Madison with Donna. Jackie finally decides on Hyde over Kelso, but finds out the one she chooses already has another girl.
Join Together November 5, 2003 602 130
Hyde is still giving Jackie the cold shoulder, so Kelso decides to help get them back together. Eric depresses Donna about the last things they can do before she goes to Madison, just to get sex, and Kitty throws away all of Red's beer, as a precaution to a future heart attack.
Magic Bus November 12, 2003 603 131
It's Eric's 18th birthday and Donna is ready to leave for Madison. At the same time, he wonders why his "surprise birthday party" isn't being arranged by Kitty, who has other plans in mind with Red.
The Acid Queen November 19, 2003 604 132
Kelso tries to convince the gang he did it with Brooke, a former senior in high school when the gang were sophomores, during a Molly Hatchet concert, but she denies it. Jackie becomes jealous after Hyde admits Brooke is attractive, but he doesn't know how to lie righteously to her, and a certain girl reveals something startling that can heavily affect one of the guys' life.
I'm Free November 26, 2003 605 133
In order to get past an immigration investigator on Fez and Laurie's marital status, Fez must live with the Formans to avoid deportation. Meanwhile, Brooke tells Kelso he's off the hook, but Kelso feels he has a responsibility to support her.
We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore December 3, 2003 606 134
Kelso and Eric vie for a waiter job at Hyde's workplace and Red wants Fez and Laurie to get a divorce, until mysterious gifts suddenly arrive at the Forman's door. Donna and Jackie send fudge to a depressed Bob, disguised as secret admirers, so as to make him happy.
Christmas December 17, 2003 607 135
Jackie brings the gang to a high school Christmas dance, in order for her to get back at the cheerleading squad, after getting booted off. Eric, Donna, Hyde, and Fez are treated as celebrities at the dance, while Kelso wants to spend the night with Brooke at the library. Meanwhile, Red works in the local mall as Santa Claus, but Bob wants the job, too.
I'm A Boy January 7, 2004 608 136
Eric decides to lounge around at home and become obese, never leaving the comfort of his bed again. Kelso wants to start a serious relationship with Brooke, so he invites her, Hyde and Jackie to go on a double date.
Young Man Blues January 14, 2004 609 137
Kelso starts his first day as a police officer at the police academy, while Red teaches Eric to do housework, including plumbing and fixing the lawnmower. Jackie enrolls in a Big Sister program, but Donna bets she can't do a good enough job as a big sister.
A Legal Matter February 4, 2004 610 138
Fez needs to take an exam to become an American citizen, so Red educates him about American history. Kelso thinks he is the academy's "stooge" and asks Eric and Hyde to help him break into the station to locate his file for verification.
I Can See For Miles February 11, 2004 611 139
After Kelso vandalizes one of Eric's belongings, Eric and Donna steal his van and travel to their planned wedding location. With his van gone, Kelso needs to find a way to take Brooke to a doctor's appointment, while Jackie redecorates Hyde's room, much to his discomfort, and Bob gives Red a pair of shoes, much to his displeasure.
Sally Simpson February 18, 2004 612 140
Fez falls for Suzy (guest star Alyson Hannigan), one of Kelso's classmates at the academy, however, her feelings lie on someone else within the gang, which may cause friendships to break. A therapist wants to know the origin of Red's stress and Kitty believes the fault lies directly on her.
Won't Get Fooled Again February 25, 2004 613 141
Donna thinks she is pregnant, having missed a day from taking her birth control pills, which angers Red and Bob. After their dispute for Suzy, two members of the gang ceases their friendship, but she tries to make amends for the both of them.
Baby Don't You Do It March 3, 2004 614 142
Due to the false pregnancy scare, Eric and Donna are sent to attend premarital counseling at church, and a lie they tell puts them in an embarrassing situation. Kelso continues to lie to Brooke about his failing marks on his Penal Code tests and may get the boot from the academy, when he accidentally sets something on fire. Guest Star Billy Dee Williams as Pastor Dan. Note: Billy Dee Williams played as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and his character loves Star Wars as much as Eric.
Who Are You March 10, 2004 615 143
Jackie's mother, Pam (guest star Brooke Shields), returns from Acapulcomarker and starts dating Bob. After the premarital counseling, Donna decides she and Eric need to be celibate until they are married, something he is not taking lightly.
Man With Money March 17, 2004 616 144
Red is at the mercy of a heart rate monitor, as it always goes off whenever Pam is around, making Kitty suspicious of him being attracted to her. Donna and Jackie try to split Bob and Pam up and have the idea of using Fez to seduce Pam.
Happy Jack March 24, 2004 617 145
Donna is horrified after she finds Eric masturbating in her bathroom. Meanwhile, Hyde and Fez go to the academy to visit Kelso, but what they find is a completely straight-forward, honest person, rather than the bumbling idiot they know.
Do You Think It's Alright? March 31, 2004 618 146
Eric and Donna have to go register for wedding gifts, but he does not like shopping with Donna. Hyde is worried all this wedding talk will make Jackie pressure him into proposing to her. Meanwhile, Red begins reading one of Kitty's erotic novels.
Substitute April 21, 2004 619 147
Eric feels bad after injuring Mitch (guest star Seth Green), a former high school classmate, at a mini-golf stand and offers him to hang out in his basement. However, he begins to regret it, as Mitch starts making him look bad. Meanwhile, when Bob invites Pam to live with him, she breaks up with him, and Donna and Jackie try to get them back together.
Squeezebox April 28, 2004 620 148
Eric's fidelity is in question, after he reveals he dated another girl when Donna and Casey were together. After Red and Hyde moved Pam's belongings into Bob's house, the two are speechless when they see Pam topless, and must try every way to hide this fact from Kitty and Jackie.
"5:15" May 5, 2004 621 149
Donna pretends to be Mitch's date for his brother's wedding, but he tells everyone she is his fiancée, proving Eric's suspicion of Mitch's growing affection for Donna. To regain his honor, Mitch challenges him to a fight. Meanwhile, Fez pretends to be rich, in order to impress a girl he meets at the wedding (guest star Rachel Bilson), Kelso and Brooke attend parenting classes with Kitty as the instructor, and Red installs cable TV, only to have someone steal the signal.
Sparks May 12, 2004 622 150
Eric accidentally ruins Donna's wedding dress and must find a way to prevent her from knowing. Red, under the influence, buys a canoe at an auction with Kitty's wedding gift money and has to find another present to give to Eric, thus Hyde, Kelso and Fez try to find humorous ways of misusing the canoe.
That '70s Bloopers May 12, 2004 none S3
A blooper reel from past episodes of the show.
My Wife May 16, 2004 623 151
Eric thinks he is holding Donna back on college and her dreams, after she leases a trailer for the two of them. While the guys go to Eric's bachelor party at a strip club, the girls attend Donna's bachelorette party, where they find Kelso's older brother Casey (guest star Luke Wilson), Donna's old flame.
Going Mobile May 19, 2004 624 152
As their wedding day approaches, Eric is having second thoughts, after a dream leaves him bewildered about his future, married life, and even Donna starts having cold feet. Hyde and Fez play their own form of rock-paper-scissors to determine who will be Eric's best man, and Kelso meets Brooke's mother (guest star Morgan Fairchild), who wants Brooke to move to Chicago, Illinoismarker with her. Eric disappears before the wedding rehearsal.
The Seeker May 19, 2004 625 153
With the wedding called off, Donna commiserates with Hyde at the water tower. After she accidentally knocks him off, Hyde ends up in the hospital, where nurse Kitty, researching his records, finds a different man listed on Hyde's birth certificate than the man Hyde had always thought was his father. Eric eventually returns, sneaking into Donna's bedroom to explain his disappearance, and Donna agrees she, too, was not ready for marriage.

Season 7: 2004–2005

Title Original airdate Production code #
Time Is On My Side September 8, 2004 701 154
Eric and Donna decide to stay together after the wedding fiasco, but he is unsure how to proceed with his life. Once Eric understands what he wants to do, the gang helps him finance his plans. Midge and Pam continue to bicker for Bob's affection, and Red forces him to make the right choice.
Let's Spend the Night Together September 15, 2004 702 155
Hyde finally meets his biological father, William Barnett, and is surprised at his ethnicity. Eric goes with Donna to a feminist rally and Kelso is expecting the birth of his baby.
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction September 22, 2004 703 156
Eric vandalizes a muffler shop, which Red later buys, and Kelso believes being a single parent to his new baby daughter, Betsy, could serve to his advantage in dating women, or so he thinks.
Beast of Burden September 29, 2004 704 157
Eric is upset when Red doesn't ask him to work at his new muffler shop, "Forman & Son", who asks Hyde, instead. William offers Hyde a job, too, which conflicts with Hyde's choices, and Fez becomes a shampoo boy at a local salon.
It's Only Rock and Roll October 6, 2004 705 158
Hyde starts working at his father's record store chain and Kitty starts doing Tai Chi to calm her nerves. After Kelso gives away his Playboy magazines, Fez delves too deeply into its material.
Rip This Joint November 3, 2004 706 159
Eric goes to jail after he is caught pranking a neighbor's yard. Meanwhile, Kitty throws a party at the Forman house, and Midge locks herself in Red's bathroom, after Bob throws a jealous fuss over her and William.
Mother's Little Helper November 10, 2004 707 160
Kitty stops making meals, until Red reads a book called "The Joy Of Sex" and decide how to proceed with their sex life. One of Fez's customers at the salon, Danielle (guest star Lindsay Lohan), stands up to her date and goes out with Fez, while Kelso asks Fez for advice on women.
Angie November 17, 2004 708 161
The gang meets Hyde's half-sister, Angie, who wants nothing more than to see him out of their father's record company. Eric begins taking Spanish lessons, but it is just a cover for something he loves to do, which shocks the entire gang.
You Can't Always Get What You Want November 24, 2004 709 162
Eric wants to go to a Styx concert on Thanksgiving, but his parents want him to stay for dinner. Hyde and Angie open up a new record store for their father called "Grooves", but plans for its grand opening aren't going as well as they seem.
Surprise, Surprise December 1, 2004 710 163
Hyde is not pleased when Angie reveals she slept with someone in the gang, and he must bear the laughter thrown at him. Eric doesn't understand how Donna compares him to a "twizzler", and Kitty helps Jackie bake something for Hyde, in order to cheer him up.
Winter December 15, 2004 711 164
The guys take all the toys intended for the Christmas Toy Drive and play around with them first, before returning it. Kitty meets an old acquaintance at the Toy Drive, and Jackie wonders if Hyde will grow up from his childish antics.
Don't Lie To Me January 5, 2005 712 165
Concerned about her future with Hyde, Jackie pretends to be engaged to Fez during a wedding reception for one of their former high school seniors' sister, which could prove to be troublesome in Hyde and Jackie's relationship. At the same time, the gang tells Angie why she should break up with Kelso, only to have him admit genuine affection for her, after the break up.
Can't You Hear Me Knocking January 12, 2005 713 166
When Kelso accidentally threatens the President, the guys go paranoid, believing the authorities are out to get them, and try desperately to get rid of everything illegal in the Forman house. Red goes ice fishing with Kitty, and Donna takes Jackie to her karate class, where Jackie sorts out her feelings behind the break up with Hyde.
Street Fighting Man February 9, 2005 714 167
Donna scores tickets to a Green Bay Packers game, and while Hyde, Kelso and Fez figure out how to get the three of them into the game with two tickets, Jackie continues to mope over her break up. At the game, Eric dons a Chicago Bears jersey, which can land him in trouble with Packers fans.
It's All Over Now February 16, 2005 715 168
A new intern at Donna's radio station, Sarah (guest star Eliza Dushku), gets her fired for not showing off her body during a public taping at Grooves, as Tom Jones is scheduled to arrive there. Kitty wants Red to get his autograph, while Jackie turns to Fez for advice on how to get Hyde back.
On With The Show February 23, 2005 716 169
Jackie prepares to host her own public television show, but gets stage fright, and Angie wants to know how she can deliver a "burn". Eric meets someone with his likes and hobbies, but whose life makes him think about his own future.
Down The Road Apiece March 2, 2005 717 170
Eric leaves Point Place to make a documentary film about life on the road, and meets up with his old friend Leo (special guest star Tommy Chong) when his car breaks down. Jackie and Hyde try to patch their damaged relationship with Fez as their coach.
  • Note: Tommy Chong returns to the series as Leo after nearly a three-year absence.
Oh, Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin') March 9, 2005 718 171
While watching Betsey, Kelso has trouble babysitting and ends up losing her at Eric's house. Hyde, Jackie, Red and Kitty go to a car show.
Who's Been Sleeping Here? March 23, 2005 719 172
Kelso wants Hyde and Jackie to be Betsy's godparents, which doesn't sit well with Eric and Donna, as they believe the honor should be given to them. Angie discovers someone is using Grooves as a residence, and the gang is surprised to find out who the culprit is.
Gimme Shelter March 30, 2005 720 173
Eric starts considering various job options and enrolls in a chiropractor seminar, but doesn't think it's a good option when he mishandles one of the gang when practicing. Elsewhere, Kelso and Fez find the perfect apartment to live in, but the landlord, who has some beef with Fez, prevents them from renting it out.
2120 So. Michigan Ave April 27, 2005 721 174
Eric chooses to become a teacher, but receives an "incomplete" in gym class, thus preventing him from graduating high school. He must re-take it over the summer, but a certain individual might prevent him from doing so. Kelso and Fez bicker over the choice of rooms at their new apartment, and must face off in a beauty pageant-like competition.
2000 Light Years From Home May 4, 2005 722 175
Eric, having Red spent his savings on his muffler shop, needs to find money for his college tuition and turns to his former high school guidance counselor, who offers him an odd choice, which could anger his friends and family. Angie doesn't know how to break the news to Kelso, when she is promoted to her father's corporate office in Milwaukee.
Take It Or Leave It May 11, 2005 723 176
Jackie is offered a job in Chicago for her television show, but will only go if Hyde doesn't live up to her expectations to propose. Donna tries to prevent Eric from going to Africa by faking a date and Charlie, the son of one of Red's war buddies, visits the gang and offers the guys solace in a place beyond their wildest dreams.
Short And Curlies May 18, 2005 724 177
Jackie prepares to leave for Chicago, unless Hyde has something to say that will make her think twice. Charlie wants to apologize to Red for his earlier behavior, but keeps getting into uncomfortable situations with Kitty. Donna has trouble finding a parting gift for Eric, so turns to advice from Kitty.
Til the Next Goodbye May 18, 2005 725 178
The boys gather for one last "circle" before Eric leaves, until someone finally catches them. Eric goes to take his shots. With a heart-warming farewell from his friends and family, Eric heads to Africa.
  • Note: This is the final episode that Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher appear as regular cast members.
  • Note: This is also Grace's final episode until the finale.

Season 8: 2005–2006

Title Original airdate Production code #
Bohemian Rhapsody November 2, 2005 801 179
Kitty, Fez and Donna record a tape for Eric, summarizing what happened since he left. Red is ashamed of Kitty's experiment with something their son did prior to leaving. Hyde and Jackie argue about their relationship after Hyde punches Kelso, and it worsens when a stripper named Samantha finds the Formans' house and reveals her marriage to Hyde. Charlie is killed when he falls off the water tower.
Somebody to Love November 2, 2005 802 180
After Leo leaves an ambiguous note on Grooves' front door, a teenager named Randy Pearson (new cast member Josh Meyers) applies for a non-existing job. Hyde hires him while he is intoxicated, and after sobering up, wonders if it was a good decision. Jackie, Fez and Donna go to a bar so Jackie could hit on guys and then break their hearts to make her feel better. Red and Kitty try to get Hyde's wife, Samantha, to leave.
You're My Best Friend November 9, 2005 803 181
Randy wants to throw Hyde a belated bachelor party and he puts Kelso and Fez in charge of getting Hyde to the Formans' house without him knowing. But Kelso forgets his part of the plan and the guys end up in jail. Meanwhile, The Formans are furious when Leo has the strippers at their house and Jackie is shocked when Donna befriends Samantha.
Misfire November 16, 2005 804 182
Kelso makes one last move on Jackie, but is offered a job at the Playboy Club in Chicago. Red and Kitty celebrate their anniversary, and Donna feels bad when Eric calls Kitty much more often than he calls her. Randy tries to console Donna. At the end of the episode, Kelso joins his friends in one last circle before he moves to Chicago.
Stone Cold Crazy November 30, 2005 805 183
Kitty feels neglected by Red, so Samantha helps her improve her image. Now that Kelso has moved to Chicago, Jackie moves in with Fez, who has to deal with his crazy ex-girlfriend Caroline. With some help from Samantha, Donna takes nude photos to send to Eric; unfortunately, he is not the first one to see them.
  • Note: This is the last episode to feature Kitty's classic hair-do. Her new sexier one is introduced at the end.
Long Away December 7, 2005 806 184
Donna starts spending more time with Randy, much to Fez and Jackie's suspicion, and the latter decides Eric has to know about this mingling. Red hires Leo to be his photographer at a Veteran's Reunion, as Red is now the most decorated veteran and wants to show off, but Leo steals the spotlight when he reveals his military past. Unfortunately, it is revealed that Eric had broken up with Donna and that's why she is now hanging out with Randy.
Fun It December 14, 2005 807 185
Randy gets himself and the gang in trouble, after they steal the Fatso Burger mascot and upset the whole town. Jackie lets out her fear of clowns, Fez unsuccessfully tries to hate Randy and Donna gives in to her dark side.
Good Company January 12, 2006 808 186
Jackie discovers Donna's crush on Randy, while Kitty is angry at Fez after he begins dating one of her friends. Donna's birthday is approaching and her friends don't know what present to give her.
Who Needs You January 19, 2006 809 187
Kitty and Red get annoyed with Hyde and Samantha's constant fighting. After Jackie floods Fez's apartment and almost gets them evicted, she decides to save the day in the most feminine way. Donna tries to get people to donate money for a children's library and is in for some disappointment about the fans of "Hot Donna".
Sweet Lady January 26, 2006 810 188
Donna is suspicious at Randy's intentions when he invites her to a cabin under questionable pretenses. Jackie wants to work for Christine St. George (guest star Mary Tyler Moore), a talk show host for What's Up, Wisconsin?. Hyde meets Red's older friends and questions his marriage.
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy February 2, 2006 811 189
Jackie needs Kitty's help to get her boss, self-centered TV host Christine St. George, to like her. Leo has a crush on someone quite unexpected and asks the other guys for help.
Killer Queen February 9, 2006 812 190
It's Valentine's Day and Red has trouble finding Kitty a gift when his present stash is found empty after he lets Hyde pick one for Samantha. Fez and Jackie fake a relationship for Christine St. George on What's Up, Wisconsin? when a guest fails to appear. Donna helps Randy plan out his Valentine's Day and is surprised to learn who his date is.
Spread Your Wings March 16, 2006 813 191
Donna unsuccessfully tries to keep her relationship with Randy a secret. Fez tries to impress a co-worker named Hillary at all costs, while Jackie gets a new job, but finds it quite disappointing. Kitty and Red clean Eric's old bedroom, with help from Randy. Things take a turn for the worse when Kitty catches Randy and Donna kissing in Eric's room.
Son And Daughter March 23, 2006 814 192
Hyde has to watch over his father's house when he goes out of town. A subsequent party goes out of control and only Leo can fix the damage. Kitty is still furious against Donna for kissing Randy in Eric's old bedroom, and tries to ridicule her. After defending Randy, Red stays at Bob's to avoid further fights with Kitty.
Keep Yourself Alive April 13, 2006 815 193
Fez loses Kitty's wedding ring and the gang spends their night in the woods looking for it, with Donna and Randy trying desperately to be alone, but unable to due to Jackie and Hyde's fighting. Red is uncomfortable when Bob says too much about the same ring in front of Kitty.
My Fairy King April 27, 2006 816 194
Hyde finds out a terrible truth about Samantha and a rival muffler shop might force Red into retirement. Jackie makes up a list of qualities she needs in a man and is overwhelmed when she realizes who her perfect match is.
Crazy Little Thing Called Love April 27, 2006 817 195
Jackie discusses her feelings towards Fez with a therapist, who tells Jackie she is only interested in unavailable men. Hyde keeps a retired Red busy, but regrets it later. Meanwhile, Fez is dumped for a very unusual reason.
We Will Rock You May 4, 2006 818 196
The gang meets a variety of people at a "Disco Sucks" bonfire. Jackie unsuccessfully tries to use the occasion to get closer to Fez. Kitty and Red have a visit from new neighbours, but there is just something about them they consider wrong: they're gay.
Sheer Heart Attack May 4, 2006 819 197
After numerous amorous adventures, Fez decides to stay with only one girl, and returns to ex-girlfriend Caroline, much to Jackie's dismay. Red and Hyde try to sell unneeded heart pills without Kitty's consent.
Leaving Home Ain't Easy May 11, 2006 820 198
Bob wants Red and Kitty to move to Floridamarker with him, while Randy suggests Donna move in with him. Jackie messes with Fez's car when he rejects her, thus Fez takes revenge in the most harmful way.
That '70s Show: The Final Goodbye May 11, 2006 none S4
The cast and crew showcase highlights from the show, as they prepare for the series finale.
Love Of My Life May 18, 2006 821 199
In the first half of the series finale, Red and Kitty try to sell their house, while Jackie must choose if she wants to be with Fez or not, as Fez considers leaving to his home country. Randy tries to figure out what went wrong in his relationship with Donna and Hyde tries to stop using marijuana after a bad experience. Eric is coming home from Africa.
  • Note: This is the first half of That '70s Finale
That '70s Finale May 18, 2006 822 200
In the series finale, it is December 31, 1979, the final day of the 1970s. Hyde helps a hesitant Kitty and Red decide about moving. Fez searches for the perfect time and place for his first kiss with Jackie while Kelso returns to spend the last night of the 1970s with his friends. Red and Kitty announce to their guests that they decide not to move to Florida. As Donna leaves the room for some air, Eric returns just in time for New Year's Eve. He apologizes to Donna, who says things "are a lot different now" and they kiss. Eric and Kelso join their friends in the final "circle" of the decade. Eric states the last person upstairs has to call Red a dumbass. Everyone runs upstairs, leaving Kelso behind. Kelso is the final character to be seen as he grabs "the stupid helmet" and prepares to call Red a dumb ass. As the 1980s begin, the episode ends in a final shot of the Forman's basement with the kids and adults upstairs counting down.
  • Note: When the series ends, the license plate which gives the year of the episode's setting displays an "80".
  • Note: Ashton Kutcher guest stars as Kelso
  • Note: Topher Grace guest stars as Eric. His role is uncredited.
  • Note: This is the final episode.

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  1. An alternate title for this episode is "Red's New Job".
  2. This episode's name is a shortening of the Led Zeppelin song "The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair".
  3. This is the last episode to feature Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher as main cast members. Kutcher guest star in the first four episodes of Season 8, as well as the finale, while Grace appears only in the last episode, but remains uncredited in the finale.

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