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The following is a list of characters featured in the Canadianmarker television series Trailer Park Boys.

Main characters


Richard (Robb Wells), commonly referred to as "Ricky" by Julian, (and sometimes called "Richard" by Barbara) enjoys marijuana, pepperoni, chips, cigarettes and alcohol. He and Julian have been best friends since they were kids and they lead the group. Also in an earlier episode, Bubbles hinted that Ricky was a bottle kid when he was younger. Bubbles claims that Ricky taught himself to read (minimally) by working through the instructions on frozen food packages in order to eat. Apparently he has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which causes his restlessness. Although Sarah, Lahey, Randy, and others frequently point out that Ricky is not particularly bright, he has frequently shown the ability to get himself out of trouble when the cops get on his case. Ricky is also known for his loyalty towards his family, especially Lucy and Trinity. In episode one of season three, when Ricky has to choose between buying a new trailer or buying Trinity a set of encyclopedias (as well as kissing Mr. Lahey's rear end for not being able to pay for the trailer), Ricky swallows his pride and chooses the encyclopedias. Although Ricky often tries to take the easy way out by breaking the law instead of getting a real job, he has demonstrated some dedication to work and education. He took his job as a mall security guard seriously, but was framed by Julian, Cory, and Trevor and was subsequently fired. He also worked as a janitor (but told everyone he was a student) at Dartmouth Regional Vocational School, although he sold drugs to students while he worked. When given the opportunity to apply for Randy's assistant trailer park supervisor job, Ricky passed the aptitude test with flying carpets, to Lahey's dismay, and actually performed all of the duties Lahey asked him to do. Ricky also passed his grade 10 exam (57%) without cheating, something he claimed he had never done before. Trademarks: black track pants; mangling the English language ("Rickyisms"); hitting people up for cigarettes (mainly Cory and Trevor); listening to 80's rock bands such as Helix, April Wine and Kim Mitchell; driving the "Shitmobile" around the park; threatening to sue the cops when they arrest him; never accepting blame for anything illegal or irresponsible he has done; and pointing out how his brain is inferior to everyone else's ("You know I've only got my grade 10"). Ricky is widely known for eggcorns, referred to by fans as "Rickyisms", which are his mispronunciation of words, phrases and names ("Rake-ens" instead of raccoons; "Supply and Command"; "Denial and Error"; "Worst case Ontariomarker"; "Sweet & Power" chicken balls; Jalapeno with a hard J; "Indianapolis Jones"; "a-toda-so" instead of I told you so). He is also known for his clumsy nature when it comes to rough terrain, tumbling in many episodes. Ricky is also known to yell at anyone who calls him Reveen (almost leading to Bubbles getting shot when Conky says it), this is due to the fact that he looks like the hypnotist Peter Reveen.


Julian (John Paul Tremblay) is "the brains" of the outfit. The label mostly distinguishes that he is smarter than Ricky. At the end of most seasons, when Julian is in jail, he talks about how he has "been doing a lot of reading on positive thinking". Nevertheless, Julian has a tendency to freeze up when the cops start asking him questions. Julian's main goal in life is to get rich quick and retire, a goal he works towards with a variety of crimes. They range from operations as small as selling stolen barbecues to as large as growing massive marijuana fields. Later on in the show after Jim Lahey and Randy are outed as homosexuals, Jim often refers to Julian as "Sexy" or "Sexian". Though Julian appears to be intimidating to other characters he is said to have the biggest heart in the park. Trademarks: almost always has a drink in one hand (usually a rum and coke), goatee, tight black shirt, black sunglasses and one earring, and gets angry when referred to as Patrick Swayze (Bubbles explains in one episode that in high school, Ricky walked in on Julian watching Dirty Dancing dressed like the actor, and the entire school found out).


Bubbles (Mike Smith) is Julian and Ricky's best buddy and conscience, known for his hoarse voice with a strong maritime accent, sensitive nature, and coke-bottle glasses. Ray claims that Bubbles is the 'sharpest person in the trailer park'. Abandoned as a five-year-old (for his own protection by his baker mother and truck-driver father), Bubbles lives in a tool shed with his kitties, who are his only family. Bubbles dislikes firearms and the danger Ricky and Julian get themselves into. He loves kittens, bubbles, guitar playing, tractor trailers, badminton, rockets, model trains and wrestling; his wrestling identity is The Green Bastard. He is perhaps the most responsible-minded person of the whole park. He often has moments of insight amongst the chaos of trailer park life, showing a larger general knowledge than most of the other residents, even showing knowledge in Greek philosophy. He makes a living by stealing and refurbishing shopping carts. His latest money-making scheme with shopping carts was with Ray; they rented a truck from Shitty Bill and drove a shipment of carts to Bangor, Maine; however Ray got arrested for soliciting a prostitute at a truck stop and Bubbles' plan ultimately failed. Bubbles also shows a remarkable ability to avoid getting arrested by the cops whenever they bust one of the Boys' schemes, except when he was arrested by George Green at the end of Season Four for driving a delivery truck with a fake driver's license. Trademarks: large glasses, magnified facial movements and expression, a love for cats and the Canadian rock band Rush, frequently being seen transporting shopping carts on his go-kart, having a tendency to avoid getting arrested by the police, crying when stressed out or threatened, calling people "arseholes", and his yelling "Cocksucker!", though that stopped before the last couple seasons. For the first few episodes of the show, Bubbles seemed to express an attitude of shyness, but as the show progressed, he eventually grew as a character.

Jim Lahey

James "Jim" Lahey (John Dunsworth), (commonly referred to as "Mr. Lahey" by Randy, "Jimmy" by Phil Collins, "Jim" by Julian and Barb, and just "Lahey" by Ricky), is a deranged trailer park supervisor and former police officer, who was wrongfully dismissed as a result of a prank by Julian, Ricky and Bubbles on Halloween 1977. He was reinstated as a police officer at the end of season six, but resigned at the end of season seven when he realized he was happier working as a drunk trailer park supervisor. He was sober for most of season six and seven, but fell off the wagon again when ex-wife Barbara Lahey (they reconciled at the end of season 6) decided to run off with Sam Losco. In the first few seasons of TPB, when someone accuses Lahey of being drunk, he often responds that he's "only had two drinks", even though he's clearly had much more. In episode 3 of season 1 ("Mr. Lahey's Got My Porno Tape"), Julian discovered that Lahey and assistant trailer park supervisor Randy were having a homosexual relationship. Julian agreed to keep their relationship a secret, but Randy admitted they were both gay in season 3. Has one daughter, Treena, with Barb Lahey. Trademark: tan trailer park supervisor uniform, always calling Julian "sexy", calling the cops but providing them with little or no evidence proving the boys broke the law, speech peppered with metaphors with the word "shit" bizarrely worked in, i.e. "a shit leopard can't change his spots" (a predilection common to police officers throughout the series). Through Lahey's constant insobriety and even at his most incoherent moments he consistently maintains an extreme affinity for the Trailer park and all of its residents, except Ricky.

Note: In the Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special, supposed to have been a prequel to the actual show, Mr. Lahey is called 'Simon' by Randy, to which Lahey responds with 'Never call me Simon.' This may imply that Jim Lahey used Randy for his 'services', under the name Simon, in the past.


Randle AKA Randy or Randy Bo-Bandy (Patrick Roach) is Mr. Lahey's devoted assistant trailer park supervisor and "longtime companion." In the Christmas Special episode, it is explained that their "partnership" began when Lahey's then-wife, Barbara, found Randy working as a male prostitute in 1997, and, out of her Christian charity, invited him to stay with them for a while. From the end of season 6 to end of the series, Randy becomes a chronic marijuana smoker. It was also revealed in season seven that he is the father of Lucy's child. Since season six, it has become a known fact that Randy is in fact bisexual. He has had feelings for Sarah and was part of a three-way relationship with Jim and Barb Lahey, although he has also had a relationship with Officer Ted Johnston (season six). Trademarks: never wears a shirt, wears very tight white pants, loves cheeseburgers, telling people to "frig off", occasionally seen jumping to and from minor events that occur within the park and has a large gut; his major target for ridicule. When he is particularly angry at somebody he occasionally threatens to take his pants off and fight them while only wearing underpants; he refuses to fight and risk tearing his pants ("When the pants come off, look the fuck out!"). He has sold his body for cheeseburgers; his reasoning for doing so is "a man's gotta eat". J-Roc often makes fun of Randy's gut, claiming he's "pregnant with a bucket of chicken", and calling him various names such as "Gut Cassidy and the Sundance Cheeseburger", "Starsky and Gut", "The Cheeseburger Walrus", "The Cheeseburger Locker", "Cheeseburger Depot", "RiverGut", "Inflatable Elvis", "Marty McGravy and "Marty McLargeFries".


Lucy (Lucy Decoutere) is Ricky's on-again, off-again demanding girlfriend and mother of his daughter Trinity. Lucy and Julian had a relationship after high school, which Julian clearly wants to forget, but Lucy still expresses feelings for him from time to time. She is known as the "Trailer Park Ho". She gets a boob job in Season 5, which Ricky does not notice at first. Although Ricky is extremely loyal to Lucy, her loyalty is another matter altogether. Although she agreed to marry Ricky at the end of season one, she never seemed totally interested in doing so, often seeming more concerned about Julian and his new girlfriend Candy. At the beginning of season two, Lucy is living with Randy, much to Ricky's displeasure. Later that season, Ricky finds out she is seeing Cyrus. In season five, after Trinity was caught and charged with driving underage, Lucy (while drunk) tried to seduce the officers into letting her daughter go, which then got her hauled off to the drunk tank for the night. At the end of season seven, she gives birth to Randy's son, conceived during a weekend Ricky spent in jail. Although Ricky has difficulty accepting the fact the baby is not his, he is happy that he does not have to pay child support, but still treats the baby as his own. Trademarks: always smoking, fake blonde hair, prominent incisors, fake breasts (from season 5 and onwards).


Sarah (Sarah E. Dunsworth) is Lucy's best friend. She moved in with Lucy and Trinity while Ricky was in prison at the beginning of season 1. She dated Ricky in season 2 and encouraged him to focus on school, and he achieved his Grade 10 education in "The Bare Pimp Project." The relationship didn't last long; since their breakup, Sarah has mocked Ricky's intelligence and chastised him for treating Cory and Trevor so badly. She also has difficulty understanding why Lucy constantly takes Ricky back when they all know he is just going to end up in jail again. In "The Green Bastard" Julian let slip that she was arrested that day and was serving a 24-hour jail sentence. Sarah dated Cory and Trevor from season 4 to season 6; currently she is dating Jacob Collins. In the movie, she appears to be a lesbian and even made out with Lucy on occasion. In real life, Sarah is the daughter of John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey). Trademarks: Long red hair; in season seven, she sports a tattoo on her arm to remember Cory and Trevor. According to Ricky, Sarah smokes a ton of weed and is constantly baked.


J-Roc (Jonathan Torrens), né Jamie, is a white rapper who, in earlier seasons, lived with his overbearing mother at the trailer park. He speaks in African American Vernacular English and very frequently uses the phrase "You know what I'm saying?" (pronounced, "Gnome'sayin?") He often helps Ricky and Julian with their money-making schemes, acting as their fence: buying their stolen goods and selling them the equipment they need for their crimes. He has dabbled in the porn business, directing at least three straight-to-video titles, including "From Russia With The Love Bone," "The Bare Pimp Project," and "Greasy Trailer Park Girls Gone Wild." He and his best friend Tyrone (or T., as he is often called) fathered children with two different women between seasons five and six, but since neither one of them knew who fathered whom, they agreed to both be the children's fathers. Although they are not sure who the father is, the white female has a black baby and the black female has a white child. The decision to raise the children together only stems from the idea that J-Roc believes he is black. Trademarks: Pasty white skin, his best friend T., the Roc-Pile (his crew), and his refusal to participate in gun fights.

Cory and Trevor

Cory and Trevor (Cory Bowles and Michael Jackson) are two young adults who are always used as lackeys and scapegoats by Ricky and Julian, and who always screw up the plans. At the end of season four, on Ricky's orders to buy the trailer park while he is in jail with the money earned from selling their dope. Instead, to spite Ricky and Julian for treating them terribly over the years, spend most of the money on themselves and other people in the park. They planned to buy the trailer park for themselves as well. However, Cory and Trevor, unsuprisingly, are tricked into purchasing a fake deed to the trailer park from Barb Lahey. Cory is said to be the smarter of the two, although that's not saying much. Trevor is often called an "alien" with long alien arms by Bubbles. On the romance side, neither Cory nor Trevor are particularly successful with the opposite sex. In season two, the boys open a night club in J. Roc's mother's trailer, but because Cory and Trevor had only posted flyers around a gay bar, only men and two transvestites show up. At the end of the night, Cory and Trevor are excited to be leaving with the only two "women" in the club. It was later implied that Cory and Trevor bottomed for the transvestites but were still uncertain as to whether they were female or not. Trevor and Cory also have a tendency to get very visible erections when around strippers or J. Roc's "ho's". Bowles and Jackson left the show after the sixth season because they felt "mistreated and underpaid"; they also thought the show had changed negatively since the first few seasons. To explain their characters' departure, Cory and Trevor were said to have been committed to a mental institution and advised to never return to Sunnyvale. In the first episode of the seventh season, Ricky expresses much frustration and anger throughout the show at their disappearance. Trademarks—Both: Childish stupidity; always raising their hands hoping for a high five - and universally being left hanging by Ricky and Julian; usually referred to as "fucked," "stupid," "dicks" and "dick-weeds" by Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. Cory: Toothpick in the mouth; thick framed glasses; muscle shirt; "long braidy things"; an occasional lisp. Trevor: Long "gravy colored" hair; tall and skinny frame; always wears a T-shirt; always gives Ricky smokes or chips, sometimes refers to himself as the Trevster.

Barb Lahey

Barbara "Barb" Lahey (Shelley Thompson) is the owner of Sunnyvale Trailer Park. She was married to Jim until she divorced him because of his relationship with Randy and his drinking problem. Despite being at odds with Lahey, Barb is on friendly terms with Randy despite the fact that he is Lahey's new love interest. In the Christmas Special, it was discovered that she found Randy working as a male prostitute and brought him home with her, not knowing he had an affair with her husband. She was briefly engaged to Sam Losco in season two until Julian and J-Roc showed her "The Bare Pimp Project," a low-budget adult film that Sam appeared in. Towards the end of season four, she proposed to Ricky before he went back to prison for two months on dope charges.

Shelley Thompson first appeared as the officiant of Ricky and Lucy's disrupted wedding at the end of season one. Whether Barb is an actual officiant or this is a different character played by Thompson is unknown. However, the character of Barb Lahey wasn't introduced in the show until season 2. So it is most likely that the officiant in season 1 was not Barbara Lahey.


Trinity (Jeanna Harrison-Steinhart) is Lucy's daughter. Although Ricky is assumed to be her dad, there are several hints throughout the series that it's Julian who is the biological father, thanks to a drunken hook-up at a party (Ricky has no knowledge of this). Trinity is addicted to cigarettes; both Ricky and Lucy give her cigarettes as a means of payment. She also drinks heavily, and was once charged with underage driving. In season five she started throwing bottles at people in the trailer park. Trinity does not have much of a role on the show; she mostly appears to appeal to Ricky to get serious about supporting his family.


Ray (Barrie Dunn) is Ricky's father, an ex-trucker and strict Calvinist. He has the name "Tammy" improperly spelled across his knuckles as a tribute to the woman who was his wife and Ricky's mother. At the end of season six, he assumed the role of assistant trailer park supervisor. He is often seen drinking and/or drunk, listening to blues music, reading the Bible, and partying with the boys. For seasons one, three, four and most of five he was faking being in a wheelchair to live off disability until, while drunk, he got recorded on tape standing up in one of J-Roc's "grease films" and is arrested. Whenever something bad happens to Ray he usually states "It's the way she goes" or "It's the way of the road." Season six finds Ray living at the dump in his old rig's sleeping cab. Trademarks: Blue checkered flannel jackets; mullet; piss jugs; quarts of vodka; an addiction to pepperoni; a Bible; and, until season five, a wheelchair.

Recurring characters

"Shitty" Bill

"Shitty" Bill (Brian Huggins) is the local tow truck operator and hippie who helps Bubbles with his shopping-cart salvaging plan. His nickname goes back to childhood, when an attempted fart turned into defecation. One minute Bubbles will warn Ricky not to use this nickname; in the next scene he himself will use it, often shortened to "Shitty." He is seen and mentioned a lot more in season seven, and even gets Bubbles into model trains.

Bottle Kids

The bottle kids are a gang of teens that show up about every second episode with a shopping cart full of glass bottles and bombard one or more of the principal characters from a distance, and then run away. It is hinted by Bubbles that as a child Ricky used to be a bottle kid. Randy is a frequent target, perhaps due to his fat gut or his lack of a shirt, and he mostly bears the strain of their attacks. The minute anyone shouts "Bottle kids!", everyone in the vicinity ducks. In the second episode of season two, a couple of the bottle kids are apprehended by Sam Losco, Lahey's opponent for Trailer Park Supervisor. In the first episode of season four, they were hired by Ricky to bombard Lahey and Randy's lot after Lahey says that he's got his grade 11. In the fifth season Trinity became one of the Bottle Kids. She took a large number of liquor bottles Ray had stored in Bubbles' tool shed, much to Ray's anger. Exactly why the bottle kids do what they do is unknown, most likely they are simply bored and want to stir up some excitement around Sunnyvale via random acts of destruction.

Jacob Collins

Jacob Collins (Jacob Rolfe) works at a convenience store and other minimum wage jobs where he is often robbed by Cory and Trevor or Ricky. He is nicknamed "Skeletor" by J-Roc due to his skinny build; J-Roc has also called him Torso. Jacob is the son of Phil Collins. After meeting Julian, he starts looking up to him and changing his looks to look like him. A recurring theme is Ricky causing Jacob to get fired from his various jobs. In the seventh season Jacob takes a more active role in the show, acting as a replacement for Corey and Trevor. Though working for Julian causes Jacob to get lost in the woods and become seriously ill with dysentary, Jacob continues to idolize Julian and the boys. At the end of season 7, he begins dating Sarah.


Conky is Bubbles' ventriloquist puppet. When using the puppet, Bubbles develops an entirely different alternate personality, who is caustic and mocking to other people, especially Ricky. The things "Conky" says are often shocking even to Bubbles himself. Bubbles and Ricky think of Conky as a real person, but Julian seems to understand that it is just a puppet, though he never comments on Bubbles' sharp turn in personality. As explained by Julian and Ricky, Ricky stole Conky when the Boys were in grade 6, and threw him in a swamp because he constantly insulted him and had too much "control" over Bubbles. In season four the boys have no option but to recover Conky in order to convince Bubbles to go to the hospital because of an infected tooth. Immediately Conky begins insulting Ricky and puts Bubbles in his place by informing him that it is he who is calling the shots. After a short while he pushes Ricky to the edge who then threatens to shoot him. But the situation is quickly defused by Julian. In turn Conky insults Julian, and makes comments about his likeness to Patrick Swayze. Julian quickly takes Ricky's handgun and blows the dummy's head off. Later on Conky and the remnants of his head are placed back in the swamp by Ricky, Julian and an upset Bubbles. Conky re-appears in the final two episodes of season 7, where he is drowned by Bubbles.

Phil Collins

Philadelphia "Phil" Collins (Richard Collins) is known mostly for his huge gut, and is only ever referred to as "Phil Collins", though no one except Sam Losco ever seems to make the connection between Phil and the musician of the same name. Phil does many cameos on the show as a greasy motel owner, taxi driver and Lahey's paving assistant. He can also be seen in the crowd on the first episode, naturally shirtless. He is unusually sensitive about his appearance, and is paranoid about people looking at his gut. Phil has been known to belch loudly when hit in the stomach with anything. Also, seems to have a fancy for the 2 for 1 down at the King of Donair. He and Randy share a genuine friendship probably due to the fact they both like cheeseburgers and have huge guts. In Season seven he and Randy opened a cheeseburger restaurant named the Dirty Burger that they ran out of Losco's RV. He also drove a taxi in some episodes, such as when Losco used him for transportation to get to Sunnyvale to kidnap Randy. He once served as human shield for Ricky, or as Ricky called him "A human house". Bubbles refers him as "the Mustard Tiger" due to him having a mustard stain on a T-shirt with a picture of a Tiger on it. Phil is the father of Jacob and Thomas Collins. He is referred to by Losco as "Sussudio" and "Easy Lover". Phil is also known for selling mackerel and blueberries out of the trunk of his car in various liquor store parking lots around Sunnyvale Trailer Park. In "Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys" Ricky refers to Phil as a "bologna tugboat." In Season seven, Phil and his son Jacob develop a new catchphrase "BAAAAAM!" and variations of this - "peanut butter and JAAAAAAAAM" "green eggs and HAAAAAM!".

Thomas Collins

Thomas Collins (Mike O'Neill) is Phil Collins' other son who made his first appearance in season seven's episode, "The Mustard Tiger." He drives a 1967 RS Camaro. He is later seen to be an aggressive brute (shown by pushing Ricky up to trailer walls, or grabbing Julian's collar and getting into a fight with Sam Losco). He is often very protective of his brother and always seems to make him stay away from Julian. Bubbles refers to him as Son of the Mustard Tiger. Although at first he doesn't like the way his father acts, in one episode saying, "dad you are fucked", but later having an epiphany of what his family calling is.


Cyrus (Bernard Robichaud) is a bully (also a criminal) who enjoys waving his Beretta 92 around to terrorize the residents of the trailer park. He ruled over the park while Julian and Ricky were in jail for eighteen months at the start of season one and has showed up several times since as their nemesis. He is still trying to get his Grade 10, Ricky having caused him to fail the last time for cheating. The tuned in fan will notice that Cyrus always has the same song playing in his car whenever he shows up at a scene ("I'm Old (You're Young)" by Rick Jeffery). Cyrus ends every conversation (or confrontation) with the same line: "Fuck off, I got work to do." He drives a red 1978 Corvette, and he takes great care in keeping it in pristine condition even though the boys vandalize it in season four. Later in the series, thanks to Lahey, he gets bailed out of jail with Terry and Dennis, two brother dealers screwed over by Ricky, to kill the boys. After a tense shootout at the park, he and his goons are sent back to jail, and in season five, Bubbles mentions they are serving twenty years for illegal possession of guns and for attempted murder. Cyrus appears in the final Trailer Park Boys special "Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys," having been released from prison on probation. Lahey invited Cyrus to his "Dirty Dancing" party. Cyrus would violate terms of his probation by causing a gun stand-off with Ricky and Julian in order to take the party and liquor money, which Lahey had planned ahead of time in order for Ricky, Julian and Cyrus to be caught in the act by the police (who Lahey had called as the stand-off was taking place.) He is sent back to jail along with Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Ray, and Sam Losco, who all promise to come after Lahey and make him pay for what he did.


Donny (voiced by Mike Smith): Donny (mispronounced "Danny" by Ricky) occasionally screams profanely—off-camera. He typically yells "What in the 'fuck?!" but has also said things such as, "Fuck off with the guns!", "Stop fucking firing!" and "Don't fucking stop (firing) on my account!" In the Christmas Special, when the cop asks the people of the park, "Does anyone want to tell me where they got their trees?" Donny shouts, "I don't know, does anyone here want to suck my cock?!". He was also seen from behind in the episode where the boys start a massage parlour. When Julian orders Cory and Trevor to handle the customers, Donny is heard screaming, "Get your hands off it! I paid for a lady, not fucking Cory and Trevor!" This implies that Donny was one of the two men waiting in line. He was also heard in the episode, "The Way She Goes" in the strip club saying, "Deal with the fucking erections!" to Cory and Trevor. He also screams "Have another drink, Ray!" after Ray hits a telephone pole with the car. Perhaps Donny's longest tirade ever is in the original black & white pilot: he yells at Ricky (who is with Julian), "Hey look everybody: it’s fucking Reveen! [...] Reveen lives! It’s fucking Reveen!" in what is an obvious attempt to irk Ricky. When Julian tells Ricky that Reveen isn’t a bad person, Donny yells "He’s most likely your father, dipshit!". After much effort on Julian's part to calm Ricky down, Donny yells, "It’s fuckin’ Patrick Swayze and Reveen! [...] Hey, Dirty Dancin’!" which prompts Julian to drive away with Ricky before tempers flare. During this tirade, Ricky is called Reveen at least nine times.

Dennis and Terry

Dennis and Terry (Mio Adilman and Nobu Adilman) are a pair of Japanese-Canadian brothers who use their grandmother's house as a cover to deal hash. The brothers debuted in the episode Give Peace a Chance in season five. Ricky knows them well since their childhood days, but they are not well-liked by Julian and Bubbles. The brothers like to walk around the house wearing only their bathrobes while not covering their private parts. Bubbles labels them with many identities like "the flappy bird brothers" They get sent to jail with Cyrus for illegal gun-possession, but later, they are bailed out of jail and try to kill Ricky and the boys. After a gunfight, they are sent back to jail for attempted murder; they are currently serving matching twenty-year sentences.


Desiree (Sandi Ross) is Levi's wife and Julian's foster mother.

Detroit Velvet Smooth

Detroit Velvet Smooth (DVS) (Gary "Papa Grand" James) and Tyrone are J-Roc's managers. Tyrone is part of the original cast, while DVS was introduced in the episode Who's the Microphone Assassin?. In that episode, DVS found out from Mr. Lahey about how J-Roc was pirating his songs, and proceeded to crash his rap concert at the trailer park and threatened him, calling him a "punk." He later had a change of heart when the park residents told him about J-Roc, and since then DVS and Tyrone together manage J-Roc's career. It was Tyrone and DVS who came up with the idea of having J-Roc pretend to go to jail to increase his street cred. Ricky often calls DVS "DVD" (when Lahey writes the names of the people he wants to send to jail on alcohol bottles, he has one labeled DVD). He does not hail from Detroitmarker, as his name would imply, but rather from Moncton, New Brunswickmarker.


Gary (Kim Dunn, real-life brother of Barrie Dunn) is a mall security guard. He catches Ricky and Julian stealing car stereos in season two but they manage to talk their way out of it. In season five he gives Bubbles a hard time for stealing shopping carts, his meanness hurting Bubbles' feelings so much that he cries. Julian goes down the mall later, gun in hand, to straighten him out and give Bubbles all the carts he wants. Kim Dunn also played a nameless liquor store clerk in season three, episode seven - "The Delusions of Officer Jim Lahey".

George Green

George Green (George Green) was the local police officer most often dispatched to deal with Ricky and Julian. He is easily fooled by the pair and it is very rare that he makes a successful police raid and hustles somebody off to jail. In season six, he was caught in Lucy's trailer by Ricky, handcuffed to her shower almost naked, apparently during sex. It was revealed in the Halloween episode that he was Lahey's partner back in the 1970s, and he was the one who caught Lahey, after a fight with the boys, with liquor all over him, forcing him to resign from the force. The reason George Green is so easily fooled by the boys is not because of any stupidity on his part (though, they will frequently describe Green as "the stupidest cop there is"). Instead, because of his past history with Lahey, he has a very hard time believing anything Lahey says, and a very easy time believing that Lahey is the source of a problem, as Ricky and Julian claimed. Strangely enough, George Green uses shit analogies the same way that Mr. Lahey does, once referring to the little boy who cried shitwolf when telling Lahey that he will no longer reply to Jim's calls, as Lahey never has any proof or evidence to back up his claims. Given that Erica Miller (see below) also uses shit analogies, it seems that this is a general habit among local police officers in and around Sunnyvale (and likely the Dartmouth area). He is referred to as "Dick-lock" by Ricky (together with Ted Johnson being "Cock-knuckles"). In season seven, Green, along with Ted Johnson (see below), attempt to murder Lahey, Randy and Phil Collins; with the help of the boys and Ray, Lahey frames them for police brutality, and they are dismissed and incarcerated for five years.

Ted Johnson

Ted Johnson (Jim Swansburg) was the detective officer who arrested Ricky at his wedding (season one). He returns in season five as George Green's replacement, and in season six as an officer along with George Green. There is no indication as to why he went down in rank from detective to ordinary officer. He has recently been romantically linked to Randy after running up a large tab on cheeseburgers. Johnson is depicted as the far less tolerant police officer who is much more difficult to deceive. He is referred to as "Cock-knuckles" by Ricky (together with George Green being "Dick-lock"). Like George Green (see above), he is sentenced to five years for police brutality on Ray (which was entirely set up by Jim Lahey and Ray). He and George Green show up in the upcoming TPB Movie.

Treena Lahey

Treena Lahey (Ellen Page) is Jim and Barbara's daughter. She hero-worships Ricky, and is good friends with Bubbles and Julian, much to the chagrin of her father. She appears only in season two. When she appears in season two, Trinity has been sent to live with Lucy's mother, so looking to fill the void, Ricky sees Treena as a daughter figure.


Levi (Ardon Bess) is a friend of Julian, and Ricky. He is Desiree's husband. Levi and Desiree are Julian's foster parents, who raised Julian after they found him abandoned in the trailer park.

Sam "Caveman" Losco

Sam Losco (Sam Tarasco) is a former veterinarian who lost his medical license after helping Ricky fix a bullet wound, as veterinarians are not supposed to operate on humans. He later ran for Trailer Park Supervisor but lost to Jim Lahey after Julian slipped hallucinogenic mushrooms into his food prior to his speech to the residents of the park. After Julian ruined his plan to marry to Barb Lahey, he tried to shoot Julian, only to get busted for illegal gun possession. Then he got his veterinary license back (on probation) and started up his practice again. Bubbles often brings his kitties to him for their checkups. He has a mild demeanour, but he is not particularly fond of Ricky or Julian, as they are responsible for most of his problems. His favourite food seems to be greasy hot dogs and has been called a "caveman" by Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, most recently Randy and Philadelphia Collins. In season six, Sam had a new job at a paving company, but he lost it after a prank call from Ricky. He places the blame on Randy, who he believes had made the call, and temporarily took Randy hostage in an attempt to trade him for money to pay off the fines he had received. Ricky often refers to him as a "greaseball bastard," and, in keeping with the caveman references, Phil Collins has called him "Flintstone."


Sonny (Hugh Dillon) is the owner of a Gentleman's club in Trailer Park Boys: The Movie. He is Lucy's boss (since she was employed as a dancer there) and Lucy secretly had an affair with him when Ricky was in jail.

Erica Miller

Constable Erica Miller (Shauna MacDonald) is a police officer who fell for Julian, hoping that he'd leave his current life behind. She later realized that he'd never change and arrests him. Taking her cue from Mr. Lahey and George Green (other police officers who use shit analogies) she grimly observes that "a shit leopard can't change its spots." In season 4, she returns as an undercover cop who is dressed as a prostitute. After discovering Randy is working the streets as his alias "Smokey" she follows him to a drunk Julian who is living in his car in a parking lot. Instead of arresting the two, she tells them that they have enough problems as it is and leaves.

Mrs. Peterson

Mrs. Peterson is an elderly park resident who mistakenly believes Julian is her grandson. She has a dog named Sparky. Appears in the episode "Mrs. Peterson's Dog Gets Fucked Up" in which Julian and Ricky take care of her dog. She gives Julian the 'new' N.W.A. CD as a birthday gift. She is portrayed by Alma Ogden. Alma Ogden passed away in 2004.

Bernie Sandford

Bernie Sandford is the president of the International Association of Trailer Parks, Trailer Park Supervisors, and Assistant Trailer Park Supervisors (IAOTPTPSATPS). Bernie has an assistant, Jason—the kind who gets him drinks on command and other lackey-type tasks. When Mr. Sandford finds out about Ricky in the episode The Green Bastard, he threatens to beat Ricky up and tells him "when the right hook comes out, Crazy Muthafuckas like you get knocked out." He also acts as the biased referee for the wrestling match between Lahey and Randy versus Ricky and The Green Bastard.


Tyrone (Tyrone Parsons) is J-Roc's sidekick and together the duo have been involved in many gangster-like activities. The latest scheme was that he was part of a parcel-pickup theft scam in the trailer park. His real name is Tyler, but prefers to be called "T". He is mockingly referred to as "Mr. T" by Bubbles and Lahey on separate occasions. Actually, he has probably the best grammar in the park, but he chooses not to use it. In Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself, which takes place in 1997, Tyrone speaks plainly and professes that he had never smoked marijuana up to that point in time. He claims the reason he and J-Roc gangsta-rap is because the trailer park life, "is real gangsta out here."


Bobby is a Teenager who randomly appears every few episodes and throws garbage bags at people and passing cars.

Minor Characters


Chris is a guard at the Van Allen Correctional Facility. He appeared in the 2004 Christmas Special. When Bubbles came to release Ricky, Chris was the guard who had to get his things. While Ricky was talking to the camera, Chris passed out. Ricky then yelled out that Chris cant be smoking weed and drinking rum, and that he has to smoke hash.


Dougy is a guard at the Van Allen Correctional Facility. He appeared in the 2004 Christmas Special. Dougy was seen during the party when Ricky smelled him smoking hash. Dougy was seen again when Chris passed out, and Ricky called to him.


Thibeault is a guard at the Van Allen Correctional Facility. He appeared in the 2004 Christmas Special. He was at the main entrance when Ricky got bailed out and called to him to get his stuff.

Celebrity appearances

Jeremy Akerman.... Prosecutor in the trial where Ricky defends himself. Mr Akerman was the leader of the New Democratic Party of Nova Scotia at one time and was an amateur actor in many productions.

Cecil Wright, noted black sports commentator on East link TV and baseball coach was a customer at the illegal gas bar in the park.

  • Brian Vollmer (from the band, Helix) — Vollmer makes a cameo appearance in the extras for the season 3 DVD.

  • Rita MacNeil (Canadian singer-songwriter) — Played herself in the season 4 finale, Working Man, where she and her backup singers were forced to harvest marijuana at gunpoint by Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles. But she does not complain, even sweetly informing Ricky, "Here's a nice one, dear" when handing him yet another dope plant she had just picked.

  • Gordon Downie (from the band The Tragically Hip) - Downie makes an appearance in Sunnyvale with Ricky, Julian and Bubbles in the Tragically Hip's music video for "The Darkest One." He also made an appearance as a police officer in the Trailer Park Boys Movie, "The Big Dirty". Downie's latest appearance was in the newest episode "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys". He is seen eating a bologny sandwich.

  • Sebastian Bach (from the bands, Skid Row) — In season 7, Bach plays the role of a model train enthusiast, and is the boys' client for their major dope-smuggling scheme. Ricky meets Sebastian at the autograph session of the train convention hard up and looking for dope. Ricky then later on sells all of his dashboard dope to Sebastian because Sebastian hadn't had dope like Ricky's since Europe 1988 , when Skid Row toured with The Scorpions. Originally supposed to pay cash, Bach convinces them to take $250,000 US worth of cigarettes as payment instead; the deal worked out, and the boys made roughly $450,000 US (which they later lost when Sam And Barb stole Julian's DeLorean in the Series finale "Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys".

  • George Canyon (country music artist) - Made an appearance during the seventh season.

  • Denny Doherty (singer-songwriter) - Played the FBI agent "Ryan Shockneck" in the last episode of the seventh season. He died soon after filming and the episode was dedicated to him.

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