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Countries with at least one autonomous area
This list of autonomous areas arranged by country gives an overview of autonomous areas of the world. An autonomous area is defined as an area of a country that has a degree of autonomy, or has freedom from an external authority. It is typical for it to be geographically distant from the country, or to be populated by a national minority. Countries that include autonomous areas are often federacies.

This list includes areas that are internationally recognized, as well as some that are generally unrecognized. The definition of an autonomous area varies from country to country, so the native term as defined by the respective country's government is listed, and the English translation of the term is included.

Autonomous areas

Country Native term

Translation or equivalent
Instances (areas became autonomous in the year(s) indicated, if available) References
muxtar respublika

autonomous republic
Nakhchivanmarker (1990)

autonomous region
Guangxi Inner Mongolia Ningxia Xinjiang Tibet
tèbié xíngzhèngqū

Special administrative region
Hong Kongmarker (1997) Macaumarker (1999)

autonomous prefecture
Linxia Huimarker Gannanmarker Qiandongnanmarker Qiannanmarker Qianxinan Enshimarker Xiangximarker Yanbianmarker Haibei Hainanmarker Huangnan Golog Gyêgu Haiximarker Ngawamarker Garzê Liangshan Kizilsumarker Bortalamarker Changjimarker Bayin'gholinmarker Ilimarker Dehongmarker Nujiangmarker Dêqênmarker Dalimarker Chuxiongmarker Honghemarker Wenshanmarker Xishuangbannamarker

autonomous county
over 110 (full list)

autonomous banner
Oroqin Evenkimarker Morin

autonomous region
Faroe Islandsmarker (1948) Greenlandmarker (1979)
itsehallinnollinen maakunta

autonomous province
Collectivite d' outre-mer

overseas collectivity
avtonomiuri respublika

autonomous republic
Abkhaziamarker (1991)

provisional administrative entity
South Ossetia (2007)
Aftonomi Monastiki Politia

autonomous region
Mount Athos (1095)
daerah istimewa

special region
Acehmarker (1959-1999) Yogyakartamarker (1945)
daerah otonomi khusus

special autonomous region
Acehmarker (1999) Papuamarker (2000) West Papuamarker (2008)
Herema Kurdistan (Kurdish)

autonomous region
Kurdistan Regionmarker (1970)
regione autonoma

autonomous region
English-speaking country

autonomous province
Rodriguesmarker (1968)
unitate teritorială autonomă

autonomous territorial unit
Găgăuziamarker (1995) Transnistriamarker
regione autónoma

autonomous region
Atlántico Norte Atlántico Sur (1986)

autonomous state by region
Azad Kashmirmarker

Autonomous Administrative Region
Gilgit-Baltistanmarker Autonomous Region

autonomous territory
Emberá Kuna de Madugandí Kuna de Wargandí Kuna Yalamarker Ngöbe-Buglé
English-speaking country

autonomous region
Bougainvillemarker (2000)
English-speaking country

autonomous region
Muslim Mindanao (1989)
região autónoma

autonomous region
Azores Madeiramarker (1976)


avtonomnaya oblast

autonomous province
Jewish Autonomous Oblastmarker
avtonomny okrug

autonomous subject-level district
Chukotkamarker Khanty-Mansimarker Nenetsmarker

 São Tomé & Príncipemarker concelho

Autonomna Pokrajina

autonomous province
Kosovo and Metohijamarker Vojvodinamarker (1945)
teukbyeol jachido

autonomous province
Jeju-domarker (2006)
English-speaking country

autonomous region
Southern Sudanmarker (2005) Transitional Darfur Regional Authority (2007)
viloyat mukhtor

autonomous province
Gorno-Badakhshanmarker (1925)
Serikali Mapinduzi

revolutionary government
Zanzibarmarker (1964)
avtonomna respublika

autonomous republic
Crimeamarker (1992)
English-speaking country

Country of the United Kingdom
Northern Irelandmarker (1998) (1999) (1999)
English-speaking country

self-governing crown dependency
Estado Libre Asociado



Other entities called "autonomous"

A number of entities are also officially called "autonomous", though they do not have an exceptional freedom from external authority, and would not fall under the definition of autonomous area. They are listed here for clarity.

Capitals called "autonomous"

Country Native term

Translation or equivalent
Instances (areas became autonomous in the year indicated, if available) References
ciudad autonoma

autonomous city
Buenos Airesmarker (1994)

autonomous municipality
Phnom Penhmarker, along with independent cities under the same classification
commune autonome

autonomous commune
sector autónomo

autonomous sector
Bissau Region
daerah khusus ibukota

special capital region

autonomous city
Tashkentmarker (1918)

All regions or lands called "autonomous"

Country Native term

Translation or equivalent
Instances (areas became autonomous in the year indicated, if available) References

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1994) (1992)
Ile Autonome

autonomous island
Grande Comoremarker Mohélimarker (2002)
faritany mizakatena

autonomous province
All six provinces are characterized as autonomous (mizakatena).
Comunidad(es) Autónoma(s)

Autonomous community/ies

Basque Countrymarker

Ciudades Autónomas

Autonomous cities
English-speaking country

autonomous community
Atafumarker Fakaofomarker Nukunonumarker

Sub-regional "autonomous" entities

Country Native term

Translation or equivalent
Instances (areas became autonomous in the year indicated, if available) References

autonomous district
Bodoland Chakma Garo Hills Gorkha Hills Jaintia Hills Karbi Anglongmarker Kargilmarker Khasi Hills Lai Leh Mara North Cacharmarker Tripura Tribal Areas
Provincia autonoma

autonomous province
Bolzano-Bozen Trento

Independent cities called "autonomous"

Country Native term

Translation or equivalent
Instances (areas became autonomous in the year indicated, if available) References

autonomous municipality
Phnom Penhmarker Sihanoukvillemarker Pailinmarker Kepmarker

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