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This is a list of characters from Sons of Anarchy. Sons of Anarchy is a drama on the American TV network FX; it focuses on the lives of an outlaw motorcycle club in Northern California.

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club

Active members

Clay Morrow

Clarence "Clay" Morrow (Ron Perlman) is SAMCRO's current president and youngest original member. He has been married to Gemma since the death of her first husband John Teller in the mid-1990s. Clay has been shown to struggle with his age and developing arthritis, frequently allowing Jax to handle Club affairs. According to Gemma, Clay has done time (as did her first husband John). The role was played by Scott Glenn in the first version of the pilot.

Jax Teller

Jackson "Jax" Teller (Charlie Hunnam) is SAMCRO's vice-president. Born in 1978 to John and Gemma Teller, he has lived his whole life in Charming. His day job is mechanic at Teller-Morrow. He has past arrests for smuggling and gun-running but has been clean since approximately 2003. Having recently discovered several of his father's old journals and an old manuscript entitled The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way, which collectively lay out the original manifesto for SAMCRO, he finds himself doubting the club's direction, causing friction between himself and his stepfather Clay, as well as casting doubt to the other members. Jax has a child named Abel, who has radically altered Jax's mentality as he begins to focus on the "big picture" and being a father to Abel in the future, making him much more cautious. He has romantic ties to Abel's mother Wendy and his high-school sweetheart Tara.

Bobby Munson

Bobby "Elvis" Munson (Mark Boone Junior) is SAMCRO's treasurer. He does Elvis impersonations in Lake Tahoemarker. Munson is Jewish. He is a demolition and explosives expert. He was incarcerated for the murder of Brenan Hefner after a woman that lived in the building witnessed the killing and went to the police. He was released a few months after Jax threatened the witness into leaving California and the case against him was based completely on the witness's testimony.

Bobby's father was a mob accountant in Reno, who kept two sets of books for the mob – Bobby apparently learned accounting from his father.

Tig Trager

Alex "Tig" Trager (Kim Coates) is SAMCRO's sergeant-at-arms. He is particularly close to Clay, and is one of the club's more violent members, who has on occasion mentioned other disturbing parts of his past. Though respecting Jax's intelligence Tig questions Jax's ability to lead as SOA enters a more brutal era in the Club's history with the Mayans and the Nords. Tig was the one who was to carry out the hit on Opie, but instead mistakenly killed his wife Donna. Afterwards Tig seemed to be in a state of depression and seemingly let Jax beat him after Jax forced him at gun point not to kill the witness who was going to ID Bobby and Opie for the murder of Brenan Hefner.

Chibs Telford

Filip "Chibs" Telford (Tommy Flanagan) is a member of SAMCRO, and extremely loyal to Jax. He is originally from Glasgowmarker, Scotlandmarker, but grew up in Belfastmarker, Northern Irelandmarker and served as a medic with the British Army, however, only lasted 5 months, ending in a court martial. His battlefield experience makes him the Club's medic for backroom emergency surgery. A "chib" is Scottish street slang for a blade.Chibs was seriously injured by a car bomb explosion at the club's garage. He has an estranged wife named Fiona. They have a daughter named Kerrianne

Piney Winston

Piermont "Piney" Winston (William Lucking) is a co-founder of SAMCRO, and father to Opie. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He must carry an oxygen tank with him at all times due to emphysema. He is upset with the direction the club is going, especially after Donna's death. In the season one finale, it was revealed that he was given a copy of John Teller's manuscript which he passed on to Jax at Donna's funeral.

Opie Winston

Harry "Opie" Winston (Ryan Hurst) is a member of SAMCRO, son of co-founder Piney. Best friends with Jax since childhood, Opie's mom took him away from Piney and Charming when he was 16 but he left her and returned to his father and club. Opie had recently been paroled from a five-year stay in prison, following his conviction for a botched robbery with ex-member Kyle Hobart. Now struggling to support his family earning "clean" money through his job at a local lumber mill, he faces conflicting pressure from his wife Donna, who wants him to leave the club, and from SOA members, due to his reluctance to participate in their frequently illegal activities. Facing a deteriorating marriage he has begun to participate in all of SOA's activities to end the "half in" mentality he had taken regarding his devotion to his family and to SAMCRO. His wife, Donna was recently killed during a botched hit against him, after the ATF set him up as a "snitch" against the club in an attempt to break open Samcro.

Half-Sack Epps

Kip "Half-Sack" Epps (Johnny Lewis) is a prospective member of the club. He is a veteran of the Iraq War. His nickname ("Half-Sack") stems from the fact he lost a testicle during the Iraq War. He is also sometimes called, simply, Prospect. He was the junior lightweight champion of the armed forces boxing competition and is a surprisingly formidable fighter. He had a crush on Cherry. He has since gotten a prosthetic testicle which he seemed to be very proud of until his body rejected the implant. It has been stated that his Prospecting will be completed in 1 month, and all members are planning to patch him in.

Juice Ortiz

Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz (Theo Rossi) is the club's hacker and intelligence officer. Though Juice displays great technical prowess, he has also proven to be somewhat simple minded when it comes to other tasks, often garnering him hazing from the other members.

He is also in charge of club surveillance, and manages some of the club's intelligence and communication. He is seen as unreliable by Clay Morrow, the club President, and is often given the menial tasks such as driving the transport truck. He sports a short mohawk and has lightning bolts tattooed on each side of his head. He is also the only known full patch member of the club not to have the club's logo tattooed on his back.

Otto Delaney

"Big" Otto Delaney (Kurt Sutter) is a member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, but is imprisoned in Stocktonmarker state prison. Delaney was born in Colma, Californiamarker on September 29, 1963 and was a member of the Sons of Anarchy's Charming chapter. He is currently imprisoned on charges of second-degree murder and vehicle theft, but is still in contact with the club. He seems to be a powerful man on the inside, and is the leader of the "Big House Crew", a gang made up of imprisoned Sons of Anarchy. His "old lady" is Luann, (now deceased) with whom he was deeply in love with. He has her name tattooed on his arm.


Happy (David LaBrava) is a member of the Tacomamarker charter of the club. He stated in the episode "Better Half" that his sick mother lives in Bakersfieldmarker, and that he is thinking of going "nomad" (a nomad is a member of a motorcycle club with no fixed address, and thus no charter affiliation) for awhile to take care of her. Clay's response to that statement was "There's always a seat at that table for you."

In addition to the Redwood Chapter, many other members of SOA are seen throughout the series. Among them are other nomads seen with Happy while attacking Darby's meth lab and the members of other chapters attending Donna's funeral. Also, Clay and Jimmy O have mentioned a chapter in Belfast, Ireland that helps the IRA directly with muscle; they are headed by a man named McGee.

Former members

Kyle Hobart

Kyle Hobart (Brian Van Holt) Kyle was excommunicated from the club after abandoning Opie during a robbery, leading to Opie's five-year incarceration. With Clay's blessing, he returned to Charming to see his teenage son and ended up trying to offer SAMCRO a business deal involving stolen goods, which was to serve as repayment for his past mistakes. Opie confronted Kyle and the two settled their beef, but it was discovered that Kyle refused a club mandate to remove his Sons of Anarchy back tattoo, so he was given a choice of removal methods ("Fire or knife?"). Choosing fire, the tattoo was burned off of Kyle's back with a cutting torch. Despite losing consciousness during the process, it is unknown if Kyle was still alive after being left on the steps of St. Thomas hospital, where his ex-wife April was waiting to aid him after being tipped off by Gemma that Kyle would likely need medical care.


Gemma Teller Morrow

Gemma Teller Morrow (Katey Sagal) is the queen of Charming. A Machiavellian schemer and expert in psychological manipulation, Gemma is the wife of Clay Morrow and the widow of John Teller. Jax and Abel Teller are her son and grandson, respectively. Gemma is extremely protective of her son and grandson, and she longs for the day when Jax will, in her eyes, be ready to assume control over SAMCRO in order to ensure the organization's survival for another generation. She adores her husband, Clay, and does her best to make things work out his way. Many of the plans of SAMCRO succeed because of Gemma's quiet intervention, like finding out who raped the little girl at the carnival in episode "Fun Town", and surveillence of L.O.A.N. She generally has a hostile attitude toward all of Jax's women (including, variously, his ex-wife Wendy, his on-again off-again girlfriend Tara, and the club groupies with whom he sometimes hooks up). Recently, though, she has taken Tara under her wing. Her tough, but classy image includes hair highlights and a tattoo on her breast. Nord boss Ernest Darby has indicated that he had a prior romantic interest in her. She claims to be part Jewish "on the angry Russian side." She is 51-years-old. She was raped by AJ Weston and two other unknown men wearing white masks and was told to tell Clay that it would happen again if he did not end his dealings with minorities. Gemma immediately knows that AJ is one of the rapists when she recognizes one of his tattoos. When Unser finds her at the scene of the rape, Gemma demands that he not tell Clay or Jax about the rape, to block AJ Weston and Ethan Zobelle's plans to get Clay and/or Jax to do something rash. Unser complies, and further covers up the source of Gemma's injuries by crashing her car into a road divider and taking her to the hospital. The only other person Gemma confides in about the rape is Tara Knowles, Jax's girlfriend. Unser, realizing that Chief Deputy Hale was starting to become involved with Zobelle and his people, told Hale about Gemma's assault, which then became one of the events which caused Hale to re-evaluate his dealing with Zobelle. The rape left Gemma with severe emotional trauma, which has caused problems in her marriage with Clay and also left her feeling paranoid that AJ will try to attack her again. Her paranoia is further compounded when someone from L.O.A.N. mails one of the rapists' white masks to her.

Tara Knowles

Dr. Tara Knowles (Maggie Siff) is Jax's on-again, off-again love interest. She was Jax's high-school girlfriend, and during this era she got a crow tattoo on her lower back. She left town when Jax was 19, trying to get away from small-town life and the heavy-handed influence of the club. She moved back to Charming after becoming a doctor and now works as a pediatric resident at the local hospital, St. Thomas, and lives in her childhood home, which was left to her by her father when he died. A capable physician, she often tended to Jax's gravely ill infant son, Abel, during the infant's hospitalization and provided emergency medical care to Cameron Hayes after he was shot during the attempt on Clay's life. She and Gemma started out bad terms while also grudgingly respecting each other. After L.O.A.N.'s attack on Gemma, however, their relationship improved due to Tara's vow to keep the incident a secret from the rest of the gang, including Jax, and her continual moral and medical support for Gemma. Tara and Wendy also have a surprisingly cooperative relationship given their conflicting feelings for Jax. Gemma accidentally broke Tara's nose after Tara unintentionally startled Gemma. However, one of Tara's superiors alluded to Tara that she believed Jax was responsible for Tara's injury and warned her to reconsider her involvement with Jax and his lifestyle.

Wendy Case

Wendy Case (Drea de Matteo) is Jax Teller's estranged wife and the mother of his son, Abel Teller. She is a drug addict who used massive amounts of methamphetamine during her pregnancy. After learning the reasons for her grandson's birth defects, Gemma gave her drugs and the instructions to commit suicide via overdose. Gemma threatened that if Wendy did not obey, she would use her ex-daughter-in-law's drug addiction to ensure she never have any contact with her son. She went to rehab and spent time in a sober living facility. Wendy longed to reunite with Jax, believing that the stability of her family would assist her recovery. Gemma, desiring to destroy her son's relationship with Tara, promised to help Wendy reunite with Jax. After a rift between Tara and Jax and the murder of Donna Winston, Jax and Wendy reconciled and were seen to make love. She was last seen at Donna's funeral watching Tara kiss Jax.


Cherry (Taryn Manning) is a girl from Nevada whose real name is Rita. After leaving her abusive husband and burning down their condo, she aligned herself with the Devils Tribe (a friendly independent MC, now "patched over" to the Sons of Anarchy) and called herself Cherry (after her beloved dead dog), posing as a "hangaround". She took an interest in Half-Sack when SAMCRO came to visit, but slept with Clay, who wanted to punish Half-Sack for voicing his sexual attraction to Gemma. Cherry later came to Charming seeking Half-Sack and began dating him after gaining permission from Gemma and clearing up what happened between her and Clay at the Devils Tribe patch-over party. While investigating the club, Agent Stahl learned of Cherry's crimes in Nevada and tried to use her crimes in Nevada as leverage to make her "rat out" SAMCRO. Jax broke her out and helped her escape California, after she made love one last time with Half-Sack.

Mary Winston

Mary Winston (Julie Ariola) is Piney Winston's ex-wife and the mother of Opie. She moved away from Charming and took Opie with her after divorcing. However, she returned to temporarily look after her grandchildren when Opie was arrested. She is shown consoling the distraught Piney after Donna's murder.

In season 2, she takes a larger role by being the caretaker for her grandchildren since Opie has become emotionally distant since Donna's murder. However, this proves too much for her, so she drops the kids off with Opie and takes all of her belongings and leaves Charming once again. Mary was last seen in the SAMCRO clubhouse, where all of the relatives of the club members are staying for safety reasons.


Lyla (Winter Ave Zoli) is a pornstar employed by Luann Delaney and is introduced in Season 2. She and Opie begin to grow close after they meet. Like Opie, Lyla is a single parent and she helps him with his children. Opie's involvement with Lyla is not entirely welcome by some, particularly Gemma and Tara, who are unable to look past Lyla's profession.


Ima (Kristen Renton) is a pornstar employed by Luann Delaney and is introduced in Season 2. She was at one point infatuated with Jax and tried to make him and Tara break up. Tara proved she wouldn't back down by having sex with Jax in the porn studio's bathroom and playfully shooting up Ima's car. Ima was arrested in the episode "Fa Guan" when Charming police found her and other girls soliciting sex and drugs on behalf of an unknown source that offered them $10,000 to do so. For betraying SAMCRO, Jax refused to bail her out of prison.

Law enforcement

Wayne Unser

Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) is the Chief of the Charming Police Department. He also owns Unser Shipping, a trucking company, and is not above using the SOA for protection and other questionable activities related to his business. He is an ally of Clay Morrow, a longtime resident of Charming, and cares for the town deeply. He seems to think that SOA is good for Charming, or at least a necessary evil. He is suffering from cancer, which is forcing him into retirement, something Clay Morrow does not want to see. In the episode "Hell Followed" it is revealed that Unser is "married to a dark-skinned woman" when he confronts Darby at the jail house. He has two daughters, and is a USMC veteran. His use of marijuana for relief of cancer pain has been revealed recently as well. He has known Gemma from the time she was twelve years old as she has a long history of clashing with the law. He cares about Gemma in a fatherly fashion.

David Hale

David Hale (Taylor Sheridan) is the Deputy Chief of the Charming Police Department. Chief Unser nicknames him "Captain America" for his black and white views and squeaky clean (prior to involvement with L.O.A.N., and sexual encounter with an ATF agent, anyway) adherence to the law, and possibly because of his square jawed all-American looks. He is a native of Charming, California, who knew of SAMCRO while he was growing up and who delivered newspapers to the Teller household. His father was a county judge and a very powerful and wealthy man. David also has an older brother, Jacob, Jr. He is next in line for the Chief job once Wayne Unser retires. Unlike Unser, Hale wishes to purge the town of SAMCRO upon becoming Chief of Police. However, this ultimately costs him his promotion, as Clay Morrow convinces Unser to continue on as police chief in order to ensure Hale doesn't assume the position and become a threat to SAMCRO and their allies. Hale then calls in ATF to see if they can circumvent Unser. This leads to Donna's death. Hale was sexually involved with Agent Stahl, which is against department regulations. One of their encounters was witnessed by Jax while breaking Cherry out of the County Jail. The two lovers fell out, however, over Stahl's decision to delude SAMCRO into believing that Opie was an informant and her locking Hale out of the investigation. When Stahl removed Opie's protective detail, Hale (after much convincing from Unser) decided to inform the SAMCRO that Opie was not a "rat." The information came too late to prevent the murder of Opie's wife. At the crime scene, Hale icily informed Stahl, "This blood's on you." But he is likely aware that it is also his fault for starting the whole investigation and for unwisely trusting Stahl.

At the start of Season Two, Hale is introduced to Ethan Zobelle by his older brother, Jacob, in the hopes of getting SAMCRO out of Charming. Zobelle leads the White separatist group, the League of American Nationals (L.O.A.N.). David, aware of L.O.A.N's racial beliefs, initially refused Zobelle's help (Jacob, a businessman who hopes to profit from SAMCRO's absence in Charming, is not concerned with L.O.A.N.'s beliefs or methods). However, David is so determined to ridding Charming of SAMCRO that he begins to accept Zobelle's assistance (or, at least, turns a blind eye towards L.O.A.N.'s activities) even though he knows that they use more violent tactics than the Sons. L.O.A.N.'s first illegal action was giving Darby and the Nords the backing to operate a meth lab in Charming. SAMCRO discovered that the Nords were dealing meth in Charming and tipped off Hale, who then visited the property where the meth lab was located. Although Hale threatened Darby that he would get a warrant to search the property, he instead decided to tell Unser that he investigated SAMCRO's tip and that there was no meth lab. SAMCRO, now feeling that Hale had fallen in with Zobelle's group, took the matter into their own hands and destroyed the lab themselves. Zobelle then tried to force Hale into taking action against SAMCRO by providing surveillance footage of Opie blowing up the meth lab that Hale allowed to operate. At the same time, Hale is also given footage of himself apparently taking a bribe from Darby (actually just a gift certificate to Zobelle's Impeccable Smokes shop opening). After being reprimanded by Unser for collaborating with Zobelle, being informed by Usner about what Zobelle's people did to Gemma, and being told he needs to be the "clean one", Hale gave Clay and Jax information they needed to sink a real estate scam run by Jacob Hale and let them know that Zobelle was surveiling them. Hale also told them that he wasn't Unser and wasn't on anyone's payroll.

Vic Trammel

Sheriff Victor "Vic" Trammel (Glenn Plummer) is the local County Sheriff, and in addition to being on the payroll of SAMCRO, he appears to have a great deal of insider information on their illicit activities. In season one, Vic's partner is killed by members of a extreme right-wing militia who used guns supplied by SAMCRO. Afterwards, Vic told Jax he was done with the club but Jax reminded him that the only way one of them is out is if the other is dead and promised to deal with the militia, who also presented a threat to SAMCRO since, if they were captured, could name the MC as the source for guns. In season two he was critically injured in a shooting while pulling over a person in order to frame them for drug possession.

June Stahl

Agent June Stahl (Ally Walker) is a Federal ATF agent investigating the Club's involvement in arms trafficking when Deputy Chief Hale calls in the ATF in retaliation because Chief Unser did not retire as previously expected. She is obsessed with proving to all that she is tough. She unnerves her male fellow law enforcement officers with her swaggering arrogance and tendency to regard them as sex objects, exhibiting a sort of role reversal of typically masculine attitude. Stahl becomes involved in an affair with Deputy Chief David Hale. Jax witnessed them in a sexual encounter at the police station while breaking Cherry out of lockup. Agent Stahl became even more obsessed with crushing SAMCRO after being severely beaten by Big Otto, who hit her head into a table as a way to show the club that he did not succumb to her pressure. He also detested her for arresting his wife Luann as a way to force him to become an informant. Her subsequent attempts to recruit Opie caused her to trick Clay Morrow into believing that Opie had betrayed the Club and the others with whom he murdered Hefferen. Clay responded by ordering Tig to kill Opie and pin it on the One-Niners street gang. Opie's wife, who was driving his truck, was mistakenly killed instead. This incident caused a rift between Stahl and Deputy Chief Hale, who icily told her at the crime scene, "This blood's on you." Stahl however was not much impressed. It is likely that she was less interested in Hale and was just simply using him. She continued in her attempts to bring down SAMCRO until the very end, keeping Bobby in jail three weeks after the case was dropped and he was a free man. When Clay asked her why she did that, even though it caused so much sorrow and did not accomplish anything, she says it gave her peace of mind. However she did not seem like a sore loser even joking around with Clay that she could amaze him as a pole dancer.

Agent Stahl returned again later in season 2 to investigate the L.O.A.N. and the True IRA. She visits Clay in jail in attempt to get Clay to turn on the IRA. Although she fails at that, their conversation ultimately provokes a physical confrontation between Jax and Clay. She also visits Jax Teller as well in a attempt to exploit the schism between Samcro & the IRA. Jax declines the offer and instills dread upon Stahl with the revelation of Agent Kohn's murder.

Stahl was able to prey on Chibs' desire to reunite with his family and the two worked out a deal where if Chibs delivered the True IRA to the ATF, she would rescue his estranged wife and daughter and would grant complete immunity for any crimes to SAMCRO. However, Stahl decided to change the deal (No immunity for SAMCRO) but couldn't convince Chibs to go along with it. She threatened him by saying that she herself would tell the IRA about Chibs' betrayal, but she was still unable to break him.

When Opie found out that Donna's death was a result of Stahl making Opie appear to be a snitch, he found her and threatened her at gunpoint. However, he showed mercy and let her live. He took out the clip to his gun and gave it to Stahl. After Opie left, Stahl broke down and started crying.


John Teller

John Thomas Teller (May 5, 1940 – November 13, 1993) (voiced by Nicholas Guest) was a founding member of the Sons of Anarchy along with Piney and Clay. He was Gemma's first husband, and they had two children together, Jax and Tommy. John was hit by a semi and died two days later of his injuries. Before his death he wrote a manuscript called The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way. The manuscript quotes many beat poets and writers. It espouses a sixties ideology of fighting for freedom, but not for material goods. Jax found a copy of this book and another copy was given to Piney, whom John calls his oldest,dearest and wisest friend. At the conclusion of episode 13, Piney gave his copy of the manuscript to Jax during Donna's (Opie's wife) funeral, while Jax was standing near Tommy Teller's grave. His tombstone reads:
John Thomas
25th Infantry
May 5 1940
Nov 13 1993

In Season Two, Gemma tells Jax that after Tommy's death, John had become lost. She suspects that John's death was not an accident but implies that it may have been suicide.

Thomas Teller

Thomas Wayne "Tommy" Teller (January 8, 1984–April 4, 1990) was John and Gemma's other son. Called Tommy, he died from a congenital heart defect when he was very young.

Donna Winston

Donna Winston (Sprague Grayden) was Opie's wife and the mother of his two children. She didn't trust SAMCRO after Opie served extensive jail time for the club. Donna and Opie went through a difficult time in their marriage and came close to separating, but Donna had a change of heart after Opie was set up by the ATF agent Stahl to look like an informant. Inspired by the bad image of Opie's mom who separated from Piney and took Opie away, Donna resolves her feelings and seems OK with Opie being a member of SAMCRO. However the turnaround comes too late as Clay falls for Agent Stahl's game. When Clay Morrow ordered Tig to kill Opie in "The Sleep of Babies" episode, Tig killed Donna by mistake. Opie only recently came aware of this after Tig confessed to him out of guilt. In response, Opie beat Tig and later held Stahl at gunpoint, but showed mercy and let her live.

Josh Kohn

Agent Joshua "Josh" Kohn (Jay Karnes) was a federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent pretending to investigate SAMCRO. He and Dr. Tara Knowles dated in Chicago, until he became threatening and she obtained a restraining order against him. Recently, due to his persistent stalking of Tara and subtle threats against Abel, Jax hunted him down at Floyd's barber shop and beat him up. Kohn was arrested and seemed to be sent out of town to face charges in Chicago. However, he returned, held Tara captive and tried to rape her. Tara was able to get his gun and shoot him in the stomach, and then called Jax for help. Shortly after Jax arrived at her house, Kohn shouted insults at Tara. Jax took the gun from Tara and shot Kohn in the head. Jax later took Kohn's body to the desert and burned it. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat called the character "terrifically creepy."

Luann Delaney

Luann Delaney (Dendrie Taylor) is Gemma's best friend. She runs a pornography studio, having received financial backing from Big Otto. Luann is Big Otto's wife, or in the parlance of the club, old lady. Her date of birth is June 25, 1958.

In season two, a law enforcement raid causes Luann to lose her studio and performers to a rival pornographer and Otto asks SAMCRO to help her. Jax helps get the performers back and sets up Luann in one of SAMCRO's warehouses, thus giving SAMCRO a hand in her business. Despite Luann's protests, Clay gives Bobby a job as a bookkeeper in her company. Bobby discovers that Luann is skimming money from the business, but in order to keep him quiet, it is implied that she performs sexual favors for him. Luann Delaney is found beaten to death at the end of the season 2 episode "Potlatch". It is implied that she was killed by Georgie Caruso, the rival pornographer.

Gang leaders


Ethan Zobelle

Ethan Zobelle (Adam Arkin) is the head of the League of American Nationalists (also known as "L.O.A.N."), a white separatist gang who desires to gain a legitimate foothold in Charming and force SAMCRO out. In the beginning of season two, Zobelle moves into Charming and presents himself to the townspeople and local law enforcement as the owner of the newly opened Impeccable Smokes cigar shop on the town's Main Street. Zobelle is introduced to Deputy Chief Hale though Hale's older brother, Jacob, who is hoping to benefit financially from Zobelle's help and the removal of SAMCRO from Charming. Zobelle presents himself as being a means to get SAMCRO out of Charming. Deputy Chief Hale, noting that his is aware of Zobelle's racial beliefs, initially refuses Zobelle's assistance. Simultaneously, Zoebelle almost immediately tries to undermine SAMCRO's iron-fisted rule over the town and threatens dire consequences against the club if they do not heed his warnings. He makes it clear that his mission is to stop SAMCRO from selling guns to minority gangs and take over their territory by trying to bring down the MC at any cost, no matter what method his gang has to use. After Clay refused to stop selling to minorities, Ethan had Clay's wife, Gemma, brutally raped and beaten, and she is instructed to tell Clay what happened and to stop his dealings with minorities or she would be assaulted again. This did not have the desired effect, as Gemma had, thus far, not told Clay of the rape. Deputy Chief Hale, determined to get SAMCRO out of Charming, starts to open himself to Zobelle's help. When Zobelle proposed that they bring in drugs to Charming to undermine the residents' confidence in SAMCRO, Hale is first angered by the idea. Undeterred, with Zobelle and L.O.A.N.'s backing, Darby and the Nords began producing and selling meth. SAMCRO discovered that the Nords were selling meth and tipped Hale off to the location of Darby's meth lab. When Hale visited the lab site, he said he would come back with a warrant. However, instead of coming back with a warrant Hale told Unser that nothing was wrong. With that, Unser and Clay both knew that Hale was working with Zobelle (or, at least, turning a blind eye towards Zobelle's activities) but when Unser told Hale about what Gemma's rape at the hands of Zobelle's group, and when Zoebelle attempted to force Hale's into action by giving him a disc which contained a video of what appeared to be Ernest Darby handing a bribe (actually an envelope with a coupon to Impeccable Smokes) to Hale, Hale changed his mind about accepting Zobelle's help.

Throughout season 2, Zobelle and his henchman made several more attempts to remove SAMCRO from Charming, but all were relatively unsuccessful.

Zobelle's dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with SAMCRO came to an end when the bikers were able to convince A.J. Weston that Zobelle was working behind the brotherhood's back by dealing in the gun and heroin trades with the Mayans. Weston killed high-ranking L.O.A.N. member Ule and assaulted/threatened Zobelle, but ended up being arrested for the arson attack on SAMCRO's pornography studio. With the help of Chief Unser, SAMCRO used the moment of confusion to corner the L.O.A.N. leader and his daughter in their cigar shop. Before Clay can execute Zobelle, Hale and other officers showed up at the scene. To avoid impending death, Zobelle revealed a heroin stash and told the officers that he and his daughter were drug dealers and the two were arrested before the bikers could do anything.

Polly Zobelle

Polly Zobelle (Sarah Jones) is the scheming daughter and accomplice of Ethan Zobelle. She was the one who initially tricked and subdued Gemma prior to her rape; she also rigged the car bomb which nearly killed Chibs. Deputy Hale extorted her to get information about her father's whereabouts, but she fed him partially false information which had extreme repercussions for SAMCRO. She engages in a sexual relationship with Edmond Hayes, although, at this point, it is unclear as to whether she does this simply to influence Edmond to deal guns to L.O.A.N. or because she has genuine feelings for him. It is also implied that she has an incestuous relationship with her father.

A.J. Weston

A.J. Weston (Henry Rollins) is the muscle, or street leader, of the League of American Nationalists (also known as "L.O.A.N."), a white separatist gang who desires to gain a legitimate foothold in Charming and force SAMCRO out. Weston is an extremely violent ex-convict who carries out the brutal attacks on SAMCRO orchestrated by the L.O.A.N. commander, Ethan Zobelle. Weston's direct connection to the Aryan Brotherhood makes him all the more dangerous since he can provide his gang with manpower, weapons and drugs to sell to the residents of Charming (SAMCRO disdains hard drugs and protects their town from drug dealers). Weston also has two sons, ages 6 and 10, and has a number of tattoos, including an Algiz just below his neck which is visible through the open collar of his shirts. He and several other men, while wearing white masks, raped Gemma Teller in a warehouse as a way to strike back at Clay for refusing to stop his gun dealings with minorities. Gemma realized that AJ was the leader of the group of men who attacked her after recognizing his Algiz tattoo. He was later seen at a church meeting run by L.O.A.N., there the group laid a trap for SAMCRO, mistankely believeing this was thier headquarters, and with intent to kill Zoebelle. As the Sons of Anarchy stormed into the church, Zoebelle gave a signal, and Weston began open firing on SAMCRO with a hidden weapon, making it look on camera that the group shot first. As church goers fled in a panic, Weston and Zoebelle escaped the SAMCRO assaliants and watched smugly as they were cuffed and taken away by the police.

Things unraveled for Weston late in season two, when SAMCRO revealed to him that Zobelle was secretly dealing heroin with the Mayans. After finding out the truth and feeling betrayed, he killed Ule and confronted Zobelle. Jax had child services take Weston's children away from him and upon learning this, Weston challenged Jax to a fight to death out in the forest. At the showdown, A.J. and his Aryan brothers attempted to fight dirty, but were overwhelmed by SAMCRO who had secretly enlisted the help of the Niners and the Triads. Charming police scared off most of the gang members before anyone was killed and Deputy Chief Hale arrested Weston on the charge of arson for burning down Luann's porn studio.


Ule (Jason Matthew Smith) is a member of the League of American Nationals (L.O.A.N.). He has an antagonistic and distrustful relationship with A.J. Weston, feeling that as Zobelle's right hand man, Weston's ardent white supremacist beliefs are not allowing the L.O.A.N. to broaden their horizons. Recently, Ule has been seen taking Weston's place in the L.O.A.N.'s covert activities with the Mayans. When A.J. Weston found out about the drug trade with the Mayans, he killed the female heroin cookers and executed Ule.


Marcus Álvarez

Marcus Álvarez (Emilio Rivera) is the head of the Mayans MC, an Oaklandmarker-based rival biker club that has allied itself with the Nordics in order to break SAMCRO's iron-fisted control over the town.

Esai Álvarez

Esai Álvarez (Kevin Alejandro) was a member of the Mayans MC and the son of Marcus Alvarez. Esai was killed via an ice pick to the back of the head by Happy, a member of the SOA's Tacoma charter in the episode "Hell Followed" for botching the hits on Darby and Clay. His father sanctioned the hit in a jail house deal with Clay in exchange for SAMCRO selling guns to the Mayans.

True IRA

Cameron Hayes

Cameron Hayes (Jamie McShane) is McKeavey's cousin and also a member of the True IRA. He becomes SAMCRO's new contact and gun runner after McKeavey's death. Cameron also gave back the $200,000 and gave SAMCRO a month of free guns for killing the Port Authority Commissioner. He is wanted on four continents. After being shot during an attempt on Clay's life, Tara patched him back up and Happy smuggled him, along with Cherry, into Canada.

Hayes returns in season 2 as SAMCRO's new firearm supplier. He and his partner/son Edmond Hayes made a deal to exclusively sell rifles to SAMCRO, but they are shown to secretly break this deal by selling to the L.O.A.N. among others.

Edmond Hayes

Edmond Hayes (Callard Harris) is Cameron Hayes' son and business partner. Throughout the second season he is shown to have as much clout in the business as his father, often making deals/judgment calls on his own. When Cameron started dealing with the L.O.A.N., Edmond began a sexual relationship with Polly Zobelle. In the episode "Balm", Edmond is arrested by the ATF, based on information supplied by Chibs.

Michael McKeavy

Michael McKeavey (Kevin Chapman) was a member of the True IRA who helped sell illegal weapons through the Sons of Anarchy. McKeavey was beaten to death by the port commissioner who broke his neck and left him for dead after a deal went bad. His date of birth was April 1, 1966.

James "Jimmy O" O'Phelan

James O'Phelan (Titus Welliver), better known as "Jimmy O" is the leader of the True IRA group who sell guns to SAMCRO. Jimmy O made his first appearance in Season 2. He also has a long history with Chibs. It was Jimmy O who kicked Chibs out of the IRA and banished him from Ireland. He then took Chibs wife, Fiona, and his daughter for himself and is also responsible for the scars on Chibs face. When Jimmy O comes to Charming to repair the True IRA's relationship with SAMCRO, he demands that Chibs set up a meeting between Jimmy and Clay. Chibs initially refuses until Jimmy O insinuates that he may take up a sexual relationship with Chibs' daughter.


Ernest Darby

Ernest Darby (Mitch Pileggi) is the head of the Nordics (also known as "Nords"), a white supremacist gang, mainly involved in meth trafficking. He is not as vicious as Ethan and AJ, and employs people of color. This is noticed and not appreciated by AJ, who tells him to cover up his swastika tattoo, as he feels Darby hasn't "earned it".


"Uncle" Jury (Michael Shamus Wiles) is the head of the friendly Devil's Tribe MC chapter in Indian Hills, Nevada. Jury and John Teller served together in the same platoon in Viet Nam and remained close friends thereafter. After the Devil's Tribe is patched over, Jury is now the Head of the Sons of Anarchy Indian Hills chapter.


Laroy (Tory Kittles) is SAMCRO's contact in the One Niners street gang. Laroy buys weapons from SAMCRO. The fictional One Niners gang also appeared in The Shield. It is unclear whether or not SAMCRO is still allied with the One Niners, due to Laroy's double-crossing in a deal to eliminate some of the Mayans, including Marcus Alvarez. This is cleared up in season two where it is made clear that Laroy and the Sons are still allied, and the Mayans are not.

Henry Lin

Henry Lin (Chinese: 亨利林; played by Kenneth Choi) is the leader of a San Franciscomarker-based Triad. He is a Chinese American. His gang was after a man named Chuck who helped run their illegal businesses but eventually stole from them. However, Chuck was being protected by SAMCRO. Lin and Clay Morrow eventually came to an agreement over this; SAMCRO handed Chuck over, and the Triad paid SAMCRO in cash. Lin later traded over Chuck to SAMCRO in negotiations to get new guns from Clay. Lin is revealed to be a psychopath who chopped off most of Chuck's fingers, leaving just one index finger on each hand. Lin meets with Clay and tells Clay that he needs gun and how he'll pay Clay double. In the episode "Fa Guan," Lin makes a deal with Clay saying if Clay gets a case thrown out, then he will open a pipeline for him.

Nate Meineke

Nate Meineke (Tim De Zarn) is the leader of a local state militia and terrorist group. He served in Vietnam alongside Piney Winston. He and his son, Russell, bought weapons from SAMCRO and used them to ambush a prison convoy and free one of their members. They then planned to go into hiding in Mexicomarker. However, the Sons of Anarchy killed them by bombing their hide out bunker as they had brought heat onto SAMCRO with the shootings.

Russell Meineke

Russell Meineke (James Harvey Ward) is the son of Nate. He was killed along with his father and the rest of his militia.

Jimmy Cacuzza

James "Jimmy" Cacuzza (Jeff Wincott) is the leader of a Mafia family. He and his gang buy weapons from SAMCRO. When the Sons of Anarchy hijacked a truck, they gave the contents of it to the Mafia as a good will gesture as their weapon shipment was late.


Brenan Hefner

Brenan Hefner was the Oakland port commissioner. He was responsible for Michael McKeavey's death, and had him beaten and left for dead after a deal went bad. Cameron was supposed to kill Hefner, but due to injury Jax, Bobbie, and Opie ended up having to do it. Clay told Bobbie to make sure Opie killed Hefner (To prove Opie's commitment to the club) but when the moment came and Opie froze up, Bobbie quickly stepped in and gunned Hefner down himself. A neighbor of Hefner's mistress witnessed the murder and later identified Bobby as the shooter.


Floyd (James Carraway) is the town barber in Charming, and his shop is a neutral meeting place for law enforcement and club members.

Lowell Harland

Lowell Harland, Jr. (Keir O'Donnell) is a second-generation mechanic at Teller-Morrow and a drug addict. He is not a member of the motorcycle club. His father was killed by the Sons for betraying them but Lowell never knew the truth. When his father's body was found in a grave alongside the bodies of Mayans, Clay worried he might give information about the club to the ATF. Clay goes to Lowell's apartment meaning to kill him, but after telling him the truth about his father's death, decides not to. Lowell has a son of his own named Moby. Most recently, he was present and appeared sober at the coming home party for Abel, Jax's son.

Elliott Oswald

Elliott Oswald (Patrick St. Esprit) Prominent business man and ranch owner in Charming. Claims his family has been in Charming longer than SAMCRO. Clay admits to having some unresolved issues with him. Came to the club seeking biker justice when his daughter was raped by a clown from a traveling carnival. Clay used him to gain information about a federal informant in the season one finale. In season two his land was threatened with purchase/eminent domain by Jacob Hale Jr, David Hale's older brother, but SAMCRO and Hale were able to prove that eminent domain threat was a ruse and that there was no real threat of Oswald's land being taken, thereby ending the deal. Later, after being approached by Gemma, and with some urging from his daughter, Elliot puts up the bail for the members of SAMCRO who were arrested after a failed attack on Ethan Zobelle.

Chuck Marstein

Chuck Marstein (Michael Marisi Ornstein) is a prison friend of Otto's who was a bookkeeper for a Triad gang. In season one, Chuck was shown to be regularly beaten by Triads in the prison, so Otto arranged for SAMCRO to protect Chuck upon release in exchange for a large sum of money that Chuck claimed was hidden in the kitchen of a Triad restaurant. However, Chuck proved to be rather paranoid and also afflicted with a compulsive masturbation disorder that reared itself at inopportune times. Chuck led them to the money, but SAMCRO was upset when it was revealed that the money was counterfeit and that the Triads were really after two printing templates that Chuck stole. Clay made a deal with the Triad leader, Lin, to exchange real money for Chuck and the templates.

In season two, Chuck is shown to have had all but his index fingers cut off when his compulsive masturbation became too much for Lin to tolerate. Now that Chuck's services were no longer needed, Lin offered to give Chuck back to SAMCRO but Clay refused. Tig, feeling sympathetic, offered to take Chuck and promised to set him up as the new bookkeeper at Luann's studio. Chuck helped SAMCRO gain access to Georgie Caruso's studio, when he went in and caused a distraction by advertising that he wanted his mutilated hands to be used in fetish pornography.

Chuck was sleeping in the office of the porn studio when AJ Weston and Ernest Darby came to burn it down. He was awoke by the commotion and tried to make a phone call for help, but couldn't get a connection. He watched as Weston and his goons double-crossed Darby.

Chuck, having survived the fire, came out of hiding in the episode "Culling." He told SAMCRO what really happened at the porn studio and they suggested that he file a police report about this so the MC could collect insurance money.

Chuck frequently responds to insults/requests with the comment "I accept that".


Rosen (Tom Everett Scott) is the club's lawyer. There is a suggestion that his connection to the club is at least somewhat personal, as well as professional.

Abel Teller

Abel Teller is the infant son of Jax Teller and Wendy Case. He was born premature with cardiac and digestive system problems, but after surgery and a long period in the neonatal intensive care unit at St. Thomas he was removed from incubation chamber in "The Pull" and seems to be a happy healthy baby. In the episode "The Sleep of Babies," Abel was finally released from the hospital and a welcome home party was set for him. In season 2, Abel's mother Wendy is in a sober living home and Abel is primarily taken care of by Gemma, Tara and Jax. Gemma hires a nanny, Neeta, for extra help.

Kenny Winston

Kenny Winston (John Abendroth) is the son of Opie and Donna Winston. His mother, Donna (Sprague Grayden) died in the "Sleep of Babies" episode.

Ellie Winston

Ellie Winston (Lela Jane Cortines) is the daughter of Opie and Donna Winston.

Eviqua Michaels

Eviqua Michaels (Ashley Monique Clark) was the neighbor of Brenan Hefner's mistress and witnessed his murder. Afterwards, she went to the police and became a state witness. Jax Teller threatened her into leaving Californiamarker, rather than killing her. She is 17-years-old and African American.

Jacob Hale, Jr.

Jacob Hale, Jr. (Jeff Kober) is a businessman and older brother of Deputy Chief David Hale. At the beginning of Season Two, Jacob brought Ethan Zobelle and L.O.A.N. into Charming, presenting them to his brother as a way to get SAMCRO out of the town. Jacob hoped to profit financially from SAMCRO's removal and, unlike his brother, was unconcerned with L.O.A.N.'s political and racial motivations and beliefs. Jacob also hoped to secure financial backing from Zobelle's business contacts, but was informed by Zobelle that his people would be more inclined to help Jacob if he were to become more aligned with their cause. After learning of Gemma's rape, Chief Deputy Hale helped SAMCRO thwart a scam Jacob was using to seize land from Elliott Oswald for development. Later in the season, Elliott Oswald revealed to Clay that Jacob Hale was attempting to run for mayor of Charming because the position could possibly allow him to exercise executive power to still obtain Oswald's land. With Zobelle's backing, Jacob is running for mayor of Charming.

Georgie Caruso

Georgie Caruso (Tom Arnold) is a rival to Luann Delaney in the pornography business. Introduced in season 2, Caruso is a scumbag who took advantage of Luann's legal troubles to steal away her performers. He physically abused and threatened the performers to keep them from leaving him. SAMCRO threatened Caruso and for a time he backed off. Later in the season, Luann's new studio was broken into in the episode "Potlatch". Sex tapes and expensive equipment were stolen and the guard dog was found dead and mutilated. All evidence pointed to Caruso, so Jax, Bobby, and Opie paid him a visit. They found and retrieved Luann's belongings, but not before threatening Caruso and destroying his laptop. Later, Charming police found Luann Delaney on the side of the road, apparently beaten to death. It is implied that Georgie Caruso was involved. Soon after Luann's death, Half-Sack said Georgie and his crew skipped town and fled the country, going to Thailandmarker to "recruit" new talent.

Margaret Murphy

Margaret Murphy (McNally Sagal) is an administrator at St. Thomas and disapproves of Tara's relationship with Jax and the Sons Of Anarchy. When insurance issues meant that Chibs would be removed from St. Thomas before he made a full recovery, Gemma confronted Margaret about the situation in an elevator at the hospital. This resulted in Margaret filing a "hostile work environment" complaint against Tara. Margaret later accused Tara of helping Chibs fake symptoms to extend his stay at the hospital and had Tara's hospital privileges suspended. When Margaret's smugness becomes too much to handle, Tara physically assaults her and threatens her to back down or SAMCRO will come for her and her family.


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