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Casino Royale is a 1967 epic surrealistic satire and is also known for its very large cast of notable actors. It featured early appearances by performers who became notable in later years. This article represents a complete list of all the actors who play major, minor or uncredited characters in the film.

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Evelyn Tremble

Evelyn Tremble is a character from the 1967 James Bond satire Casino Royale.

Baccarat Master, Tremble is recruited by Vesper Lynd on behalf of Sir James Bond to play Le Chiffre at baccarat, cutting off the funds of his (as yet unseen) enemy (in the only segment of the film that is actually based upon Ian Fleming's original novel). As Bond has ordered that all operatives be given the code name James Bond 007 in order to confuse the enemy, Tremble is also given this name. Tremble defeats Le Chiffre at the card table, but Le Chiffre kidnaps him and subjects him to psychedelic torture (involving a legion of bagpipe players and Peter O'Toole). Although Le Chiffre is killed by agents of Dr. Noah before he can complete the torture, Tremble is ultimately gunned down by Vesper Lynd, who is revealed as a double agent.

In the original version of the screenplay Tremble was not killed. It was decided to kill him at the end and re-shoot the scene with Ursula Andress gunning him down because Peter Sellers left the production before filming all of his scenes. A somewhat fictionalised version of events was depicted in the film The Life and Death of Peter Sellers.

Mata Bond

Mata Bond is a character in the 1967 James Bond satire film Casino Royale.

She is the illegitimate daughter of Mata Hari and Sir James Bond, but is brought in by her father to establish the nature of an organisation called International Mother's Help which is believed to be a SMERSH cover operation. Before her recruitment into the espionage business, she had grown up in an isolated Indian temple, where she was revered as a goddess, skilled as a belly-dancer, and fond of smoking illicit substances with a hookah.

She manages to thwart a money-raising auction (involving selling blackmailing images to the highest bidder) in a surrealist spy academy stationed beside the Berlin Wallmarker, but is later kidnapped and taken off in a flying saucer to the underground hideaway of Bond's enemy, later revealed to be his nephew, Jimmy (masquerading as 'Dr Noah'). Meeting up with her father and his allies, they escape, only to be caught up in the melée which ensues at Casino Royale, located directly above Jimmy's lair. She dies, along with most of the movie's cast, when the casino cataclysmically explodes.

Mata Bond is depicted as a young woman in her twenties, which is an impossibility since Mata Hari died in 1917, 50 years before Casino Royale was set. In the film, Mata Bond meets her mother's spy academy instructors, and it is established that Hari was James Bond's one true love, even though he, too, is too young to have been involved with someone a half-century earlier.

Agent Mimi ('Lady Fiona')

Agent Mimi is a character in the 1967 James Bond satire film Casino Royale.

She is a SMERSH agent, sent to M's castle in Scotland to impersonate his widow, Lady Fiona, to "defile the image" of Sir James Bond, and ultimately to kill him. It is not disclosed what has become of the original Lady Fiona.

However after watching Sir James defeat all-comers at a game of 'wurseling', smitten with love, she defects. She manages to assist him in a deadly 'grouse' shoot (involving a radio-controlled, explosive grouse). However, realising she cannot replace Mata Hari in his affections, takes herself off to a nunnery. Later, she manages to smuggle information to Bond that SMERSH has kidnapped his daughter and taken her to Casino Royale.

Miss Goodthighs

Giovanna Goodthighs is a character in the 1967 James Bond satire film Casino Royale.

She is sent by SMERSH to drug Evelyn Tremble. When Tremble notices her slip a sleeping pill into his champagne (it fizzles and bubbles as excessively as an Alka-Seltzer) he slips an 'antidote' pill in after it. However, this proves completely ineffectual, the drug immediately taking effect and sending him into an unconscious hallucinatory dreamworld. When he is later woken by Vesper Lynd, she says of Ms. Goodthighs: "I've taken care of her." But she reappears in the crowd watching Tremble play Le Chiffre at the Casino, which makes Vesper's claim (and loyalties) suspect.

Her name is a play on Bond's secretary Mary Goodnight, who had first appeared in the Bond novels two years before.


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