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This is a list of the sovereign states and dependent territories of the world, sorted by total area, including all entities on the ISO standard ISO 3166-1.

For statistical purposes, dependent territories are listed separately from their sovereign states and are set off in italics. The figures represent total areas, covering land and inland water bodies (lakes, reservoirs, rivers). Marine internal waters (coastal waters), territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zones are not included.

Also not included in the list are uninhabited dependent territories – including various countries' claims to parts of the continent of Antarcticamarker ( ) – and entities such as the European Union ( total area) that have some degree of sovereignty but do not consider themselves to be sovereign countries or dependent territories. The total land area of the world is (about 29.1% of the Earth's surface area).

Countries by total area

Rank Country Area (km2) Area (sq mi) % of Total Notes
1 Russiamarker 11.5% Largest country in the world.
2 Canadamarker 6.7% Largest country in the Western Hemispheremarker. Longest coastline. Longest border with one other country (with the United Statesmarker).
3 / 4
(depending on definition)
People's Republic of Chinamarker 6.4%
Largest all-Asian country, second largest Asian country (after Asian part of Russia). This entry uses the UN figure for mainland China ( ), excluding the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kongmarker and Macaumarker, for which the UN has separate figures. Both values exclude all the territorial waters and the island of Taiwan and other ROCmarker-controlled territories, all of which are claimed by the PRC. The smaller figure excludes all territories disputed with India, whereas the larger figure includes PRC-administered areas of Aksai Chinmarker and Trans-Karakoram Tract, both territories claimed by Indiamarker, but excludes Arunachal Pradeshmarker which is administered by India but claimed by the PRC. See: Territorial changes and Land reclamations of P.R. China
3 / 4
(depending on definition)
United Statesmarker 6.4%
Includes only the 50 states and the District of Columbiamarker. UN figure includes Great Lakes and coastal water areas. The total area is claimed as by the CIA World Factbook, which additionally includes territorial waters. The total area is listed as by the Encyclopædia Britannica, and excludes coastal and territorial waters. Second-largest country in Western Hemispheremarker. Longest border with one other country (with Canadamarker).
5 Brazilmarker 5.7% Includes Arquipélago de Fernando de Noronhamarker, Atol das Rocasmarker, Ilha da Trindademarker, Ilhas Martim Vazmarker, and Penedos de São Pedro e São Paulomarker. All islands together make (less than 0.003% of all continental territory). Largest country in Latin America and in the Southern Hemispheremarker.
6 Australia 5.2% Includes Cocos Islandsmarker ( ), Christmas Islandmarker ( ), Macquarie Islandmarker ( ), and Lord Howe Islandmarker ( ). Excludes external territories of Norfolk Islandmarker ( ), Ashmore and Cartier Islandsmarker ( ), Coral Sea Islands Territorymarker ( ), and Heard and McDonald Islandsmarker ( ). Excludes claims on Australian Antarctic Territory ( ). Australia is the only country that contains an entire continent. Largest country without a land-border to neighbours. Largest country in Oceania. Largest country wholly in the Southern Hemispheremarker.
7 Indiamarker 2.3% Figure includes of disputed territories with Pakistan and China. Third-largest country in Asia (after Russia and China).
8 Argentinamarker 2% Does not include claims on the Falkland Islandsmarker ( ), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islandsmarker and on Antarctica ( ). Second largest country in South America.
9 Kazakhstanmarker 1.8% Largest landlocked country in the world. Second-largest country with part of its territory in Europe (after Russia).
10 Sudanmarker 1.7% Largest country in Africa and in the Arab World.
11 Algeriamarker 1.6% Second-largest country in Africa.
12 Democratic Republic of the Congomarker 1.6% Third-largest country in Africa.
13 Greenlandmarker 1.5% A dependent overseas territory within the Kingdom of Denmarkmarker. Greenland is, by area, the world's largest island that is not a continent, as well as the least densely populated dependency in the world.
14 Saudi Arabiamarker 1.4% Exact size unknown, due to undefined borders with some of its neighbors. Largest country in the Middle East.
15 Mexicomarker 1.3% Third-largest country in North America, third largest in Latin America, and fifth largest in the Western Hemispheremarker. Includes on the mainland and 244 islands located in the Gulf of Californiamarker, Gulf of Mexicomarker, Pacific Oceanmarker, and the Caribbean Seamarker which cover a combined area of . It does not include claims on Clipperton Islandmarker ( ) .
16 Indonesiamarker 1.3% Largest and most populous country situated only on islands. Also the largest country in South East Asia.
17 Libyamarker 1.2% Fourth-largest country in Africa.
18 Iranmarker 1.1% Second largest country in the Middle East.
19 Mongoliamarker 1.1% Second largest landlocked country in the world; previously first, before the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republicsmarker .
20 Perumarker 0.86% Third-largest country in South America
21 Chadmarker 0.86% Fifth-largest country in Africa.
22 Nigermarker 0.85%
23 Angolamarker 0.85%
24 Malimarker 0.83%
25 South Africa 0.82% Includes Prince Edward Islands (Marion Island and Prince Edward Island).
26 Colombiamarker 0.76%
27 Ethiopiamarker 0.74% Excluding the Ilemi Trianglemarker.
28 Boliviamarker 0.74% Largest landlocked country wholly in the Western Hemisphere and in the Southern Hemisphere.
29 Mauritaniamarker 0.69%
30 Egyptmarker 0.67% Excluding the Hala'ib Trianglemarker.
31 Tanzania 0.63% Includes the islands of Mafiamarker, Pembamarker, and Zanzibarmarker.
32 Nigeriamarker 0.62%
33 Venezuelamarker 0.61%
34 Namibiamarker 0.55%
35 Mozambiquemarker 0.54%
36 Pakistanmarker 0.53%
Smaller figure excludes data for disputed territories of Jammu and Kashmir that are disputed with Indiamarker. This region consists of the territories of Azad Kashmirmarker ( ) and the Northern Areasmarker ( ).

Larger figure includes Pakistani-administered disputed territories.
37 Turkeymarker 0.53% Third-largest among countries with part of territory in Europe (after Russia and Kazakhstan)
38 Chilemarker 0.51% Includes Easter Islandmarker (Isla de Pascua; Rapa Nui) and Isla Sala y Gómezmarker, excludes claims on Antarctica ( ).
39 Zambiamarker 0.51%
40 Myanmarmarker 0.45%
41 Afghanistanmarker 0.44%
42 Somaliamarker 0.43% Somalia has the longest coast in Africa.
43 Francemarker 0.43% Largest country within the European Union and largest West European country. Includes the overseas departments of French Guianamarker ( ), Guadeloupemarker ( excluding Saint Barthélemymarker and Saint Martin), Martiniquemarker ( ) and Réunionmarker ( ), which the UN lists as separate entries. Metropolitan France covers . The French Republic includes French overseas territories and covers , excluding claims on Antarcticamarker ( ).
44 Central African Republicmarker 0.42%
45 Ukrainemarker 0.41% Largest country entirely in Europe.
46 Madagascarmarker 0.39%
47 Botswanamarker 0.39%
48 Kenyamarker 0.39%
49 Yemenmarker 0.35% Includes Perimmarker, Socotramarker, the former Yemen Arab Republic (YAR or North Yemen), and the former People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY or South Yemen).
50 Thailandmarker 0.34%
51 Spainmarker 0.34% Third largest in Europe, second largest in western Europe. Includes mainland Spain, the Balearic Islandsmarker and Canary Islandsmarker, as well as the Spanish possessions (Plazas de Soberanía) off the coast of Morocco (Ceutamarker, Melillamarker, Islas Chafarinasmarker, Peñón de Alhucemasmarker, and Peñón de Vélez de la Gomeramarker), and Isla de Alboránmarker almost midway between Morocco and Spain, all the latter being claimed by Morocco.
52 Turkmenistanmarker 0.33%
53 Cameroonmarker 0.32%
54 Papua New Guineamarker 0.31% Second largest country in Oceania.
55 Uzbekistanmarker 0.30% The larger of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world.
56 Moroccomarker 0.30% Excluding Western Saharamarker.
57 Swedenmarker 0.30% Includes Gotlandmarker and Ölandmarker. Fourth largest all-European country, after Ukraine, France and Spain.
58 Iraqmarker 0.29%
59 Paraguaymarker 0.27%
60 Zimbabwemarker 0.26%
61 Japanmarker 0.25% Includes the 47 prefectures of Japan; excludes the disputed southern Kuril Islandsmarker.
62 Germanymarker 0.24% Fourth largest country within the European Union after Francemarker, Spainmarker and Swedenmarker. Before the German reunification took place on 3 October 1990, Germany consisted of the former Federal Republic of Germanymarker (FRG, West Germany) with and the German Democratic Republicmarker (GDR, East Germany) with .

63 Republic of the Congomarker 0.23%
64 Finlandmarker 0.23% Includes Åland Islandsmarker ( ).
65 Vietnammarker 0.22%
66 Malaysiamarker 0.22%
67 Norwaymarker 0.22% Includes mainland Norway only; excludes the integral overseas areas of Svalbardmarker and Jan Mayenmarker ( ) and the dependency of Bouvet Islandmarker ( ) and the Antarctic dependency claims of Queen Maud Land ( ) and Peter I Islandmarker ( ).
68 Côte d'Ivoiremarker 0.22%
69 Polandmarker 0.21%
70 Omanmarker 0.21%
71 Italymarker 0.20% Includes Sicily and Sardinia.
72 Philippinesmarker 0.20%
73 Burkina Fasomarker 0.18%
74 New Zealandmarker 0.18% Includes Antipodes Islandsmarker, Auckland Islandsmarker, Bounty Islandsmarker, Campbell Islandmarker, Chatham Islandsmarker, and Kermadec Islandsmarker. Excludes Niuemarker ( ), the Cook Islandsmarker ( ) and Tokelaumarker ( ), as well as the Antarctic claim of Ross Dependency ( ). Third largest country in Oceania
75 Gabonmarker 0.18%
76 Western Saharamarker 0.18% Administration is split between Morocco and the largely unrecognized Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, both of which claim the entire territory (see Legal status of Western Sahara).
77 Ecuadormarker 0.20% Includes Galápagos Islandsmarker.
78 Guineamarker 0.17%
79 United Kingdommarker 0.16% Comprises the four countries of Englandmarker ( ), Scotlandmarker ( ), Walesmarker ( ), and Northern Irelandmarker ( ). Excludes the three Crown dependencies ( ) and British Overseas Territories ( )
80 Uganda 0.16%
81 Ghanamarker 0.16%
82 Romaniamarker 0.16% Largest country in Southeastern Europe.
83 Laosmarker 0.16%
84 Guyanamarker 0.14%
85 Belarusmarker 0.14% Second-largest landlocked country in Europe (after Kazakhstan).
86 Kyrgyzstanmarker 0.13%
87 Senegalmarker 0.13%
88 Syriamarker 0.12% Including the Golan Heightsmarker which is currently administered by Israelmarker.
89 Cambodiamarker 0.12%
90 Uruguaymarker 0.12% Second smallest country in South America.
91 Surinamemarker 0.11% Smallest country in South America.
92 Tunisiamarker 0.11%
93 Nepalmarker 0.10%
94 Bangladeshmarker 0.10%
95 Tajikistanmarker 0.10%
96 Greecemarker 0.09%
97 Nicaraguamarker 0.09% Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America.
98 North Koreamarker 0.08%
99 Malawimarker 0.08%
100 Eritreamarker 0.08% Includes Badmemarker region.
101 Beninmarker 0.08%
102 Hondurasmarker 0.08%
103 Liberiamarker 0.07%
104 Bulgariamarker 0.07%
105 Cubamarker 0.07% Largest and most populous country in the Caribbeanmarker
106 Guatemalamarker 0.07%
107 Icelandmarker 0.07%
108 South Koreamarker 0.07% Official figure as of September 2008 is

109 Hungarymarker 0.06%
110 Portugalmarker 0.06% Includes Azores and Madeira Islandsmarker.
111 Jordanmarker 0.06%
112 Serbiamarker 0.05% UN area figure includes , which has a total area of . Kosovo recently unilaterally declared itself independent to partial recognition; Serbia, Russia, China and others object. The area of Serbia without Kosovo is .
113 Azerbaijanmarker 0.06% Includes the exclave of Nakhichevan Autonomous Republicmarker and the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakhmarker.
114 Austriamarker 0.06%
115 United Arab Emiratesmarker 0.06%
116 Czech Republicmarker 0.05%
117 Panamamarker 0.05%
118 Sierra Leonemarker 0.05%
119 Irelandmarker 0.05%
120 Georgiamarker 0.05% UN area figure includes the disputed territories of and , both of which are de facto independent from Georgia but whose independence has only been recognized by a small number of other states. The area of Abkhazia is and that of South Ossetia is .
121 Sri Lankamarker 0.04%
122 Lithuaniamarker 0.04%
123 Latviamarker 0.04%
124 Svalbard and Jan Mayen 0.04% Integral overseas areas of the Kingdom of Norway
125 Togomarker 0.04%
126 Croatiamarker 0.04%
127 Bosnia and Herzegovinamarker 0.03%
128 Costa Ricamarker 0.03% Includes Isla del Coco.
129 Slovakiamarker 0.03%
130 Dominican Republicmarker 0.03%
131 Estoniamarker 0.03% Includes 1,520 islands in the Baltic Seamarker.
132 Denmarkmarker 0.03% Includes Denmark proper only; the entire Kingdom of Denmark, including Greenlandmarker and Faroe Islandsmarker covers and would be 13th.
133 Switzerlandmarker 0.03% Includes state forests and communanzas ( ) – note that these are excluded by the UN Demographic Yearbook.
134 Bhutanmarker 0.03%
135 Netherlandsmarker 0.03% Includes the Netherlands proper only; the entire Kingdom of the Netherlands covers .
136 Taiwanmarker (Republic of Chinamarker) 0.02% Includes only the territories under the control of the ROC, namely Taiwanmarker, Penghumarker, Kinmenmarker, and Matsumarker.
137 Guinea-Bissaumarker 0.02%
138 Moldovamarker 0.02% Includes the disputed region of (Pridnestrovie), which declared its independence in 1990 and remains internationally unrecognised.
139 Belgiummarker 0.02%
140 Lesothomarker 0.02%
141 Armeniamarker 0.02%
142 Solomon Islandsmarker 0.02%
143 Albaniamarker 0.02%
144 Equatorial Guineamarker 0.02%
145 Burundimarker 0.02%
146 Haitimarker 0.02%
147 Rwandamarker 0.02%
148 Republic of Macedoniamarker 0.02%
149 Djiboutimarker 0.02%
150 Belizemarker 0.02%
151 Israelmarker 0.01% Excluding the West Bankmarker and East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Stripmarker; including the Golan Heightsmarker.
152 El Salvadormarker 0.01%
153 Sloveniamarker 0.01%
154 New Caledoniamarker 0.01% French dependency.
155 Fijimarker 0.01% Fourth largest country in Oceania (excluding French dependency New Caledonia).
156 Kuwaitmarker 0.01%
157 Swazilandmarker 0.01%
158 East Timormarker >0.01%
159 The Bahamasmarker >0.01%
160 Montenegromarker >0.01%
161 Vanuatumarker >0.01% Fifth largest country in Oceania (excluding French dependency New Caledonia).
162 Falkland Islandsmarker >0.01% British Overseas Territory. Claimed by Argentina. Excludes South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islandsmarker.
163 Qatarmarker >0.01%
164 The Gambiamarker >0.01% Smallest country on continental Africa.
165 Jamaicamarker >0.01%
166 Lebanonmarker <0.01%
167 Cyprusmarker <0.01% Includes (only recognized by Turkey) and Akrotiri and Dhekeliamarker (British Sovereign Base Areas).
168 Puerto Rico <0.01% Commonwealth of the United Statesmarker.
169 Palestinian territoriesmarker <0.01% The figure consists of the West Bankmarker and Gaza Stripmarker.
170 Bruneimarker <0.01%
171 Trinidad and Tobagomarker <0.01%
172 Cape Verdemarker <0.01%
173 French Polynesiamarker <0.01% French overseas collectivity.
174 Samoamarker <0.01%
175 Luxembourgmarker <0.01%
176 Comorosmarker <0.01% Listed figure includes Mayottemarker (373 km²). Mayotte is de facto an overseas collectivity of France and is not under the sovereignty of Comoros.
177 Mauritiusmarker <0.01% Includes Agalega Islandsmarker, Cargados Carajos Shoalsmarker (Saint Brandon), and Rodriguesmarker.
178 Faroe Islandsmarker <0.01% A dependent overseas territory within the Kingdom of Denmarkmarker.
179 Hong Kongmarker <0.01% A Special Administrative Region of China.
180 São Tomé and Príncipemarker <0.01% Second smallest country in Africa.
181 Turks and Caicos Islands <0.01% British Overseas Territory. Area includes protected waters.
182 Netherlands Antillesmarker <0.01% Self-governing part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; includes Bonairemarker, Curaçaomarker, Sabamarker, Sint Eustatiusmarker, and Sint Maartenmarker (Dutch part of the island of Saint Martin).
183 Dominicamarker <0.01% Largest island in the OECS
184 Bahrainmarker <0.01%
185 Tongamarker <0.01%
186 Kiribatimarker <0.01% Includes three island groups – Gilbert Islands, Line Islandsmarker, Phoenix Islands.
187 Singaporemarker <0.01% Official area in 2007 is . Second smallest country in Asia.
188 Federated States of Micronesiamarker <0.01% Includes Pohnpeimarker (Ponape), Chuukmarker (Truk) Islands, Yap Islands, and Kosraemarker (Kosaie).
189 Isle of Manmarker <0.01% British Crown dependency.
190 Guammarker <0.01% Organized unincorporated territory of the USA.
191 Saint Luciamarker <0.01%
192 Andorramarker <0.01% Biggest country lacking an (international) airport.
193 Northern Mariana Islandsmarker <0.01% Commonwealth in political union with the USA; includes 14 islands including Saipanmarker, Rotamarker, and Tinianmarker.
194 Palaumarker <0.01%
195 Seychellesmarker <0.01% Smallest country in Africa.
196 Antigua and Barbudamarker <0.01% Includes Redondamarker, .
197 Barbadosmarker <0.01%
198 Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesmarker <0.01%
199 United States Virgin Islandsmarker <0.01% Unincorporated, organized territory of the USA.
200 Grenadamarker <0.01% Second smallest nation in North America and Americas.
201 Maltamarker <0.01% Made up of Cominomarker, Gozomarker and Malta Islandmarker is the smallest country of the European Union.
202 Maldivesmarker <0.01% Smallest country in Asia.
203 Cayman Islandsmarker <0.01% British Overseas Territory.
204 Saint Kitts and Nevismarker <0.01% Smallest nation in North America, in Americas and in the Western Hemispheremarker.
205 Niuemarker <0.01% Self-governing nation in free association with New Zealand.
206 Saint Pierre and Miquelonmarker <0.01% French overseas collectivity; includes eight small islands in the Saint Pierre and the Miquelon groups.
207 Cook Islandsmarker <0.01% Self-governing in free association with New Zealand.
208 American Samoamarker <0.01% Unorganized, unincorporated territory of the USA; includes Rose Island and Swains Islandmarker.
209 Marshall Islandsmarker <0.01% Includes the atolls of Bikinimarker, Enewetak, Kwajalein, Majuromarker, Rongelapmarker, and Utirikmarker.
210 Arubamarker <0.01% Self-governing part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
211 Liechtensteinmarker <0.01% The smaller of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world. Smallest country in the world that borders more than one other country.
212 British Virgin Islandsmarker <0.01% British Overseas Territory; comprising 16 inhabited and more than 20 uninhabited islands; includes the island of Anegadamarker.
213 Wallis and Futunamarker <0.01% French overseas collectivity; includes Île Uvéa (Wallis Islandmarker), Île Futuna (Futuna Islandmarker), Île Alofimarker, and 20 islets.
214 Saint Helena <0.01% British Overseas Territory; excluding dependencies.
215 Jerseymarker <0.01% British Crown dependency.
216 Montserratmarker <0.01% British Overseas Territory.
217 Tristan da Cunhamarker <0.01% Dependency of St Helena (UK). Area refers to the main island only (the only inhabited island). Total area is .
218 Anguillamarker <0.01% British Overseas Territory.
219 Ascension Islandmarker <0.01% Dependency of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena.
220 Guernseymarker <0.01% British Crown dependency; includes Alderneymarker, Guernsey, Hermmarker, Sarkmarker, and some other smaller islands.
221 San Marinomarker <0.01%
222 Saint Martin <0.01% French overseas collectivity
223 Bermudamarker <0.01% British Overseas Territory.
224 Norfolk Islandmarker <0.01% Self-governing area of Australia.
225 Macaumarker <0.01% A Special Administrative Region of China.
226 Tuvalumarker <0.01% Smallest independent Commonwealth state, smallest country in the world that consists of two or more separate land areas and second smallest country in Oceania.
227 Saint Barthélemymarker <0.01% French overseas collectivity
228 Nauru <0.01% Smallest republic in the world, smallest country outside Europe, smallest country with an (international) airport in the world, only country in Oceania that consists of only one island, smallest island nation in the world, and third smallest country in the world.
229 Tokelaumarker <0.01% Territory of New Zealand.
230 Gibraltarmarker <0.01% British Overseas Territory. Smallest country or territory with an (international) airport in the world.
231 Pitcairn Islandsmarker <0.01% British Overseas Territory
Figure refers to Pitcairn Island only.

Including Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno, the total area is 44.7 km².
232 Monacomarker <0.01% Smallest UN member state, second smallest country of the world. Smallest country in the world that borders sea (and another country). Most densely populated sovereign country.
233 Vatican Citymarker <0.01% Smallest country in the world. Home of the Pope and the governing body of the Roman Catholic Church.
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