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Dog types are broad categories of dogs based on function or work, ancestral forms from which modern dog breeds have been derived.

Today, dog breeds are often categorized by the ancestral type and subtype from which the breed descended. In addition, dog breed groups, which kennel clubs use to organize breeds of dogs, are based on dog types such as hound or terrier. Some group categories cover more than one type; working dog refers to dogs that do some sort of work for humans, in contrast to companion dogs which are pets, although working dogs can also be companions, and companion dogs can do useful work. The terminology is unclear; see Working Group and Utility Group. Mixed-breed dogs can have any combination of working and companion functions and be of any type. Toy dogs are very small dogs of any type. See Toy Group. Ancient dog breeds are modern breeds genetically identified as descending from very old types of various kinds, and would fit into multiple categories.

List of dog types

The following are dog types and subtypes. A single type of dog may have been developed for multiple sorts of work, so there is some overlap. Broad categories are listed first, then sub-types. For a list of individual dog breeds, see List of Dog Breeds.

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