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This is a list of software packages that implement the finite element method for solving partial differential equations or aid in the pre- and post-processing of finite element models.

Open source

  • CalculiX is an Open Source FEA project. The solver uses a partially compatible ABAQUS file format. The pre/post-processor generates input data for many FEA and CFD applications [680639] Convergent Mechanical Solutions
  • Code Aster: French software written in Python and Fortran, GPL license [680640]
  • DEAL.II: Differential Equations Analysis Library using adaptive finite elements, written in C++, QPL open source license [680641]
  • DUNE, Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment GPL Version 2 with Run-Time Exception, written in C++ [680642]
  • FEBio, Finite Elements for Biomechanics, [680643]
  • FEINS: GPL-licensed, general FEM library (2d), solver for stationary incompressible Navier-Stokes, linear elasticity, Poisson problem, allows shape optimisation [680644]
  • Elmer FEM solver: Open source multiphysical simulation software developed by Finnish Ministry of Education's CSC, written in C, C++ and Fortran [680645]
  • FElt: FEM software primarily for mechanical problems, GPL license, written in C [680646]
  • FEMM : Finite Element Method Magnetics [680647]
  • FEniCS Project: a LGPL-licensed software package developed by American and European researchers [680648]
  • ForcePAD: a GPL-licensed educational software [680649]
  • freeFEM: a GPL-licensed software [680650]
  • GetDP: GPL-licensed software package [680651]
  • Hermes Project: Modular C/C++ library for rapid prototyping of space- and space-time adaptive hp-FEM solvers. [680652]
  • Impact: Dynamic Finite Element Program Suite, for dynamic events like crashes, written in Java, GNU license [680653]
  • JFEM: 2D/3D C++ FEM codes developed for nanophotonics by Jeffrey M. McMahon, [680654]
  • libMesh: A framework for the numerical simulation of PDEs using arbitrary unstructured discretizations on serial and parallel platforms. Written in C++, LGPL license, developed at The University of Texas at Austin and Technische Universit├Ąt Hamburg-Harburg. [680655]
  • OOFEM: Object Oriented Finite EleMent solver, written in C++, GPL v2 license [680656]
  • OpenFEM: general purpose multi-physic FEM environment, LGPL license
  • OpenSees is an Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation
  • PETScFEM: General purpose, parallel, multi-physics FEM for Computational Fluid Dynamics, based on PETSc. Written in C++, GPL v2 license. [680657]

  • SLFFEA San Le's Free Finite Element Analysis, includes GUI, written in ANSI C, GPL license. [680658]
  • Sundance: a LGPL-licensed software package developed at Sandia National Laboratoriesmarker [680659]
  • TOCHNOG: Explicit/Impicit Finite Element Program with linear/nonlinear, elastic/hyperelastic/hypoelastic/plastic/visco, contact,thermal, fluid capabilities, written in C++, GPL license [680660]
  • Z88: FEM-software available for Windows and Linux/UNIX, written in C, GPL license [680661]


The following packages free of charge only for noncommercial use, and are hence only semi-free software and not open-source software or free software as the terms are usually defined:

  • Kratos: Framework for building multi-disciplinary finite element programs. Written in C++, source code available, free for non-commercial purposes [680662]


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