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This is the list of holidays by country. Most holidays are mentioned although some are not public holidays.






Movable Holidays (*)




  • 9 January 2009 - Moharram (Ashura)
  • 21 February 2009 - International Mother Language Day
  • 11 March 2009* - Eid-E-Miladunnabi
  • 26 March 2009 - Independence Day
  • 14 April 2009 - Bangla New Year Day
  • 1 May 2009 - May Day
  • 9 May 2009* - Buddaha Purnima
  • 6 August 2009* - Shab-E-Borat
  • 13 August 2009* - Jonmasthumi
  • 15 August 2009 - National Mourning Day
  • 17 September 2009* - Shab-E-Qadar
  • 18 September 2009* - Jamatul Bidha
  • 20 September 2009* - Eid-Ul-Fitre
  • 29 September 2009* - Durga Puja
  • 29 November 2009* - Eid-Ul-Azha
  • 16 December 2009 - Victory Day
  • 25 December 2009 - Christmas Day

Note: The star marked dates are not fixed by the government and these are dependent on sight of the moon.





Bosnia and Herzegovinamarker


2010 variable holidays:
  • February 15-17 - Carnival
  • 2 April - Paixão de Cristo
  • 4 April - Easter
  • 3 June - Corpus Christi

2009 variable holidays:
  • February 23-25 - Carnival
  • 10 April - Paixão de Cristo
  • 12 April - Easter
  • 11 June - Corpus Christi

2008 variable holidays:
  • February 4-6 - Carnival
  • 21 March - Paixão de Cristo
  • 23 March - Easter
  • 22 May - Corpus Christi

British Virgin Islandsmarker

  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • 5 March - Lavity Stoutt's birthday
  • 12 March - Commonwealth day
  • Good Friday - Friday before Easter (calculated according to Western Christian calendar)
  • Easter Monday
  • Whit Monday
  • 1 July - Territory Day
  • 1st Monday in August - Festival Monday
  • Tuesday after 1st Monday in August - Festival Tuesday
  • Wednesday after 1st Monday in August - Festival Wednesday
  • 21 October - Saint Ursula's day
  • 24 December - Christmas Eve
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
  • 26 December - Boxing Day





Traditional holidays:

Holidays in the People's Republic of China:

See also:


A more reliable, detailed, and up-to-date list of official non-working holidays, in Spanish, is to be found in Spanish-language Wikipedia Fiestas de Colombia.

Costa Ricamarker

Croatiamarker (Hrvatska)


Czech Republic


Dominican Republicmarker


In addition, the following holidays are reserved for observance by Copts, though are not national holidays:


European Union

The European Union does not have official holiday days. These are under the control of member states.Europe Day, however, is recognised as the shared holiday celebrating the European Union. Europe Day is celebrated by some states on 9 May.



Date English Name Local Name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day
6 January Epiphany
Moveable Friday Good Friday
Pitkäperjantai The Friday before Easter Sunday
Moveable Sunday Easter Sunday
Moveable Monday Easter Monday
2. Pääsiäispäivä The day after Easter Sunday
1 May May Day
Vappu See Walpurgis Night
Friday between 19 June and 25 June Midsummer Eve
Juhannusaatto Non official - however a de facto full holiday
Saturday between 20 June and 26 June Midsummer Day
Saturday between 31 October and 6 November All Saints' Day
Pyhäinpäivä Moved from 1 November
6 December Independence Day
24 December Christmas Eve
Jouluaatto Non official - however a de facto full holiday
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Boxing Day 2.
Joulupäivä or Tapaninpäivä  
All Sundays     Official holidays - names follow the Liturgical year








In addition the local festivities are considered official holidays in the specific municipalities. Most holidays are patron saint's days.

Source, Guatemalan Labour Code, Guatemalan Official Holidays.


List of traditionally celebrated Haitian Holidays:

Folk religion holidays are available on the Vodou page.


Hong Kong


  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • 15 March - 1848 Revolution Day
  • Moveable - Easter Monday
  • 1 May - Labour Day
  • Moveable - Pentecost
  • 20 August - Szt. István Day
  • 23 October - 1956 Memorial Day
  • 1 November - All Saints Day
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
  • 26 December - Boxing Day


See Holidays in India.

The Union Government designates national holidays which are generally observed all over the country, although they are mandatory only for Union Government institutions. State governments generally specify additional holidays depending on their demographics. For example, Guru Nanak Jayanti is a holiday in the North Western states of Haryanamarker and Punjabmarker, and in Delhimarker, but it is not a holiday in other states and territories where there is no significant Sikh population.

Public Holidays as specified by the Union Government (generally observed in the entire Union):

India is a multicultural and multireligious society and celebrates holidays and festivals of various religions. In addition to national holidays, many states and regions have local festivals depending on religious and linguistic demographics.


See Public holidays in Indonesia for a complete list.


See holidays in Iran.


See public holidays in the Republic of Ireland.


See Holidays and events in Israel for a short list.

See Jewish holidays for background information.

See Jewish holidays 2000-2050 for the exact dates on the Gregorian calendar.


See Holidays in Italy for a complete list.


See Holidays of Japan


See Public holidays in Jordan


When an official holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be an official holiday.


See List of public holidays in Kyrgyzstan
  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • 7 January - Russian Orthodox Christmas
  • 8 March - Women's Day
  • 21 March - Nooruz, Muslim spring festival
  • 1 May - Labor Day
  • 5 May - Constitution Day
  • 8 May - Remembrance Day
  • 9 May - Victory Day (end of World War II)
  • 31 August - Independence Day
  • First Sunday in October - Teachers' Day


See Holidays in Latvia.



See Public holidays in Liechtenstein


See public holidays in Lithuania.


(All dates are for 2007)

Republic of Macedoniamarker


See Holidays in Malaysia for the complete list and explanation of each festival.


Public holidays

School Holidays


Public holidays

Religious holidays


Public holidays


See Public holidays in Myanmar

^ Based on Burmese calendar


  • 26 December - Family Day
  • 21 March - Independence Day
  • 1 May - Workers' Day
  • 4 May - Casinga Day
  • 29 April - Ascension Day
  • 25 May - Africa Day
  • 26 August - Heroes' Day
  • 10 December - Human Rights Day
  • 24 December - Christmas Eve
  • 25 December - Christmas Day

The Netherlands

See the complete list and descriptions of public holidays in the Netherlands.

New Zealand

See Holidays in New Zealand.


01 january :- New Year's day15 january :- माघे संक्रान्ति20 january :- सरस्वती पूजा12 february :- महाशिवरात्री14 february : valentine day भ्यालेन्टाइन डे24 february : Education day शिक्षा दिवस28feb & 01 march :- फागु पुर्णिमा (Holiहोली)08 march :- woman's day नारी दिवसः23 march :- मत्स्येन्द्रनाथ यात्रा (चैते दशैं)14 April :- Nepali New Year (नेपाली नयाँ वर्ष)25 July :- Teacher's Day गुरु पुर्णिमा20 August :- Children's Day बालदिवसः24 August :- रक्षाबन्धन25 August :- गाईजात्रा1 September :- श्रीकृष्ण जन्माष्टमी8 September :- बाबुको मुख हेर्ने दिन11 September :- हरितालिका (तीज)08 - 17 October :- घटस्थापना- बिजया दशमी04 - 7 November :- काग तिहार, कुकुर तिहार(लक्ष्मीपूजा), गोवर्ध्वन पूजा, भाइटीका

29th november 2009 public holiday of Bakr Eid in nepal


See Holidays in Norway.


Public Holidays given according to Gregorian Calendar

Public Holidays given according to Hijri Calendar


  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • 9 January - Martyr's Day (Dia de los Martires)
  • Day Before Ash Wednesday - Mardi Gras
  • March or April - Good Friday
  • 1 May - Labor Day
  • 3 November - Independence (Colombia)
  • 5 November - Independence (Colombia) in Colon
  • 10 November - Grito de Independencia
  • 28 November - Independence (Spain)
  • 8 December - Mother's Day
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
  • The date the Elected-President starts his/her term in office (Presidential Inauguration Day)



(Most holidays are subject to "Holiday Economics" program; the non-working holiday is moved to the nearest Monday before or after the actual day. Changes to declaration of holidays are subject to government discretion.)

Fixed Holidays

"Drifting" Holidays(listed according to date as of 2008):

City FiestasCities and municipalities have City Fiestas in honor of the patron saint of the place and certain cities add the City Fiesta as one of their holidays in certain cities around the Philippines


See Public holidays in Poland for background information.


See Holidays in Portugal for background information.

Puerto Rico

All the same national holidays of the U.S.A., plus:
  • 6 January - (Dia de Reyes, or Three Kings Day)
  • Second Monday in January - Birth of Eugenio María de Hostos
  • Good Friday
  • Third Monday in April - Birth of Jose de Diego (poet, journalist, politician, and orator. Was co-founder of Unionist Party).
  • 22 May - (Abolition of Slavery in P.R.)
  • Third Monday in July - Birth of Luis Muñoz Rivera (political leader,author, journalist, organized the Federal Party and the Unionist Party of Puerto Rico. Was Resident Commissioner in Washington, where he fought to earn U.S. citizenship for Puerto Ricans).
  • 25 July - Estado Libre Asociado Constitution Day
  • 27 July - Birth of Jose Celso Barbosa (physician, senator, author, journalist, politician, founder of the pro-statehood Republican Party)
  • 19 November - Discovery Day - Commemorates the discovery of the island by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World


See Holidays in Romania.


See Public holidays in Russia.

Saudi Arabiamarker




Public Holidays

Other Holidays
  • 1 September - Teacher's Day. Not a public holiday. (Usually a floating half-day for primary, secondary and Pre-U students)
  • 1 October - Children's Day. Not a public holiday. (Only applicable to primary, secondary and Pre-U students)

  • If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following workday will be a public holiday. If it falls on a Saturday, there will be no holiday-in-lieu. For companies that do not operate on Saturdays, usually the following workday (i.e. Monday) will be an off day. For companies that operate on Saturday, employees usually get off-in-lieu.


See Public holidays in Slovakia.


1-2 January - New Year

8 February - Culture Day

(variable) Easter and Easter Monday

27 April - National Resistance Day

1-2 May - International Labour Day

25 June - National Day

15 August - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

31 October - Reformation Day

1 November - Remembrance Day

24 December - Christmas Eve

25 December - Christmas Day

26 December - Independence Day

See Holidays in Slovenia.

Solomon Islandsmarker

See Public holidays in the Solomon Islands

South Africa

See Public holidays in South Africa.

South Korea

See Public holidays in South Korea.

Sri Lankamarker

15 January Tuesday Tamil Thai Pongal Day *†#
22 January Tuesday Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day *†#
4 February Monday National Day *†#
20 February Wednesday Navam Full Moon Poya Day *†#
6 March Thursday Maha Sivarathri Day *†
20 March Thursday Milad-Un-Nabi (Holy Prophet’s Birthday) *†
21 March Friday Medin Full Moon Poya Day *†#
21 March Friday Good Friday *†
12 April Saturday Day prior to Sinhala and Tamil New Year Day *†#
13 April Sunday Sinhala and Tamil New Year Day *†#
18 April Friday Additional Bank Holiday
19 April Saturday Bak Full Moon Poya Day *†#
1 May Thursday May Day *†#
19 May Monday Wesak Full Moon Poya Day *†#
20 May Tuesday Day following Wesak Full Moon Poya Day *†#
18 June Wednesday Poson Full Moon Poya Day *†#
17 July Thursday Esala Full Moon Poya Day *†#
16 August Saturday Nikini Full Moon Poya Day *†#
14 September Sunday Binara Full Moon Poya Day *†#
1 October Wednesday Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramazan Festival Day) *†
14 October Tuesday Vap Full Moon Poya Day *†#
27 October Monday Deepavali Festival Day *†
12 November Wednesday Il Full Moon Poya Day *†#
9 December Tuesday Id-Ul-Allah (Hadji Festival Day) *†
12 December Friday Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day *†#
24 December Wednesday Christmas Eve *†#
25 December Thursday Christmas Day *†#
  • Public Holiday † Bank Holiday # Mercantile Holiday


See Public holidays in Spain


1 January - Independence Day


See Holidays in Sweden.


See Public holidays in Switzerland.


See Public holidays in Syria


See Holidays in Taiwan for a full list.



references to lunar months below are to the Thai lunar calendar
  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • Chinese New Year (full moon day of second lunar month)
  • Magha Puja Day (full moon day of third lunar month)
  • 6 April - Chakri Memorial Day
  • 13-15 April - Songkran Festival
  • 1 May - National Labour Day
  • 5 May - Coronation Day
  • 9 May - Royal Ploughing Ceremony
  • Visakha Puja Day see also Vesak (full moon day of sixth lunar month)
  • Asalha Puja Day (full moon day of seventh/eighth lunar month)
  • Buddhist Lent Day "Wan Kao Pansa" (day after full moon day of seventh/eighth lunar month)
  • 12 August - H.M. The Queen‘s Birthday
  • End of Buddhist Lent Day "Wan Awk Pansa" (full moon day of eleventh lunar month)
  • 23 October - Chulalongkorn Day
  • Loy Krathong (full moon day of twelfth lunar month)
  • 5 December - H.M. The King‘s Birthday
  • 10 December - Constitution Day
  • 31 December - New Year's Eve

see also Public holidays in Thailand


8 February - Paranirvana Day. Death of Gautama Buddha

Trinidad and Tobagomarker

See Public holidays in Trinidad and Tobago


See Holidays in Turkey.


  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • 12 January - Memorial Day
  • 19 February - State Flag of Turkmenistan Day
  • 8 March - International Woman's Day
  • March 20-21 - Nowruz Bayram, national spring holiday
  • First Sunday in April - "A Drop of Water—A Grain of Gold" Festival
  • Last Sunday in April - Turkmen Racing Horse Festival
  • 8 May - Day of Commemoration of the National Heroes of the 1941-1945 World War
  • 9 May - Victory Day (World War II)
  • May 18-19 - Day of Revival, Unity, and the Poetry of Makhtumkuli
  • Last Sunday in May - Turkmen Carpet Festival
  • Third Sunday in July - Galla Bayramy Festival
  • Second Sunday in August - Turkmen Melon Day
  • Second Saturday in September - Day of the Workers in the Oil, Gas, Power, and Geological Industry
  • Second Sunday in September - Turkmen Bakhshi Day
  • 6 October - Day of Commemoration and National Mourning ("Earthquake Commemoration Day")
  • October 27-28 - Independence Day
  • First Sunday in November - Health Day
  • Last Sunday in November - Harvest Festival, Good Neighborliness Day
  • 12 December - Day of Neutrality and Day of Student Youth
  • First day of the lunar month of Bayram - Oraza Bayram
  • Moving holiday (3 days) - Kurban Bayram
Source: Turkmenistan to the Heights of the Golden Age, Ashgabat, 2005, p. 44.




Religious holidays are observed according to the Julian calendar (but here the Gregorian date of Christmas is written).

When a public holiday falls on a weekly day off (for example, Sunday), the following working day (often it is Monday) turns into an official day off too. For the most of Ukrainian employees weekly days off are Saturday and Sunday.

If only one or only two working days are between a public holiday and another day off then the Ukrainian Government usually releases a recommendation to avoid this gap by moving these working days onto a certain Saturday (that is to have uninterrupted vacations, but to compensate this by work on another day which would be a day off). Usually such recommendations touch only those employees whose weekly days off are Saturday and Sunday.

United Kingdom and Crown dependencies

In Scotland, the holidays listed above are official bank holidays and may not be public holidays. Public holidays are set by local authorities and therefore vary from place to place, although Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and 2 January and May Day are observed throughout the country. And in fact, banks in Scotland actually observe the English bank holidays, so Scottish bank holidays which differ from the English ones are of little practical importance. In Northern Ireland Easter Tuesday is treated as a public holiday in lieu of Good Friday.

United States of America

See Public holidays in the United States for background information.

The United States federal government designates national holidays for federal employees only. State and local governments generally observe these holidays as well as many State Holidays.For a basic list of holidays as seen on a 2009 calendar:

The federal holidays (which are days off from work for federal employees) are New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. The official list can be found here ( These holidays are not necessarily days off from work for private sector workers. Most private sector businesses close for only the "Big 6" holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Many also close on the Friday after Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday), which is not an official holiday, but is commonly granted to private sector workers. Some private businesses may also close for one or more other federal holidays (most commonly either Martin Luther King Day, or Presidents Day).

When a federal holiday falls on Sunday, most federal workers who work a Mon-Fri workweek will observe the holiday on Monday. When a federal holiday falls on Saturday, most federal workers who work a Mon-Fri workweek will observe the holiday on Friday. Workers who normally work on Saturday (such as mail carriers) will observe the holiday on Saturday; Friday will be a regular work day.

In state and local governments, and in the private sector, practices vary when a holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday. In general, most states and private sector workers will observe a holiday that falls on Sunday on Monday. However, that is not universal. Some states and private sector workers will observe a Saturday holiday on Friday, but that is less common than observing the Sunday holidays on Monday. Occasionally, a state or private sector worker will observe a Saturday holiday on Monday, but that is even less common than Friday. Many state workers and private sector workers (in particular, employees at a bank normally closed on Saturdays) do not get any day off when a holiday falls on Saturday, and are "cheated" out of the holiday. Occasionally, a floating holiday may be given in lieu of a Saturday holiday.


Fixed date:
  • Jan. 1 - Yangi Yil Bayrami New Year Holiday
  • Mar. 8 - Xalqaro Xotin-Qizlar Kuni International Women’s Day
  • Mar. 21 - Navro’z Bayrami Navroz (Persian New Year)
  • 9 May - Xotira va Qadirlash Kuni Memorial/Remembrance Day
  • Sept. 1 - Mustaqillik Kuni Independence Day
  • Oct. 1 - O’qituvchi va Murabbiylar Kuni Teacher’s Day
  • Dec. 8 - Konstitutsiya Kuni Constitution Day

Variable date:
  • End of Ramazon Ramazon Hayit Eid al-Fitr
  • 70 days later Qurbon Hayit Eid al-Adha



  • 1 January - New Years Day
  • 12 March - Youth Day
  • variable date - Good Friday
  • variable date - Easter Sunday
  • variable date - Easter Monday
  • 1 May - Labour Day
  • 25 May Africa - Freedom Day
  • 1st Monday & Tuesday of July - Heroes' and Unity Day
  • 12 August - Farmers' Day
  • 24 October - Independence Day
  • 24 December - Christmas Eve
  • 25 December - Christmas Day


  • 18 April - Independence Day
  • 1 May - Workers' Day
  • 25 May - Africa Day
  • 11 August - Heroes' Day
  • 12 August - Armed Forces Day
  • 22 December - Unity Day
  • 24 December - Christmas Eve
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
  • 27 December - Clock Day


  1. List of Bank Holidays in India

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